Anthony Rizzo STRIKES OUT Freddie "Frederick" Freeman with 61 mph pitch! 🤣 

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Anthony Rizzo took the mound Wednesday night and struck out Freddie Freeman swinging.
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Published on


Apr 28, 2021




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Brendan Walsh
Brendan Walsh 8 hours ago
Had that been Paul O’Neil he would have broke the bat, smashed a water cooler and potentially charged the mound.... totally composed at all times...
Brett W
Brett W 12 hours ago
Great sportsmanship! How can you not love baseball?!?
Richard Childs
Richard Childs 13 hours ago
Yay, we're loosing by 10!!
Jeremy Caraway
These 2 need to be teammates some time move freddie to 3rd and just sit back and laugh.
Danny A
Danny A Day ago
Most MLB players are very unapproachable and I believe they don't like the fans, however I appreciate Anthony Rizzo and Freddie Freeman they seem like 2 likeable and approachable guys a throwback to years gone by. God Bless everyone.
OA Day ago
Freddie is his real name and Frederick is his nickname???
texas guy
texas guy Day ago
babe rizzo.
Canelo is The best
“And the person that wrote this caption for MLB ain’t getting Freddie Freeman Money” 🤣
Jay Ward
Jay Ward 2 days ago
Pitt State Gorillas
Jason Keenan
Jason Keenan 3 days ago
To be fair, that was a super decent uncle Charlie.
L E O N 3 days ago
61 mph is very hard
Kevin Bryant
Kevin Bryant 3 days ago
This is sad
Lost Ammo
Lost Ammo 3 days ago
Not calibrated... so it was 51 miles and hour little league pitch .
Joe Ayala
Joe Ayala 3 days ago
AND thennnnn catches the ball bare handed🤣
Rogelio Lozano
Rogelio Lozano 3 days ago
They are Getting Married soon
Gaming Gamer!!!
Gaming Gamer!!! 3 days ago
Perfect night ruined by a 61 mile per hour pitch lol!
Americasdream12 3 days ago
Strange that it is okay to celebrate a Cubs player striking out Freeman but it is not okay for a Reds player to celebrate striking out Rizzo in a tied game with runners on second and third. Cubs are cry babies Cubs bench players flooded the field over the celebration by the Reds pitcher.
Americasdream12 2 days ago
@Christopher Cunningham if anyone is off it would be you
Christopher Cunningham
Yeah you're way off there bucks lol.
Delaney Ellison
Delaney Ellison 3 days ago
So funny
Delaney Ellison
Delaney Ellison 3 days ago
I like that duo right there I like both
Dear diary,
Dear diary, 3 days ago
It's never under good conditions, but I always love it when a position player pitches.
SeeReal 3 days ago
its been 4 days and I still can't get enough of this.. LOL
tommyoshady 3 days ago
I've never seen a pitcher so happy to be pulled out of a game lol. Not sure who Rizzo is but judging by the score and inning they were already using position players on the mound.
Zac Baggett
Zac Baggett 3 days ago
Down 10, getting shut out. Laughing and joking. I dunno… rubs me the wrong way.
One Life
One Life 3 days ago
He balked the first 4 pitches
Woobiecrew 4 days ago
As a braves fan and old school guy I’m not laughing. Where have the Cal Ripken JR’s gone ? The Ted Williams?
Rory Waliser
Rory Waliser 4 days ago
That bender was low key disgusting 😂😂
nestor sanchez
nestor sanchez 4 days ago
Bummer I missed that game. Why was Rizzo pitching anyway ?🤓
Get DAGR 4 days ago
Freddie has some Canadian blood running through his veins...I love it!!!
Eric Stewart
Eric Stewart 4 days ago
Boo cubs
Sam Gobien
Sam Gobien 4 days ago
That’s great stuff right there. Havin’ a time!!
Kyle Duffield
Kyle Duffield 4 days ago
Freddie will never hear the end of it. Class act players love it.
jose jil
jose jil 4 days ago
Cub fan here i love the laugh and fun RIZZO puts in the game..
K B 4 days ago
Wait why tf was Rizzo pitching?! What did I miss?!
Not U
Not U 4 days ago
Surprised the umps dinner call Rizzo out of the base path and rule it as a balk.
Jimmy Pete
Jimmy Pete 4 days ago
Never comes set, but no one cares😂
Kansas City Royals
This is so wholesome.
Jody Yount
Jody Yount 5 days ago
Anthony “ K Freeman” Rizzo
Profile 5 days ago
Ya gotta love Freeman 😂
batsonelec C
batsonelec C 5 days ago
it would have been a home run if he made contact.
Eric Kang
Eric Kang 5 days ago
When you and your friend are goofing off from the opposite sides of the classroom
Simeon Zane Chambers
No other sport...this is why we need to preserve baseball. And what makes this even better, is we have two of the best good guys of the game. Love this ✌🏾
arnon royna
arnon royna 5 days ago
Seems like the new trend in baseball. Throw some softball pitches. It really does catch them off guard.
Jordan Babcock
Jordan Babcock 5 days ago
I give baseball too much flack. This channel is doing a great job with these short videos. It's great marketing. Might watch a few games this year!
FTC 5 days ago
him joking around is faster than i can throw trying my hardest
Speaking Truths
Speaking Truths 5 days ago
Where are we at in society when an MVP can strike out against a guy with as much professional pitching experience as a fan and still laugh about it?
Jrock 5 days ago
There was no way Freddie was gonna hit off of rizzo Freddie knows and loves the game of baseball and respects the unwritten rules of it
Steve Veasey
Steve Veasey 5 days ago
I love that Rizzo actually shook off two of the Catcher's pitch selections...I mean how many does he have? :)
Gabby & Ty
Gabby & Ty 5 days ago
and he catches the throw back with his bare hand
Ray Baker
Ray Baker 5 days ago
i love this sport
Ksp 193
Ksp 193 5 days ago
Cubs really stink this year jesus
angel16mejia 5 days ago
Nothing funny about being down by 10
4thandinches 5 days ago
Got him with the slurve (slow curve).
SWFL Fishing
SWFL Fishing 5 days ago
I would’ve given a thumbs up, but this video was posted by mlb. I couldn’t give it 2 thumbs down
Ron V
Ron V 5 days ago
This is why I'm a baseball fan. The pure joy of friends still having competitive friendships. This will live on to be 2021's best memorie
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner 5 days ago
I just bought an anthony rizzo fathead tradeable off of ebay just because of this video. I also have both these players on my fantasy baseball league
Noah Curtis
Noah Curtis 5 days ago
hahahahahahhaahhahahahaahhaahha so funny that freeman got struck out by from Rizzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Merlin
Ethan Merlin 5 days ago
WOW! Anthony Rizzo pitching against Freddie Freeman and Freddie strikes out swinging, that was so insane that it's actually RAD, COOL, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie Snowder
Julie Snowder 5 days ago
Me and my dad where cracking up were big Cubs fans!
Jox in a Box
Jox in a Box 5 days ago
What a great moment and everyone enjoying it only made it better
Lance Link
Lance Link 5 days ago
That was a great breaking ball, very impressive
Tom Zart
Tom Zart 5 days ago
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Mighty Giants Buendia
Freddie Freeman is such a class act. He lives and respects the game and has fun every time he steps on that field. So fun to watch him play.
DJ Piers
DJ Piers 5 days ago
I saw your TikTok vid I commented “Rizzo is built different”
Clyde Perrine
Clyde Perrine 5 days ago
Kudos to Anthony and Freddie. That was fun.
Waimea Canyon Blues
How baseball should be. No ego, no attitude, position players pitchin' and being moved to other positions after each inning. Love it. Two of the nicest guys in baseball.
DrunkenGuitarGuy 6 days ago
i remember this rizzo dude used to be really good at prank phonecalls!
Dave Cote
Dave Cote 6 days ago
This AWESOME. You’ve got to love both these guys. Freeman is one of the best to ever play the game and he’s got such a great attitude. Rizzo is one of my favorites, too.
IndianHead Logan
IndianHead Logan 6 days ago
Good job, champ.
Jansey Veloz
Jansey Veloz 6 days ago
This has been the most entertaining season in a long long time.
Karim Walker
Karim Walker 6 days ago
Am I wrong for taking a sick pleasure in seeing this.
DubCmusicTV 6 days ago
GG 1b man strikes out another GG 1b man
Silver Banks
Silver Banks 6 days ago
God bless Rizzo Love
Anthony Cintron
Anthony Cintron 6 days ago
Only 1 uncle Charlie that's waino get it right cubs fans
Jamoe 6 days ago
That was awesome
Bryce Bailey
Bryce Bailey 6 days ago
This is why I love baseball
Amanda Rahn
Amanda Rahn 6 days ago
This reminds me of neighborhood baseball games. Just out there having fun! No matter the score or outcome - you are having a blast!! This moment - THIS is why I LOVE baseball!!
Gary InMarz
Gary InMarz 6 days ago
great strike out pitch
James Whitaker
James Whitaker 6 days ago
Now that’s baseball
shrapnel77 6 days ago
This is actually quite believable. When you are geared up to face 90-95 mph fastballs and some lefty comes in with loopy 60 mph breaking junk, it is very difficult to adjust your timing. You can see Freddy wait, and wait, and wait on that last pitch and he was still out in front. He totally missed the 74 mph fast ball up in the zone, that was the one to blast.
Steve Grauer
Steve Grauer 6 days ago
It was like watching to best friends in little league playing. Loved this!!!
John Holodnick
John Holodnick 6 days ago
This is why baseball is dying.
Dee Blan
Dee Blan 6 days ago
I mean...it was a pretty good pitch. Had break, painted the corner. I think most people would strike out on that one lol. People typically look for 85 mph fastballs down the middle against position players pitching.
charley sage
charley sage 6 days ago
How can you not love baseball when it's this pure?
Michael G
Michael G 6 days ago
It's all fun 'n' games until ... never mind. It's all fun 'n' games!
buddy lopez
buddy lopez 6 days ago
That's the amazing thing about baseball BIG kids playing the game.
Sportsmanship both ways.
F C 6 days ago
Rizzo balked almost every pitch lol
Nick Arias
Nick Arias 6 days ago
Are the cubs a joke ?
Supur Man
Supur Man 6 days ago
Sports man ship ...
Anibal Chavez
Anibal Chavez 6 days ago
Armadillo or astudillo from the twin city team pitches the same 50mph proof we the people do not have to throw/pitch 100 mph to make it up the big League (mlb) because the hard hitters can’t connect the bat with the ball at a slow pace. Weak
Alvan 40
Alvan 40 6 days ago
Baseball needs more of that
Jonny Matrix
Jonny Matrix 6 days ago
Rizzo with that Bare Handed grab from the Catcher🔥
Thomas H.L.
Thomas H.L. 6 days ago
So he sets him up by shaking twice the pitch before, but throws a fastball, then does it again but tosses the deuce.
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 6 days ago
How can you not be romantic about baseball?
brewcitykid19 6 days ago
Rizzo balked at least twice wonder why umpires didn't call it??
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 6 days ago
MLB is dying for viewers....
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 6 days ago
MLB needs to hire Jomboy
Dillon Beckwith
Dillon Beckwith 6 days ago
yuks aside, those are all balks
Who's yo Daddy?
Who's yo Daddy? 6 days ago
I'm a Cubs fan this is good ish right here lol.
MLB Good Sportsmanship