Annoying Other School Bus Drivers 

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Feb 17, 2021




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yeetme666yeet Hour ago
@mr watermelon you don't care
yeetme666yeet Hour ago
Whats up
Angela Catron
Angela Catron 2 hours ago
I love you
Wildcat 4444
Wildcat 4444 4 hours ago
Lol the last one looked like a robber or something
Tuala Fam
Tuala Fam 5 hours ago
Hahahaha I like MR Neil!
The Diligent Gamer
The Diligent Gamer 7 hours ago
That better be a Newport
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 21 hour ago
Can u use anthoer bus if u don’t wanna use yours
Ttl Keat
Ttl Keat Day ago
I like mr Neal. He is funny. Reminds me of my buddy
Baby yoda
Baby yoda Day ago
I thought it was elegle to be a bus driver and smoke or is it allowed because they are not around children
Eric Stewart
Eric Stewart Day ago
What schools does he go to cuz i am at CCJHS
John Lopez
John Lopez 2 days ago
I’m convinced this is swaggersouls father
Nagesh Sonawane
Nagesh Sonawane 2 days ago
Chubby butt try losing weight otherwise it will be hard for you
I Roblox lover 77
The 2 one is ummmmmm idk she 😡
average italian
average italian 2 days ago
Bus drivers seem to hate themselves. I can’t imagine why.
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 2 days ago
Can he even fit in the bus
SomeWack AssShit
SomeWack AssShit 2 days ago
Bro Neil sounds like Bill from Left 4 Dead
Ez Dubz
Ez Dubz 2 days ago
that’s a retired capt price
Mister moss man
Mister moss man 2 days ago
Hi Neil!
The Black Hand
The Black Hand 2 days ago
I'm not gay, but neil
Absolute Abby
Absolute Abby 2 days ago
Alex U.
Alex U. 2 days ago
Neil is a delight.
Jeremy Zigler
Jeremy Zigler 3 days ago
Mans needs to grow up
TrIpPyTiMeS BTD 3 days ago
This dude looks like great value Gabriel Iglesias
chaz igo
chaz igo 3 days ago
I don’t think he knows her name.
EXTREME-_-SHOTZ 3 days ago
Best part of the video was the ens when he said “O and then we got this guy” And that laugh got me laughing and busted for watching youtube when supposed to be sleeping🤦‍♂️
Mac Collins
Mac Collins 3 days ago
Lahela Silva
Lahela Silva 3 days ago
Tell her we say hi do
Creamy Green Trees
Neils voice is stellar for smoking cigs
Papillon 3 days ago
They look like the type drive buses hahaha.
Mad Man
Mad Man 3 days ago
Niel reminds me of the bald hitman from breaking bad
Anna Riojas
Anna Riojas 3 days ago
Thank you very much for doing a job I never could! 😂 id be pulling my hair out and driving over curbs! Lmbo I’m retired from having my own child care, but that was never over 5 or 6 kids at a time and they were mostly my best friends children so they were more like family and I know that I have a bond with them that’s different then strangers children screaming, fighting, being disrespectful and trying to keep bullies in line when some of them are bigger than you! God Bless You All!
Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt 3 days ago
Awesome to have fun at work.
Rxleee :P
Rxleee :P 3 days ago
Yup I’m just smokin my cigarette! 😂😩
eating cheese
eating cheese 3 days ago
omg Neal is so wholesome
cod gamer And other games
I was good and then I got better😅😅😅
Ryan L
Ryan L 3 days ago
When you realize ClawBoss works at the same bus company that you used for your whole childhood WHAT IF I HAD CLAWBOSS AS A BUS DRIVER AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT
HTX_ Carlos
HTX_ Carlos 3 days ago
Do a neck reveal
Anime drawings 17
The guy that was last was probably the guy that would take the children to the wrong place or just not take them to school and take them to like an amusement park and just leave them there
Redkitty116 4 days ago
Mr Neil looks real cool
Slight Overdoze
Slight Overdoze 4 days ago
Wat was the bus driver woman's name in south park?
Are You Really Correct?
Neil is fresh as it gets. Probably has the best trimmed beard I’ve seen in awhile too
IFHT fan
IFHT fan 4 days ago
Shane H
Shane H 4 days ago
Mr. Neil has a voice of gold
Emily Deinlein
Emily Deinlein 4 days ago
I love these guys
Angel Perez
Angel Perez 4 days ago
Da homie niel
Pedro Cervantes
Pedro Cervantes 4 days ago
Love how his buddy was there for him. That was comedy
Alan Laclair
Alan Laclair 4 days ago
Need to lose some weight and fix those teeth you going to scare the kids
Random Stuff Man
Random Stuff Man 4 days ago
Bill from Left 4 Dead
it's just Princess my guy
Neil seems like the coolest busdriver
KreeperKing 484
KreeperKing 484 4 days ago
Chris 4 days ago
The only people that could survive this job
Cliff P73
Cliff P73 4 days ago
Durn Neil! Please consider to try and quit! We need great people like you driving our kids around! Unlike you friend over here.... jk
Rex Butts
Rex Butts 4 days ago
I thought ralphie may died... Here he is driving school buses
jason davey
jason davey 4 days ago
Well thanks for playing that Song, now I have to watch home alone
Koltyn Lloyd
Koltyn Lloyd 4 days ago
I know we’re this is Whalen I have to ride with me mum I see this right next to it all the time
Carlos Pereira
Carlos Pereira 4 days ago
those are the perfect stereotypes of school bus drivers
Nathan Siepel
Nathan Siepel 4 days ago
Neil, become a voice actor please.
Samuel Söderberg
Bro run for 1 mile i dare you
Kylotp 5 days ago
Just imaging some kid scrolling through US-first and seeing their bus driver pull 35k likes
FBI 5 days ago
Who he roasting with that thick neck and ratoutille teeth
Glizzy Fishes
Glizzy Fishes 5 days ago
Dude no fuckin way neil was my bud driver when i was in 4th grade😭
Lynxsies Lynx
Lynxsies Lynx 5 days ago
Bro i love his neck
First Last
First Last 5 days ago
Wherever this guy works .. I wud move far away from. The entire bus driving crew look like alcoholics n crackheads. Including him
Viggo Stanton
Viggo Stanton 5 days ago
Why do you have tape on the front seat
Sam Leal
Sam Leal 5 days ago
youre annoyingly fat
Eli Gildener
Eli Gildener 5 days ago
Neil has a great voice
Affan Zaidi
Affan Zaidi 5 days ago
Is it just me or does Neil look like mike from Breaking Bad
Unconscious Builder
Him: the kids want to know who i work with Me a 34 year old man: hi 👋 ☺
Canadianvoice 5 days ago
Literally exactly what I picture bus drivers to look like, cool.
Brett Ashworth
Brett Ashworth 5 days ago
Favourite musical Instrument is ????????.........DINNER BELL !!!
Unknown 5 days ago
Neil looks like Frank Woods voice actor
Francisco Zermeno Jr
Neil is great
adam belmont
adam belmont 5 days ago
My 6th grade bus driver was racist and grumpy
scp 69
scp 69 5 days ago
I Wold love to have u as School bus driver
Eijirou 5 days ago
JakeBeeBallBoy02 5 days ago
When did I ask
Singh Shubhamraj
Singh Shubhamraj 5 days ago
Excuse me sir, but where is your neck?
Kanpolx3 5 days ago
Wait so what do you do between school and do you get paid like a full salary
Faux Reviews
Faux Reviews 5 days ago
Holy shit your hella fat bro! Congrats on keeping the weight! It takes dedication and sometimes self hate to keep it up like you! Go for 1000 lbs!! Yay
American Pichu
American Pichu 5 days ago
Neil sound like he would be the host on a radio show
pisswasser 5 days ago
You look like Big Chungus, that's a compliment btw
Demon Raptor
Demon Raptor 5 days ago
Awh don't shove a camera on people's faces for content man
Katelynn Beck
Katelynn Beck 5 days ago
Protect Mr. Neil at all costs
cesar martinez
cesar martinez 5 days ago
Mr Neil was everybody’s elementary school bus driver at one point or another.
Only Facts
Only Facts 5 days ago
Not a good sign when you recognize the school bus driver from the bar...
cleetus brownstone
U all look exactly like school bus drivers
San Cambly
San Cambly 5 days ago
School bus drivers are usually attracted to chicken
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 5 days ago
Neil should do radio
That Lonely Metalhead
Every bus driver I've gotten, except my 2nd and 4th were assholes, especially the 1st, dude looked like stan lee, he was a dick, never made banter with anyone, would tell us to be quiet when we weren't even loud, just an all-out dickhead
Catt99 Mahal
Catt99 Mahal 5 days ago
Thank you for our undercover HEROS! You guys are amazing! 🥰
Moon Base
Moon Base 5 days ago
I had two separate drivers named Neil... there’s a third. Do all the Neils congregate to become bus drivers,???
Lien Nguyen
Lien Nguyen 5 days ago
Covid must look at this guy like.... 🍽️
George Godinez
George Godinez 5 days ago
Bloodless Thief
Bloodless Thief 5 days ago
Fool doesn't need a knife with teeth like that.
Hoping to be wheat, Not a tare
*The last bus driver that he tried to film...must be in the witiness protection program.*
Urijah Reynolds
Urijah Reynolds 5 days ago
Neil is awesome and cool
couple kids with a camera
damn now i want it to be christmas
Ge Be
Ge Be 5 days ago
Inside 4Walls
Inside 4Walls 5 days ago
Like that hat
Behrad 5 days ago