Aquatic Animals That Live in Trees 

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Fish in a tree? How can that be? For some aquatic creatures, it's not necessarily bad to be a fish out of water.
Hosted by: Rose Bear Don't Walk
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Apr 29, 2021




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Flavius Aetius
Flavius Aetius 7 hours ago
Obviously they started living in trees because they were tired of plankton trying to steal their formula.
Matt Ebert Music
Matt Ebert Music 9 hours ago
Rainalot 15 hours ago
I’m genuinely surprised they didn’t mention the coconut crab.
Ethan Wagner
Ethan Wagner 23 hours ago
The tree fish bides its time while humanity kills off everything else.
Merdarion Day ago
Lemme change my toepads to climb on the tree.
FoxFire95 2 days ago
"...that researchers describe as launches, squiggles, and pounces" SQUIGGLES IS NOW A SCIENTIFICALLY ACCEPTED TERM AND THIS GIVES ME SO MUCH JOY
Garnetta Obliviona
Well I'll be damned, fish can actually climb trees. I bet Einstein feels pretty stupid xD Ironic, really
wjdietrich 3 days ago
Sorry - pet peeve here.......... did she say "orangu -TANGs" in the intro? So many people incorrectly say this, even in narrated documentaries sometimes - they are actually called orangu - TANs, - NO "g" at the end , and it means something like - " old man of the forest",FYI
Nathan J.
Nathan J. 3 days ago
Are those tree crabs true crabs or did they carcinize?
[ Raptorzilla ]
[ Raptorzilla ] 8 hours ago
oh god not that paradox again
No mention of the Pacific Northwest Tree octopus? Very disappointed
Larb the Gamer
Larb the Gamer 4 days ago
Dumb ass animals living in trees just live in water
Zes 5 days ago
wrr, no such thing as towerinx or not or impresx about talx, bigx s inferiox bloatx, doesn tmatter, just ux , tx etc getsx towx etc
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez
"that look like insects..." Ok, so what are they?
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez
Killifish like the ones in Animal Crossing.
Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 6 days ago
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the lego jomnker
the lego jomnker 6 days ago
nope nope nope I dont like them
Andromeda Keplar
Andromeda Keplar 6 days ago
Quest Hunter
Quest Hunter 6 days ago
so where is proof video? in 2021 we have smartphones, so...yea
deyvis mejia
deyvis mejia 7 days ago
Killifish: I’m actually an amphibious 👁 👄 👁
tyler diabo
tyler diabo 7 days ago
Imagine walking through a forest and a crab lands on your head
Greg Coogan
Greg Coogan 7 days ago
This is misleading. This is not the first species of crusteceans to be found living on land. There are terrestrial crabs living in trees in the rainforests, and hermit crabs are another famous example, including the coconut crab, which climbs trees and is terrestrial. There are many species of amphibians that are completely terrestrial or semi terrestrial. They found a new species of terrestrial crab, not the first species of crabs living on land.
fleur pouvior
fleur pouvior 7 days ago
Meanwhile, I lived in the south pacific, and picture coconut crabs dropping coconuts on people. Death from above.
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 7 days ago
"The Journal of Crustacean Biology". Ah yes, the magazine you'll find on everyone's coffee table...that owns a resteraunt under the sea.
Joe Middleton
Joe Middleton 8 days ago
They didn't even mention that Kryptolebias marmoratus, the mangrove killifish, is a hermaphrodite.
roboninja saur
roboninja saur 8 days ago
"as different as octopuses and orangutans" Spec Evo community: *Laughs in Squibbon*
Luke G
Luke G 8 days ago
Sebastian: 🎶 "Under da tree" 🎶
Joel Neyyan
Joel Neyyan 8 days ago
കാണി മരഞ്ജാണ്ടു
Xhan 8 days ago
Would it still be considered aquatic if the entire species is arboreal?
Sebastien Cormier
The one fish to pass the famous "Climb a tree" class
Dovyeon 8 days ago
Could you tell us about the crabs that live in pitcher plants?
Hairy Tick
Hairy Tick 8 days ago
1:00 notice the pink and red striped patterns of the majestic ten toed tree crab...
thegoodlisteners listenwell
How lazy...we wanted to see the fish...not just hear about it....youre not that pretty....
thegoodlisteners listenwell
@TrashDeviant I'm being rude cause I can be, just like instead of finding footage and presenting the material they are speaking about, they chose not to. I troll often. I also speak for equality and against general ignorance by referencing peer reviewed material. I dont care what anyone looks like. I'm. it attracted to anyone. At all. If you want to know where I get my sources, google " google scholar" I'm sure you have the appropriate reading level.
TrashDeviant 5 days ago
@thegoodlisteners listenwell To be fair, most of my time on this site is spent just listening, however I'm an insomniac and I need noise to sleep. Or I'm painting miniatures while listening. Then there's also the fact that a huge portion of content creators just speak while looking at a camera. You also needlessly commented on her appearance in a pretty rude manner. Makes me think that you're a massive douchebag. Yeah, I'm a Trash Deviant. But at least I'm not going onto science channels to belittle presenters based on their appearance. You seem unintelligent and rude, and honestly like the kind of guy who would make women nervous at a bar or club. Good luck to you, sir. I hope you find some pretty pictures to look at Mr Notgoodlisteners Listenpoorly.
thegoodlisteners listenwell
@TrashDeviant wait, are you the woman in the video? Are you made I said you're not that pretty?
thegoodlisteners listenwell
@TrashDeviant yes...people go on a video site....just to listen....seems like your name is pretty on point tho.
TrashDeviant 5 days ago
Should change your username to thegoodwatchers watchwell since you can't just listen to a woman talk. You need illustrations like in a children's book lol.
Thunder Kunt
Thunder Kunt 8 days ago
And meanwhile some Indians evolved to live in scam call centers !
xinglin jiang
xinglin jiang 8 days ago
this video is so cheap. only a few photos of the animals.
WundaMutha 8 days ago
I mean, if you were a crab, wouldn't you be fine with climbing a tree if there was a tasty slug buffet at the top? Yummm.
Linux Man
Linux Man 8 days ago
When did the discovery channel switch schedules from 3 am to 5 pm?
Garrick Horvath
Garrick Horvath 8 days ago
Anthony Berube
Anthony Berube 8 days ago
You are amazing and you've gotten so much better at this since you first started I absolutely love you honey!!!!
Anthony Berube
Anthony Berube 8 days ago
And by better I mean obviously less nervous 😑♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🧯
red_ashcroft 8 days ago
I found a hermit crab in backyard, but our house is on top of a mountain.
baljeet sohi
baljeet sohi 8 days ago
Look on her face when she said plant-puddle paradise.
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 8 days ago
I saw the vid title and thought "someone's been smoking weed"
Leila Smith
Leila Smith 8 days ago
Can we get a video on those springtails please? This is the first I've heard of creatures that look like insects but aren't insects and stuff like that blows my mind.
Jake Morley
Jake Morley 8 days ago
Soo drawn out. This is a problem with American shows like this... Now I remember why I unsubscribed.
Lilah Wareham
Lilah Wareham 9 days ago
This was fascinating
b s
b s 9 days ago
Birds probably dropped them there
b s
b s 9 days ago
I Will always say octopi
The Phantom Masquerade
My first thought when I saw the title, was that Octonauts episode with the poison dart frogs, where a tidal bore tore through the amazon river throwing lots of fish into the trees and the Octonauts had to use their new gup that looks like a helicopter based on a dragonfly to get the fish out of the trees before the dart frogs tadpoles hatch and they need the puddles up in the trees to put them in.
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
ThatDarnSkag 9 days ago
1:02 “Kani” also means “crab” in Japanese. Coincidence?! Yeah probably.
aspo pulvera
aspo pulvera 9 days ago
"you already witnessed sea monkeys so why not?" - mother nature
Samantha Leshikar
This is the EXACT content I come to this channel for ♥️♥️
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
gabriel barbosa
gabriel barbosa 9 days ago
A determined wriggle when you need to change the ambient kkkkkkkk
Brenden Bales
Brenden Bales 9 days ago
I was thinking a weird type of small fish that lives in trapped water in trees,
Matt Kirsch
Matt Kirsch 9 days ago
I think this will be blocked but I had to try... I thought crabs could only live in “bushes” Big fan of the channel
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
this guy I think
this guy I think 9 days ago
I have a funky tree idea trees that have water in them so fish can live in the trees
Tim Decker
Tim Decker 9 days ago
What do u mean look like insects?
DneilB007 9 days ago
A little surprised not to see sloths on this list.
ADN NJ 10 days ago
that crab is not new
Mr Exists
Mr Exists 10 days ago
"life uh, finds a way"
SoratheWonderful 10 days ago
The crab that looks up to its spider cousin.
Exu 10 days ago
me, stares at the goddamn coconut crab infront of me, while watching this video: Aight, I appreciate your life, pal
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
warhawkjah 10 days ago
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus?
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson 10 days ago
I'd hang out in the presenters moist void, if you know what I mean 💦
edwoodsr 10 days ago
I really wanted some info on the lifecycle adaptations these animals made to live in an arboreal environment.
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
drysori 10 days ago
You should have included aquatic critters that live in Bromeliads in Tropical rain forests.
xyfuras 10 days ago
Words of support.
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
FaffyWaffles 10 days ago
I love that "squiggle" is a scientifically accurate term.
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
Easy Wind
Easy Wind 10 days ago
Constructive critique! When narrating a film the camera should not be on the narrator. The camera should be on the subject which the narrator is talking about.
Lüf 10 days ago
MJ Francis
MJ Francis 10 days ago
I’m perplexed y’all just out here implying that springtails aren’t insects, what are they then isopods? Give me a video about just this please
Kyle Stanley
Kyle Stanley 10 days ago
5:13 That pause lol
Josh S
Josh S 10 days ago
lol monkey lizards
Vol Z
Vol Z 10 days ago
Springtails are insects, they don't just 'look like insects'. Unless you mean something else that looks like a springtail.
Paul Jewel
Paul Jewel 11 days ago
Three things I would like to know 1 How big of a iron dust cloud coalescing, would it take to make say a railroad spike ? 2 why do they always show the solar system in the flat instead of a more realistic representation of a helix where the planets are following the sun around the galaxy ? 3 in an ever expanding universe, where space between everything is getting larger(even molecules) , could I be as big as a mountain was a short time ago ? 3a When considering time travel should we be concerned about the size we might be when arriving
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 11 days ago
Imagine chilling under a tree and some crabs fall on you
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
Nozza 11 days ago
I expected this to be interesting, but I didn't expect to hear about fish living in trees, even short ones. I thought maybe there might be discussion around crustaceans that have been found in raindrops.
Amit das
Amit das 11 days ago
TY 😊
Charley Edwards
Charley Edwards 11 days ago
the crabs name makes me happy
ThEnderYoshi 11 days ago
*_NO!!"_* *_BACK IN THE WATER YOU GO!!!!_*
Kyle Bridenstine
Kyle Bridenstine 11 days ago
When I picture a crabs habitat I think of a hooker
Ethan Wagner
Ethan Wagner 11 days ago
I have questions. Are there any gills that have evolved from lungs? There are plenty of lungs and air respiratory organs that have evolved from gills but have any evolved back into gills? Also are there any known examples of tertiary aquatic species? Whales being a prime example of secondary aquatic where they have evolved into aquatic organisms after their ancestors were terrestrial? Are there any species with ancestors that have evolved from aquatic to terrestrial to aquatic to terrestrial and finally aquatic?
Ceiling Fun
Ceiling Fun 11 days ago
No new video the past two days
Bethany-kate 11 days ago
Wait wait wait, look like insects?? What the heck are they then???
Milo Estobar
Milo Estobar 11 days ago
A tree is their big universe... such a pity... now extinct cuz i need a tree for a toothpick..
meko 11 days ago
EclipsedArchon 11 days ago
octopuses and orangatangs
Charles D Jasinski
Charles D Jasinski 11 days ago
Nattygsbord 11 days ago
If evolution was true, then why can no bird fly supersonic?
corujariousa 11 days ago
This video very much disappoints. The species you presented are NOT aquatic.
Jay Sin
Jay Sin 11 days ago
"A determined wiggle" sounds like when I lost my virginity....
The Juggernaut of Spades
Dude crabs being the ultimate animal, like a crab that can climb trees
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy 11 days ago
Fun fact: springtails are NOT insects, they are collembolas.
Amanda C
Amanda C 11 days ago
Sci show has an episode with killifish🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm in love!
Iris Oscuris
Iris Oscuris 11 days ago
Also, I can’t stop watching this presenter’s eyes. They’re so pretty.
SHIVAM Edits 9 days ago
Iris Oscuris
Iris Oscuris 11 days ago
Life, uh, finds a way.
Ace Undead
Ace Undead 11 days ago
The mangrove killifish, because the mudskipper and lungfishes werent good enough and nature needed a fish that looks like a fish to survive on land. We're doomed, might as well give Jaws the keys to our cities now.
Galaxia7 11 days ago
I know about the sardines arboricoles !
BazNard 11 days ago
Tommy Ohlrich
Tommy Ohlrich 11 days ago
How you gon make a episode about this and completely ignore bromeliad ecosystems?
Rob Andrews
Rob Andrews 11 days ago
1:57 worst word ever