Are Makayla and I dating again?! Q/A ft. Baby DJ 

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May 2, 2021




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tamaiah dixon
tamaiah dixon 14 hours ago
Hi am a big fan
Deyoni Jackson
My birthday is January 12th tooo
sara dooley
sara dooley 3 days ago
Niquelanaynunn 3 days ago
I like pineapple pizza that’s good I had it a lot
ariyha kelly
ariyha kelly 4 days ago
not we having the same bith day jan 12 2008
DRIA 6 days ago
Lmaooo I knew the answer was no
Zaria Johnson
Zaria Johnson 6 days ago
Capricorn ☺️mine is January 5th
Londyn Lewis
Londyn Lewis 6 days ago
We have the same birthdayyy🤞🏽🤞🏽
Maliyah Fowler
Maliyah Fowler 7 days ago
Omg I luv y’all y’all are good parents
gwladys tapsoba
gwladys tapsoba 7 days ago
Don't you birthday being a day after mine❤❤
Big Lee
Big Lee 7 days ago
Hey kids
Heart Love
Heart Love 7 days ago
I saw you and your mom at the mall.
Lily Estrada
Lily Estrada 7 days ago
If I could have a super power it would be able to read minds
Destiny Crowder
Destiny Crowder 7 days ago
R u gonna get to know her doe
nino nino
nino nino 7 days ago
why do he talk like that? is he a bit special
storm's clouds .!
no he not he has like think in his mouth with his braces so that’s y he said he talks like that .
Life with the Kayla fam
I sound smart ouuuu
Life with the Kayla fam
You got a deep ass voice wtf
Glamorouss_ Ari
Glamorouss_ Ari 7 days ago
Sorry I love u but @7:34 don’t make no sense like u got a bby by her 😭 boy u better kno her
Taliyah Abram
Taliyah Abram 8 days ago
ayeeee we got the same birthday lol (2003 babies)
WymJay 8 days ago
What is the into song name
Gabby Robinson
Gabby Robinson 8 days ago
Me happy 😭😭✋
Nakayla Rosario
Nakayla Rosario 8 days ago
Can y’all date already Dammmnn 🥺
MBZJ CHANNEL 8 days ago
You should prank makayla
Kimberly Darby
Kimberly Darby 8 days ago
Where are the where not to say about that my birthday is January 21st George is days before I was born 2011
Alexis Dgaf
Alexis Dgaf 8 days ago
U bobbing his head😭💕
Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll 8 days ago
Tatianna Kingdomm
Awww look at da baby🥺🤞🏽💞!!! He is so cute and lil omg🥺❤️ his lil hands yall 🥺
Dalisha Pennyamon
I love you and makayla sm I already kno y’all are gonna be big!💕
Ava Roblox
Ava Roblox 9 days ago
Your son is so handsome
Manya Magruder
Manya Magruder 9 days ago
Just make up y’all mind y’all then had a baby and now not together make up your mind 🙄
Keyara Thomas
Keyara Thomas 9 days ago
Like...like.....like.....like.....like.....like.....like.....like.....like i'm so so fed up of like😂
Jojo Pitt
Jojo Pitt 9 days ago
Jesus and God is alive and love you repent
Dahlea Rodriguez
Dahlea Rodriguez 9 days ago
U movin your hand to much for the baby head ! 😂
Makyah Mason
Makyah Mason 9 days ago
y’all let’s help him and watch all the ads
Tamia Solae
Tamia Solae 9 days ago
I wanna see him and damaury collab
Ganajah Rawww
Ganajah Rawww 9 days ago
Birthday twinn😭🥳cap gang🤘🏽👍🏽
Nklya 9 days ago
The amount of times he said "like" 😭I love yall tho❤️💯
Danyel Young
Danyel Young 8 days ago
@Dayshawn Wilson about too many times 😂💀lmao jk
Dayshawn Wilson
Dayshawn Wilson 9 days ago
How many😳?
Xai Bandz
Xai Bandz 9 days ago
Yk we locked in and u know damn well u don’t know to do back flip
Jocelyn Terrones
Jocelyn Terrones 9 days ago
Hey can I get a hi back
All about Terahhh
Niya gaming Niyagaming
Y’all be lit
Xx-machine -gunz
Xx-machine -gunz 10 days ago
Still love you guys
Brooklyn Rain
Brooklyn Rain 10 days ago
Young king please hold that baby head....🙏🏽💙🙏🏽🤍
Chalissa George Grier
Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Thamyka Valcent
Thamyka Valcent 8 days ago
Theonlyone Period
Theonlyone Period 10 days ago
Flykid. J
Flykid. J 10 days ago
We have the same birthday
Ryann Cargill
Ryann Cargill 10 days ago
Excited for next weeks content
Marcus Gaming
Marcus Gaming 10 days ago
Look at your mini me 🖤💪🏽
Myaa Mya
Myaa Mya 10 days ago
That baby tired of u moving😂😂😂
Kaylee Knight
Kaylee Knight 10 days ago
Bruh I hope they together
DeLaura Johnson
DeLaura Johnson 10 days ago
Queen Gray
Queen Gray 8 days ago
Mines to
Jazmyne Williams
Jazmyne Williams 10 days ago
I’m confused lol , y’all have known each other since middle school but you still haven’t learnt her ? Like genuinely i wanna understand this so answer if you can how do you not know her personally yet ??
Jazmyne Williams
Jazmyne Williams 9 days ago
@Dayshawn Wilson oh okay i was just curious on the topic but i totally agree with you but all y’all need to worry and focus on is that beautiful baby boy congrats to you both !
Dayshawn Wilson
Dayshawn Wilson 9 days ago
Exactly I’ve known her since middle school that don’t mean I had any type of communication wit her afterwards until now
Nunna Boo
Nunna Boo 10 days ago
badk1d_juxiebtw 20 hours ago
@Heaven Ashby same
Raquel Chante
Raquel Chante 8 days ago
Mines the 15th
Queen Gray
Queen Gray 8 days ago
Mines the 12
Tahlia Marie
Tahlia Marie 8 days ago
mine is the 16th
bonita bellaaa
bonita bellaaa 8 days ago
mine the 14th
Ms. Scott
Ms. Scott 10 days ago
He is so cute
i just dont understand why 2 mill people follow him on tik tok but 40k on hea . yall suck frfr
Damiya Harrison
Damiya Harrison 10 days ago
This does not give off destiny and maury.. y’all stop lying
Positive Weirdos
Positive Weirdos 8 days ago
iiarianaa_Yt 10 days ago
yu sound smart because yu are smart 🤍
TheeMyaBee 10 days ago
I love how you in your son life like a REAL MAN
Jada Williams
Jada Williams 10 days ago
His lil finger was moving so cute mane 😩 😫 🤧
Dria Marshall
Dria Marshall 10 days ago
Stop talking with yo hands shaking DJ😂😂
Jay Spark
Jay Spark 10 days ago
So are they dating
Amber E
Amber E 10 days ago
Dj is adorable!💜💜
Belem Uribe
Belem Uribe 10 days ago
we having a normal graduation or drive by like last years ?
Chey Belt
Chey Belt 10 days ago
Juliann Foust
Juliann Foust 10 days ago
I graduate high school 2 days after u
Ar'mani Jenkins
Ar'mani Jenkins 8 days ago
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
Everone in the comments reply to this comment and the three last utubers at the end of the comment mime is The Prince Family , Nicole Tv and Abbie & Julia
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
I want to have all the superpowers
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
If u go to college how are u goin to see ur son
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
I would count if i was dating in school but in only in 3rd grade (aka) the trinidadians will understand aka STD 3
Liss 9 days ago
Yuss Trinidadian Here And Ii Understand 🥴
Elias Blandon
Elias Blandon 10 days ago
By what time did he say he would date makayla
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
I hope u guys get back together
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
She is very pretty
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
Im from Trinidad and Tobago
holly woods
holly woods 10 days ago
hes baby is cute😍😍
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
Who are u goin to prom with sence u are goin
Life as Meagan
Life as Meagan 9 days ago
prob Makayla
Kiressa Sealy
Kiressa Sealy 10 days ago
I was born in Febuary im and Aquairus to
Nautica Tinsley
Nautica Tinsley 10 days ago
I love you guys and you son is cute ❤️❤️❤️
PowerFDF 10 days ago
- ItzMeEri -
- ItzMeEri - 10 days ago
Together or not, y’all make a great team! ❤️☺️
Thamyka Valcent
Thamyka Valcent 8 days ago
No kap
Aliah Rodriguez
Aliah Rodriguez 10 days ago
He is sooooooo cuuuuute🥺🥺🥰🥰
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 10 days ago
You not 5’11 😂😂😂
Lawrence Camp
Lawrence Camp 10 days ago
I love all and your 2 son. Be 💪💪💪❤
Kaleigh_puppy Pop
Kaleigh_puppy Pop 10 days ago
Your birthday is literally right after mine mine is January 11
Queen meria
Queen meria 10 days ago
My bday is January 12 to
SANAI FORD 10 days ago
I love your content
4pf JU
4pf JU 10 days ago
4pf JU
4pf JU 10 days ago
@Chey Belt yesssss😭
Chey Belt
Chey Belt 10 days ago
Da'Jon Williamson
Da'Jon Williamson 10 days ago
My sisters birthday is January 12th
Ghetto Princess
Ghetto Princess 10 days ago
Boy you just said that she matches your energy
Duhhhitzzz._ Miyah
Duhhhitzzz._ Miyah 10 days ago
Morii Tv
Morii Tv 10 days ago
rushing a relationship y’all have a bby together!😂
Ghetto Princess
Ghetto Princess 10 days ago
Okay that’s where DDG is from
It’s Devan
It’s Devan 10 days ago
my question was the first question 😄🧍🏾‍♀️ why do i feel accomplished-
Yo girl Leah Whitfield
Would you want to have another baby with makayla
It is Briana Show
It is Briana Show 10 days ago
I wish y’all the best in life !! And , the baby boy looks so adorable 💗💯 !!
Tatum Blu
Tatum Blu 10 days ago
Well I’m happy that you are taking it slow. And you made a good point of how you would want to know a person for who they truly are. Keep up the great videos ❤️❤️
Life with Sarai
Life with Sarai 10 days ago
This is how much times he said “Like” BTW D.J is so cute 🥰 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾
Shamir Edwards
Shamir Edwards 10 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️been waiting for this one
Breyanna berrios
Breyanna berrios 10 days ago
He is so cute
Madison Pylant
Madison Pylant 10 days ago
Mi'Kelia Lofton
Mi'Kelia Lofton 10 days ago
Damn 2003???