Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Free Winter Update - Nintendo Switch 

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New seasonal events, Reactions, hairstyles, save data transfer, and more! Get ready to celebrate the heartwarming holiday festivities with the free Winter update, coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on November 19! Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch/
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Nov 17, 2020




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Specimen 8
Specimen 8 23 minutes ago
It would be nice to change the tracks of New Horizons- i mean. I love the New Horizons music but i also wanna hear the ones that came before! Tbh i feel like New Horizons will probably and hopefully be better than new leaf. I really want features like this to come- posibly for the 20th aniversary? I dunno' but watever Nintendo gives us we gotta be happy
Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker
Please, for the love of God, add The Roost. I'm growing impatient.
Klaudia Hour ago
I just wanna know when its gonna snow 😭✨
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Hour ago
it would be realy fun and werid
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Hour ago
i wish spore was on the swich
nikolas 777
nikolas 777 2 hours ago
Y también arreglas ha mejorado yamila Floyd
nikolas 777
nikolas 777 2 hours ago
Y también saca la de Peppa Pig o Piggy una de roblox
nikolas 777
nikolas 777 2 hours ago
Smash Bros podés poner la skin de Eevee que yo soy fan de gibby
Davi Machado Sampaio
Can you do The same pen that The DS have for The switch too?
Joel the Awesome
Joel the Awesome 2 hours ago
K.K slider
K.K slider 3 hours ago
bobthecorn2000 4 hours ago
i can sit lets go
bobthecorn2000 4 hours ago
when can link and mario sit on command (yes i know marios idle animation)
María jose Franco ortiz
Super mash bros x brawl stars
Henry Miron
Henry Miron 5 hours ago
анимация от шаурмы no name
yeees думаю Обнова крутой бедет
AquaGamer1212 6 hours ago
I haven’t played in months, I’m so behind all the new updates. I left my island in shambles and I know there’s gonna be weeds and roaches galore. I’m most excited for the new reactions and hairstyles! ✨✨
Keaton Smith
Keaton Smith 6 hours ago
Tomorrow is December 1st and this is so exciting
OALN player
OALN player 7 hours ago
And Nintendo still forgets about the Southern Hemisphere
Eimai Xazos
Eimai Xazos 10 hours ago
A turkey cooking turkeys? hol' up
hora e animar com o stick
dear Nintendo why don't you release super Mario odyssey for Android i'm tired of playing copies of Mario odyseia please
Luke Shannon
Luke Shannon 13 hours ago
Does anybody else want more than 10 villagers? I'd like them to allow this. There is clearly space since you can have 8 people houses
Ева Логинова
yassss update my ak today 🥴
Keaton Smith
Keaton Smith 21 hour ago
I hope New Horizons will have new reactions for the 2021 update. Like a hug reaction, ooh a blowing a kiss reaction. Director: Adds the best reaction ever. Oh boy, a lay down on tummy reaction, this is the best reaction for the biggest fans ever for the 2021 update! Yeah, ha ha, Shuckle!
matt rogers
matt rogers 22 hours ago
Incident get the thanksgiving update
Christian Pérez
Christian Pérez 22 hours ago
Me gustaría ir a visitar la isla, alguien sabe el código de sueño?
Bernardo Santos
Oh my god, Madri Gras is gonna be a thing? Brazil and Portugal are gonna loose their minds
JacienV Day ago
Oh yay, space buns. :3
Luke Traill
Luke Traill Day ago
F u guys for locking it I’m not going to play any more
I saw a video an early walk through of toy day you don't have to dress up as santa anymore? Or ask villagers what they want? If that video is true then I won't lie its a bit disappointing I liked having the charm of that, if it turns out not to be true then I think it'll give a nice charm
I need to get the game tho
Yoshikage Kira
Lets not forget another event, my birthday :)
Caitlin Jade
Caitlin Jade Day ago
masterqody Day ago
[ HomeStuck BG ]
All i wnat for krimah is MOVEABLE RESIDENT SERVICES
Don't think that'll happen
Aron Is Cool
Aron Is Cool Day ago
1:28 bald angry
Ella Martin
Ella Martin Day ago
Nintendo Are You EVER going to realize there is a Southern Hemisphere NINTENDO give US something like why
You get everything the Northern hemisphere got they even changed the harvest festival decor to a spring version for you
Ayush Saripalli
Hey Nintendo. It’s been a great 3 years with you. It’s time I upgrade my switch. I am getting a Xbox. I have played on switch for every day of every year from 2017 to now. I loved fortnite and Minecraft. Super Mario odyssey truly sparked my love for video games. I was nearly in tears completing the game. It’s been a great time. Sincerely, a gamer
Brenda Herrera
Now we can take revenge and sit down and annoy and block our villagers path hahahahaha
Michael 2 days ago
I've updated the latest patch but still no snow. A friend of mine already has snow, why is that? Is snow random?
@Michael your welcome :D
Michael Day ago
@StarrieMoonlight Thanks a lot!
Yes snow flurries are random they can come any day, next month your island will start be covered in snow and you'll be able to make snowmen with snow balls randomly generated, which also melt, a santa piece outfit will be sold in able sisters if its like the old games everyday, buy them, and talk to your villagers every day next month from December 1st write it down too :D
Izzy thePotato
Izzy thePotato 2 days ago
NINTENDO PLS LISTEN AND REPLY! I was hyped to play the turkey day but my mom hid my Nintendo and i missed turkey day cuz i could only play on Fridays-Saturday and i cant time skip back to play turkey day and now I'm sad :(
Izzy thePotato
I did but it didn't work :/
@Izzy thePotato don't time travel to Turkey day next year in 2021 time travel back this year 2020 to Turkey day on the 26th of November make sure it's 9am or past 9am
Izzy thePotato
@StarrieMoonlight I don't understand ;-;
Tt back to Turkey day not forwards but backwards
Scali Cali
Scali Cali 2 days ago
Nintendo please let us have 2 more villagers at least in our island!
Yeah should be 15 like gc
Clare Newman
Clare Newman 2 days ago
What day does the island look all snowy?
Ice Cube
Ice Cube 2 days ago
I didn’t even get to celebrate that BC it wouldn’t even notify me
Tt back to Turkey day not forwards backwards
r2tired 2 days ago
Anyone know when winter will start in game?
@r2tired sorry, I'm glad its not December yet so you didn't have to go out of your way to do that
r2tired Day ago
It’s okay, don’t worry
O my stars i think I misinformed you I don't think you have to ask villagers what they want anymore its lost its charm so much or dress up as santa sorry
r2tired Day ago
@StarrieMoonlight thanks!
December 1 usually, bc villagers tell you want they want everyday be sure to talk to them everyday and write it down, if its like the old games buy the santa outfit pieces you'll need to dress up
kacyjay mercer
kacyjay mercer 2 days ago
black hair styles! finally!
KerrBear Bear
KerrBear Bear 2 days ago
hello everyone the thanks giving update i never got it :( i know its pass now i friend of mine got the update but me :( so i just wanna know if anyone else had the same problem and i hope i get the xmas one or i am gonna be really upset :( i even restarted the game to make sure nothing says i got all updates so i dont know what happen
@KerrBear Bear thank you, I'm glad I could help out a little, you too have a good day or night :D
KerrBear Bear
@StarrieMoonlight hello i been playing the game for a while now and i did finish it now am doing my own thing :) i dont know if the island new my island does have peaches then later on i found apples and others etc just need cherries now i know the toy event on the 24 thank u so much and i do talk to my "PEEPS" everyday to lol opps mean my villagers :) thank u for helping me out have a great day or night where u are :)
The event starts at 9am got the time wrong thought is was 10am but its 9am
@KerrBear Bear is the island new, also toy day is on the 24th dec in the evening 6pm make sure to talk to your villagers everyday
KerrBear Bear
KerrBear Bear 2 days ago
@Stan Schendelaar hello i did all that and it says i have the latest update i tryed closing the game rebooted nothing :(
Mini Yeeeha
Mini Yeeeha 2 days ago
They should make an update like changing your island name
Indys Aquarium
Indys Aquarium 2 days ago
I want jingle 🥰😍
emoreoz 2 days ago
emoreoz 2 days ago
@Gaara Sandslash 😍💔 ms girl are you a boomer 🤗🤣😢
Gaara Sandslash
Gaara Sandslash 2 days ago
Period goes that the end of the sentence.
T0oLEY B0T 2 days ago
T0oLEY B0T 2 days ago
Please don't cancel me
Marvin Mejia
Marvin Mejia 3 days ago
Porfavor sakurai mate a red de anfrybirďs en smash
Royce Bowden
Royce Bowden 3 days ago
thanks giving didnt happen on my island instead cj showed up and its not just me my little sister had the same problem im not a time travler pls fix it
Royce Bowden
Royce Bowden Day ago
2pm to be precise
Royce Bowden
Royce Bowden Day ago
@StarrieMoonlight i know i looked it up and got on around 2 and it ends at 12am
The event starts at 9am if that helps and is the 26th
Royce Bowden
Royce Bowden 2 days ago
acctully i had it updated
Stan Schendelaar
Stan Schendelaar 2 days ago
prolly didnt update
Eclipse 3 days ago
I know we're all talking about sitting, but can we appreciate how AMAZING this game looks at winter?
Ricky 125
Ricky 125 3 days ago
I got the Nintendo Wii
You can get ac cf
Chrystal Nisius
Chrystal Nisius 3 days ago
I have the updated version but it wouldn't do Turkey Day for me!
It starts at 9am on the 26th and runs till 12am the next day
Darla Saling
Darla Saling 3 days ago
More slplitton
Vintage 3 days ago
Hey can we have the cafe back? I never really got into New Leaf so I really want it in this game so I can see what it is!
You can work for brewster and collect coffee beans and special cafe items talk to villagers and special characters sit in and have a coffee or get one to go also the cafe was in older games too in the museum because brewster and blathers are friends and kk slider would perform there and brewster could hold onto gyroids also a good place to sit with friends
xoxo_amanda22 3 days ago
I did not receive the freaking Thanksgiving event. Help!
StarrieMoonlight 5 hours ago
@xoxo_amanda22 aww thank you, if I do find a solution to the problem I'll share it x :D
xoxo_amanda22 6 hours ago
@StarrieMoonlight Thank you for trying to help. Even though you didn't find the problem, you still tried and I really appreciate that.
StarrieMoonlight 6 hours ago
@xoxo_amanda22 I'm really sorry about that I've seen alot of people have this problem too I have no clue what to do next so sorry about that
xoxo_amanda22 8 hours ago
@StarrieMoonlight It was the correct day and I updated correctly. I tried to go back to Turkey Day and it still didn't work. Thank you for your help though. I'll try to go back again or just wait next year.
The event starts at 9am you could have been early ?
Megabro64's other channel
I wish I could use this update but I can't cuz my switch is broken :(
Wolfie-Skye Studios
@Nintendo Yesterday I went into my animal crossing to do the turkey day event and it wasn't there I came back several times and it still wasn't there and my game was 100% updated I don't know if this is a bug or glitch in the game but I couldn't do the turkey day event.
Wolfie-Skye Studios
Ok I'll try latter
Its at 9am on the 26th make sure it's the right day and 9am
Try tt back in time to see if its there you might have gotten the wrong day
Wolfie-Skye Studios
Also I'm sad because it would have been the second event for me to participate in (my 1st one was Halloween event)
CLay Carlisle
CLay Carlisle 3 days ago
The dlc 4 animal crossing new horizons is the eastern hemispire and the western hemispire.
CLay Carlisle
CLay Carlisle 3 days ago
Nintendo can you add dlc to animal crossing new horizons?
Uros Kesic
Uros Kesic 3 days ago
This game should win at the game awards
Adelph Charles
Adelph Charles 3 days ago
Nintendo: new hairstyles Also Nintendo: *B A L D*
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor 3 days ago
Where’s lucky 💀🐕‍🦺🦴
NSG Branden
NSG Branden 3 days ago
Angela Morales
Angela Morales 3 days ago
Okay so I'm having a little problem. I can't seem to update ACNH to 1.6.0 a and everytime I try to update it it says "You are running the newest version of the game" And I have to miss turkey day for it. So, this might be a bit of a stretch but can the team add time travelling back? I understand you don't want people using it as it ruins the game but there a lot of people who can't seem to update it, and when it finally updates Turkey Day is gonna be long gone! So please take this in to a bit of thought, and thank you for reading.
You can go back in time and toy day has a long run up and people wouldn't understand what to do bc they'll skip right to it
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Same promblom thanks
rahlee bowles
rahlee bowles 3 days ago
Wait I kinda need help on how to get the Turkey day and the present day becuase when It was 11/26 like today i did not get the Turkey day so i need a little help on that (Sorry I now know the reason why it wasnt working so keep doing the great work Nintendo!)
Synergy Star
Synergy Star 3 days ago
Can you please release fall guys on the Nintendo switch already
Synergy Star
Synergy Star 3 days ago
Did you know can you please release for guys on the tinder switch already
Wumpus 3 days ago
Hey, Nintendo, we want Froggy Chair. Please! I don’t even care if it has to be a seasonal item, just let us see him yet again!
bloxyboy 3 days ago
My guy Fix my switch game card thing
Sweet Itachi
Sweet Itachi 3 days ago
I want to know when will it snow
Talk to your villagers everyday for the run up for toy day
Snow flurries happen randomly and your island will be full of snow next month
Nicky Laraiso
Nicky Laraiso 3 days ago
Apparently, Turkey Day doesn't show up for me, even with the latest version of AC:NH. Anyone else have this problem?
Starts at 9am
Alot of people have been saying this try tt back to the event
LightningPlaz! 3 days ago
Meme... 2:00 :3
Jay plays
Jay plays 3 days ago
For some reason today I isabelle didn't say anything about the Thanksgiving feast and the event didn't happen
It starts at 9am make sure it was the right day
•pluto east•
•pluto east• 3 days ago
Does the turkey event happen at a time like 5 PM? Because when I looked today, there waa no event going on. (I did update it -3-)
Starts at 9am toy day starts at 6pm make sure it's the right day 26th of nov for Turkey day 24th Dec for toy day
Brody Thompson
Brody Thompson 3 days ago
Everyone: S I T Me: 1:09 GROOVIN
Reyssa Morales
Reyssa Morales 3 days ago
Yo iT says it turkey day today but it’s not working and it the the 26 in real life
Starts at 9am make sure it was the right day 26th nov and toy day 6pm 24 dec
Grethel Francisco
I was going in my animals crossing nintendo switch and their nothing it's not just like the video so idk why but I was excited when the update was their first and in animal crossing theirs nothing
Giselle :D
Giselle :D 4 days ago
it would be cool if like when players are hitting their villagers with nets like the players character has a different face expression instead of just always smiling
Funnneh Bannanaz
Funnneh Bannanaz 4 days ago
Manifesting some updates, dont mind me ✨ (also i might edit it from time to time to add some more stuff!) -Extra Design Slots -Ables Shopping Cart -Crafting In Bulk -Un-Time-Lock Every Event In The Future -Brewster -Scarves
Toy day has a long run up so loads of ppl would tt straight to it and not do it correctly bc they haven't done the run up its not really an event to be tt to but the other events are fine to tt too
SunnyRose 4 days ago
This is so weird- It’s not showing the turkey- I’m so sad and confused T^T
Apparently its starts at 10 am
[ HomeStuck BG ]
[ HomeStuck BG ] 4 days ago
New *HAIRSTYLES*! The Bald one : I'll Pretend i didnt Hear That
Epke Gaming
Epke Gaming 4 days ago
Why are there so many restrictions in this game? This game is about making you’re island beautiful but you can’t connect paths, the rigidbody’s are huge, you can’t build bridges and slopes where you want them and you can’t even do anything. You can’t cook you can’t interact with anything meaningful like you can make the things move or give light but not go on them or play with it, like you can’t swim in the pools, play pingpong with you’re villagers, you can’t go on the sporting devices you can’t ride the step and so on. I expect way more for a 60$ game it just seems like they’re lazy and don’t bother. Also they make everything so tedious like buying one piece of the same clothing at a time, only buying 5 of a item at a time. There is a great video addressing this I can’t post links but it’s quality of life improvements for animal crossing, it would be much more enjoyable and this is the reason i stopped playing this game. I could go on for another hour but this is already way too long.
Elena Rivera
Elena Rivera 4 days ago
I updated the game but the turkey don’t appear, is frustrating 😠😡😾
Sophia Walsh
Sophia Walsh 4 days ago
noisy parrot
noisy parrot 4 days ago
And More......nothingness
DatAmazingSliverstoneGuy 2007
I got Turkey day yesterday
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Please sos we need help with the upadte
What do you need?
Mona Fisher, R.N.
How do we get 16.0.a you need that to unlock Franklin and turkey day
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Please we need this ipdate
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Help us we need the update
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Help us
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Mona Fisher, R.N.
Nintendo help us
Lupita MendezAhilon
What time does turkey day start (I’m Sending this comment on November 26th) also, I’m in the northern hemisphere
@DatAmazingSliverstoneGuy 2007 ik
DatAmazingSliverstoneGuy 2007
@StarrieMoonlight Typo
@DatAmazingSliverstoneGuy 2007 its on the 24th
DatAmazingSliverstoneGuy 2007
@StarrieMoonlight Yeah when it's 12/23 I'll do 5:59 PM
BTW toy day starts 6pm
sofia 4 days ago
I dont have the update it says I have the newest version and its not there
Juliana Loaiza
Juliana Loaiza 4 days ago
I’m playing the new update and it says I have to have a orange pumpkin and a white pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie but I don’t have a white pumpkin
@Juliana Loaiza you're welcome :D
Juliana Loaiza
Ok thank you
Trade with villagers that are inside
toast 4 days ago
Francisco y Rayito Oficial
This isn't a free update, you need to pay 500,000 bells for your storage
Tom nook wants the bells
Well no one said the storage was free