Animals Being REAL-LIFE HEROES!! 

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Lets take a look at some unbelievable moments of animals saving the day!
This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes. Thank you for watching.

Pets & Animals

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Apr 22, 2021




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Crispy 3 minutes ago
You really fell for the pig rescuing the goat?? Nathan Fielder did a really great job, lol!
Simon ermias
Simon ermias 6 minutes ago
xd Lafford
xd Lafford Hour ago
Man that tiger dropped him
Malfour Hour ago
The worst of it all is that people are first to record it, yet I dont see anyone helping these animals.
Neeta Gogoi Baishya
Good videos. Plz give me the link of this video background music
J Patterson
J Patterson 3 hours ago
Jitendra Tamang
Jitendra Tamang 3 hours ago
Owner says "go get the 'beer'" Dog listens go get the 'bear '"
Nidheesh M.S.
Nidheesh M.S. 3 hours ago
I can proud to say that , those cows are INDIAN breeds kankrej
Ahmad Hoseini
Ahmad Hoseini 6 hours ago
سرگرم کننده لذتبخش عالی
Shabbir Khan
Shabbir Khan 12 hours ago
Biutiful nice
@5:37 you can see raccoons illegally crossing into Mexico. They learned this method from Humans crossing into the US this week 5/12/21 They don't leave any of theirs left in the desert to die. Like....ahem...you know who.
Ajee Ghanta 0.2
Ajee Ghanta 0.2 14 hours ago
bose sebi
bose sebi 17 hours ago
Cow gets slaughtered eventually.
Pete j
Pete j 23 hours ago
Dogs being trained to get a beer is not heroic, it`s the owner being LAZY.
Just Ackerman Thingz
I'm tearing up omg this is so pure
Inder singh
Inder singh Day ago
That trolling friend who prefers to drag you away instead of picking you up taking you away and telling you stop fighting you gonna get beat up anyway😂😂
depa rahman
depa rahman Day ago
Cameramen : oh im touched Animal : can you help me?
Marvin Coleman
The monkey saved the other monkey so they can mate
Andrew Larinsdale
Еноты работают в команде.
Mogul DaMongrel
That bull...is so heavily underfed that it's spine is showing threw it's skin.
john fisher
john fisher Day ago
I can guess you can say the first video was a moo-ber
cat to mouse : " don't worry weird autistic kitty , i love you anyway and you'll grow out beautiful "
Muneeb Umer
Muneeb Umer Day ago
5:00 mothers, ❤️
Because they're ready for the Millennium
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 days ago
That cow video looks acting
Djafer Chelihi
Djafer Chelihi 2 days ago
7:50 the only enemy of that cat is not getting 7 meals each day
What about the cover pic ?you circus clown
Sean Gust
Sean Gust 2 days ago
What I’m taking from this, is to survive a bear attack. Act like a cat 😎
The chicken is a mother of cats now i think the evolution of cats is from t rexs
Andy Sanger
Andy Sanger 2 days ago
Cat protecting a toddler from a hot stove whilst it's parent video it 🤔 Maybe the cat should be the toddlers legal guardian.
Coty A
Coty A 2 days ago
Teaching your dog to bring you a beer does not make them a hero it just makes you lazy!
man on fire
man on fire 2 days ago
turtle: ok, i gonna push your house
Mooncatt 2 days ago
Cats are just fearless!
Manuel nuel
Manuel nuel 2 days ago
5:12, Retriever to Cat: "let's get you out of here bro, it's not worth the scratches".
Grimmreaper2112 2 days ago
One thing I've taken from this video is people need to get there own beer lol
Sanatan A
Sanatan A 3 days ago
Indian cow, Namaste Gomaata that is y v hindus always love animals
Welly Sen
Welly Sen 3 days ago
The cat and the mouse was probably named as tom and jerry.
Welly Sen
Welly Sen 3 days ago
The cat and the mouse was probably named as tom and jerry.
K Ferg
K Ferg 3 days ago
I cried from sadness all night this made my night so much better 😊😊
Ella-Shanie Orbach
We cannot kill Cows anymore they are angels ✨🌟
S1iznc1d3 3 days ago
Couple of key moments of higher intelligence. The racoons chaining to get the young on up a high wall and the dog pullin the cat by the harness to move him away from a fight instead of jst barking or tryin to grab him by the fur. A real life Tom and Jerry.
xaime glez
xaime glez 3 days ago
This was a pretty cool video, thank you for posting it!!!!
Josh Guyette
Josh Guyette 3 days ago
Apparently cats know how to mess up bears; probably a startle response by the bear!?!
Mohammad Jeelani
Mohammad Jeelani 3 days ago
Tom and Jerry 😘😘
Canned Pizza
Canned Pizza 3 days ago
Oh look my cat saved my kid and I just sat there looking and laughing like a tard
S Benn
S Benn 3 days ago
What did I learn from this? Cats have no fear.
Brian 3 days ago
Too many lazy people teaching their dogs to get them beer . Dumb .
Darius Hampton
Darius Hampton 3 days ago
Animals souls and spirits too society made us scared of them 💯 they vibe how we do
xophaser 3 days ago
they need to breed that bull to be a guard cattle
Kanwarsumit Singh Dhaliwal
That is an ox saving his owner not a cow, an indian ox
Farenthor 3 days ago
Ok it’s freakin cool and may just be a joke, but I fail to see how a dog bringing you a beer makes them a “real-life hero”. Maybe a party hero 🤔🤗
Uaiyo Godspower
Uaiyo Godspower 3 days ago
This is really adorable, I never thought animals are this caring, like look at the cat and rat its xoxo adorable I love this.
Sergio Billai
Sergio Billai 3 days ago
Mettete delle cose e poi fattte vedere altro. Cioè cazzate. Siete poco credibili..
Allen Walker
Allen Walker 3 days ago
Dog: oh you're approaching me? Cat: yes Dog: 👁👄👁
IshaQ GT
IshaQ GT 3 days ago
Monkey is evolving
Thor, asguards electrician
Cats are the most savage lil animals, they think they can fight anyone 😆
Venkatesha S
Venkatesha S 3 days ago
Nice video #VenkateshaS
Punkz Gaming
Punkz Gaming 4 days ago
I like the cow alot and lion kissing the dog in the paw
Hamish Fatcat
Hamish Fatcat 4 days ago
Ah to be an Indian cow. That would be the life
Reezt Born
Reezt Born 4 days ago
Real life heroes: get me some beer 🍻 Did I just thought that you believe that was heroic? 🤔😅😂
Arab Arab
Arab Arab 4 days ago
سبحان الله
Flat Out
Flat Out 4 days ago
The cats scaring the bears is the best. Should bring your cat when out hunting not just your dog. Just incase a bear pumps up.
Jesús Chávez V.
All very well, except the lazy ones who train their dogs to bring them beers.
Stewart Read
Stewart Read 4 days ago
Fat cats don't need to hunt, they just charge you higher taxes..!!
Stewart Read
Stewart Read 4 days ago
The chicken with the kittens obviously has t.gondii !!
Gavin Austen
Gavin Austen 4 days ago
This is just a comment and not meant to upset anybody....not that this wasn't all cute and cuddly but I was kinda expecting to see pets fighting off bears and lions to protect people. Bit misleading. And BTW, if you grow any predator and its "food" or enemy up together they don't know they have to fight or eat one another until they are taught.
Anne Simon
Anne Simon 4 days ago
I saw humans using and abusing animals in your video. That is not pretty.
Barsha Ramchiary
Barsha Ramchiary 4 days ago
Turtle🐢 op.. All Animals❤❤❤
nebil juhar
nebil juhar 4 days ago
8:7 Cat:what is this test yami Rat:pls do't eat me plss
Habib Haji
Habib Haji 4 days ago
No music please. I want real sound.
Adriel Bryanr
Adriel Bryanr 4 days ago
tom and jerry be looking different nowadays 7:53
Ngura Ralte11
Ngura Ralte11 4 days ago
All my love to the dogs who cared for other animals and their owners😍😍😍
Joe Graves
Joe Graves 4 days ago
Click bait ass pic!!
Facepalm 4 days ago
Jens Lange
Jens Lange 4 days ago
Tiere danken von Menschen erfahrene Hilfe ihr Leben lang vorbehaltlos. Menschen inicht.
Just an everyday regular Normal MF
3:10 *this dog ain't a hero, it drowned a fish*
Angeline Lim
Angeline Lim 4 days ago
omg the pig and the goat are so cuteeeee
Strick nine
Strick nine 4 days ago
The cow was the most impressive and the most unexpected
シュウ 4 days ago
Conner Burns
Conner Burns 5 days ago
This video shows me one very important thing, Bears are terrified of cats.
Guido S
Guido S Day ago
Yeah and dogs love cold beer😀
very confused
very confused 2 days ago
Yeah and I wanna reason
Drake 5 days ago
i dont know if a dog getting a beer is saving you
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derradi 5 days ago
wow ! the cow scene is amazing ! Never seen before ! Congratulations to the owner . this cow should not be slaughtered , instead it should be protected and kept as symbol of heroism in the animal kingdom !
Manuel io
Manuel io 5 days ago
3:44 i want this dog xd
Brandy Crystal
Brandy Crystal 5 days ago
Awesome I really enjoy these videos.
Jose Games
Jose Games 5 days ago
The people who trained their dog to get their beer for them are alcoholic pieces of shit. And they were all American. You won't get that in a normal country
リ尺ყƲ 5 days ago
Those animals are kinda better than most of people
Anime Guy
Anime Guy 5 days ago
Chinese people be like:let’s kill them China now:LETS KILL HALF OF THE EARTH AND EAT BATS HAHAHA Me: HELL IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU
Abi Denso
Abi Denso 5 days ago
My tear started to drop at the two mortal enemy....oh nooo
winston enoyog
winston enoyog 5 days ago
Big Raider
Big Raider 5 days ago
If you teach your dog to fetch you a beer out of the fridge you are a disgusting human being.
Bboy breaks
Bboy breaks 5 days ago
Brought up toghether they know no different and will treat another animal/human like family. It's just the way an animal is raised. So a cat with a rat is nothing special.
nainrae nainrae
nainrae nainrae 5 days ago
That Cow was so nice, bless her.
BS17 5 days ago
Why was the turtle turning the other turtle over so shocking to me followed by the chicken sitting on the kittens? I find those two so intriguing.
very confused
very confused 2 days ago
Sameee plus why bears are afraid of cats.
shen bernardino
shen bernardino 5 days ago
1:58 his dog is so fast omg
Michele Grassi
Michele Grassi 5 days ago
The dog at 3:45 / 3:55 is just incredible !!!!!
Sweekar nd
Sweekar nd 5 days ago
4:22 who else know it's scripted act
Round Peg
Round Peg 5 days ago
Where the fuck is the thumbnail