Another Day, Another Lie: Serial Police Impersonator Marathon, Part II 

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ORLANDO - Welcome to part two of the marathon. Get comfortable.
At 22:30 in this video Jennifer claims that Jeremy told her he owns a "police escorting business" through which he escorts "funeral processions" and assists "government employees go[ing] from Point A to Point B." Jennifer states that Jeremy specifically mentioned Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.
Remarkably, Jeremy's claim - assuming he actually made it - appears to be at least somewhat reality-based.
Shawn Dunlap is a labor leader for central Florida law enforcement. In 2015, Dunlap was President of Orlando's Fraternal Order of Police Lodge.
On April 1, 2015, Dunlap exchanged emails with Captain Dean Deschryver, labor chair Randy Thames, and Sergeant Richard Ruth. [Titles are current as-of April 2015.] At the time, Deschryver commanded OPD's Special Operations Division, which meant that he was also responsible for special events permitting. Ruth commanded OPD's Motors Unit. Their emails were in reference to an escort Metro State had illegally provided "Hooters for Scooters," a charity event.
Dunlap wrote: "I personally observed Metro State completely blocking the intersection of Central at Summerlin. Randy Thames observed them overtaking vehicles using lights and air horns as well as crossing over double yellow lines."
After questioning whether Metro State has "the proper licenses to operate as a Security Company," (an odd question, because of its irrelevance) Dunlap wrote the following:
"It’s a scary thought that the Mayor was not only involved in this event, but drove the lead car in a non-law enforcement 22 mile escort through 3 jurisdictions."
The mayor he is referring to? Buddy Dyer.
Dunlap has refused to comment on his words, and as of the publication of this video, the mayor's office has not responded to questions about the relationship between Mayor Dyer and Mr. Dewitte, nor explained why the mayor drove a Metro State vehicle as the lead car in a 22-mile unauthorized escort. This story will be updated if and when the mayor or Mr. Dunlap respond. More to come on that front.
Separately, in this video Jeremy talks about his nonexistent military service, helpfully clarifying what we already knew: that he was lying about it. Here, Jeremy states that his military service was limited to two years of college ROTC, and that he attended 'special forces' training as an ROTC summer program.
Earlier today, around 5:15 am, we spoke with James Daley, ROTC coordinator for Valencia College (circuitously, through University of Central Florida). Coincidentally, we also recently learned Jeremy Dewitte's dates of attendance at Valencia College. Mr. Dewitte attended for a total of three fall semesters: 1999, 2000, and 2004. He did not graduate and did not receive any honors, awards, or other recognition. He was never there for a spring semester.
According to Mr. Daley, although he was not involved with Valencia ROTC when Jeremy claims to have been, UCF's ROTC program does not offer "special forces" or "ranger" training to students, and Daley reaction to the very idea was disbelief, stating that ROTC cadets are new to military culture and lack the indoctrination and discipline necessary to succeed in such an environment. Daley added that most people spend "a year or more" preparing physically for such programs.
Jeremy Dewitte might have been in ROTC for a semester or two, but... despite referencing his “first two years of college" Jeremy never attended college for two consecutive semesters, let alone years. If he was actually in ROTC, it is extraordinarily unlikely that as part of ROTC he was sent to nonexistent special forces training... and even if that did happen? Fort Bragg is pretty far from Fallujah.
Trivia: Jennifer Burton also attended Valencia College, but her attendance never overlapped with Jeremy's. Burton was enrolled at Valencia in spring 2004, spring 2007, fall 2011, and spring 2012. Her attendance in 2004 is supported by a child support attestation she filed at the time, on which she claimed to be unemployed and a "college student."
0:00 Preview
1:50 Meet Dylan, Jeremy's brother
5:10 The judges throw them out!
18:45 Or do they?
20:15 Brief intro to Jennifer, by Jeremy
21:30 Jennifer Burton: The Full Interview
26:47 Jennifer doesn't get that her recording was a crime
37:53 "Everything he's ever said is a lie"
41:35 The Muslim connection
1:01:35 Jeremy Dewitte: Full Interview
1:08:55 "Why do you shoot O.C. rounds as an escort company?"
1:11:12 "Were you special forces at one point?"
1:17:03 In a meeting in a closet.
1:31:32 Interview of Rania Dewitte
1:38:14 Jennifer Burton?!
1:39:07 Witness tampering?
1:43:34 "I don't f*** you in front of your wife!"
1:46:04 Jessica calls Rania
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Apr 7, 2021




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PRBBEUSMC 19 minutes ago
Dangerous and high strung.
Hooty Poot
Hooty Poot 41 minute ago
Serial police impersonator? Whats his death count?
ColeYounger16 Hour ago
Cahhhrazy people
Bassanz R.
Bassanz R. 2 hours ago
I enjoyed the full show. Always is grateful to see Jeremy Dewitte's show! Thanks a lot!
Deon JonesGlass
Deon JonesGlass 3 hours ago
" I mean from beginning to end that was textbook, we didn't speed cut anyone off, run any red lights you couldn't argue that any more " Says the guy being pulled over
Becca 5 hours ago
I have a feeling that Jeremy will wind up pulling a Shelia Davalloo, by saying the recording aren’t him but no one will believe him from how much he talks at his own trial
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 6 hours ago
This guy is certifiable. Someone find a Doctor and get him committed.
jack Torrance
jack Torrance 6 hours ago
"I lived my life clean and honest," Says the guy that's mad at his mistress for having to put extra work into checking his background, because he lied about his real name, and she finds out he's a registered sex offender! Sounds kosher.
Enrique Franco Jr
Enrique Franco Jr 7 hours ago
Can't go thru a military specialty courses without being in the actual military.period. Sorry buddy.. don't work that way..save the b.s to someone that doesn't know any better. wanna be a stolen also?? Stop already Stick with the cop thing , how's that working out for ya?? Lol
Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes 8 hours ago
Holy crap, can this dude shut up.
River Lady
River Lady 8 hours ago
What a power tripping tool this guy is. Cop-" Is that a private vehicle." Him- "Yes" "can I get back to the business I'm using it for."
Skippy68Son 9 hours ago
Imagine having to bury a loved one and during the emotional procession to the burial site, these jackasses are racing past you on motor bikes with an air horn, screaming at other cars.
Avery Curtis
Avery Curtis 10 hours ago
I love how Jeremy hates this channel but single handed my pays so many bills for it 😂
RedPillLife 4life
RedPillLife 4life 13 hours ago
"I'm not lying to you!!!" Says Mr -37
Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 13 hours ago
I wonder if his great muslim faith and mosque work has allowed him to lie, cheat on his wife and play police.
Scott Little
Scott Little 13 hours ago
I love watching OP ruin this guy.
Angels Elite Auto Detailing
4:17 He even tried to make it a style
dml9699 17 hours ago
It would take an idiot to put this woman on the stand to testify...she's SHADY and you can tell she's a woman scorn !! Obvious she's just ad much a liar as Jeremy and that's saying allot !! Insane !
dml9699 18 hours ago
That woman is high as a Georgia pine !!
RedPillLife 4life
RedPillLife 4life 21 hour ago
Hahaha crying like the wimp he is.
Jon L
Jon L 22 hours ago
Dylan is even more fucked in the head than Jeremy...this is hilarious
MediaMan 23 hours ago
It's like these cops just don't understand what a funeral detail is. Or they know and just don't care
Christopher Young
Great tax $$$ spent.
F Ed
F Ed Day ago
She asked if he was fucking anyone...
JaieWall Day ago
Look at the wasted tax dollars. You guys don't have any real crimes?
Esteban ambriz
She straight out buried him in this interview. I can't believe he stayed with her! This bitch is psycho and conniving. I question Jeremy's judgement for continuing to date her
Samantha Day ago
This whole thing is confusing! I must have missed something somewhere. Why didn't they stop him sooner and figure out he's not a cop??
MGJackson68 Day ago
Jeremy gets so butthurt when a real officer does not want to listen to his gish-galloping
sal dada
sal dada Day ago
jer dimwitte is a serial menace to society!!
Spoogle Day ago
If we abolish the police this is what we'll have....
nico durand
nico durand Day ago
Imagine the day of is own funerals, Coffin opens and... "Hey you dumb bitch, STAY OUT OF MY FUNERAL, RESPECT MY AUTHORITA!!!" "Ok good 3 6 zero move after 91 right in that zero zero hole, roger."
209CALI* *
209CALI* * Day ago
He can't help but to call his employees his officers
Don S
Don S Day ago
When I watch this video I can only imagine the very strong smell of Barney Fife all over the place!!!!
Johnathan Campbell
Feel bad for his wife at the end she looked like she could just break down and cry and had already been crying I'm sure Tyrone will treat her better when he is in prison
Dickie Designs
Where are the videos of his side piece that has the audio to go with it!
Mick Marty
Mick Marty Day ago
This guy will one day kill someone
Mick Marty
Mick Marty Day ago
Not accidentally
Ffxc Dfdf
Ffxc Dfdf Day ago
Stoler valor !!
S Rob
S Rob Day ago
Does Half Witt ever shut the fuck up?..
SMFFL100 Day ago
He carries a pepper ball pistol with tactical flashlight attachment for self defense on day time funeral processions, yet he doesn't carry his wallet on him.
Shawn Day ago
The law he always quotes actually says he can not stop traffic in an intersection w o law enforcement yet he does as he pleases He wants to be a LEO so freakin bad. Even tries to tell an actual officer how to do his job and what the law says. Why do these funeral companies keep hiring this guy. He such a narcissist it’s pathetic
SugaryCoyote Day ago
I have no idea what the hell any of this is about.
3xtra Terrestrial
Fred Johnson
Fred Johnson Day ago
Both these 2 people are nuts, they deserve each other
Eddie Rodriguez
Andddd this is why this DOUCHEBAG IS IN JAIL RIGHT NOW IN ORANGE COUNTY JAIL 🤣🤣🤣 love the videos RWP
If only the those involved had pulled a few Sting operations on JD. I won't be surprised if findings from a stealth investigation come up during trial.
Young One#69
Young One#69 Day ago
What part of pull over don't you get 🤔
Does anybody else play "JD Cliche BINGO"? Notice his attempt to connect with Genuine LEO by using Police Jargon.
Terms of Parole For JD: Parolee is Prohibited from listening to "The Pretenders". Parolee is Prohibited from Participating in Halloween Costume Tradition. Parolee Prohibited from Performing Karaoke. Parolee Prohibited from wearing, or Possessing Faux Fur, Leather, and/or Antique apparel, accessories, or other items.
Tari Shapiro
Tari Shapiro Day ago
Jeremy DeWitte...in the closet...with a laptop
James Lindsay
Why are these fools needed anyways??
DrNogueiras 2 days ago
You don’t need proof of insurance for a motorcycle in Florida?? Whyyyy... ??
Mind Hunter
Mind Hunter 2 days ago
These two are fire starters!!
Arrowslinger 2 days ago
Copy DL dispatch? Go ahead. First John Edward Robert.,.. Dispatch: O for ducks sake Jeremy again????
Mind Hunter
Mind Hunter 2 days ago
No matter how many times the officers explain the law he just disagrees and continues to break the law. Delusional
MsTati67 2 days ago
What a prick this JD character is...🤦🏽‍♀️
Barry Randall
Barry Randall 2 days ago
Does this Ashley Madison dating site have a section for mentally unbalanced, habitual liars? How else do two complete nut jobs luck out and find each other?
steve Pepke
steve Pepke 2 days ago
The Jeremy Dewitte saga, is honestly a story that not only shines a light on the insanity of Dewitte's conduct and behavior, it also exposes the vindictiveness and vengfulness of some of the Police Officers that we have serving in today's, "Gotcha" times. There is absolutely no question that Dewitte is one unbelievably deranged moron who has endangered hundreds, if not thousands of peoples lives with his reckless driving and erratic behavior during, what should be, simple Funeral escorts that are conducted at low speeds and in full compliance with all traffic regulations. Simply escorting a Funeral certainly doesn't require armed personnel either. It is clear that Dewitte, for some strange reason, see's these escorts as a way of living out his fantasy of being a Cop. I personally don't have a clue why ANY rational human being would want to, voluntarily be seen as or identified as a Cop, Cops are NOT being cast in the most favorable light at this time. I also believe we have WAY to many Cops who aspire to do the job for all the wrong reasons, many people who choose law enforcement for their career do so because they were misled to believing it will provide them with the respect of an authority figure when it really earns them the opposite
Timothy See
Timothy See 2 days ago
they should just close his business
Bran Blofeld
Bran Blofeld 2 days ago
Jeremy is the 2020 equivalent of if the Titanic had been streamed live in slow motion ...
Curt McBee
Curt McBee 2 days ago
I am still trying to wrap my mind around a guy like Jeremy Dimwitt bringing in 300K with a funeral escort business of all things. If it was run by anybody else I’d assume it was a front for laundering money but with Jeremy running the show they would’ve surely been busted by now if it was.
Gir 2 days ago
He literally taunts the police then complains when they react. What an idiot.
Gir 2 days ago
I love it how he paints everything as everyone else's fault but his own. This guy really needs a psych eval.
Gir 38 minutes ago
Lmfaooo. This comment is hilarious.
Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes 8 hours ago
When this guy gets a psych evaluation: “Yes, he’s stupid.”
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew 2 days ago
I can't wrap my head around how anyone, anywhere, could find this sort of thing OK.
THE DUDE 2 days ago
“SFOps” LOL oh Jeremy
Why dont you change your design cops wont bug you anymore simple as that why creating so much drama
Witness ProPro
Witness ProPro 2 days ago
Jeremy Dewitte is a delusional fantasist
veloc1tyTV 2 days ago
So people pay them to drive besides their cars when they go to a funeral? What's the point in that?
Santiago victor Cruz
My officers... WTF 😒 how stupid can you be to literally explain your nonsense to an officer while incriminating your self by calling your employees officers.
Sophie Mitchell
Sophie Mitchell 2 days ago
He has sirens 🚨 flashing lights and police written on his bike. If he's not a cop why don't they arrest him and impound and scrap the bike. I'm from the UK I don't understand it
Aaron Irons
Aaron Irons 2 days ago
Crazy meets crazier!😳
htconex19062012 2 days ago
How is this nigga gets away with it???
Juppes Moin
Juppes Moin 2 days ago
Jeremy and his officers 😂
Brandon M
Brandon M 2 days ago
Gaslighting exists
lopaka76 2 days ago
Maybe the police are after Jeremy because he keeps breaking the law, acts like a douche bag and keeps telling true police officers how to do their jobs.
Jeff Pol
Jeff Pol 2 days ago
So the “real” police lie cheat and steal everyday and they have an issue with this guy?! Yes he is abrasive and rude, nasty and conniving....but what’s the real difference?
General Jack Ripper
It's like stumbling into a sitcom full of the clinically insane.
Samil101 2 days ago
I mean they really let this guy run amok all over the fucking city?
J K 2 days ago
the intersections in Fallujah are BRUTAL
Hacker News
Hacker News 2 days ago
the fact he has to tell his employees there not breaking any laws is hilarious
Kyle K
Kyle K 2 days ago
Something tells me that when Jeremy dies someday, his funeral will have a full police escort. Not out of respect, but just to make sure he’s actually dead and not pulling any shit.
80hd Ray
80hd Ray 2 days ago
Netflix needs to make a tiger king-esque documentary on this dude.
Sandra Root
Sandra Root 3 days ago
So this was in the Spring of 2018? That means after all her interview with this detective or investigator she continues to date Jeremy through 2021? I'm confused...Sergeant.
Sharon O.
Sharon O. Day ago
They are both lying, conniving drama queens. They thrive off of this crazy crap!!! I can not imagine being in a relationship with either one of them.
Sara Brant
Sara Brant 3 days ago
I do not understand why he still speaks to her he said in a video oh they made her do this and made her do that no they didn't she went down there and talked to them she called the ambulance place she said he returned the back of an ambulance what is wrong with him he's getting in more trouble because of her than himself
Nigel Frost
Nigel Frost 3 days ago
This Top Flight Security guard needs a life. Such a badge licker!!
Sandra Root
Sandra Root 3 days ago
She's such a turncoat.
Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen
Jeremy is his own best witness.
Sharon O.
Sharon O. Day ago
And worst!!!🤣🤣🤣
Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen
Army Ranger ROTC has been jumping in Faleuja for years...don't u know anything Sergeant??
Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen
I never seen more people who just keep on "forgetting" their wallets.
None of Your business
I believe the cops are harassing him by giving him tickets to get all there ducks in a row to bring him down. The cop slipped and said he was ordered to. He is a cop impersonating but in a lot of videos he is being harassed.
B 3 days ago
Damn at an hour and 10 seconds he should have shut up and said I'm going to wait on my lawyer can I believe they went to this man's house and arrested him based on the words of that deranged woman this just goes to show if the cops want you bad enough they'll crawl all the way down in the sewer and drag anybody out to help get you
M M 3 days ago
When is this turd gonna flush
Freddie Boom Boom Washington
Omg this is hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣
Leon LHeureux
Leon LHeureux 3 days ago
So the girl that keeps talking to him about the trial and how happy she is for him that it could go well, is the girl he RAPED?
righton dude
righton dude 3 days ago
honestly if he was a lot nicer to these woman hed probably already be off the hook.... But honestly hes a idiot incapable of not talking like what he thinks a cop should sound like...
Retrocidal 3 days ago
all the shit going on and there worried about this dude fuking pathetic
Estoy Gringo
Estoy Gringo 3 days ago
This woman is more crazy than jeremy
Estoy Gringo
Estoy Gringo 3 days ago
Not for nothing but the cops have a hard on for him.
michael montgomery
This has become my favorite channel!
Carlito WAY
Carlito WAY 3 days ago