Animals Filmed Having HUMAN-Like IQs 

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Here are some outstanding and incredible videos of genius animals filmed from all around the world. Let me know if you enjoyed this content :)
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This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes. Thank you for watching!

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Mar 22, 2021




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DR CACKLE 17 minutes ago
Animals are like the living toy story.
Allysa Z
Allysa Z 36 minutes ago
When a elephant can paint better than you 👁💧👄💧👁
Opaque The Lion
Opaque The Lion 43 minutes ago
Who clicked this video just to see the thumbnail video but didnt see it and got sad?
thefivepoints Hour ago
Elephants painting, Monkeys on iphones, what the fuck is going on.
SAAD Tech 2 hours ago
The elephant draws better than me 🤔
alia ali
alia ali 2 hours ago
no,not given food to fish's. That thing what ever it is. Duck put it in water not given food. Duck put it in water for make bit softer or melt. For his own male. But that's.........continue for tu ok bit (moment)
jay jay
jay jay 2 hours ago
7:48 ? No way
Rodel Montano
Rodel Montano 3 hours ago
The animals be like: You humans just wait and see what we have planned for you as soon we know how to make weapons.
Angel Cesena
Angel Cesena 4 hours ago
An elephant painting an elephant ! I’m sorry but my jaw was on the floor
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 hours ago
Cat playing ping pong: GET THAT WEAK SHIT OUTTA HERE!!!
Alexandra Lugo
Alexandra Lugo 5 hours ago
The video of the elephant painting vines and flowers had my mind already blown! Then there's the video of the one that actually draws an elephant!!!!!! 🤯😲🤯😱
Brendan Mahoney
Brendan Mahoney 5 hours ago
0:04 puppy: you furry little bitch you lucky this glass is here 0:06 kitten: thats it im gunna kick ur ass 0:12 Puppy: hey girl im just joking
Y did i shit myself
The moment you realize that an elephant can paint better than 80% of the humans, they're ofc very smart but still impressive
Colin Richard
Colin Richard 5 hours ago
It’s called til tak toe
Swag ASMR 5 hours ago
how can that elephant draw better than myself? 😅
Hooman Bekhradi
Hooman Bekhradi 6 hours ago
6:07 this chimpanzee IQ is higher than me
Saloni Gupta
Saloni Gupta 6 hours ago
I just wanna know how did they discover the elephant's painting skills👁👄👁
Alex Yurak
Alex Yurak 7 hours ago
This is the best video I've ever seen with animals !!! One word : Amazing !!!
Krabby Krabby
Krabby Krabby 7 hours ago
8:06 The ear flaps after the applause
NEW ORLEANS 8 hours ago
Damn animal smart
Linda Bayliss
Linda Bayliss 8 hours ago
Animals are definitely smarter , and kinder.
slick dreams
slick dreams 9 hours ago
Soon we’re gonna have hit and runs from these animals 😂😂 they gonna be whipping it 😂
slick dreams
slick dreams 9 hours ago
Playing dead of course 😂😼😼
Liso Campos
Liso Campos 10 hours ago
That crab really tried to defend itself but im pretty sure its dead now in someone's belly.
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 10 hours ago
Monkeys having photographic memory. Amazing. Great compilation. But some people aren't happy with trained elephants.
Oluwatosin Onagoruwa
That cat with the milk used reverse psychology🤯
Yan Melo
Yan Melo 11 hours ago
6:27, Brazilian crab 🦀, warning ⚠️ 😂
『ღ』Ꭿรɬཞỉ๔ Ꮭꪮƙỉร๔ꪮ́ɬɬỉཞ『ღ』 『•༅࿔』ᙏᙅᙀ ᘜᙓᑎᙓᖇᗩTIOᑎS『•༅࿔』
The moment humans realize; animals of certain species are as capable as humans - at thinking and feeling. Even having morals in some individuals and evil in others.
M D 12 hours ago
They torture the elephants to get them to paint like that.
DIEGO RUBIO ELBAL 12 hours ago
The Elephant doesn't Paint by himself guys, There is a man at the side who pulls his ear to make him do the movements he wants. That is animal exploitation, for tourists to laugh and Pay. That elephant should be free.
Pushkar 12 hours ago
They are evolving nothing serious.
Dalip Singh
Dalip Singh 12 hours ago
Lol!!! That elephant draws better than me...
Jtb1122 13 hours ago
Love how the puppy was rooting for his kitten friend to climb in with him.
Tania Chowdhary
Tania Chowdhary 13 hours ago
It's like wooo
Raymond Molsoi
Raymond Molsoi 13 hours ago
The monkey's phone is more expensive thann mine
warlike mark 97
warlike mark 97 14 hours ago
José Cunha
José Cunha 15 hours ago
Guy: "uh! why is the food taking so long!?" *Chef* 6:28
SpiritedDancer17 15 hours ago
Can someone explain what the dolphins at the end are doing? Are they blowing bubble from their blowholes and playing with them?
PAUNOMOLUSCO 15 hours ago
reetu tamang
reetu tamang 15 hours ago
BaoMobile 16 hours ago
King Kong When he wants to just live life peacefully 2:53
Wokezilla 16 hours ago
Did that elephant paint a fucking painting? The fuck? Why isn't that a bigger deal?
N G 16 hours ago
They were not smart. They were well trained
Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed 16 hours ago
Damn that elephant can paint.
Kholi Kahi
Kholi Kahi 17 hours ago
Lol babyduck was investing
Sherrion Jenkins
Sherrion Jenkins 17 hours ago
I want one of those painting done by that elephant too
Sherrion Jenkins
Sherrion Jenkins 17 hours ago
The monkey scrolling through the phone though 🤣 the dog crossing guard
Sherrion Jenkins
Sherrion Jenkins 17 hours ago
The bird fishing was almost better than the monkey playing ping pong this video is great
themeiafy 17 hours ago
7:04 My cat does that all the time. We had to change our front door lock twice because of him, but he can still move around the house as much as he wants.
Sir Jumpalot
Sir Jumpalot 18 hours ago
When animals are cooler than you 🤯😩
Carlito Rinho
Carlito Rinho 18 hours ago
Animals with IQ of Humans are common but Humans with heart of Animals are way to rare
markandsteve 18 hours ago
Don't tell me I'M the only one who noticed that the image shown to entice you to watch this video was NOT shown. I've had that happen several times before and it's irritating to the point of not wanting to watch videos, at least certain ones that I might suspect might pull this crap.
Kemelbek Sadybakasov
It is not they got smarter, we got dumber
Planet 16
Planet 16 18 hours ago
Me: sees the elephant paint He is a better painter than me!
Yuan Patdu
Yuan Patdu 19 hours ago
ANGEL TCG 19 hours ago
Animals are evolving.
Jahnya Lovett
Jahnya Lovett 19 hours ago
I have a pet dog and she's always opening her cage...
kamakshi guttula
kamakshi guttula 20 hours ago
2:23 me ....lazy enough to wash a glass
N4 Reviews
N4 Reviews 20 hours ago
Worst humans they are not your toys
Gabriel Sá
Gabriel Sá 20 hours ago
Bufi 21 hour ago
The elephant painting's is so beautiful
Jee Tv
Jee Tv 21 hour ago
The moment you release : why you came here for ( thumnail) ehre
Its Pierre
Its Pierre 22 hours ago
fuck theyre self aware
Classical Gas
Classical Gas 22 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the elephant painted itself thinner?!😎
The Exile
The Exile 22 hours ago
0:54 planet of the apes.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 22 hours ago
Ok so the chimp is navigating instagram better than I can 😤
Jeffrey Besu
Jeffrey Besu 23 hours ago
Ange Browne
Ange Browne 23 hours ago
Thank you.
Zak Mcintyre
Zak Mcintyre 23 hours ago
Holy shit that elephabt painting was the coolest thing ever
Chill Face
Chill Face 23 hours ago
Me and my brother when mother tells us to share: 4:23
bright lights
bright lights 23 hours ago
now why did an elephant draw better than me
Scott Hill
Scott Hill Day ago
05:49 Spikes like no other
Karen Evans
Karen Evans Day ago
Chris Ngoy
Chris Ngoy Day ago
Wait what 👁👄👁? A monkey playing ping pong 🏓? What am I doing with my life damn it
Sayyid Adna'an Shah
5:50 cute
Zanta Day ago
A 'LUCRATIVE kitten'?! I'm sorry.... what?
Calling bullshit on the elephant vid
Salvador Garcia
That elephant must be the smartest animal on earth😮
And Chisco
And Chisco Day ago
Those animals are more intelligent than me
When an elephant paints better than college graduates
Creationator Day ago
I’ve never heard anybody call that “Knords and crosses”
Creationator Day ago
Omg omg omg omg and elephant is better at art then me omg omg omg-
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Day ago
They have IQ or they have been trained to imitate one.
Salma umar Khan
Elephant draw an elephant... feel emotion of elephant..
Salma umar Khan
i m shocked😳Genius monkey👍 6:8
justin celis
justin celis Day ago
This crab deserves to live 6:34
Debbie McGloan
Is that the crow from Aesop’s fables?
Ayaan jabri
Ayaan jabri Day ago
Wow monkey won
Where was the cat hiding from the dogs?
Kris Day ago
Plot twist: those elephants we're paid actors
dave h
dave h Day ago
Everyone could do with the table tennis playing monkey
Ench Wraits
Ench Wraits Day ago
When an elephant is better at drawing than you, and a chimpanzee is better at memorizing than you. :'(
Evan Day ago
A lucrative kitten???
इंडियन बाबू
We animals should provide these smart people a law. They deserve to educate themselves. Hope they will become good citizen in Future.
Frank Heinzel
These elephants can paint better than me
The incredible Dweeb
Boss: where is the canoe? Fisherman: you will not believe what happened
jungshook Jiminie
Proff Day ago
I had to dislike the video cos I didn't see where the cat is standing on 2 legs while hiding from the dogs
gamerpro ghost
6:31 Mess with the crabo, you get the stabo
Alina Wing
Alina Wing Day ago
Please no harm for elephants ;(..... people don’t know those elephants had gone through so much just for those talents;(....... I pray for better care for those elephants 😞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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