Anthony Davis Signing With Lakers & Clippers Hire Tyronn Lue! 2021 NBA Season 

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Anthony Davis Signing With Lakers & Clippers Hire Tyronn Lue! 2021 NBA Season
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Oct 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
GamingwithEli 3 months ago
can u upload some more 2k games
Random Videos 2002
Random Videos 2002 3 months ago
Technically Clive we are not robbed of the finals you can’t blame doc rivers the players just choke and doc and pg done have bad blood because of the relationship between his daughter and pg
Ajit Rai
Ajit Rai 3 months ago
I don't care about clippers but it's really good for me AD is signing with the Lakers
Steven Jefferson
Steven Jefferson 3 months ago
No they can’t do it. There a lot of teams up for the thing
KingUman30 3 months ago
Gates Brake
Gates Brake 3 months ago
Doc River is one of the most overrated coaches in the NBA. He should have been fired a couple of years ago. Not to take any responsibility away from PG or Leonard but, Doc is the biggest responsible for blowing (again) a 3-1 lead.
kookou13 3 months ago
Clippers still gonna be trash due to no floor general. No KCP = no championship.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 3 months ago
Rondo better not join the Clippers
Aaron Hussain
Aaron Hussain 3 months ago
I mean it's not "official" tho. They say he PLANS to re-sign with the lakers but he could always change his mind. Anything could happen. But likely he's gonna re-sign tho, he won't leave lebron cuz he knows they'll most prob win another ring this coming season
Thomas McDonough
Thomas McDonough 3 months ago
What about the warriors
Bonsu The Tiger
Bonsu The Tiger 3 months ago
2021 season will be crazy imagine if warriors and clippers both choke another 3-1 lead that would be insane I want some Memes to return
805 Livin
805 Livin 3 months ago
The clippers didn’t get robbed they choked big time
Cao's TV
Cao's TV 3 months ago
Clippers will choke again so don't worry.
Delmar Frazier
Delmar Frazier 3 months ago
AD on the Way!!
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Stalker 3 months ago
Everyone gangsta till kd beats lebron in the finals again to take 3-1 lead on his head and get his 3rd ring
dyskover 3 months ago
A lot of what we 'consume' is purely public relations, or, propaganda. I'm glad you put it right up front. IF there is a season next year. Is AD anti American? Aren't we all supposed to measure success by how much money we make?
Rebel5012 3 months ago
Oh no Ty Lou😱 Clipper fans bout to tell us we gonna get it this year. By the way love this guys sarcastic tone.
EpicDark Shadow
EpicDark Shadow 3 months ago
@clivenbaparody they can just add more virtual reality screens
Swarm1x 3 months ago
What abt the warriors
vmortyRB 3 months ago
Fun fact: lebron will retire before 2150
Максим 3 months ago
ну и голос
John ismael Perdon
John ismael Perdon 3 months ago
Still i cant forget that you said lakers ring is not counted!!!
Amar Jukic
Amar Jukic 3 months ago
JAYDEN MCCLAIN 3 months ago
Davis made a good decision we going to go back to back
Nestor Frias
Nestor Frias 3 months ago
Lebron cannot win without AD the real MVP
murat yazyyev
murat yazyyev 3 months ago
1:34 i havent seen that Bron,s dunk in game 6
Connor Dankan
Connor Dankan 3 months ago
Lakers winning was a one off don’t say it’s well deserved and they were the best team.
Josh Farrington
Josh Farrington 3 months ago
The lakers dont need danny green or kcp, any other decent role players could fill their spot. It would make me sad to see dwight go though
Romel Gonzales
Romel Gonzales 3 months ago
Tbh nobody coach Lebron. Lebron coach the coach 💯
Nadz Entertainment
Nadz Entertainment 3 months ago
Just to remind everyone that ty lue run a pick in roll with richrad jeffereson in the 2017 nba finals game 5
Bigbike lover
Bigbike lover 3 months ago
Trade kuzma danny green dudley tht for zach lavine
SUGA-NOOB C.O.C. TV 3 months ago
I can't imagine when lebron retired. .no player can replace his legacy. .no more xcitement at all😍😍😍king james is GOAT💪👈
emmanuel faraon
emmanuel faraon 3 months ago
ok new head coach for the clippers now but who is gonna help kahwi now.
Shevon Marks
Shevon Marks 3 months ago
KCP can't even make a g league team so him without the Lakers mean he is retiring.
your.badmemes2 3 months ago
Bruh if they three peat lebron a the goat 🐐 but if they get back to back Jordan’s still the 🐐
mimicduzit 3 months ago
Fuc no dont give warriors the rival's Dwight howard that'll b dumb...deighton proved himself and like the team
Ryan Crail
Ryan Crail 3 months ago
They aren’t hiring ty lue, ty lue is just getting promoted and we didn’t get robbed, we got what we got.
Otix 3 months ago
I don’t care what the lakers do just get rid of Danny Green. Dude is a certified brick
Adrian Salinas
Adrian Salinas 3 months ago
Danny green out please
Bang Productions
Bang Productions 3 months ago
fernando 3 months ago
now we need to get rid of Dwight Howard and Green
Naim Hussain
Naim Hussain 3 months ago
We are excited for warriors
Hold this L
Hold this L 3 months ago
Lehelp all the way
Ultra Mystic
Ultra Mystic 3 months ago
Tyrone lie won’t change nothing
Nicola Maccaboni
Nicola Maccaboni 3 months ago
Honestly i want rondo kcp and howard to stay
Shall Winchester
Shall Winchester 3 months ago
Yessss!!!! What a good news I hope all the main players stay to get back to back champion
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 3 months ago
AD is already on the Lakers... they just won the championship...
XxRedstone43 3 months ago
Ill like an nba arena with fans in mini bubbles
ohwhye 3 months ago
I like the bubble. Guaranteed ball. Safety for the players. But I understand the many downsides.
Paul 3 months ago
I wont forget ur take downgrading the chip, like u some crazy X that can't get over with the long D. Weakasf move, deleted the video.
B C 3 months ago
Ur accent sounds horrid.......Fuck bro, stop talking.
Bald lebron 🐐
Dylan Shipman
Dylan Shipman 3 months ago
Y’all didn’t get robbed. The clippers a bunch of bumbs. And I hate the Lakers
Alby 3 months ago
If we wait for the NBA season to return then who knows how long it'll be until Covids cured or brought down to acceptable levels. There are too many dumb people who don't wear mask or go to giant rally's or even those who still think that Covid isn't real and it's all fake. The bubble is the best option tbh it's almost full proof as long as the players don't bring people in or go out like some have. Too those who say "well they won't be able to see the family" yeah buts not like they can't go inside the bubble after being tested.
Trashawn money
Trashawn money 3 months ago
This dude a bandwagon rider like wtf
Crypto Vegeta
Crypto Vegeta 3 months ago
Gota let that green guy imposter go
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana 3 months ago
Lebron is retiring next year when they lose in the 2nd round against warriors
NBA for life 13
NBA for life 13 3 months ago
Rondo is going into free agency apparently..
andrej bantik
andrej bantik 3 months ago
Get ready for luka+giannis combo💪
Angel Tamez
Angel Tamez 3 months ago
I seriously think they can win another 2 rings. As long as they keep Pope, Dwight, McGee, and Caruso, and MAYBE Avery Bradley. We should be alright.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 3 months ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: JR and Dion: "HIGH af"
RONJ _26
RONJ _26 3 months ago
Let’s Go lakers Back to Back champions hahaha
LOL Get Distracted
LOL Get Distracted 3 months ago
Random thing to say but... I want Donovan Mitchell on the Clippers, just trade PG to get him. If that won't happen in a million years I'll stick to having a dream team on 2K
Essame Ewane
Essame Ewane 3 months ago
So if david re-sign that mean Lebron is going to wear number 6 right
I don't always meme but when I do
lets go start the hype train for the clippers again. bev still hve the next 4 seasons 👊
Hmmm🤔4 peat✅
Tonald Drump
Tonald Drump 3 months ago
Why people dont call him snake 🤣😂
hakim solana
hakim solana 3 months ago
its very good to hear this, back-to-back next season for #2020LakerNationChamps!
Angelo Guerrero
Angelo Guerrero 3 months ago
Nag lakers will go back to back if they sign 1 more nba start like beal, hield, cp3 even he's is old idc he's moving like a point god and oladipo can sigh
Leslie York
Leslie York 3 months ago
Bruhh bubble was great tbh!! If it means everyone staying safe
dtrix10kc 3 months ago
And Chitown thought they were getting AD. Nope. Also Ty Lue is the Clippers' new HC? Cute. I guess they think he's going to give them all of Lebron's secrets and how to handle him. Nah. Everyone always said Ty was a figurehead and LeBron coached the Cavs himself. Problem for the Clips is the fact that LeBron knows Ty and how he coaches soooooooo.......
Shane Entertainment
Shane Entertainment 3 months ago
Everything is over wake up!!! Get right with nature
Romeldo SucgangJr.
Romeldo SucgangJr. 3 months ago
Sign again
Jhay Pee Pee Jhay
Jhay Pee Pee Jhay 3 months ago
Ty u need internal coach Prejudice and beast pointguard Rondohh is the formula
ronnie camron
ronnie camron 3 months ago
The clippers are trash bruh.
Siah Johnson
Siah Johnson 3 months ago
It's doc fault for not starting the beast Haroll at four,he would make a great fit with the spurs. Clips need debt at big man rotation.
Joshua Cosme
Joshua Cosme 3 months ago
This is nice it can be in bubble or with fan I like both
peezer77 3 months ago
Lakers chips comes in 2's and 3's. They can do it.
Chris Manalili
Chris Manalili 3 months ago
Better hope LEBRON stays healthy. 36 years old next year. It’s never been done. Age ain’t nothing but a number? www.basketball-reference.com/awards/finals_mvp.html
Leo Dragneel
Leo Dragneel 3 months ago
I am more worried about James Harden then anything people say he is getting trade but hello you can’t trade him he has two years on his contract than anything just just need a center that is not 6’6 ok
VhicThoriano Baldovino
if lebron retires..he will be coaching clippers..😂😂😂
Demond Hopkins
Demond Hopkins 3 months ago
All fun and games till the lakers start losing a lot and then Lebron and ad gonna have beef
Lyric X
Lyric X 3 months ago
They need shooters for real!
Quantum hits
Quantum hits 3 months ago
I think they should trade kuzma for someone like d rose. And if they trade Dwight they need to get someone to take his place.
Mang Didge
Mang Didge 3 months ago
Good! A.D. fits so much to this team! Now I'm excited for the other teams to what their lineups gonna look like
Vintage Hillary Clinton
A three peat is possible anything is possible you have that faith
Jυѕтιиє Marcelino
Dante Trk
Dante Trk 3 months ago
I’m not exited for the clips vs lakers in exited about a warriors vs lakers
Mystic 悪
Mystic 悪 2 months ago
Affordable Sticks right back at you, Warriors has a lot of fast pace plays
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 3 months ago
Nets vs lakers 🔥
DBG Sollidrot
DBG Sollidrot 3 months ago
When Ty Lue Coached Cleveland,We Know LeBron Was Pulling The strings... So,Who Is Really Coaching Clippers?A Mute Kawhi?Way-Off Pee?TrashTalking Chihuahua (Pat Bev/Morris)? Kawhi Should've Stayed In The LeEastern Conference With Lebronto. Pauleena Georgia Should've Just Retired After Getting Knocked-Off By A Rookie Led Jazz.
Oof guy
Oof guy 3 months ago
Say LeBron James is the goat in chat
Travis D
Travis D 3 months ago
Splash boys are easily going to reclaim the throne.
Travis D
Travis D 3 months ago
@Affordable Sticks you act like their gunna dribble in the paint vs AD, AD has to guard from the LOGO
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat 3 months ago
Roel John Bobis
Roel John Bobis 3 months ago
WTF change hiring Ty Lue ,😂😂😂😂😂
ImBarryScottCSS 3 months ago
We locking up AD, the King is aging like a fine wine and we got more flexibility in the roster going forward. 💍💍💍
ForeverSayian 3 months ago
@lony walnut like I said y'all ain't shit without KD use last year as a example
lony walnut
lony walnut 3 months ago
@ForeverSayian You forgot klay and steph are best shooters in the world, and still move the ball around. Klay is still one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Draymond can be good when he wants to be and we would've pulled it off if danny death threat from bronsexual bandwagon laker fans didn't injure klay.
ForeverSayian 3 months ago
@lony walnut and iguodala is gone so all y'all got us Steph,Klay and donkey green
ForeverSayian 3 months ago
@lony walnut lol klay's handle's are dogshit y'all got carried by kd to the finals for 3 years in a row and when kd got injured y'all couldn't do shit 😂
ForeverSayian 3 months ago
@lony walnut shut up warriors fan 😂 we got Avery Bradley steph or Klay ain't shooting shit
Nazar Gunko
Nazar Gunko 3 months ago
Get rid of Danny Green and get someone else that can improve the team
King Mamba
King Mamba 3 months ago
I want the lakers to get derrick rose
King Mamba
King Mamba 3 months ago
@LeGoat JaGoat yea very funny will see I grantee he will be a Damm all star watch
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat 3 months ago
He will get injured before he gets on the plane to la
Basanio Borromeo
Basanio Borromeo 3 months ago
imagine all you want about clippers but they will choked again.
Twist Madasheyt
Twist Madasheyt 3 months ago
Lakers will also keep the mighty powerful and tremendous duo - Jr and Dudley, 350 claps combined with 13 "Let's Go!" taunt for JR and 15 "Go go go!" taunt for Dudley per game. Man even these 2 were old, this record was never happened and touchd in NBA before, they deserves recognition.
Sonic Miranda
Sonic Miranda 3 months ago
Arenas no fans for sure
Anthony S
Anthony S 3 months ago
Why does this dude sound like that?
Jake Plays
Jake Plays 3 months ago