among us but the IMPOSTOR CAN DRAG LIVE BODIES (mods) 

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Thank you for Dragon City for sponsoring this video! #sponsored
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among us but the impostor can drag live bodies using mods

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Feb 18, 2021




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Socksfor1 7 days ago
sup gamers! Thank you for Dragon City for sponsoring this video! #sponsored dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/Socksfor1 Use this link to download dragon city today in order to get a dragon version OF ME! FOR FREE!
Cesar Gonzalez
I’m about to get your dragon
Petr Vacovsky
Petr Vacovsky 6 days ago
Its rád růst dragon Is for money
dennis Vermeulen
dennis Vermeulen 6 days ago
This link aren't working
Somebody 6 days ago
I'm gonna get that dragon
Le boiy
Le boiy 6 days ago
Socks i quit cause youtuber dragons are hard
skills Academy Guyana
i have all dragons im the best
Prodigal Son Fan
Prodigal Son Fan 8 hours ago
Love ur vids man
Ivex Pro
Ivex Pro 9 hours ago
Socks playing the Soviet anthem with the UK flag
BlackError_404 10 hours ago
Unspeakable Live happy
Ive been tryna get that dragon for ages
MR.TAZER 11 hours ago
You mean people broken English
Gabriel Wojniusz
Gabriel Wojniusz 14 hours ago
Me: hears soviet national anthem and sees the UK flag Also me: wtf
Gouri Chavan
Gouri Chavan 17 hours ago
"3:29 Meme: Guys, this is my new pet Socksfor1".... Yeah I actually saw a bird face with Meme's Eyes and Socks helmet....you will see too at 3:29
Michael Walters
Michael Walters 18 hours ago
Sweden_Tiko 19 hours ago
wrong flag to the music its the ussr national anthem not the brittish
• Sunny Night •
• Sunny Night • 20 hours ago
2:00 SOCKS IS FIGHTING DREAM (Dream Sponsored this game too)
Finn Goebl
Finn Goebl 21 hour ago
Pleased Go into a Cent while you frag a live body
Wanting Zhang
Wanting Zhang 23 hours ago
Lol for muffin
2020 Amiright
Anyone else see the Dream dragon in the sponsor clip??
Matthew McDonnell
When will you release episode 5 of the sick SMP
Cursed Lolbit
*Live Bodies* ya mean people?
Zamani Collins
I got the dragon
Çınar Efe Atik
Make among us but imoostors can DRAG LIVE BODIES AND WALK INTO THROUGH WALLS that would be great imagine putting cree inside walls, this is a good vid btw
Aloe Jaguar
Aloe Jaguar Day ago
I've had dragon city since 6 but Idk if there was a dragon featuring a utuber since now...
Creeper the Sempai
3:53 ddlc reference?
DragonBorne the coward of the Polus Outpost
This is the only sponsor I like
Ultimate Ultima
is it bad i want the dream dragon more then the sock dragon
Idk if i need to spend 100$ on a god damn game
Jonathan Stein
suggestion: imposter can drag live people through walls.
Oof Man
Oof Man Day ago
At 3:11 y did he display the uk flag and play ussr we are not commies
Sebastian&Gabriel Perez
Socks when he gets everything: WELL WELL WELL WELLL
Minestory Day ago
the black guy is here
I may have lost my chance at gettingbthe socksfor1 dragon
the black guy is here
I am sorry socks
Renz Ethan93
Renz Ethan93 Day ago
Omg i have dragon i for got sorry i see that dragon but i kenot buy it😞
syuii GAMING
syuii GAMING Day ago
I do not get your dragon
Ragnar Kolka
Ragnar Kolka Day ago
I love your dragon socks
3:50 that's Doki-Doki literature Club theme I love that theme
Boruto studio
𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚐𝚘𝚗 𝚌𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚍𝚑𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎. 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎.
•piixiehole •
New doctor run! XD NO more imposter runs
Player Lucin
Player Lucin 2 days ago
I swear I just go your dragon from breeding (im so happy)
Tan Pans
Tan Pans 2 days ago
i got Dragon City
Darrion Burk
Darrion Burk 2 days ago
ty for telling me where the last pices where
Darrion Burk
Darrion Burk 2 days ago
wow i got ur dragon
Sean Sandoval
Sean Sandoval 2 days ago
Fan Fact:People will read the whole comment if you put *Fun Fact*
Sean Sandoval
Sean Sandoval 2 days ago
YAY I have the dream dragon and now the socksfor1 dragon YAY thank you socks
Samantha Nguyen
Samantha Nguyen 2 days ago
I got your dragon on the last day of fog island ;w;
Ramona Treviso
Ramona Treviso 2 days ago
I dont like dragons
Lillian Rasmussen
Can the jester create bodys
Kylie White
Kylie White 2 days ago
Socks: Who doesn’t like dragons? Girls: uh us?
Shocknaw 2 days ago
Socks dragon kills dream Impossible
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell 2 days ago
Was Meme the imposter 3 times?
Richter Gallegos
Richter Gallegos 2 days ago
I got the socksfor1 dragon and I am so lucky I got it on the last day.
Jay Dev
Jay Dev 2 days ago
Lit The Great
Lit The Great 2 days ago
Do you mean dragging crewmates it’s cool no hate
CringyLegend 2 days ago
3:08 Yes I love UK anthem
GhostFire fire
GhostFire fire 2 days ago
Bruh... socks: battles with dream Dream: battles mrbeast Mrbeast: battles... *PEWDIEPIE?*
Devin Christensen
Cael Reacts real
Cael Reacts real 2 days ago
Dream the best Minecraft player also sponsored and he literally used it for is his sponsor
TheGreatBman 651
TheGreatBman 651 2 days ago
I’ve been trying to get your dragon since it came out
abdillahi limfou
abdillahi limfou 2 days ago
00:00 to 00:12 Laff always should sue 😂✋
Triplet Boi
Triplet Boi 2 days ago
I got socksfor1 dragon pog :)
Jayden Pax
Jayden Pax 2 days ago
i thought meme god was a doctor
Emma Curran
Emma Curran 2 days ago
i have to buy mines
Ella Marie
Ella Marie 2 days ago
I just heard a doki doki music😃😃😃
fusion the dragonhog
Moriel Iwunze
Moriel Iwunze 2 days ago
Dream dragon vs socksfor1 dragon
Dragon 247
Dragon 247 2 days ago
i have this dragon and dream dragon:))))))))))))
Michael Weber
Michael Weber 2 days ago
I have Dragon city!!
Tejas Malhotra
Tejas Malhotra 2 days ago
Please play hopless 3 I will subscribe your channel
Nicodemus Charles
me im waiting for dragon city to become a good game not filled with endless suffering and while its at it maybe it could make its brother monster legends sufferable as well
Rodxylle Kirk Manalang
who else thinks he needs to be in monter legends
Klackers& Cheese
Klackers& Cheese 2 days ago
socksfor1,,, is a spaceman, oh he travels in a spaceship he will flyyyyyyyy to the mooonnnnnnnnnnnnn
Night Mare
Night Mare 2 days ago
When will there be another 10l days of Minecraft
Carmen Kitson
Carmen Kitson 2 days ago
Great vid
• Catty Queen •
Yes dragos city i realy like that Game i playd it on Facebook and now ITS gone yes i AM Kid.
Cj_Jakey Paul
Cj_Jakey Paul 2 days ago
It so hard to get the socks for 1 egg or the parts even if i see the link it doesnt work i really wanted it so hard:(
Cj_Jakey Paul
Cj_Jakey Paul 2 days ago
Without the link
Cj_Jakey Paul
Cj_Jakey Paul 2 days ago
Nevermind got it
William Ellis
William Ellis 2 days ago
you can you forgot the 2 in oxygen
Crewmatess 2 days ago
JDJFJSKSJCNFJ I GOT THE SOCKSFOR1 DRAGON FINALLY I had to use money cuz I was running out of time JDJDJDJ
Lachlan 6.2
Lachlan 6.2 2 days ago
I had dragon city for along time and i have been craving your dragon i have tried to get it with puzzle pieces and i begged my parents to let me buy gems for your dragon u should be happy that it is a legendary cuase Lachlan the fort nite player has 3 but one of them is only a very rare
Rafiq Gaming
Rafiq Gaming 3 days ago
What laff was on a chair??????
James Boucher
James Boucher 3 days ago
3:09 he socks can i ask WHY YOU USED THE USSR ANTHEM WITH THE UK FLAG?!?!
Giusep Carrera
Giusep Carrera 3 days ago
Quiella Mesina
Quiella Mesina 3 days ago
I have dragon city to and I have tree legendary
Philippines Gamerz
8:12 Well well Well well Well
ken yamazuki
ken yamazuki 3 days ago
3:51 doki doki sound effect
Leisa Mari Bekkers
i love how every time socks is the imposter he always says 'well well well' a bunch of times
Pancake77 3 days ago
I got socksfor1 dragon and it only cost me 18$! No Siriusly it did cost me 18$ was it worth it? eh kinda
e 3 days ago
jbii6 Rackety
jbii6 Rackety 3 days ago
Link wont work for me because i on mobile
Meghna Pradhan
Meghna Pradhan 3 days ago
i have 44 dragons in dragon city my strongest dragon is a legendary whose name i fogort lol
It’s Saúl
It’s Saúl 3 days ago
1:21 that's dream
kurt Mora
kurt Mora 3 days ago
The uttermost wasp remarkably shave because silk operationally consist apropos a kaput armadillo. curvy, determined tsunami
Dryden Courtois
Dryden Courtois 3 days ago
3:10 nice a Russian anthem with a British flag
Anh Ros
Anh Ros 3 days ago
3:09 lol puts the ussr national anthem but there is a British flag in the background
xCoolChoix and Anjgaming107
2:01 socks vs dream
Cool Roblox
Cool Roblox 3 days ago
Socks dragon is mine now
Mathew Iniguez
Mathew Iniguez 3 days ago
Hey socks I got the that you were talking about the dragon
Mathew Iniguez
Mathew Iniguez 3 days ago
Hey socks I got dragon that you were talking about
Brianna Schutte
Brianna Schutte 3 days ago
Yay I got the socks egg in dragon city🥳🥳🥳
Mason 3 days ago
3:09 Soviet anthem over UK flag:
wolfie chase
wolfie chase 3 days ago
The end of the dragon thing at the beginning is 2:08