An Easy Fix With Common Hand Tools tiktok dougley 

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An Easy Fix With Common Hand Tools tiktok dougley
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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
NoizzyBoi 4 hours ago
Never put fuxking Locktite on these screws I snapped so many of these at work bc dumbasses put locktite on
PRIS Day ago
This is such a bad idea. U don't want to mess anything in your suspension
FaZ-B 19 days ago
I did this and now my breaks don't work
DerLuukee 19 days ago
A nice trick is to oil up the brakes for better breaking performance as well. Thank me later.
Julieann1912 23 days ago
So cool!
Jakob Steven
Jakob Steven 24 days ago
Did my man actually just put locktight on there 😭😭
Leonidas Mejia
Leonidas Mejia 25 days ago
This is the stupidest thing i ever heard ig there squeaking is because they are cheap pads and there bad buy new ones but not the ceramic one that's why they do that the semi metallic ones are better
Thought Different
Thought Different 26 days ago
I would never sand brake pads, was always told that. Lots of nasty materials in there, aspesbestos in older ones
awsome gamer
awsome gamer 26 days ago
DO NOT USE LOCK TIGHT ON YOUR BREAKS you’re life will be hell when you try to get them off there’s a reason why you can find most torque specs online
emmett mcgrew
emmett mcgrew 26 days ago
I don't think u should put any lube on ur rotors!!
Welders Wife
Welders Wife 26 days ago
Wrong. Use approximately 3 jars of Vaseline on pad so it slides nice on the rotor. Make sure the calipers are nice and loose.
Cristian WithNoH
Cristian WithNoH 26 days ago
I forgot to put the jack underneath😵
dipset22554 26 days ago
This mans just showed y’all how to change brakes on a soul. Ain’t nothin simple bout this
Johan 26 days ago
Oil them 😉
Macho Man
Macho Man 26 days ago
Don't forget to put grease on the rotors. Big help.
dominic ketchemi
dominic ketchemi 26 days ago
Wire brush and free the caliper pistons and remove rust simple!
canelo guero
canelo guero 26 days ago
I've been doing brakes for 20 years. I've never used thread lock. I torque them to specs.
- THE WATCHERS 27 days ago
Do yourself a favor replace the whole fucking car
Purrfect Nails
Purrfect Nails 27 days ago
Lol the fact that he knows it drives people insane including the driver!
Brent Cogswell
Brent Cogswell 28 days ago
First off, that blue "anti squeal" stuff is not anti squeal its anti chatter. It pretty much make the pad stick to the caliper. Anti squeal liquid goes on the pad surface and dries a gray color. Second NEVER put lock tite on caliper bolts you will regret it in about 40k miles.
charlie cook
charlie cook 28 days ago
Dr.Samual Hayden
Dr.Samual Hayden 28 days ago
“Jack it up” 😳😳😳😳
jim h
jim h 28 days ago
Wd40 on the break pads is a much better solution that will eliminate noise
MonzaRacer 28 days ago
Pure crap don't use the membrane anymore use brake caliper lube and spread thin coat on back of pads instead
Rilen Sharp
Rilen Sharp 28 days ago
DO NOT SAND YOUR PADS, you will scratch your brake rotors and reduce your braking power
Joshua Ballard
Joshua Ballard 28 days ago
Yes let us put super glue on our bolts so we struggle to get them odd next time
greedyb00777 28 days ago
Do not use locktight on your caliper bolts. You do use it on the caliper mounting bracket. And they sell anti squeak in a can, and if somebody didn't take those steps while installing your brakes never go back there!
L K 28 days ago
Why would you put locktight on something you have to remove again 🤣
Lizet Garcia
Lizet Garcia 28 days ago
My dog didnt like this sound
Downhill Groovy
Downhill Groovy 28 days ago
And here I am hitting 40mph and slamming the breaks to clean em off. I guess this works too
J Stan and the Savages
Jesus that Jack point-.- Leave the car stuff to car people
Daniel Clifton
Daniel Clifton 28 days ago
I had a Renault that would do this from time to time and all I did was point a hose at them and wash the dust out, I'm not saying that it's works on all squeaks or that washing the brakes out is the smartest thing to do but worked for me (if you do try it just test the brakes a few times after to dry them out and don't blame me if you plow into something because of this)
Gunzee 28 days ago
Get on the high way/motorway. Speed up to 80 mph. Now very lightly apply the brake and accelerate until you're at 70 mph. Hold for 20 seconds. Release and repeate after 3 minutes.
Golden Master
Golden Master 28 days ago
Just buy new brake pads
Golden Master
Golden Master 28 days ago
Also dont turn u wheel it could make the car fall
Gummoboi2020 28 days ago
This looks like a smooth way to meet death ngl
Jake Stockel
Jake Stockel 28 days ago
He didn't even greese where they sit in the carrier....
Aida Rached
Aida Rached 28 days ago
yeah, no. I got confused on the second step.
John Wiedemer
John Wiedemer 28 days ago
You don’t need to sand your pads lmao they’re already being “sanded” by the disc if they squeal during contact it’s because the force applied is uneven, not the actual pad(another reason why a shop should do it because they can adjust it). Best advice here was about lubing the pins.
bubbas1298 28 days ago
Skipping the step where you'll need to compress the piston back into place otherwise getting it back on is gonna be rough
slav nugget
slav nugget 28 days ago
Every bus company should watch this video
Mrswitchblade 28 days ago
I like how a female robot is instructing a males job
Sir_ SmokesIII
Sir_ SmokesIII 28 days ago
Erick D.
Erick D. 28 days ago
Brain.exe has unexpectedly shut down.
Elliott Fontaine
Elliott Fontaine 28 days ago
Cross threaded or tourqed to spec. Tight is tight
I am The Pappy
I am The Pappy 28 days ago
Just The Highlights
Don't ever do DIY on your brakes unless you're a certified mechanic!
Willfrye1980 28 days ago
WAYYYYYYYUU to much smh
Frostydog1793 28 days ago
This is it. I didn’t know it was possible. This is it, the exact opposite of asmr.
Shiroree 28 days ago
Instructions unclear, I fell of a cliff
Mystery Mouseketool
Perhaps don't turn the wheels while on jackstand
Kohl Gray
Kohl Gray 28 days ago
No you just need new rotors 🤦‍♂️. Please never do this, its dangerous as hell to mess with the brakes as is.
Servando Aldape
Servando Aldape 28 days ago
U forgot the c clamp on caliper.
sjgavenger37 28 days ago
And in a few weeks they will start to squeak again. You actually need to get the rotors turned also.
Noah’s Narley Nvideos
Make sure you breathe in the dust while sanding the pads.
2011 SHO Kona
2011 SHO Kona 28 days ago
At this point just replace the F--------g brake rotors and pads with decent s--t.
Brandon Dang
Brandon Dang 28 days ago
Yeah lemme just do exactly what you just did and pretend I know the products you are using.
Loren Clockwork
Loren Clockwork 28 days ago
Seeing that dust made me wanna sneeze
minecraft buildingboss
Do not do this. Mechanic here. This is not good for your brakes. It is probably a rock and will come out if reinstalled, or you can ride it out and the minor groove in the disk will be fixed when you resurface it at the next brake change. This weakens your vehicle's stopping power and increases the chance of overheating your brakes when traveling in mountainous regions. Your brakes are a self regulating system, if they need correction like sanding it will be done by standard operation of the vehicle.
lone wolf
lone wolf 28 days ago
This dude showing us this if you lived in the south we have been doing breaks since we was 5 we know all about that
Baby Girl!! Kia
Baby Girl!! Kia 28 days ago
James Pakan
James Pakan 28 days ago
If your car squeal it means it has not enough oil for the brakes and it means that water has cleaned the brakes so you don’t really have to do this. And if water have cleaned the brakes it’s still fine. What is the point of oil for brakes, it makes the car not squealing
Cheap clown
Cheap clown 28 days ago
Am I dumb or are those spares he got on
Garrett Ivey
Garrett Ivey 28 days ago
just no. only thing you did right was applying brake grease. the fuck is the rest of this shit
MR.PIG. 28 days ago
Can I use....ermmmm..... the lube from the......uh.....bathroom?
DaDaUgHtEr Devers
DaDaUgHtEr Devers 28 days ago
Maybe just some brake cleaner
dvni xvi
dvni xvi 28 days ago
I’m no mechanic, but as soon as I saw sanding of the brake pads, I knew everything was about to be wrong
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson 28 days ago
Do not ever use locktite on caliper bolts
Rich Laue
Rich Laue 28 days ago
Many times it is simply because the anti squel plate has been left off or they where not greased.
Confederate DEO VINDICE
For whoever is putting Loctite on this shit stop it cuz evidently you're not going to be the one replacing this Loctite sucks just don't put anything on it you'll be okay because then it's easier to get off next time but yet they won't come off while you're moving
Dade Matlock
Dade Matlock 28 days ago
Don’t ever fucking do this bruh that’s how you die on a highway
Ozulp 28 days ago
Don’t fucking do this
romain lenaerts
romain lenaerts 28 days ago
Part 2: how to fix squeaky jack stand 🙃
smirkytiger 28 days ago
Any video is bad when there is the default tts voice
ToddRobinson13 28 days ago
Use a pick to pull the low pad sensor back some more so you can get full use of the pad. Just keep in mind they are starting to get low.
•Dollhouse• 28 days ago
Wait people have this items on them normally-?
Joe Verweire
Joe Verweire 28 days ago
Please don't jack it up on the uni-body seam!
Crxnchy 28 days ago
Me the whole time: that’s what she said Jp
Jrezky 28 days ago
Or just brake better.
Jrezky 28 days ago
Put antiseize on your braketrain bolts, not loctite.
Sam 28 days ago
Don't sand your pads! If it really bothers you, save your money and take it to a mechanic.
Sam O'Nella University
Some breaks require friction heat. So if it’s cold out. Your breaks will squeal. If your pads are still good. Take a look at the rotors.
Isaac 28 days ago
I trust the Mechanics in the comment section more than real life ones
Vee 28 days ago
Uhm so now tiktok has DIY mechanics wow. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse
LittleCart 28 days ago
This is an accident waiting to happen.
Mark Schisler
Mark Schisler 28 days ago
It's always recomended for amateur wanna be mechanics to disassemble major safety components of a motor vehicle ESPECIALLY the brakes,because they're squeaking....
eternal time
eternal time 28 days ago
Please don't do this is dangerous
Erena Wismer
Erena Wismer 28 days ago
I'm dying here. People go to you tube to find out how to do things. Some moron is like yeahh ... ok ... pull the wheel off .... turn wheel for ... access .... pull this thing off ... lube it up ... ah shit how does this go back together?
Goober Mcbooger Balls
Or you know, you could just drive the car for a bit instead of wasting your time doing something that would have gotten done anyways.
Dhairya 28 days ago
How to stop squeals? put anti squeal everywhere.
Senator Palpatine
Senator Palpatine 28 days ago
Easier way is to just spray some WD-40 on the rotor no more squealing 👍👍
BlickInMyBoot 28 days ago
I don’t have a car
Rudaina Safwat
Rudaina Safwat 28 days ago
I would rather deal with the squeaky sounds than go through all of this
Thomas Catchpole
Thomas Catchpole 28 days ago
But the kia soul ad was good 😌
Micah 28 days ago
I don't know about you but I'm not taking car advice from someone who drives a Kia Soul
4-14 FAN
4-14 FAN 28 days ago
You can also try slamming the brakes at high speed, that will work. Just don't wreck
ThreeLeggedBear 28 days ago
I'll keep the squeaky pads, I can't hear it inside my vehicle
Rellik 28 days ago
If you're going to do that much work you may as well replace the pads with good ones and reface the rotor.
Hilario Martinez
Hilario Martinez 28 days ago
Now when my dad has the squeaky sound again I could tell him even though I had to watch this for 1 hour 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
awsome gamer
awsome gamer 26 days ago
Don’t do any of what this this guy just said he gave the worst possible advice find someone else or a different yt video where the actually know what there doing
Islombek Begijanov
Islombek Begijanov 28 days ago
Dude my car isn’t that old, and only today i heard that on my car, just today!!! Why this appears to me today? What are the odds 😂
Solo 1
Solo 1 28 days ago
There wasn’t any reason to sand those pads they were still good idk how long they would’ve lasted obviously but they were AT LEAST half way done, just don’t work on your car if you don’t have any real experience on working whatever it is you are working on, also you don’t need to super glue the screws, that shit is can be really hard to take off sometimes just with rust alone and if u add that it makes it worse, I’ve had times where we’ve need to heat the metal up with a blow torch just to loosen it up. Moral of this comment is to just not fuck with your car and find a mechanic you can trust seriously, and also try and stay away from mass company shops try to find a low key shop that someone owns or find someone on the street who knows basic mechanics more often then not they can be trusted to work on your car and usually for cheaper
Bud Light
Bud Light 28 days ago
Laughs in first time doing a timing belt you lean on the left cam and move it 40 degrees: haha