Antonio Brown Gets Emotional Speaking About Tom Brady & Winning Super Bowl LV | Post-Game 

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Watch as Antonio Brown Gets Emotional Speaking About Tom Brady & Winning Super Bowl LV
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Feb 7, 2021




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Fanatics View
Fanatics View 20 days ago
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Marc Biennestin
Marc Biennestin 11 days ago
AB was gonna be a HOF regardless tho watch your mouth
Wendel Veres
Wendel Veres 12 days ago
What's that beat that plays in the beginning of this video?.... really nice tune
JAKESTAR105 12 days ago
@danny woodson - Who's Doug Pederson?
Rosiland Lipscomb
Rosiland Lipscomb 12 days ago
@danny woodson P
White Diamond
White Diamond 12 days ago
THANKS TOM BRADY for not giving up on my AB you are definitely the G. O. A. T for that. Keep your head up AB!!!! 🙌🏽🏆🙌🏽
Flamezz 2 days ago
buddy’s zooted outta his mind lmaooo
Sir Loin
Sir Loin 3 days ago
I truly believe he’s truly genuine and normal. Has to be the concussions for all the issues he’s had. Too much evidence with the concussions causing a plethora of mental problems. I’ve had one and still recall the day it happened. Once that human brain suffers major trauma, it’s almost impossible to be 100% normal again.
NATHAN POYSER 3 days ago
Half the time he wasn't paying attention XD
Matt W
Matt W 4 days ago
LOL. So. Much. ADD.........
Aubree Emmalee
Aubree Emmalee 4 days ago
The better carp probably mine because mist aesthetically mug through a slow population. materialistic, curved pleasure
kevin hart
kevin hart 4 days ago
God is good,god is great,AB get that 🥇🍺❄🏈 god bless you☝️☝️☝️☝️
GurlTalkkTV 4 days ago
After watching this, you can never say again, that you don't know what a happy soul looks like!
JORDAN44 4 days ago
A black man has to be saved by a white man. Black men grow the Fup! You have young Black men looking up to you.
ReflexPoint 5 days ago
Ah man - look at him - he is so happy. It even puts a smile on my face seeing him so giddy!
The dude
The dude 5 days ago
Brady and Trump are from the same claw. They don’t look at you for the color of your skin. If you good you’re good and they want you on their side
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 5 days ago
This guy is a prick, now he thanks God because he's been giving so many chances. He's hurt so many people, I don't think he's genuine
Take Them Ankles
Take Them Ankles 5 days ago
Bron-Aye Jr I know you act slow but you want a Chip Jr-Damn bro never thought you would call again 😒 Tom-Hey AB I know you been acting off the chain but you tryna win a chip? AB-Yeah n**** never thought you would ask 😂😂 That’s what GOATS do they lead 💯💯
Namibia 5 days ago
If brady let me stay with his wife and kids and got me a superbowl ring ID be crying too
Litlyn Vistal
Litlyn Vistal 5 days ago
imagine, with all the coaches, managers that tried to change him.. they asked only one thing 'To shut his mouth" even just until the season is over, he couldn't do it lol... he kept making the same mistakes, prompting the franchise to let him go.. as talented as he is, nobody wanted to give him a chance because he failed to listen... this dude only needs tom brady in his life to change for the better.. he's now a humble human being, very different to the loud cocky that cannot control his temper AB
jhayzazz Swagggy
jhayzazz Swagggy 5 days ago
God is good good sir all the time
Cis Lord
Cis Lord 5 days ago
Florida made TB12 cool.
People Champ313
People Champ313 6 days ago
Happy for the guy. Stayed positive & kept himself in check throughout the season even during weeks where he didn’t see the ball that much. You can tell all the man ever wanted was to be a champion.
Donna Duckett
Donna Duckett 6 days ago
I am happy for AB!! 🏈😀🏈
Edward Cook
Edward Cook 6 days ago
People acting like Tom saved Antonio. AB, Gronk, and TB defense saved Tom. Tom saved Mike Evans, Scotty Miller, Chris Godwin, Leonard Fornette, LeSean McCoy, Cameron Brate, Bruce Arians,.. etc. a bunch of glorified nobody's. You're welcome!
joihnn mulrow
joihnn mulrow 5 days ago
I don't even watch football to know that AB is back because of God and himself. People forget that AB has to catch the ball. A quarterback ain't nothing without a good receiver.
Bobby Walker
Bobby Walker 7 days ago
Best smile in the NFL.
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas 7 days ago
They think anigga fell offffffff, somebody need to call God!!!
Flabbergasted Normal
Grateful and god is so good
Saleem Khan
Saleem Khan 7 days ago
He make honey badger look like a clown with that touchdown. That was for Brady
hue bolser
hue bolser 7 days ago
He has always been a great player but he has made some dumb choices. Now I'm not one to fall into drama and the whole life changing thing that everybody clings onto today and looks so hard to find any reason to turn it into that but the relationship between Antonio Brown and Tom Brady seems to be a very genuine and antoniobrown seems to be a pretty genuine guy for the most part. Oh by the way Tom Brady send some of that radiant light my way I wouldn't mind a life of unicorn farts and fairytale or at least smile at me or something so my descendants will be blessed for generations to come
Craig Mulholland
Craig Mulholland 7 days ago
What I’d give to have TB12 guide me thru my life
Eric Papilaya
Eric Papilaya 8 days ago
still the victim 😖😖
Charles Conner
Charles Conner 8 days ago
I felt that "ready to go!!" at 3:34 no cap 😂😂 happy for AB
Beauner s
Beauner s 8 days ago
Rj Friz
Rj Friz 8 days ago
Does he have to respond to txt messages during the questions?
MsJules Varnado
MsJules Varnado 8 days ago
Now keep your head on straight
Playboi_Gari 8 days ago
The one thing AB and Brady easily bond over is the 6th round pick mentality....Tom knows what its like when people want to be ur friend only when you hot and are the man...he brought in AB and reminded him what steps it took to get to that point
rocky hennessey
rocky hennessey 8 days ago
A humble AB praises God and Brady. What a difference from 2 years ago
Amir Harris
Amir Harris 8 days ago
Congratulations Antonio. Keep going! Leave the nonsense behind.
Rubbahworm 8 days ago
How about put the phone down bro? Feels like I’m watching my 13 year old son.
Derek 9 days ago
AB just needed the right people around him. He was in a dark place and it got to the point where nobody believed in him anymore. Tom Brady was one of the only people who still believed in him. He gave AB an opportunity in Tampa and supported him through a tough time. Critics will say that Brady used AB as a means to an end. I don’t agree with that. I think it truly bothered Brady to see what was happening to AB. Brady saw a man with so much talent and untapped potential about to end his career in the NFL way too early. He knew AB still wanted to play, but just needed to find himself again. Brady probably did more for AB than most people ever have.
Allex G
Allex G 9 days ago
AB's egos was crushed by the GOATS lack of ego.
sun dancer
sun dancer 9 days ago
HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurie Churchill
Laurie Churchill 9 days ago
I am very happy for AB. You seem genuinely sincere and grateful. That is just awesome! You go, AB! We are rooting for you!
Ella McClanahan
Ella McClanahan 9 days ago
You people are correct God did save him because God is Tom brady
Jimmy Ray
Jimmy Ray 9 days ago
I thought the NFL moved to china
Ig 9 days ago
I don't trust Antonio without Brady around , i wouldn't sign him without Brady holding his hand, dude is crazy.
Nikki Saracini
Nikki Saracini 9 days ago
Go antonio
Nikki Saracini
Nikki Saracini 9 days ago
Nice teeth
David Nam
David Nam 9 days ago
AB: Tom’s been there for me since day 1 Big Ben: .................
JACOB and DAD 9 days ago
This is a great video. If you read this please visit our Channel JACOB AND DAD us-first.info/more/mE_gYABZsTjn6FaxjsStvQ and support us by subscribing. Thanks for your kindness.
Ex-Amor 9 days ago
All I can say is that AB looked truly happy.
PlanetAwesome 9 days ago
I don't think we will ever see AB as a telecaster.
John Leo
John Leo 9 days ago
The godly examination successfully haunt because piano intriguinly greet regarding a fortunate bank. lewd, fast weed
Gseric47 9 days ago
It's almost like the MJ/Rodman story of the NFL.
Edwin Calderon
Edwin Calderon 9 days ago
Fuck AB he’s still a POS 32 years old and still acts age 16
joihnn mulrow
joihnn mulrow 5 days ago
And he is making millions, while winning a superbowl. But you are worried about him looking at his phone while you are making 10-15 bucks an hour barely making ends meet lol. Pathetic.
Stephan Downing
Stephan Downing 9 days ago
Ab appreciation should show all of us there is a God & he send people to help change our perspective on things for the good!
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 9 days ago
AB most misunderstood player in the history of NFL..Burfect is the reason he went through all the schitt he went through..That hit messed him up for awhile
Jack Mikeson
Jack Mikeson 9 days ago
Alex Shimkus
Alex Shimkus 9 days ago
Man it's awesome to see AB back again, he deserves this win, and I look forward into seeing how the rest of his career pans out. AB will always be one of all time favorites on my list.
Rich83 9 days ago
Did he even answer a question?
isaac padron
isaac padron 10 days ago
I wonder how his sexual assault trial is going to go.
jenki221 8 days ago
You’re an idiot.
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin 10 days ago
Could Brady be one of the only superstar players that ends up being a great coach? I think he could if he wants to be a coach.
BazookaToOtH 10 days ago
Give this nigga a year and he will be back to his old self
Cole Devries
Cole Devries 10 days ago
Just like Brady and moss. Brady’s got the MOJO baby
George 10 days ago
Lived with Tom Brady during his time with the Bucs..
Javier Lomeli
Javier Lomeli 10 days ago
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 10 days ago
They asked him the same question 6 fuck'in times already!
David Howard
David Howard 10 days ago
So happy to see this! He was so close to being done. A true redemption story! Hate it or love it!!!
1AvrgJoe 10 days ago
Did he answer anything? I guess thank god is the answer to all questions. I’m
1AvrgJoe 10 days ago
I guess God doesn’t like the rest of the league.
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson 10 days ago
Congratulations Antonio l'm rooting for you .
Jimmy Sapien
Jimmy Sapien 10 days ago
AB - I have much Respect -TRULY A BLESSED MAN 🙏
florabama Belle
florabama Belle 10 days ago
Too cute ~ he really wants to get outta there. Reading phone set him free fro interview!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 10 days ago
AB was my reason why I was rooting for Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl.
A Low
A Low 10 days ago
Brown is a racist shouldn't be in the NFL honestly he should get cancelled like any other racist
Modder for hire
Modder for hire 10 days ago
Y’all best put some respect on AB name. Man got a mean drop kick!! AB that should be your next TD celebration. Just drop kick the football!!
Modder for hire
Modder for hire 10 days ago
Before this year I obviously was like most people. I didn’t have love for Brady. Never would refer to him as the Goat. Although I knew he was. So much sketchiness in New England with the scandals and stuff. But I told everyone if Brady leaves goes to completely new team and takes it home then no doubt. Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time. Tom Brady is the GOAT. This coming from a die hard Brett Favre fan. AB honestly most of us were truly worried about you as a human being. Very happy to see you turn things around. Hard work pays off. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a whole. Was a great super bowl to watch. Till next season Cheers!
Crypton 1
Crypton 1 10 days ago
What a wonderful guy AB is Just wonderful WTF is wrong with you people ? A few months removed from being a complete scum bag to other organizations and people and women and everyone is so happy he backed into a SB Victory ? I'll believe he has changed a few years down the road when there are no more Incidents
Spookum Rozay
Spookum Rozay 11 days ago
💯💯 I’m Happy for this brotha
Charty-BFT Ramsteinhigh16
Antonio Brown is a savage football player
William Alder
William Alder 11 days ago
He can’t pay attention to answer a question. He’ll snap again. Wait for it
Mountainman Alaskan
You are a loser.
Will Gaines
Will Gaines 11 days ago
Jesse Tittle
Jesse Tittle 11 days ago
He wasn’t even paying attention to the questions.
Paul Vann
Paul Vann 11 days ago
Love ab but he is so disrespectful, get of ur dam phone! Com on man your not even listening to half the questions smh
Baltimore Jae
Baltimore Jae 11 days ago
My man Jerry Coleman Baltimore's own
Mark Ruckus
Mark Ruckus 11 days ago
Cookies. 10 days ago
Mr. Ruckus you must be blind. Dude scored a TD in the SB
C R 11 days ago
Congrats Antonio Brown!!! Good for you and best wishes moving forward
Turbo Jones
Turbo Jones 11 days ago
Yeah, thank you. My question is: are you happy to be superbowl champs? 🙄
AMAXA Swift 11 days ago
He look more thankful & humble smile big playing great...who built that team up like that was looking like video games on KC
SRT Roach
SRT Roach 11 days ago
He a champ forever
ALAZKA ALAZKA 11 days ago
Desert Creature
Desert Creature 11 days ago
Now a man of faith. We should forgive him! /s
Shailon Noelle
Shailon Noelle 11 days ago
Man, Brady can even heal CTE what the hell can't he do
All 5 boroughs.
All 5 boroughs. 11 days ago
When AB mentions "Thank God" he's referring to Tom Brady.
Joe Bidenov
Joe Bidenov 11 days ago
Anyone else want to puke after watching? Maybe just me. Happy for Tompa Bay though. Congrats for getting scripted in as the winner this year guys.👍🏻
Gary 11 days ago
Logan paul out here feelin pretty dumb "going broke"🤣
dis6900 11 days ago
As a diehard Steelers fan, it hurts to not see that Steeler legend win one in the black in gold but time heals wounds. Good for AB. I'll always remember his days in Pittsburgh. He was the best.
Shirley Blalock
Shirley Blalock 11 days ago
I call cappp'!! .. u can see that these foo's Ain't good actors... If u want to fool the world, then u better hire better actors. But newayz LMAO.. he got them Tim brown eyes ..actin like Ron Artest.. maybe even a white guy playin black face.. lol.. this shit is pureee comedy
Bigmoney Corey
Bigmoney Corey 11 days ago
I am really happy 4 Antonio Brown
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 11 days ago
Every team including the Patriots look stupid asf after Tom Brady and Antonio Brown gronk win Superbowl lol old bill we see it was Brady not you I always new this gronk retired because he didn't want to play for bill 😆
gpower2004 11 days ago
How ignorant and rude. Pit the phone down and answer the questions.
godzgift503 12 days ago
I have to say it, "God always gets the glory at the end!" God bless AB
Bob Nicholas
Bob Nicholas 12 days ago
His multi tasking seems rude and immature.
Quay-Da-Minion 12 days ago
Dallas Orr
Dallas Orr 12 days ago
Love you A.B.