Andrew Schulz | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #331 

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Theo sits down with podcast prodigy, Andrew Schulz, to discuss Theo's theory on the US Postal Service, the UFC matchups they want to see, Schulz getting called out for leaving New York and the podcast wars continue with Bad Friends.

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Mar 27, 2021




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Comments 100   
Theo Von
Theo Von 22 days ago
channeldirty7 7 days ago
You need BFB the Packman on the pod to ask him about the postal service...he’s a rapper blowing up online while still working his everyday job at the post office...the pod would be great like 5 different ways....and he’s from Flint...cmon Nick someone
Big Humphrey
Big Humphrey 8 days ago
Your the best theo would love to have a chat with you. Franklin Parish Winnsboro Louisiana 71295
lil_dead_ shroom
lil_dead_ shroom 10 days ago
maybe the 2nd question was asking about vows?
Brian B
Brian B 10 days ago
You guys talking about governors comedy club? lol. I love how your friendship blossomed. You two are my favorite comedians.
randall w
randall w 11 days ago
Don't argue with me. You know I'm right. I really liked you. And nobody else argue with me.
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 18 hours ago
Where were you when I was a kid ”ma'fucka?"
Malibu Ice
Malibu Ice 20 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks Andrew is annoying af laughing and talking at the same time?
Eazy E 82
Eazy E 82 21 hour ago
“Find a better way to fix it. “ 😂
Lap TV
Lap TV Day ago
Actually the US as its government stands now is older than a lot of European countries that were kingdoms or something else before evolving to their current mix of capitalism and socialism. The system has more prolonged success than any other since its creation.
Amador Puente
Anyone get the impression that Andrew is like forced? I didnt get a natural vibe
Erik Whitehead
How are gang gang sandals 45 bucks and the Hitler sweater 50.. good game Theo..
Truth_seeker Day ago
Andrew is the closest person to a black guy
murdermouth killingyou
Word of the day "impervious". How many looked it up?
conwell conwell
Master Bed Room
a 6
a 6 2 days ago
Thank god trick lung Mickey wasnt named Louie
a 6
a 6 2 days ago
"we flexxin right now" haha
a 6
a 6 2 days ago
1:14:50 fuck that, they got all the history and culture but they jack our young culture.... Errbody jackin USA culture
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 2 days ago
Why the hell is this the third time I've had to re sub to your channel?!
Logan Powell
Logan Powell 3 days ago
Great podcast
D JMH 3 days ago
Bobby and Andrew said they never asked u to be on a podcast lmao #stopthecap
a good boy
a good boy Day ago
Man, they're such baaad frieeeends
The Kellan Howard Podcast
10,000 girls ditch their book bags
GreenTools NYC
GreenTools NYC 3 days ago
The gardens are real.
Alexander Gomez Kolar
The Benny Hinn part was hilarious. “Like a rapper but not exactly.” Guy is a televangelist.
lochnarus 4 days ago
Between Two Ficuses
Andres Leyton
Andres Leyton 4 days ago
Dude listen to this please: SOCIALISM Is CAPITALISM in the hands of a few oligarchs ........ while CAPITALISM is capitalism in the hands of everyone who works for it.......... so don't be mistaken...socialist countries didn't resign capital, they made a monopoly out of it. and SUCKS!!!!!! cause you can't speak against it.....or your going to a gulag ......in a capitalist county you can say whatever the f you want...cause you know what???? Words are harmless*( ) when there is nothing to hide !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks appreciate 😎😎. *(indeed they are matter-free so can't harm you in anyway possible... unless your thoughts and narcissism decided to feel offended..in wich case is a self-inflicted ghost "harm" so does not count)
Andres Leyton
Andres Leyton 4 days ago
I cannot believe theo hasn't reach the 1M subscribers he's the best so 90s dude great vibe and chill I love you bro... keep rocking...
Louie Campers
Louie Campers 4 days ago
Andrew Shulz, dorky guy, not my cup of tea, pass on this one.
Noah The Boat Builder
Ginger roots
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson 4 days ago
the two most unique humans of all time
Aaron Romo
Aaron Romo 5 days ago
lol I had to stop and check this Nate guy out. Well... two hours later and I’ve seen several of his videos and now I’m about to watch his first of two Netflix specials. 😂 Guys hilarious. I’ll be back to finish tho!
Ciele Celestine
Ciele Celestine 5 days ago
Andrew’s laughs seem so fake and disingenuous.
Aaron Romo
Aaron Romo 5 days ago
lol I’ve never said this before, but the first 15 seconds of this podcast were 🔥 😂
Ash Daley
Ash Daley 5 days ago
I never laughed so hard at a podcast
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton 5 days ago
Beachslavic killed me
Jake Navarro
Jake Navarro 5 days ago
Broooo postal service comment was hilarious
James Brown
James Brown 5 days ago
This was great. Much love fellas.
Ty Shep
Ty Shep 5 days ago
How do they not have a podcast together yet?
Sean R
Sean R 5 days ago
Best episode ever
bran do
bran do 6 days ago
7:38 riley deadpan staring at a huge mac screen is the funniest thing ever
WestHaddnin 6 days ago
34:23 I’m definitely with Schulz on that one. Theo smashed that dudes wife for sure.
Gonzo 6 days ago
What is happening in this podcast
bravebeing 6 days ago
JA Musico
JA Musico 6 days ago
I watch this instead of Rogan now.
bran do
bran do 6 days ago
He’s a good man, an adult right riley? 😂😂
Theo Motsisi
Theo Motsisi 5 days ago
I wasn't going to stop scrolling till i found this comment...had me crying, these guys are lunatics
steffe689 6 days ago
Great chemistry should make a podcast "Cool Friends"
Kayne Sovereign
Kayne Sovereign 6 days ago
How do they not know about how much of a fraud Chris Hansen has become. He has been doing the same shit that he did to theo to a bunch of people. Not to mention his crowd funding scams. His bullshit has been blowing up online for ar least a year. Im legit surprised that they didn't hear about this.
Casey Voss
Casey Voss 6 days ago
Fuckin blast!
Gooey Stuff
Gooey Stuff 7 days ago
Can someonw timestamp the safe vax thing
Spika Rooni
Spika Rooni 7 days ago
Dad: what powder is in this lil baggie son? Me: 35:42
Moderately Amused
Was having a good time but started to go astray when they got around politics. Like Andrew sounding like all European countries have "evolved" into the same type of political system. FFS Andrew even if you just look at the EU, not only half still have constitutional monarchies but the other 6 still have different forms of democracies. Parliamentary, semi-presidential, unitary state, federation of states, etc. They might be older countries than the U.S. but none of them stand out as the model for which all other countries should strive to be.
Jojo 8 days ago
I love it when they can't make eye contact when they talk sweet to each other lol
bOOSTEDjOSH 8 days ago
Riley needs some bluetooth at that desk lol. Wires all over 🤣
MådKîñg IT
MådKîñg IT 8 days ago
But didn't you do Tiger belly ? But yet you said No to their podcast?
matt W.
matt W. 8 days ago
These two can’t get anything done when together 😂
lebohang mbeje
lebohang mbeje 8 days ago
best pod I've watched this year
John Q
John Q 8 days ago
lol that "corridor" comedy club in new york is, pretty sure, The Stand. Tiny af
James Reid
James Reid 8 days ago
This might be my fav episode
Lownds_82 8 days ago
Since you moved you’ve had THE BEST guests and vibe. Keep doing your thing ya lil Swamp Rat. My Brother lived in Shreveport and Minden and I went down for his funeral and when we crossed the Texas border into Louisiana it got dark real quick...it was like all the passengers in the vehicle immediately got a dark tan and an attitude, that place is rowdy and a damn good time if you like watching your back. I think that’s why my brother loved it haha
nolenper 8 days ago
"he's not asian, he's korean... he's american" (Schulz)
Nova Mess
Nova Mess 8 days ago
Make a podcast together. I love you and Brenden's chemistry but both of you have a great chemistry also. I just think it would be a missed opportunity.
Justine Lombardo
Justine Lombardo 9 days ago
This podcast was outta control 😂
Shiver Me Timbers
armin38822 9 days ago
Andrew lacking that confidence laugh when he's with Rogan.
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson 9 days ago
I want a “ we got rabies baby” shirt
Tate Peterson
Tate Peterson 9 days ago
Screw Riley that boi scared scared
David Hall
David Hall 9 days ago
The zebra.. is for the black and whites.. sorry that's how I read it at first.. til Theo said it.. but still I think that's what they are trying to say and everyone in between
Justine Lombardo
Justine Lombardo 9 days ago
45:04 "Cuz they're idiots. Have you been alive? Have you been outside of your eyes?" 🤣🤣🤣 55:02 YOU GUYS ARE BAD FRIENDS TOOK ME THE FUCK OUT 😭😭😭😭😭 Don't come for my people bruhhh
Dusty Dopey
Dusty Dopey 9 days ago
Chris Hanson has a habit of ripping people off, he’s not a good guy. He’s a total fraud. Look it up guys
jamiepottermusic 9 days ago
Must be shit if Theo turns up to your wedding and doesn't come up to you to say he hasn't slept with your wife. Time to run out of that wedding.
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett 9 days ago
Hey Theo.....you really hate Jacksonville, Florida huh? Well I live here and I've been long time fan. ❤
Noe Arguelles
Noe Arguelles 9 days ago
Eme Tee
Eme Tee 9 days ago
Tv: "By the end of the year the stage is packed" As: "Kinda like a Wu-tang Video" 😂😂😂
Aaron Sena
Aaron Sena 9 days ago
Good laugh
Carter Steinbrecher
Anyone can work at mcdonald's unless you don't like being treated like absolute fucking garbage 😂
Carter Steinbrecher
These two men are the funniest people on earth
Andy Ravenscroft
Andy Ravenscroft 9 days ago
The fuck is Schulz always laughing at? Ffs.
Mark Ivan
Mark Ivan 10 days ago
holy shit this is funny. honestly theo is one of the only ppl that makes me really laugh out loud
Bernard Zjakic
Bernard Zjakic 10 days ago
thinking about how I am not white, look white but not quite... also I am River Slav 😂😉
Erin 10 days ago
At 8:29 is that why Brendan, Chris and Nick left abruptly towards the end of the last KATS?
Victor Braspenning
Victor Braspenning 10 days ago
Man you guys r fuckin good together this should be the flagrancy man
Lame 10 days ago
1/10 Expected to hear about godhead, instead I got this
mje19D 10 days ago
You thought you would hire another Chin huh? Looks like you found a dud.
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett 9 days ago
Chin is 20 years older. Tons more experience.
David Salazar
David Salazar 10 days ago
Andrew forces his laugh so much it’s not genuine
Booty Hawk
Booty Hawk 10 days ago
Jake Girouard
Jake Girouard 10 days ago
Lmfao, " both thoes guys, are guys I said I wouldn't do podcast with " LMAO
PiscesXXX 10 days ago
Theo should force Riley to read scripts and do improv like Bobby Lee and Santino do to Rudy 😁✨
Late Night
Late Night 10 days ago
In case some people didn’t get it the “their making coke sand “ line meaning Asians are so smart... at a beach a big problem is the sand is so hot walking there before it’s wet so he’s saying there so smart they invented and made cold sand lmfaooooo. Hilarious golden line theo vons brain is incredible!
Late Night
Late Night 10 days ago
Cold sand*^^
alex bishop
alex bishop 10 days ago
Great show!!
Randal Armstrong
Randal Armstrong 10 days ago
This may have been my favorite podcast ever
Dreamingbig 10 days ago
A whole lot of laughing in the first 20min. But nothing remotely close to funny has been said
Andrei Arca
Andrei Arca 10 days ago
I mean Young Riley isn't as good as Young Jamie, but we still love him.
Nari 10 days ago
"The best thing about corona is people from LA and New York realizing there are other places to live." That's been the worst part about corona for the rest of us
Michael 6 days ago
I thought the exact same thing, though people have been moving en masse to (and destroying) my hometown of Portland for about 10 years now.
T M 8 days ago
Well of course people aren’t moving out of NY & California to the UK 😂😂😂
AngryOscillator 9 days ago
I don't know, living in the UK I can honestly say I've not noticed
Lee RIchmond
Lee RIchmond 10 days ago
I just love having access to all these amazing people. Quite a beautiful world we live in! 2021 is your year
Jojo Luna
Jojo Luna 10 days ago
Who’s the next person you’re going to stop being friends with? 😂
Joe F
Joe F 11 days ago
Poop Pants
Poop Pants 11 days ago
Best podcast
Joe F
Joe F 11 days ago
HARTBARGER 11 days ago
Theo is not funny.
Joe F
Joe F 11 days ago
20:30 LMAO
nathanb 11 days ago
Goddamn seems like a nightmare working for theo
Le Tigre
Le Tigre 11 days ago
I love when Andrew complimented Theo on Tiger Belly.. he said Theo is so talented, with most comedians when they tell a joke I can go ok I didn’t think of it, but I can see how they got there.. with Theo.. I have no idea how he gets there”
jayce torres
jayce torres 11 days ago
Gotta love theo, thanks for not being a creeper dawg🤘
Folheto Grená
Folheto Grená 11 days ago
Bro, the way Theo said "Caipirinha" made me howl, man. Cheers from Brazil
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