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New Album Drops Friday ONLY AT www.HangOverGang.com!
"As Far As The Stars" is a collaboration album w/ Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart
AUTOGRAPHED ALBUMS & MERCH: www.HangOverGang.com/store​
FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial​
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang​
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald​
WEBSITE: www.hangovergang.com​
SPOTIFY: spoti.fi/2H35BQR​
iTUNES: apple.co/2BQucZO​
US-first: us-first.info
WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MUSIC BY: Really Slow Motion
COMPOSED BY: Dylan C. Jones
Original Link: us-first.info/player/video/f7plpaapqa-cd4k.html


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Apr 6, 2021




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Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli Hour ago
Tom and Nova puts the word talented to shame. Keep up the great work.
Doreen 6 hours ago
Now he is my favorite rapper/video artist and now actor! You can't stop this guy! ....... And he is real easy on the eyes too! 😉
Joshua DeVore
Joshua DeVore 10 hours ago
Mic drop on some powerful proud words of self discipline and knowing self worth My dude keep killing it and letting people hear some real talk
The Alpen Bros. Est. 2017
Are you really committing stolen valor by wearing a NASA uniform?!?! Bro, California SHUT NASA DOWN! And you live with those punks! Can the hypocrisy get any clearer?! Stop riding the coattails of good men for profit. You’re not even American bro you’re CANADIAN!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 12 hours ago
💝Home John 14:1-4 KJV Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
Yan Txure
Yan Txure 14 hours ago
imagine how good looking he is if the face tattoos arent there .
O' Wiseone
O' Wiseone 19 hours ago
This should be the video to get AMC investors fired up
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis Day ago
Ever since a friend of mine turned me on to this guy about two months ago, I've been a fan. Finally, an artist who is about some real talk! I'm finally looking forward to listening to new music again.
Kendra Wylie
Kendra Wylie Day ago
My Dad is a big fan of yours. He has never cared much for Rap but your music really has touched him and mostly your story and your self accomplishment. We prayer for all your blessings and your continue health.
Christopher Hill
as better is never futher the next opinion is an option
Don PeekAboo
Don PeekAboo Day ago
Moon Child...
Alexia Vasel
Alexia Vasel Day ago
Dogecoin vibes
Ryutsuki Shiba
Will this album be streamable at any point, or will it only be sold in physical copies? I legit don't even have a CD player anymore, not even in my car, so I wouldn't even be able to play a physical copy.
Jackson Wright
Now what the hell was that
Phill A Blunt
High five
Jewelzb Tully
WOW!!! 👏 👏 👏
James Bush
James Bush 2 days ago
Doesnt believe in God but prayed anyways.
cynthia vanemburgh
This guy is not acting. I am just as inked up as him for reasons. I was told I can't, you won't. I am more than half his age and I did.
brandon gifford
brandon gifford 2 days ago
You are awesome bro much respect love your music
James Sarytchoff
James Sarytchoff 2 days ago
Ask the magic meer who is the top dog of them all
J. Knepper
J. Knepper 2 days ago
I sent this video to my Mom and said... I LOVE YOU!
Inverted1100 2 days ago
Damn man. This shit brings tears to my eye. Is this not one of the most inspirational speeches yall? You’re an amazing man with hell of a lot of talent. The shit you say man is just unreal. Always amazing storytelling just like the Tranquille story. Fucking outstanding bro. Get to them stars and keep on going.
TerrellBryson _Rolla_ISC
ZiG ZaG 2 days ago
What if he went up to space an made a rap video
Ty Lagasse
Ty Lagasse 3 days ago
Mod Max
Mod Max 3 days ago
Tom was on the dark side of the moon now hes as far as the stars
kdub 4
kdub 4 3 days ago
Mouth hug tat is a gag . Get it a gag
kdub 4
kdub 4 Day ago
Dude is dope af though. Listen to most of it forsure
Jeanne Randall
Jeanne Randall 3 days ago
Just beautiful, poetic, freshly honest. I love his music....
# 4747
# 4747 3 days ago
Love it!! Hangovergang for life.
nalakus1 3 days ago
Tom, Nova, Brandon...these 3 peeps!!! I have listened to your album at least 4 times already and I gotta say "well done!!!" I'm not anyone special...just a lady who respects your message and your talent..."Smile" had me bawling my eyes out, "Ego Trip" is the realist piece of music I've heard in a while, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Nova and her disses whilst giggling at the haters.. just awesome guys!!! Beyond impressed and fan for life!! Thank you so much!! -average lower-middles class mom ,43, Nebraska.
Jennifer Quirk
Jennifer Quirk 3 days ago
Can't Don't have anything to do with what you want to do in life
Life Size
Life Size 3 days ago
This is dope! Big love to Tom MacDonald!
Liam LaVan
Liam LaVan 3 days ago
Why can't I find the album on spotify I really wanna hear it
Mark Vieta
Mark Vieta 3 days ago
Got my CD in the mail today. All for Nothing is my favorite, but I don't dislike one. Excellent work.
Joshua Guidry
Joshua Guidry 3 days ago
Shit they need to make a movie him and nova kind of like a star is born or maybe a scifi movie but if they produce direct and star I'm watching it for real
Matt c
Matt c 3 days ago
Awesome album!!!! I'm on blessings right now.
Sir SugarBeard
Sir SugarBeard 3 days ago
Bro tom youre bulking up!!! Gaintrain all stations all stops
Joshua Walthall
Joshua Walthall 4 days ago
And I believe in you you’re gonna set the mark hope I’m alive to see it
Vaelyri Knipp
Vaelyri Knipp 4 days ago
StealthAZ 4 days ago
#14 Superstars .... you don’t want that Hollywood B.S. oh here’s Brandon slaying it ! Love the chorus.... here we go Nova! All my life I pray dear god take me out of this place ! Loved the whole CD guys ! Keep doing you !
StealthAZ 4 days ago
# 13 Ego Trip ... addicted to the grind ... Damn Nova and Brandon coming at you hard Tom Be the best MC since Eminem 🤣. Don’t stop now Tom. I don’t need friends I need papers and pens
StealthAZ 4 days ago
#12 Low lives ... keep them hate’n Tom your team is full of savages you don’t have to like me that’s FACTS ... oh let’s go Brandon 🔥 deadbeats will rule the world. Hear Novs in the chorus... oh Nova here again dropping fire ....
StealthAZ 4 days ago
#11 Braindead .... Happiness is what you found my brotha ! Bake that 🥖 🥖 ah... here is Nova again ...damn she killed it ! 🔥🔥
StealthAZ 4 days ago
# 9 Blessings I love my mamma too ! Don’t die over pettiness ...let’s Go 💯 count those blessing - Nova maybe on this one too ....oh there she is... 🔥🔥🔥
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Track 8 Smile... Damn this is deep ! Oh... here’s Nova again. ...let’s Go .... sorry Tom she gets two 🔥🔥🤣
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Track # 7 make it worse got the blink 182 Vibe going. Brandon Hart killing it 🔥. Love the chorus!
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Track # 4 Ok - sounding like blink 182- alight I can jam with this ...Best nights of our lives
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Track #3 Damn ! Home Town Hero ! Jab at Emenem beating him in the iTunes Charts -,oh.... here goes Nova🔥
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Track # 2 Hey ! I’ll enjoy to learn how to swim too if the boat sinks - 1st track down
Nathalie Sauriol
Nathalie Sauriol 4 days ago
You Will Tom 💗✨😇
StealthAZ 4 days ago
Just got “AS FAR AS THE STARS” CD in the mail! I’ll be bumping to this on the way home from work! Let’s Go 💯
Just Stop
Just Stop 4 days ago
Space ain't what you think it is homie
AJ Ocean
AJ Ocean 4 days ago
The man is dripping with talent!
Jochi 4 days ago
Dude you the MAN!
Christopher Vela
Christopher Vela 4 days ago
Just wanted to say Hi The lyrics in the music are what I believe. The videos are cool but beyond all that you see...is what you hear . Thank you so much for giving someone who has come from a dark place and been living a good life now ...something real to listen to. Thank you Chris
Veronica Martinez
Music with meaning is back!! Rap I listen to, and don’t mind my kids listening to!!
Josh Day
Josh Day 4 days ago
This man and his girl are literally naturals at everything...
Monoxzidex 4 days ago
If these videos are just Nova and Tom - they need to hire a 3rd person to record how they do all of this. Be really badass from a true independent perspective.
Chris Murray
Chris Murray 4 days ago
You're on the right track Brother!
Monica mora
Monica mora 4 days ago
Tom, thank you for using your platform and voice. Thank you.
ModsBeats 4 days ago
your prolly an avid cosplayer at comicon as well. good stuff
Joshua Peltier
Joshua Peltier 4 days ago
Per aspera ad astra
Lynn Cleave-Tardiff
New subscriber 👌👍🏻💪🏻❤️🇨🇦
Gwenn Quagmire
Gwenn Quagmire 4 days ago
Time 4 Elon to Partner up!
Fro5t Byte
Fro5t Byte 5 days ago
Aight well that was actually really cool. Tom Macdonald Sci-fi movie when?
Bryan Henseler
Bryan Henseler 5 days ago
The ONLY thing THAT'S been to space is your imagination. FACT
Bryan Henseler
Bryan Henseler 5 days ago
"Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement"- red hot chili peppers- californication.
Richard Hasting
Richard Hasting 5 days ago
Wow. I didn't expect a motivational speech out of this. I never thought I would ever actually like a rapper. I may have found one I actually like. Way to go Tom.
Dænerƴs Ƭargarƴen
It's hard to shake the feeling that you were forged in fire for this very moment in history. You're like Spartacus or something, here to lead us out of this shitstorm we're all in right now. You've come to us all like a breath of fresh air.
now i see why this "underground" rapper is so visible: so kids can continue the belief in the spinning ball earth and the cgi "outer space". last chance to wake up this go 'round, folks...
Kever 18
Kever 18 5 days ago
Fire 🔥 dude just fucking fire 🔥 n we don't even have the album yet. I'm excited can't wait. N there's no doubt n my mind that it will be amazing u haven't let us down yet n I'm sure u don't plan on it. Keep doin u yo !!! Love it
Some Dude
Some Dude 5 days ago
I can't get my head wrapped around how talented these three are together.
Aerial Drone A better view
I talked to a lot of my family I always tell them to take away the word I can't I won't you can't probably but at the same time everyone around me is full of those words and those words are all that they can use when it comes to somebody succeeding in Life or wanting to do something great they always say good luck you can't probably won't give up not important I hate that s*** with a passion I wish people could just be inspiring and good enjoy seeing people climb the ladder in life
Steven Benedetti
Steven Benedetti 5 days ago
When an album promo hits you right in the heart 😭😭😭🥺
Crownreviews 5 days ago
jose alvarez
jose alvarez 5 days ago
wow love wen he said i want to get out im sick of it here that hit home
Tim B
Tim B 5 days ago
Ego Trip DEMANDS a music video! Wow!
Esther Marie
Esther Marie 5 days ago
This man is amazing
Simple Milkshake
Simple Milkshake 5 days ago
Not gonna lie, I thought this was literally a movie and all it took was 3 independent people to put this together tops anything Hollywood puts out.
A. K.
A. K. 5 days ago
terri bishop
terri bishop 5 days ago
Tom Hickman
Tom Hickman 5 days ago
Lydia Bauer
Lydia Bauer 5 days ago
Love you Tom! You have inspired me to be myself and not give to fucks what anyone things and it’s the greats feeling ever. ❤️
Justin Leathem
Justin Leathem 5 days ago
Your natural talking voice is amazing brother. God bless. Great speech.
Don ni
Don ni 5 days ago
Hes better at acting than he is at rapping.
Susan Michalik
Susan Michalik 5 days ago
Hi Tom! I had eye surgery. I have not been able to to be on my mobile or laptop etc. Will buy your album. I am such a fan. My son is the reason I know your music. Genius. You are "The Greatest". Hope to be back very soon.👁
Toney Love
Toney Love 5 days ago
Great Job Guys...
Toney Love
Toney Love 5 days ago
Great Job Guys...
Pervy Sage Sama
Pervy Sage Sama 5 days ago
Goosebumps baby can't wait
George Compton
George Compton 5 days ago
I say get him and Elon 2gether . That was GREAT !!!
Ody Games
Ody Games 5 days ago
McDoogle should of been an Interviewer.
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls 5 days ago
jeron blankenship
This is the greatest man on this platform we need more like him I hope he can inspire the new generation
Gary Marlar
Gary Marlar 5 days ago
Hey Tom? You don't know me personally, but if you did, you would find that I'm one of a kind too. When my son was born over 15 years ago, nobody in this world believed in me. There was not a single person in this entire world the thought I could be a dad let alone raised my son to be so Kick-Ass. When he was two years old I was awarded sole custody of my son. I didn't want to raise my son like I had seen so many other kids as they were raised by their single parents. So I committed to being the greatest dad that I could be. I did it and I'm not finished yet by a long stretch. I've heard you talk about your hardships and I've had a storybook life full of them. There have been some good moments, but I've faced challenges that most people couldn't live through in four lives. I'm that construction worker that missed his calling. However, I think that I've been living my calling, through some of the most unbelievable shit, that is nearly impossible for anyone to believe, but it happened and I lived it. Anyway I'll get to the point. my son's heard a lot of my stories that are age-appropriate and he said to me Dad you need to write a book. he's right but I have this small problem that I just can't seem to get over and like I said I don't know you but I'm going to give it a shot anyway and ask you for your help, now unfortunately for you, lol, your help that is required is 4 a good part, monetary. If I'm just another mooch then just disregard this message, but I know in my heart that I'm a great guy and I think you would think so too if you met me so what I'd like to do, is if things ever slowed down a little bit maybe you can come and meet me? we could hang out and maybe promote a show or something that you could do here live and everybody that I know that has been turned onto your music by me could attend this concert and they would see me with you and it of course would build my hype, LMFAO but my focus wants to be on the book and if nothing else maybe you could just give me some motivational s*** you know and add another chapter, merely by kicking it with me for a few days? you could share some of your hardship stories with me and I can blow your f****** mind by telling you some of mine. I'm just a guy that lives in the center of the United States in Omaha Nebraska, but I've been around and to the surprise of those who know, me I've lived through some pretty crazy s***.that's all I got man that just thought I'd take a shot and I was sitting here thinking about it and I listened to your video and thought what the fuk can it hurt to ask? The best part about my stories is that I always had witnesses somehow. I've got a few different Facebook profiles because they get suspended constantly but the one that would be the easiest to go to is GD Marlar. I wrote to you or sent you a message and I think I was under garipudo at that time. I've posted a bunch of your videos and turned quite a few people onto your sound. Let me know man I got a fly. Later
Tony Purser
Tony Purser 5 days ago
Deep tom keep it up great music even if the un woke wont listen great job god speed
Chi Stewart
Chi Stewart 6 days ago
I love Tom and how he express himself in his songs from his heart
Chevon 6 days ago
You should do audio for books! I love listening to you
Local Guide
Local Guide 6 days ago
This made me cry, I've felt that way my entire life as well and I'm trying my hardest out here. I love your voice, your inspiration. You and Nova are amazing.
KrucialSmoke 6 days ago
Sharon Winans
Sharon Winans 6 days ago
Tom MacDonald you are the best influencer in the world I wanna be like you one day thank you For all that you do
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