Aquachiggers Youtube Termination Notice : Someone Stole My Videos And Youtube Is Terminating Me! 

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Yep, it's true. I received a notice of channel termination from US-first effective May 7, 2021, UNLESS I give up my copyright ownership rights of two of my videos that were stolen by a US-firstr in Saudia Arabia. Even then, the email clearly stated that they "may" terminate my channel anyway even if I give up my copyright because my DCMA complaint was "fraudulent". WTF?
This guy uploaded two of my popular videos some time ago, modified them somewhat, and reaped millions of views. US-first notified me of this so I requested via US-first that he remove his videos. Somehow, US-first now thinks I do not own my own works and has "determined" that I have submitted "fraudulent" copyright complaints. His channel is mostly a collection of videos he has stolen, flipped the aspect, and then slowed down the audio to try to escape detection. He then narrates them, calls them a "reaction video" and makes money off of the work of others. He doesn't even give my channel credit for the original video, not that it would make any difference except to make me not dislike him so much.
Copying and publishing 10 full minutes of my work is clearly a violation of the DMCA. But I suppose since his channel is much larger than mine and undoubtedly generates much more advertising revenue, US-first has decided that Aquachigger must be sacrificed unjustly. I won't go down easy. FREEDOM! (lol)
One of my stolen "Reaction" videos: us-first.info/player/video/f6Z5oqOXinx1YX0.html
Other Stolen "Reaction" Videos: Are any of the videos yours?
Catch my videos here if my channel goes away this Friday: chiggsarmy/

About Aquachigger:
I enjoy metal detecting for historical items like gold coins, relics, silver coins, and other buried treasures. I also metal detect for gold and silver nuggets and even meteorites. I like to make videos that promote my choice of lifestyle that includes outdoor adventure, metal detecting, yapping, searching for river treasure, SCUBA diving, exploring abandoned places, hiking, caving, caring for animals and pets, and observing the things outdoors that often go unnoticed by most people who are not familiar with outdoor adventures and nature. I keep my US-first "Aquachigger" channel family-friendly and hope you subscribe if you like my style.
BTW, you can also catch me here, chiggsarmy/ ,but I may get a little edgier there. FB isn't a place for kids anyway...lol.
Affiliate links to see and purchase the gear I use:
General Gear: bit.ly/MetalDetectorsAndMOAR
T-Shirts: www.bonfire.com/store/aquachigger/
Garrett Metal Detectors: goo.gl/nbzDYH
Follow the ChiggsArmy!
My Patreon: www.patreon.com/aquachigger
Instagram: aquachigger
Facebook: chiggsarmy/
Twitter: BeauOuimette
I hope to see you guys out there!


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May 3, 2021




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George Holt
George Holt 4 hours ago
Dam bottom feeders!
Samurai black
Samurai black 6 hours ago
One week has passed
Donna Shoop
Donna Shoop 10 hours ago
The thief needs REMOVED from US-first for copyright infringement so others aren't harassed by him. Plus US-first could save a lot of time not having to deal with him either. Some people!
Mike Greiner
Mike Greiner 14 hours ago
love ya chigger watching this video made me sad like my dads getting fucked over by youtube and I cant help lol
diggun 17 hours ago
That is absolutely crazy!
LouLou 17 hours ago
I hope you can get this sorted and that crook gets taken down.
NoGreedSeeds 20 hours ago
Next up, no one steals my content! Of course my channel focuses on cannabis breeding/growing and the consumption thereof. A very limited audience. 💚💚💚✌️🥳 and products don’t cost an 💪 or a🦵. 💯💚🔔
Darlene Chandler
Darlene Chandler 20 hours ago
This is bs!
Darlene Chandler
Darlene Chandler 20 hours ago
Not fair
Rob B
Rob B Day ago
F--mmm all
Tony Lloyd
Tony Lloyd Day ago
Every viewer needs to go to this grub's channel / your stolen video and complain /report it to YT as stolen - if that's even possible? - YT won't even allow me to access the stolen video through your link.
Charles Hultquist
Frankie Tortonesi
The video is private. I think you will be ok.
Warp Scanner
Warp Scanner 2 days ago
US-first needs to get its shit together. This is absolute nonsense.
Joyce Gibson
Joyce Gibson 2 days ago
I love your videos Chigg ! Dont give it up !NEVER ! I;m sure I have watched that video,
Sam Bowles
Sam Bowles 2 days ago
youtube/google really does not give a shit. as long as they can monetize the stolen video and sell advertising rights, they don't care. When I was buying and selling scrap gold on EBAY, I came across hundreds of fake gold sales. I complained about hundreds of them and nothing happened. EBAY and Goggle do not care. good luck
Frank Rice
Frank Rice 2 days ago
Piss on them I will follow you on Facebook
John Willis
John Willis 2 days ago
Karma will bite him on the ass and won't let go !
Malcolm Washer
Malcolm Washer 2 days ago
Wtf i have wacthed this channel for ages this is bad
FB1BB1BB1 3 days ago
That's terrible that they let a POS do that. And YT is a POS as well.
ChrisHides 3 days ago
Anyone else here from Reddit?
bruce preston
bruce preston 3 days ago
You tube sure has some stupid messed up views.
Terry Archibald
Terry Archibald 3 days ago
Find a Marine or Seal with a pack of Most Wanted playing cards. These are the cards where the center of the card has a picture of a wanted terrorist. Superimpose that guys face on the card and tell your followers to spread the word about his "most wanted " status. I'm thinking that he may stop posting for awhile.
MirVids 3 days ago
Maybe you should go onto the video and drop in your name and link to the original content. Drag some of the viewers to your site ? Perhaps create a watermark and have it run across your videos ?
Rick Russell
Rick Russell 3 days ago
YT are idiots.
Stephen Kraushaar
Go read this thread. Make sure you state the original date of creation and what not. support.google.com/youtube/thread/1915124/fraudulent-information-from-copyright-takedown-request?hl=en
Stephen Kraushaar
I agree with your stance, but I don't think you'll lose your channel. Just be sure to reply with your reasoning for NOT retracting. Those "may"s are just legal cya. It means: you requested takedown, he responded that your request is fraudulent. I doubt a real human has even looked at it at that point. The fact that ContentID first found it is on your side. Now it's possible that US-first decides not to take it down, and leaved your channel up. Your assertion that he's doing something illegal isn't necessarily accurate (in US-first's opinion), but I don't think they are going to cancel you over it.
William Heacock
William Heacock 3 days ago
I downloaded Rumble because US-first censorship and stuff to check it out people say it's better than US-first ..
Michael Adair
Michael Adair 3 days ago
The link to his reaction video is set to private now.
Anna Hatfield
Anna Hatfield 3 days ago
YIKES!!!!!this sucks YT is getting ridiculous
Jeremy Haven
Jeremy Haven 3 days ago
Shows the video as private now. So is youtube allowing him to still use it?
Robin Harrell
Robin Harrell 4 days ago
Glad you got this Resolved, just wondering was this really from youtube or was it a scare tactic by the guy who stole your video?
Lee Nielsen
Lee Nielsen 4 days ago
Good luck, sincerely. I regret I cannot help you. Hope you don't have to move to facebook. FB ist verbotten for me. (Forbidden).
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith 4 days ago
He is a thief.
Black River Outfitters
😂🤣 Karma isn’t nice
Bruce Jensen
Bruce Jensen 4 days ago
What just got here ... That sucks good luck
Chris Chen
Chris Chen 4 days ago
China runs Maotube and Fascist Book.
Old IRISH Number • 27
The world is full of scumbags , Never give up Never give in ☘️
Thomas Dewalt
Thomas Dewalt 4 days ago
Move to Rumble.
Anbu 4 days ago
pls pls pls
Kraig Cochran
Kraig Cochran 5 days ago
You should have a channel on odessy and bitchute
Annie Gaddis
Annie Gaddis 5 days ago
Think about Rumble and BitChute. After posting here, post the same thing there. Then if YT takes you down, WE KNOW where to go to continue watching you. Blessings being sent your way Chigger!
Countryside Russell
This is crazy. What is this world coming too. I find myself saying that often now. Prayers and God bless.
JgidHQ 5 days ago
Bro, look at the email address, THAT IS NOT AN EMAIL FROM US-first!!! WTF. That's someone trying to get you to take it down lmfao. Ignore the email.
L Francis
L Francis 5 days ago
@lawfulmasses is a copyright attorney
William Lankford
William Lankford 5 days ago
Just say your a liberal, political correctness will set you free
Martin Walsh
Martin Walsh 5 days ago
They loose you, They will loose me. Not much of a loss on my account. What platform will you recommend to move to? Facebook is about done, Time to find new platforms to move to.
Sean Baldwin
Sean Baldwin 6 days ago
Get a lawyer. Sorry this is happening to you.
Smurf_mamma 6 days ago
Chigg this could be a nasty lawsuit... you should try!!!
pado joe biden
pado joe biden 6 days ago
Google is a horrible company
Vw Split Screen fix
Would be interesting to know what he was saying why don’t you make a reaction video to his reaction video if he has a lot of views you might get a lot of new fans.
Scott S.
Scott S. 6 days ago
I vehemently dislike the parasite channels. They are lazy worms. What really irritates me is the idiots who subscribe to them thus rewarding the vermin.
ptz593443x 6 days ago
Ill still find other ways to find you. F youtube
T. Rowe
T. Rowe 6 days ago
I am absolutely gobsmacked mate. I really hope this termination doesn't happen! Looks like you've got some excellent contacts and advice from some of your subscribers
D0S81 6 days ago
i know what you do, you show the proof its your video, and you'll be fine. i get the implications of something like this. but yo can prove its yours, so i dont think you have anything to worry about. a lot of this stuff is just done by an algorithm with no human intervention at all. because to have that many people look at every claim would be impossible with the amount of traffic youtube has, which is something like 8 million videos a second or something crazy like that.
D0S81 6 days ago
this thing at 5:39 i think might just be a standard thing they do now to cover their bases kinda thing done by an algorithm when the other person disputes the claim, which he will do, because he'll say its fair use as a reaction vid, and cuz he flipped it, its transformative etc. so instead of actually checking all the claims to see which are fraudulent, they just send it to all that are disputed, as opposed to those other ones that just took their vid down straight away. so they just send this to all that dispute a claim because they know that the majority of those whos claims are fraudulent, cant prove its their content. whereas as someone like you, who just has to make a video of themselves saying ''thats me in that video, this is me in this video, therefore its my video, my face is my proof the video content is mine'' they know that you dont really have anything to worry about because once they get that proof, this fraudulent possibility email thing, is a moot point. so he probably got one too. and he can prove its his original video, so his vid should be removed and you should be fine. again though. if the vid gets removed, i dont get it. because technically his channel should be took down the same way they aid theyd do with yours. not just his vid. but like i said earlier, you dont fuck with the money. so they would rather just take down his vid to make it seem like they are doing the right thing, whilst still keeping his channel up, to make them that paper. it sucks that money is power. but so is information. and you clearly have all the info to one.prove its your vid, and two, show that you were threatened with a channel takedown, whereas e got just a video takedown (if thats what happens) and you could just spread that info to the right media youtubers, and make it a big thing. you could then get his channel removed. but then, whats stopping him making another one, or even going over to say Odysee and just reposting them there.
D0S81 6 days ago
well, its Saturday and your channel is still up. so thats good news right? as log as you can prove that your the original creator, then whether they make youtube money or not, they should delete that persons channel. what's the betting they just delete the video on their channel instead. first rule of the world is ''you don't fuck with the money'' its the same from drug dealers, to big corporations. if you have a vid like this bringing the problem o light, or better yet, go to the news channels like Phil DeFranco etc. then that puts a spotlight on youtube that they won't want, and hopefully, they would take down the other channel, like they said they would do with yours. I'm also thinking the other person would have got the same email as you, saying if they don't prove its their video, then they lose their channel. im curious as to whether they do or not, or if their vid just gets removed. i hope you do a follow up.
Davo fromdownunder
Sounds like something Zuckerberg would do 😡
Matt The Lesser-Spotted
The email address that your notice came from looks iffy as shit.
Coco D
Coco D 6 days ago
I just found your wonderful channel, I was hoping to start showing my dad when he visits me next.... I feel so sorry for you.🇦🇺🦘🇦🇺🦘 Your content was great and you did a fantastic job. Keep well 🐨🐨🐨
B T 7 days ago
Damn that sucks.
BV S 7 days ago
Try...Kim Komando.com. She is a computer whiz on National radio. I'm sure she can help!! I'm hoping so. Good luck. We love you. (I don't get Facebook. 😰😰
Jody 7 days ago
Awe man.. thays sucks!!! Any new news??what's the name of the thief.. well.all go.over there and let everyone know he's a theif
Chris Steckler
Chris Steckler 7 days ago
Facebook will screw you as well
longlowdog 7 days ago
The link to your stolen video now comes up as 'not available ' 'private video'
Mimi Elliott
Mimi Elliott 7 days ago
All this bickering about who owns what... METADATA proves everything for chiggers and nothing for ahmad the thief
JoeMoe Moe
JoeMoe Moe 7 days ago
WTF? Thats crazy. Its probsbly becsuse its all sutomated. I wonder if you can acttually contact a resl oerson in youtube. This guys chanel sounds like a sleaseball but a popular one. I woukd copywrite thst oarticular video. As its publishing date has to be before him. Tben go after him on infringement. I woukd miss your chanel. Consider an attorneys opinion.
Buzz ard
Buzz ard 7 days ago
F youtube
Long Island Shooter
I hate "reaction videos" , it's not a review, it's theft of IP short and simple. What pisses me off the most is how much US-first promotes and pushes these channels. They're hyper sensitive to copyright, unless it makes them money. Loathsome behavior , from both sides.
Jesse Mendez
Jesse Mendez 7 days ago
you tube is asshole
ucanbrew1 7 days ago
Move your videos to Odysee. Dump Google/US-first!
Ryan Himenes
Ryan Himenes 7 days ago
Stand your ground , screw this spineless excuse for a human being. Absolutely mind boggling.
Ken Karnes
Ken Karnes 7 days ago
That sucks!
rbh haner
rbh haner 7 days ago
Sorry to hear this chigg
Dave Hill
Dave Hill 7 days ago
Make “reaction” video to his reaction...lol
Johnathon 7 days ago
NO NO NO NO NO!!! I really like your channel. I hate the way US-first enforces it’s “rules” So unfair! Praying it gets straightened out in your favor. EDIT: Dadgummit, I just found this channel last night, I don’t want US-first to ruin your availability! I love what you do, I have heart problems, so you are my way out into the world to explore. I sure hope you can continue. AND.....do you have a PayPal.me address to donate to you on?
Fscott Fscott
Fscott Fscott 7 days ago
Bitchute.....You'll have a lot more Freedom. Ask Salty Cracker....
Adam Contreras
Adam Contreras 8 days ago
He may be able to do that though... It's one thing if he's taking the video, flipping it and playing it for the views. From what I understand copyright allow someone to take your video and use it if they are adding to it, changing it... He's taking what you are doing and commenting, physically reacting ... Personally critiquing what you are doing... US-first may see it as fair use. It may be why US-first is asking you why you claim it's yours, from their point of view he's created something different from your original content. As to whether he can monetize it.. Unless he took all your videos though.. isn't this kinda like advertising? People in a different country are prolly wondering who you are and would've never gotten to see your video otherwise.. just my 2 cents. Good luck, Hope it ends well for you. You do make some AWESOME 😎 stuff!
Marian Treber
Marian Treber 8 days ago
Can't you use Bit chute or other?? I can't get in my Facebook because yahoo deleted my email address. Oh brother! Can't contact f b and I don't want to do a second Facebook / and email.
Ole Daniel Olsen
Ole Daniel Olsen 8 days ago
I sent a report of him with a written note. I hope more will do the same thing.
Tanya Kintz
Tanya Kintz 8 days ago
Hey Bo sorry to put it this way but that is a bunch of Chicken sh_ _ I really enjoy your videos, so if it does happen I will see you on Facebook. 😀😺💖💖💖🐕 Someone needs to teach that Jack-ass a lesson or 2! 😤😬😠😡
Marian Treber
Marian Treber 8 days ago
A few days ago I tried to report one of those illegal channels... Y T would not let me make the report!!! Crazy world. It was superimposed over a guy fishing on and on. Horrible.
Edward Morgan
Edward Morgan 8 days ago
Good grief man , Friggin poachers
Judas Proxy
Judas Proxy 8 days ago
I literally just found this awesome channel And youtube does this shit
jane dow
jane dow 8 days ago
Chigg, Listen to Jose ( Crazy Lamp Lady ) PLEASE. At least move your videos to some place safe like Odysee or any of the others out there. If they do take you down ask Andrew or Jose to let us know where you go. I don't play on Face Book, cause I associate their platform with yt & the like. I only watch yT so I can see hard working people like you. Please Don't Let Them BULLY & Beat YOU !!!!!!
comontoshi 8 days ago
Send a SEAL team to grease his smug Saudi ass.👤
G W 8 days ago
Sue them and you tube it’s your material
N R 8 days ago
I searched that guy's video list and didn't see your vid, maybe it has been taken down? I hope so. He should move over for the REAL content creators!!
Rusty Nails
Rusty Nails 8 days ago
I get the impression this is all automated with very little human intervention. If there was, they would immediately see what was going on. There is no way you could have stolen his video and uploaded onto your channel because his image would appear. Unfortunately reacting to a piece of content is a type of US-first fair use. I'm glad to see this was all sorted.
Larry Burnett
Larry Burnett 8 days ago
I'm no lawyer but it seems to me if youtube is profiting off an illegal download you could sue them for damages. It may not change their mind but it could raise awareness among enough youtubers to ditch youtube and go elsewhere. The combined financial clout of youtubers he has stolen from may be enough to change US-firsts mind. If not, a well presented case brought to the FCC may be enough of a pain in the hind side to wake them up.
Donald Scott
Donald Scott 8 days ago
What the f*^*
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 8 days ago
FACEBOOK will do the same thing to you? You're on their PURGE LIST OF AMERICAN'S Getting booted for Wrong Thoughts......The PURGE has started!!!!!
Martha Fenimore
Martha Fenimore 8 days ago
This is rediculous. You Tube should be standing behind you instead of a thief.l
mel p.
mel p. 8 days ago
People who have been kicked off you tube, have been going over to Bitchute.com, Dlive, and Odysee.com.
Know One
Know One 8 days ago
US-first is a bunch of thieving Demoncrap Woke Bastards anyway......so....what else is new...hope the whole stinking mess gets shut down.....screw em
Letts Go
Letts Go 8 days ago
You tube is basically a whore . They care nothing about facts and copyright. If one client pays more then the other the other plays and you don't. This is why Big Teck needs to be De- monopolized as soon as possible.
Luis 8 days ago
Join LBRY. It is the alternative to youtube.
Luis 8 days ago
Fight back otherwise these thieves will continue doing this to other original creators. Even on Facebook, you are not guarenteed that somebody else will not use one of your videos and pasd through the same.
XSoCal 8 days ago
As much as I get out of watching US-first video's, because they seem to target conservative channels. US-first can go down in flames for all I care.
Dorthy Zbornak
Dorthy Zbornak 8 days ago
youtube are corrupt bastards anyway..... fascist
Jeff Arp
Jeff Arp 8 days ago
I think Y.T. isn't wanting the little guys anymore they only want big content creators channels I have heard other people say this. Best of luck.
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric