Animals That Asked People for Help #3 

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Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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Apr 3, 2021




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HabidMK LowLoader
HabidMK LowLoader 11 minutes ago
a good example for all we can learn from this video thank you
Jasmine Cortez
Jasmine Cortez 22 minutes ago
Aww but why did they throw the bear☹😫
Robin !
Robin ! Hour ago
Jeder Mensch der Tieren zums Spaß oder aus Geld Gier Schmerz oder grausames antut gehört gefoltert und getötet
Jesus Villanueva Martinez
@t go to the moon for help animals
Ducky Boi
Ducky Boi Hour ago
The boys who beat the poor toucan is literally the son of the devil
Jordan G
Jordan G 2 hours ago
im very sad for all these animals
Nicole Kutcher
Nicole Kutcher 2 hours ago
Alice Aran
Alice Aran 2 hours ago
•Avo̸cado̸• 3 hours ago
Awwww :( 😭
Taylor Smallman
Taylor Smallman 3 hours ago
The wild made me cry
Isn't feeding a wolf a bad idea? The next time it sees humans, it might not have its natural fear of them and might get too close
Jacob Rosenberg
Jacob Rosenberg 4 hours ago
octopi is not a word
A S 7 hours ago
Bless these people
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
Sorry for this, I'm not an innocent animal, I know. But I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. 💔 Have a spare $1? Savin' to get a laptop (homejob). No opportunities outside due to constant lockdown. 😷 I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like US. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 💔 Peace be with you. ❤
Mateusz Abramczyk
Mateusz Abramczyk 7 hours ago
3:15 reminds me of the Corporal Wojtek from Poland. Check the Wikipedia for info, it is worth it
Rajesh S
Rajesh S 8 hours ago
Lemono Guy
Lemono Guy 8 hours ago
Why someone dislike this video??? People saving animals and some people dislike why???
ankush maurya
ankush maurya 8 hours ago
This is the reason..Why India has Largest Number of Vegetarian in World ...Animals to have feelings ...They to feel Pain...Go vegetarian ...Be Human
elev scoala gimnaziala Anton Pann
1:33 I first heard his owmer did that and that he was a danger to the dog or something
EXYPNOS 9 hours ago
There are also good humans
corujariousa 10 hours ago
Humans are a complicated species. We do so much harm to Nature and ourselves that it is easy to lose hope for us. These videos remind us that we have a great potential for real good as well. Thanks! Let's all do better.
《zoe cheffy》
《zoe cheffy》 10 hours ago
Im crying rn- I feel so bad for the animals :(
Raul Pi
Raul Pi 10 hours ago
If 50% human have this attitude. Maybe all animal still exist now.
Deepak phogat
Deepak phogat 10 hours ago
4:31 he is an traffic cop
Yuri The Little Sleepy Bear Demon
This is a Lesson.. Always Help Animals And people Never throw plastic in the ocean and never burn the woods.
Platinum LLC
Platinum LLC 10 hours ago
Remember this when you’re eating your burger or meat sandwich 🥪
Mustafa Mohammad
Mustafa Mohammad 11 hours ago
DADDY JJ47 11 hours ago
what about the humans in africa, asia and middle east😶
᪥ bløssømtree ᪥
Oh noooo
Cool Man
Cool Man 12 hours ago
Little did he know that the pigeon couldn't fly. 4:39
THE DB 12 hours ago
1:58 Fun fact : *it is a husky* 🤣
Pair mac
Pair mac 12 hours ago
But Dude not everyone is kind enough...
Kopelman Family
Kopelman Family 12 hours ago
Wunts I saved a 1 day old baby bare
《zoe cheffy》
《zoe cheffy》 10 hours ago
Carlos Moreno-Jurado
Secret agent octopus
Wiktoria Kurek
Wiktoria Kurek 12 hours ago
sa tu jacys polacy?
Wiktoria Kurek
Wiktoria Kurek 12 hours ago
tadeusz lubiasz hshshshhshsh
ItsLittleUnicorn Elle
7:55 Oooh, a Tucan!
Miguel Casas
Miguel Casas 13 hours ago
Many of these problems are caused by humans... So they are just returning a bit of all the damage that we cause. Adopt a Dog, for god's sake!!
Warriotroop Gaming
Warriotroop Gaming 13 hours ago
How can people dislike these type of video
Shellrockguy 13 hours ago
Remember, “make sure t” 🙏
Omni Goku YT
Omni Goku YT 14 hours ago
7:42 well who else got the itching
BRAVO PENGUIN 14 hours ago
GamerBunnyYT99 playz
Me when I see a cat die in a video(different one) : CRIES me when I watch this : heartless
BBTG Official
BBTG Official 15 hours ago
*Thanks everyone Who gave them a new life ❤️👍*
R.k Rohit
R.k Rohit 15 hours ago
4 :30 i know what he in backgrond of viodeo he say climb it i am indian
Ged Summer
Ged Summer 16 hours ago
That's amazing
Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma 16 hours ago
Sad Fact; Majority of the issues that the wild animals are facing in this video are mad made.
Free fire TIGERS
Free fire TIGERS 16 hours ago
Indian always help animals. Salute to all who help animals in the whole world
Mewz シ
Mewz シ 16 hours ago
These people are the best and these animals are adorable who don’t deserve to die
CZ Texan
CZ Texan 16 hours ago
I still cant get over the man at 7:28 giving the turtle Thumbs up. While the turtle staring him back
Mandy Marsden
Mandy Marsden 16 hours ago
hey animals help us we help the animals
GAMEOVER. 16 hours ago
Poor animals when they just want water & food.
ANIME GOD 17 hours ago
I don't like people hurting animals but helping them is a great help 🤗
Jazmine Raine S. Real
iam so sad that iam gone na cry and iam animal lover
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 18 hours ago
The first one just made my heart melt like how the way the man gained that squirrel's trust and the way he was clinging onto him is THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!🥺💔
Kindy_91 18 hours ago
*Animal just existing* Narrator: the animal plans a surprise party to the human
Alejo Orellano
Alejo Orellano 18 hours ago
La aguila en la miniatura: ñesesito añuda
Zahariah Bakar
Zahariah Bakar 18 hours ago
I wanna cry
Zahariah Bakar
Zahariah Bakar 18 hours ago
Who love animal like🙂
Bali 025.0
Bali 025.0 18 hours ago
Thumbnail at the end of the video, but I've no regrets.
Carlos Tinoco
Carlos Tinoco 18 hours ago
r0bz0rly 19 hours ago
that toucan one made me furious :(
j 19 hours ago
Please dont try and feed hungry wolves
kaihtheloner 21 hour ago
4:39 - That "man" was a traffic cop, lol
Oksy Rtanti
Oksy Rtanti 21 hour ago
Animals That Asked People For Help #4
Alexsandra Pimentel
There is thousands of bad people but there is alway millions of nore good people
Krishnadas M
Krishnadas M 21 hour ago
꧁Sholeh Ritonga꧂
Assassiner 358
Assassiner 358 22 hours ago
Big deal
Dirty mind Dirty humans
The only help all living beings on earth asking humans is to not spoil nature. Lakhs of species ended due to humans. Fishes, birds, animals, trees....etc.
Roasted Mellows
Roasted Mellows 22 hours ago
7:51 why do kids have to be a-holes
Cman Y
Cman Y 22 hours ago
If that beak was made with ar500 steel, it would be a true american. 🦅🇺🇸
Tim Hynde
Tim Hynde 23 hours ago
Jesus Christ US-first ad's every 3 minutes?
Mohammed Mustafa
Mohammed Mustafa 23 hours ago
One time me and my sister saw a baby cat we tried to save and we even got a towel and covered the cat and we let her drink water but it died and when my mom saw it she didn't care I was so sad because animal maybe aren't that smart but they can feel pain just as humans
Gg 23 hours ago
Of course the Russians grabbed the bear in a headlock
Tyriek The Hedgenigga
I like the squirrel one
Leon Olarte
Leon Olarte Day ago
#2 touched my heart
조영주 Day ago
That squirrel is so cute
Chicken Girl
Chicken Girl Day ago
animal: breathes narrator: It's saying thank you
Michael Noell
There was a cat in a tree and it was very scared so I climbed the tree and I got her my family named her snow ❄️
Gauhar Ali khan
Great spirits of people
kohei28 Day ago
I`ve seen wolf part, the guy actually speaks Russian and he might have seen this wolf a lot cuz he called him "Akila" or something like that
ZaYz mEMz
ZaYz mEMz Day ago
Lol 9:26
Mischievous Loki
Save the turtles sksksksk. Got your metal straw?
The Mad Lads
The Mad Lads Day ago
Sharks in thriller movies: rips someone’s limbs off and then eats them alive Sharks in real life: *blem*
Hayd_ron Day ago
I like how it just cut.
Artemis Day ago
7:17 the thumbs up😭
Sascha K.
Sascha K. Day ago
got tears in my eyes when i saw that animals are the much better human race!
Itik Sakit
Itik Sakit Day ago
If that animals get to wrong hand maybe they are done....
alojz Day ago
Plot twist : Those videos are actually reversed
Veronica Atilano Atilano
Me at the at the start of the video: this is not going to be sad or anything After hearing about the squirrel story: 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rj Day ago
If I saw the boys beating that innocent tucan i’d probably take the remainder of the beak and stab them to death
chado1919 Day ago
So wholesome
Monke God
Monke God Day ago
Bro dont stop uploading these they are wholesome
Judy Bouchachi
OMg this what I wanna see 😪
indian people r good
Mxstic SKu11y
What a nice video, I just don’t like the way they threw that bear cub🥺
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Day ago
I hope the one who shot the eagle gets the bill and the full punishment for shooting an eagle. Your lucky to even see one of them in my area.
Maria Yovie
Maria Yovie Day ago
Octopus have good memories bc they got a big brain 🧠
KB Day ago
Never feed carnivores. The next person that runs across it may not have food and become the food.