Are We Really Going To Pull This Dead Jeep Up There?! 

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So we got a call for blown Jeep Rubicon down in a ravine. We called in some major help for this recovery.
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Apr 25, 2021




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Matt's Off Road Recovery
Fab Rats version. us-first.info/player/video/gduNhJt0n3qFmp8.html
TTP Day ago
Hey Matt, I was just wondering why you guys never use a two-way radio to communicate instead Whoa and Go.... :D
Lazarus Bishop
Lazarus Bishop 2 days ago
@Marvin De Bot lmk ol
Lazarus Bishop
Lazarus Bishop 2 days ago
@Marvin De Bot m
Lo_Key 6 days ago
Ngl that girl in the jeans thoooo
aaron bayley
aaron bayley 6 days ago
@evan belknap said
Heras Adventures
Heras Adventures 3 hours ago
Ok I’m gonna say it lol the Jeep didn’t look messed up why didn’t the owner just drive it out makes no sense
Genomere Tantiado
Genomere Tantiado 4 hours ago
Wrecker almost flipped Paul: HAHAHAHA 🤪
samson3000 5 hours ago
The thing that makes this video unique is that Jaymie is not wearing sandals.
Hanh Ho
Hanh Ho 5 hours ago
L G 6 hours ago
At some point, the physical risks taken to produce these videos will cause severe injury to one of the actors. Hopefully, it won't happen when a false drama is created.
same tome
same tome 6 hours ago
at the start when i heard the lady saying 64f to degree i turn it off
Rylan Bennett
Rylan Bennett 7 hours ago
That is why I love chevy
Brian 9 hours ago
I'd drive that tow truck every day. Its bad ass.
Thomas 10 hours ago
Well time to build a wrecker like That that truck is amazing!
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 12 hours ago
That wrecker gearing makes my cummins look like a joke lol even when im granny low in gear (manual 6 speed) and granny tcase i dont think i could get my truck to eat like that. well done!
Chris G.
Chris G. 14 hours ago
What's the big deal about taking vehicles that aren't rock crawlers into places they shouldn't be? Is it a Jeep thing or a Utah thing?
LuvDR 350
LuvDR 350 14 hours ago
I want to see this bill
Eddie Walker
Eddie Walker 15 hours ago
Jeep U joints are notorious for killing professional off road drivers. God Bless government Chrysler bailouts! Whats a winch for? Looks?
Matej Hosner
Matej Hosner 16 hours ago
Use commands determined in advance. Use radios. Lower tire pressure?
G B 16 hours ago
That was crazy to watch lol. I wonder how much something like that cost to haul out.
Sumo Steve
Sumo Steve 17 hours ago
I freaking LOVE these recovery videos!!
Aint that some shit!🤟🔥🔥
Nestor Carrillo
Nestor Carrillo 18 hours ago
Man that sound of the “old wrecker” 🤤
Drewsky88 18 hours ago
That was absolutely wild!
Mini D
Mini D 18 hours ago
OMG!!! lol This is the first episode that I actually covered my mouth like 5 times!! lol Scared the crap out of me!
LostFart 18 hours ago
Damn this was intense!!!!!!!!
Levi Johnson
Levi Johnson 18 hours ago
I don't know what the bill was but double it that was insane
Fixingthingz4u 19 hours ago
Might have been better to use a Helicopter on this one lol
Hoxe lol
Hoxe lol 19 hours ago
20:54 that rzr in the background?
Antonin Stancl
Antonin Stancl 21 hour ago
5 men push by✋
Phillip Elam
Phillip Elam 21 hour ago
Best part of the video starts at 10:54. Yup.. that woman is perfect..
hemiman1967 22 hours ago
Nice!!!!! Someone needs to ask the Rubicon’s owner: what were you thinking!
operator0 19 hours ago
He was doing fine until his motor blew.
thehoovah 23 hours ago
Lizzy is just a solid American woman
W Ray
W Ray Day ago
My dad took one of those old Chevys and an international Scout and pulled a fucking combine out of the mud.
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
How car up to tlailer?
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
Dog is happy
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
Good joob
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
Derek is no good
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
HT....handy talky where??
Agus Sanjaya
Agus Sanjaya Day ago
2 unit yg narik broo
dultim8 Day ago
So good guys. So bloody gooooooooooooood
inflikti0n Day ago
KC In Nor Cal
This has to cost more than that vehicle is worth, right?
operator0 19 hours ago
Have you seen how much those Wranglers go for on the used market?!
احمد الجبوري
micksta323 Day ago
You guys do this for a living? That's the most dangerous half assed recovery I've EVER seen.
_Milo Day ago
Man I hope people eventually get the point with FCA Jeep’s. They sure make great content though.
Faisal Moghal
Now THAT was a precarious recovery!
Ezequiel Calvillo
Wow increíble que emocion
Maxbps Day ago
You guys have the perfect job = you get paid to go four-wheelin'! That's Sweet!
Maxbps Day ago
UK fan on the stuck Jeep. Cool. Go Big Blue.
Droblunt21 Day ago
Wow ur flexible 😂😂
Mike E
Mike E Day ago
This is the most insane thing I've ever seen!!! Love this channel!!
C. Patrick
C. Patrick Day ago
This is insane. unique channel, subscribed. K10 and jeeps for the win
Kevin Durham
Kevin Durham Day ago
That was an impressive recovery!
stevekim7d2 Day ago
The dude in the jeep has Balls of steel!!!!!
stevekim7d2 Day ago
Helicopter that one...
18:45. that is what you call American power.
930GearHead Day ago
The Chevy on the edge of the cliff was the first video I saw, this is why I stayed!
syco 8
syco 8 Day ago
17:59 what u wanted
Matt Mehtala
Matt Mehtala Day ago
Badass k30
TTP Day ago
Hey Matt, I was just wondering why you guys never use a two-way radio to communicate instead Whoa and Go.... :D
Tom Laskowski
Its a jeep been cheaper to burn the POS!
Tom Laskowski
The pandemic has been great for peoples beard game!
I'm getting anxiety just watching. Lol
this is the most sketchy thing I've ever watched lol
Leland Bailey
Step 1: Buy a Jeep Step 2: Buy a Second Jeep for parts Step 3: Go broke Step 4: Have Fun
Eric Hopkins
Eric Hopkins Day ago
Ah, you need a better tow vehicle. Its like taking a knife to a gun fight
operator0 19 hours ago
He's pulled motor homes out with that thing. He's doing alright.
spyder000069 Day ago
1% chance of success. Matt: So we got a shot.
Turd Ferguson
All of these people are way cooler than MY friends.
D. Dolphinstriker
This was a really bizzare recovery. You were really very lucky that all the cars stayed connected during the ride.
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
No luck involved. The ropes on back of each towing Jeep held by pintle hooks. They won't let go. Front recovery rated hooks have rope "keepers" to retain rope on hook even if rope goes slack. Ropes are rated in excess of the strain put on them.
roland beaudoin
too bad ya'll got no broncos
barefoot bob
barefoot bob Day ago
That's how most jeeps need to get up a hill!
Dash 1
Dash 1 Day ago
Jim Wednt
Jim Wednt Day ago
Holy smokes dude that wrecker is hilarious 🤣😆
rananjaya fernando
Best recovery team ever.
Mike Carney
Mike Carney Day ago
Bad ASS!!!
That tow truck is dope
Chase Hamilton
God that wrecker sounds amazing, my god I need one.
A Fiat Jeep with a blown engine?? NO WAAAAYYY
Undercover Bush
Man this has to be the most insane shit ive seen on youtube ......And trust me i have seen alot
We absolutely love all of you ..but woman to no man Ozzie needs a raise.i totally nerd a shirt I'm from Arkansas but willing to drive to Utah and get sticks I can get a shirt only problem is .thay I have seizures and can't drive but I will fund a way to to get my shirt
I ment izzy
Isaac Rumfelt
That truck sounds so mean
what ever
what ever Day ago
japakoniu Day ago
Insane. Love it!
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
This is crazy! I love that old truck, that thing is a beast
Jaws 285
Jaws 285 Day ago
Watched it once then watched it again with the wife now she I’d hooked, pun intended. Best, gnarliest and scariest recovery yet in my opinion. Great team!
Jason Watson
Jason Watson Day ago
Might be one of the best vids I’ve watched on US-first to day! Epic job guys!! The damage on the hood should just be part of getting that thing out. You guys did awesome!
operator0 19 hours ago
He's a professional, bonded and insured recovery man. He'll fix it. I'm sure he got paid a pretty penny to drag that Jeep out of there.
Артур Гараев
Зачем такие мучения?
operator0 19 hours ago
Что еще они собираются делать?
سبحان الله
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Edbutt 2 days ago
Well done great teamwork !
Edbutt 2 days ago
Was there no D8 cats available ??
Bob Colman
Bob Colman 2 days ago
Something wrong with using seat belts?
Latin Dance Videos
Dang. That’s a lot of bouncing around over a steep difficult track.
Dukain Manning
Dukain Manning 2 days ago
That was insane!!!! I love it!!!!!
Christopher Knapp
I swear grown men are like 12 year old girls with the phones/cameras nowadays..
David James
David James 2 days ago
You guys are getting more and more sketchy each video haha
SantosULTRA 2 days ago
Dam, how much would a recovery like that cost??
SantosULTRA 6 hours ago
@operator0 $1,500 sounds fair to recover a 30,000 dollar 4WD way out in the bush. I thought it would be a lot of money due to the amount of equipment and staff they have with them. They seem to enjoy the work they're doing too so I'm all for it.
operator0 19 hours ago
Consider this; It is on government land. After a certain amount of time the government will begin to fine you PER DAY while the car is stuck on BLM land. There's only two guys in the area that do this kind of work, and both of them are on this job. I'm sure it isn't cheap. He has done a short Q&A on this subject, but he didn't give a clear answer as the price is adjusted for time en-rout, time to actually do the recovery, amount of equipment that is required to do the recovery and amount of personnel that is required to do the recovery (camera crew doesn't count). If it were me, this would be a $1,500+ job.
Jaycob Dennis
Jaycob Dennis 2 days ago
I was so tired watching this that I kept thinking why dont they turn the wrangler on. lol!
John Gobbert
John Gobbert 2 days ago
Cant imagine how much that cost
RJ Gentry
RJ Gentry 2 days ago
GMC power, baby!
Shaggydude 2 days ago
People and their wranglers, just cause it's a 4x4, don't mean it'll go anywhere, especially with those POS engines in them. BTW, how much did it cost to get it out of the canyon?
Fonze ihaia
Fonze ihaia 2 days ago
If you wanna watch real recovery’s US-first west coast recovery’s Perth professional beach recovery’s their would would piss out of there
Miland Estep
Miland Estep 2 days ago
Id love to see more of that 1 ton tow truck, paul's dad's truck is a monster 👹👹👹👹
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