Are Modern Women Doomed? 

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This is what happen when you say “I don’t need a man”
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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
YeaiMeanYeah 11 hours ago
I think the whole survival thing was touching more on having the ability to take care of you with nothing. War, geological, and natural disasters are possible. But also how real it is for men that if we were this out of the box, is the streets. So i think it all kinda plays into the reality of life, and the brutality it has.
Mister C
Mister C 12 hours ago
Did he say she looks like Spike Lee because of her glasses? He said “I saw you in a 1984 Jordan commercial”.
Tay16st North Philly
Yes they are doomed
Ledo Junior Rocchi
Ledo Junior Rocchi 15 hours ago
Ignorant, spoiled and childish, I am out of here.
A Wad
A Wad 19 hours ago
its like these women read Sun Tsu and think they are warriors...
Da wap factor
These women are slow
W R Sporing
W R Sporing Day ago
I’m investing in cat food manufacturers......there’s going to be a lot of cat hoarders in the near future
jacob aliet
jacob aliet Day ago
Did she just bark at Kevin at 37:07? Gad damn! These women!
Mrs. Cherry
Mrs. Cherry 23 hours ago
Yeah she actually did🤦🏽‍♀️
Manuel H
Manuel H Day ago
Biologist here. The whole part about surviving in nature from Kevin was filled with logical fallacies. I get the point he tried to make but with the example he gave it made no sense. When we talk about survival of the fittest we need both females and males, both have their roles and neither is dispensable. Very few modern people would survive in nature, but this has nothing to do with gender, it's simply because we're born and raised in cities and aren't living in the wild anymore. You can train both men and women to survive in nature. Just because this lady doesn't know not to drink lake water doesn't mean it's only men who know it, that's silly to argue. The reality we should accept is: Take away either men or women and our species will die out. That's the undeniable biology behind it. So yeah, I'm with Kevin on most of his points and from a biological POV there's no such thing as independence, but I had to address that point.
Michael Langton
I feel like a Stella super intelligent mega man compared to some of these people.
M J 2 days ago
Seriously, at 33?
M J 2 days ago
I think African women are embarrassing themselves with feminism ideologies
Silver Ronin
Silver Ronin 21 hour ago
As an African I agree
David Vargas
David Vargas 2 days ago
37:23 "jesus christ we've failed"
King No Cap
King No Cap 2 days ago
Women live in a dream world.
parkkbaby62 2 days ago
She a clown 🤡... what's the point of the glasses
Nigel Ados
Nigel Ados 2 days ago
Gen Arg
Gen Arg 2 days ago
How she didn't know you gotta boil water? 😂 Guess I'm good over here
YeaiMeanYeah 11 hours ago
I was waiting for her to drink it. He was like before you even grow anything, youd die.
Dee Wood
Dee Wood 2 days ago
Damn! That hat is on point
Danny Mo
Danny Mo 2 days ago
She definitely does got the Mars Blackmon's on lol good one Kevin. Over her head
PLZ RWD 2 days ago
5:50 Kevin wit da BARS. Had her beatboxin 😂😂😂😂😂
kenny 3 days ago
These sisters just dont want anyone interrupting their sleep. Ignorant, delusional folks. Kevin is the hope for our beloved but strange sisters.
Kawaza Mthimunye
Kawaza Mthimunye 3 days ago
Irritated by that her attention is not in the conversation, but in the chat.
Sweet toof
Sweet toof 3 days ago
She always has to be right and try to one up him. It’s tiring. I couldn’t be with this woman, despite her attractiveness.
Zenu 3 days ago
when she said boo i fell off my chair
Eric Toombs
Eric Toombs 3 days ago
Mars Blackmon! 🤣
Eric Toombs
Eric Toombs 3 days ago
The second woman has a smart aleck attitude.
Take me from among the heathen
Kevin Samuel " Are you a Christian " Woman 👩Smiling all Weird. Pretty teeth but that was crazy.
Jose Davis
Jose Davis 3 days ago
Fire Teach
Viet Van Ha
Viet Van Ha 4 days ago
Shahtazah Ali
SUN WARRIOR 4 days ago
I know most of y'all missed that Mars Blackman dig when she put her glasses on! Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dee Flo
Dee Flo 4 days ago
Don't need a man but still want one to take care of them these modern broads are delusional.
kevinus99 4 days ago
She cute but not too bright...
Pouty MacPotatohead
She's talking about "altruistic love" and "taking care of the family", which means she expects to be loved altruisitically and taken care of, because she couldn't be bothered when she had the chance.
Pouty MacPotatohead
She's 33 with 70k income she needs to save 30k of that, preferably more. I'm willing to bet she has ~$0 networth and saves at most 10k annually.
Pouty MacPotatohead
I'm a man so I actually had to solve these issues. There's no one coming to my rescue, absolutely no one. Not even close relatives will lift a finger for me because I'm a man. I did solve retirement, disability and the works, but I can't live off the wild yet. I'm working on it tho.
mutape_DC 4 days ago
This was terrible to watch especially at the end. She's is confused about everything - her finances, spirituality
Atom 4 days ago
Yea they are doomed notice how the marriage rates drop more and more as the years go by
Dancing Panda
Dancing Panda 4 days ago
This woman is so sad. She makes light of everything and dances around all his points. She truly doesn't understand the gravity of what he's talking about. Pathetic.
MayanMuscle 4 days ago
K.S looking like Major Payne woth that hat and he is bringing Major Pain to these women left and right
FleXx Lugar
FleXx Lugar 4 days ago
woman don’t want a man just a tool 🛠to pay there bills and tolerate their childish behavior
Shorty too beautiful to be so delusional
The Lyon And the Ox
Googled Detroit cost of living: Higher end for studio apartment = $821 Higher end for 2 bdrm = $1148 $50k annually = $4166 monthly pre-tax 4166- 821- 500 (car note) - 200 (insurance)- 600 (food)- 800 (hair/nails)- 800 (eating out, clothes, fun) - 350 (gas)= $95 left to "invest" for a typical single woman making $50k living in a studio. Soooooooooooooooo yeah.......
Shock Toast
Shock Toast 5 days ago
No, keep doing your thing women ill be waiting 🤣
otown from orange county
Compromises in relationships only benefit women in most cases ..brifaults law
Starr Washington
Starr Washington 5 days ago
Man we have a serious problem.
Starr Washington
Starr Washington 5 days ago
I went from being a skeptic to seeing the error of my ways. 😩
Alishah Jamal
Alishah Jamal 5 days ago
God bless this man. The thing is, these women know that they’re in the wrong but their ego/entitlement is getting in the way of taking accountability. They want to appear as if they know what they’re talking about because a huge part of them are so backed behind “this movement” of theirs that no matter what facts are presented, they’ll never submit. So to answer the question, it’s starting to look like the modern women are becoming doomed So sad
FN LN 5 days ago
Gun Metal Guy USA
This female is a time waster.
Billy Albert
Billy Albert 6 days ago
Crazy cat lady in the building!
Mpm KK
Mpm KK 6 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 IDK why but I'm laughing in the first 15 seconds
Shin Yamada
Shin Yamada 6 days ago
Yes. Doomed, they are
80's baby
80's baby 6 days ago
I like that look on him
Pac4Prez 6 days ago
She a whole drunk.
I spent 15 years living rough while watching women get places to live within 3 hours of being homeless,it took a letter from my solicitor threatening to take the council to court before they gave me anywhere,Nobody helped me but myself,i am ex british army,i learned how to survive at an early age.
David Anderson
David Anderson 6 days ago
I made 6 kids. That's a good investment. Also love your kids so it comes back to you.
Super Livesix
Super Livesix 6 days ago
First 8 mins he just asked a bunch of dumb ass questions lol . Like uhhh bro I don’t know how to start a fire sorry..
YeaiMeanYeah 11 hours ago
In a emergency, might be handy. This is all kinda fragile. US-first has vids on alot of it. Skills i mean.
Omni Entertainment
She's 33 and acting like Goofy, WTF?
Mr. Ade
Mr. Ade 6 days ago
Women can survive longer without us though.
BrittLeanne652 6 days ago
This man is a clown. Any woman who willingly goes on his little show is also a clown.
LOSO 6 days ago
LEAVE biich you a whole clown in the comments right now
Kelly Fontes
Kelly Fontes 6 days ago
Can't make this shii up.. The complete disregard for reality and lack of accountability.
Victorius Washington
There would be another man with him like hey man don’t drink that- these are facts
Lloyd McNeal
Lloyd McNeal 7 days ago
I swear when he ask "Where you going to get the water and once you get it what happens" the fact they all say see water drink water 😄😄😄 watch too many movies
BreadRouteTV. 7 days ago
Even with them glasses she still can't see the truth
T. Ray
T. Ray 7 days ago
I'm A Man; Thank You for sharing "The Talk" with us, Kevin. It opened my eyes about EVERYTHING. I'ma Get Mine. I Ain't Goin' Out Like That. No More Holdin' Back. That's My Word! P.S. She almost had it until then end, then it ALL fell apart 😂😂😂😂😂
Dany Vambili
Dany Vambili 7 days ago
I look twenty lol, No you are forty. Kevin Samuel
Marcus Slaughter
Marcus Slaughter 7 days ago
She had to be trolling
cameron banks
cameron banks 7 days ago
Like she slight dumb ,but she attractive as fk bruh her smile is 🥵
Erin Gardhouse
Erin Gardhouse 7 days ago
I know exactly what micheal jordan commercial u talm bout and I’m only 17😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shredded Metal
Shredded Metal 7 days ago
She didn't even realize that she has to boil the water to kill off the bacteria first😂. You need a container for that and you need to be able to start a fire. To start a fire you need dry wood, and a magnifying glass to direct sunlight onto the "fuel". Otherwise, use a stick to start a fire via friction. Basic physics. Next, you need to create shelter and catch your food. Grandpa taught me how to make fish hooks. Hours and hours to catch your meal.
Xare 7 days ago
Shes really Beautiful. I see alot of potential
Kizzle 7 days ago
I only watch these for entertainment, but over half the men in the world don't have survivalist skills lmao. I'm sure more men do than women, but that's just not a good example to me.
Saitama Sensei
Saitama Sensei 7 days ago
Shit sad bro
Miss MarG Millionaire
Girlie doesn't know what a net worth is but is talking about investments 🙄
Locating Leigh
Locating Leigh 7 days ago
She was by far...one of THE most annoying people I’ve seen on here 😒.
Wal bart
Wal bart 7 days ago
Kung lao Kevin is sumn u gotta deal wit
pajarito726 7 days ago
This lady rather be right than listen to the cold truth. It's sad and scary how blind people can be. Men and women both need to educate themselves about plausible endings
The Underbelly Group
She didn’t hold her own cause she doesn’t know how to dialogue with a Narcissist, I’m very familiar with his style of communication and basically if she is unsure of herself can’t get her thoughts together clearly and concisely he will steam roll her. Most of y’all commenting on here is weak minded, men included. You can’t think for yourself and need someone else to do it. Need someone to tell you how to think and how to move in life. You will be easily exploited by folks like Mr Samuels. It’s not that his words don’t have validity they are simply not a one size fits all and he can’t see the future. His model of life is like old money investors in the stock market getting pissed at retail investors that resurrected GME and AMC. The fundamentals is out the window now , it’s total anarchy and people are learning the power of collective consciousness.
Arthur R saker
Arthur R saker 8 days ago
Regarding her grasp of the economic realities attaching to old age and personal responsibility, this bimbo, and uncountable others like her, has the intellectual luminosity of a baby glow worm, coupled with a mulish resistance to truth. Mr Samuels might as well have been talking to a block of wood, though, hopefully, there were others who paid attention, for whom his words were the wake-up call on which to build their future security. Keep em coming Mr S, theres never too much reality to pass around, and your contribution is crucially valuable. The duty of care toward your fellow citizens is one you discharge supremely well. Many thanks and God bless you sir.
The Underbelly Group
I see her perspective she is saying women can have a fulfilling life without a man. And the psychology behind your delivery is to steamroll to maintain control.
The Underbelly Group
Well Black women been hustling backwards cause there are a number of black women that have men that are average earners and they married for love.
The Underbelly Group
22:40 Millenials have different opportunities that are not cookie cutter like back in the day. We can invest in Crypto and Stocks but I see what you’re saying regarding NET WORTH.
dallasgurl1989 8 days ago
welllllll i make 45k a year... bought a house last year... got a 20 year mortgage.. my house will be paid off at 50 if i decide to keep it..i have a 401k at my job and if i stay at my job i will have that money to when i retire.. hypothetically i could sell my home after retirement and downsize and pocket the rest and live off my 401 cash out.. i would still work pt just to get out the house lol 😆... it’s possible just takes the right mentality and long term planning
Helloooo Newman
Helloooo Newman 8 days ago
Just handed the survival example to her on a nice silver plater and she was so confused because she could not argue with the truth about men not needing women to survive at all but women needing men to survive. She just tried to scold the truth with her astonished sound effects at 6:15, just left hanging in the wind 😂😂😜 no rebuttal whatsoever
AJ 8 days ago
It’s funny how majority of women who call in to Mr. Samuels platform, all seem to be looking for a high earning man when they themselves have nothing to bring to the table. And saying the average man is “beneath” them. Modern women in first world countries have now gone beyond utter delusion.
By Grace
By Grace 8 days ago
These talks help me be a better wife🙏🏽💖
sharp shooter
sharp shooter 8 days ago
ABSOLUTELY 💯% RESPECT TO THIS WOMEN. A true human not women HUMAN who deserves to be someone. She says it her self the same thing us MEN have come to terms generations ago. It's not your rules it's theirs in this case his. PLAY THE GAME win respect :)
free bandz
free bandz 8 days ago
who is he everyone has their own survival skills man or woman it just depends on the person
Mark Hardy
Mark Hardy 8 days ago
My life is a mess... ****
Jdrunnin 8 days ago
Never heard of a fucking river lady???
Null *P Exception
36:50 My last gf pulled the same. Asked who she prayed to since she claimed to be an existentialist. She said the box of wooden "worry dolls" her pagan mother gave her.
Simba Damus
Simba Damus 8 days ago
1 word, hahaa!
She didn’t get the spike lee joke🤦🏾‍♂️
Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune 8 days ago
I think somebody needs to have a honest conversation with this man. I know exactly the answers hes looking for when speaking to these women. The way you approach dialogue with man is honest, direct and confident in your truth. I love meeting men like him.
Kalani Cooner
Kalani Cooner 8 days ago
The level of ignorance is mind numbing, I hope she enjoys the taste of fancy feast while she prays to the universe.
Izzy Nips
Izzy Nips 8 days ago
Damn, this dude spiting out the straight truth that most of us are afraid to say.
YouVSMeTV 8 days ago
15:31 Kevin destroyed her soul.
Jimmy Vila
Jimmy Vila 8 days ago
After the long talk she still in one direction and that is failure to understand the truth!
ghost rewind
ghost rewind 8 days ago
Does she have 2 sets of eyes 👀😭 Her glasses are way!!! TOO BIG!