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The family plays Among Us but this time you have to hide or dance for your life!
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Nov 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
The Bee Family
The Bee Family Month ago
For the record. Mr Bee never cussed...even though he does once in a while :) He just used a funny bleep FX button to make everyone laugh. Have a great day!
Simplyyx Brynn
Simplyyx Brynn 3 days ago
I think it’s ok if he did actually cuss I am younger than him I am 13 and I do it
Omar nawrani
Omar nawrani 4 days ago
Kristina Stojanović
Rafael Vivar herrera
Good I thought he did😂 !!
Olivia Mancheva
Olivia Mancheva 10 days ago
I think cuz he said the F words Like i was wait 😱
Leena Dockens
Leena Dockens 21 hour ago
But I still love you bee family 😍❣️
Leena Dockens
Leena Dockens 21 hour ago
Play with other people soo the game is more fun an long cuz this is to short🤭🤗🙏🤩😍😘
raveena hoosein
Isabella Quintero
When gabie said nino she called mama bee a boy
Sadie Hedges
Sadie Hedges 2 days ago
That was great you also play more games together it's really fun watching you all play games together and be goofy like you guys are it makes me laugh and smile.
Mr Draw
Mr Draw 2 days ago
I’m sorry that bleeping part... I CANT
Alex reyes
Alex reyes 2 days ago
Why do u let your son say bad words ya the worst parents
Heleinah Gloevette Gallardo
Dolores villalobos
I love you
Coco Hot
Coco Hot 3 days ago
I love how she got the the code right when he did the bleep thing even though it was a curse replacement. Also I came back and I never heard him curse till now!
AshleyXOXO Gaming
I loved the video make more among us videos an is it ok if you can make minecraft videos to plzzz i have ben watching your videos since 4 years so can and i liked and subscribe i clicked the notifacations soo plzzz im your biggest fan and i love your video
Janine Maxwell
Janine Maxwell 4 days ago
I almost Peed my pants from the beeping part LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SNORTY. mama Bee said mr bee swears every once in a while it’s more like mr bee swear every a whole bunch of times every once in a while. :)
Marcusaurus TV
Marcusaurus TV 4 days ago
He really did mean it Oh my gosh we can see movie mr bee now
andrick Duarte
andrick Duarte 4 days ago
niria garciduenas
its the " Hola nino!" for me :)
Alessandra Triana (Student)
Stop noob
Omar nawrani
Omar nawrani 4 days ago
how come his mum doesnt belt him when he swears lucky guyy
The dumb one
The dumb one 5 days ago
"F as in F***"
Super POWERFUL 5 days ago
There not the same no more
•Lėmøn_ fėlløws•
Try hide and seek in the dark in among us to
pao velasco
pao velasco 5 days ago
Fred Donovan
Fred Donovan 5 days ago
i though this was child fiendly
king artist
king artist 6 days ago
pls part 2
Saadi 6 days ago
1:24 *how I scream after seeing a spider*
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 6 days ago
6:00 So many bleeps
Sky Lugo
Sky Lugo 6 days ago
i love you guys\
Julianna Villalobos
I was cracking up the whole time they are the most hilarious family ever. If you want to have a good laugh or smile you should watch them. 💜 and I love eh bee family ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Nirupam Punia
Nirupam Punia 6 days ago
3:47 We AcTuAlLy HaVe A... sImP oN oUr HaNdS -Mr. Bee 2020
Berry Bee
Berry Bee 7 days ago
The Bleeping effect- 😭💀🤚
Lemi P
Lemi P 7 days ago
2090 quarantine be like:+___+ 😂😂😂
Dulce Sifuentes
Dulce Sifuentes 7 days ago
🤣🤣🤣what mr bee say in
Raphael Fernandez
MrCookie 8 days ago
6:08 لول
Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle 8 days ago
i love your videos
Vukelowski 8 days ago
the code is the best part
Vincent R.
Vincent R. 8 days ago
Papa bee: ooh I love those moves mama bee Me:no you just don't wanna get beat with a flip flop and sleep on the couch
Nia Zhamerashvili
Fun fact: i actually put ,,fan fact'' so that people will read a whole comment
PGxNxghtMare 9 days ago
Gwenn Ashley Angeles
Mr bee is not innocent anymore 🤣🤣💔💔
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 9 days ago
Mr bee what the heck
Vivien Venczel
Vivien Venczel 9 days ago
Mama Bee sent me to orbit🤣🤣
MR bee: you know what guys we actually got a SIMP on our hands Me: *me being the number one anime simper*
Jai Guru Ji
Jai Guru Ji 10 days ago
Can you pls play with me
Amrita Kaur
Amrita Kaur 10 days ago
Ive never seen mr bee bleep before lmaoo
Xany plays
Xany plays 10 days ago
*athe bleeping part* i thought none of them cursed lol
Max Kovaev
Max Kovaev 10 days ago
Dam chill with the words
Anna Farra
Anna Farra 10 days ago
kytty4you 10 days ago
Bruh- why did you have to swear
caylee barron
caylee barron 11 days ago
Why did Mr bee say f is for f**k u
Jayden Jaramillo
Jayden Jaramillo 11 days ago
Frena Shah
Frena Shah 11 days ago
How about among us in the real life
Mylee Brown
Mylee Brown 12 days ago
wait did Mr bee fr cuss!?!?!?!
Albian G
Albian G 13 days ago
Next time you guys play hide and seek put the imposter vision all the way down so it’s harder
Bea and Richnin Vlog
I saw this on tiktok and i was laughing so hard hahaha😂😂
AlyssaC 13 days ago
Mama Bee as a crewmate is the best thing. Haha!
crxped 13 days ago
Can you pleeez just say something in my comment bee family? That would be a gift
GamingWithLorenzo 13 days ago
Even though he ain't cussing, it still makes me sad because they are my favourite youtubers and I heard MrBee swear. But he ain't cussing.😔 Please tell me MrBee won't act like this in the future
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 13 days ago
F as in *beep* K as in Kevin R as in Richard D as in *beep* V as in Victor And F as in *beep*
Mrbee cursed
GlitterCupcake Eira
“ the question is where are you foo”😂😂😂😂
Alicia the Compuuter Gamer
Do you download or what?
ItsBreanna 14 days ago
When he said the bad words I turned down my valume and said “ I THOUGHT U WERE FOR KIDS IM A CHILD”
Anais Parra
Anais Parra 14 days ago
Gads was like: HoLa nIÑo!!!!
Building Bricks Flashlights, And Other DIY Ideas
At first i thought mr. Bee was cussing but then I heard the bleep I was like nahhh mr bee wasn't cussing
Dobby's Girl
Dobby's Girl 15 days ago
Mr Bee: F as in *Frick* Me: this is gonna be good XD
Abby blanchard
Abby blanchard 15 days ago
hey tharts ilegal
Dinolca Guerrero
Dinolca Guerrero 16 days ago
3:00 called his own dad a fool
Rouhnecks are undifeatible
Rouhnecks are undifeatible
I've never heard them cus
Emma Bennington
Emma Bennington 17 days ago
Gabys brother with that voice filter sounds like kylo ren😂😂😂😂
Angelicadominguez Dominguez
thats awesome
shin hye-sang
shin hye-sang 18 days ago
The Best Gamer
The Best Gamer 18 days ago
Assil Farhat
Assil Farhat 18 days ago
The way mrbee said bad words ahhahaha
Hadi Baxin Báez
Hadi Baxin Báez 18 days ago
ahahaha 🤣I loved the "hola niño!!" greetings from Mexico 🤩
Homer Tagulao
Homer Tagulao 19 days ago
Stick Fight
Stick Fight 19 days ago
Wow, haven’t watched this guys in a while
Babe Ivy
Babe Ivy 19 days ago
I can not belivie u fam swuour I hate YOUUU U USED TO BE MY FAV NOW U HATEEE
Sherrel Nabor
Sherrel Nabor 20 days ago
Your all so funny
Shove the Dove
Shove the Dove 20 days ago
5:59 lol my personal timestamp
Gamergirl 510
Gamergirl 510 21 day ago
Jenarom Medina
Jenarom Medina 22 days ago
I'm 8 and I do not cuss
S͟i͟m͟s͟ ᴠʟᴏɢs A̺͆n̺͆d̺͆ ᘜᗩᗰIᑎᘜ
Where do u get the swear button dude
Isabel goncalves
Isabel goncalves 22 days ago
I like when you sad f one I Really got me
Sherrel Nabor
Sherrel Nabor 23 days ago
You guys are so funny and I love you all
Sherrel Nabor
Sherrel Nabor 23 days ago
You guys are so cool
Its_ Ävå
Its_ Ävå 23 days ago
I've never seen Roberto swear ever
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben 23 days ago
Aletha Faiza
Aletha Faiza 24 days ago
Levi 24 days ago
There faces so funny 😂
PurpleSunset 24 days ago
I kept going back to the part where he said the code LOLLLL
Chloe Ting
Chloe Ting 24 days ago
Mr. Bee i literally hate you bc you swear
Thea’s Pets
Thea’s Pets 21 day ago
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Leandra Granger
Leandra Granger 24 days ago
i am 9 i do no think i should hear that so sorry but i do not like this channle
Anchelic Vasquez
Anchelic Vasquez 24 days ago
K for karma
Anchelic Vasquez
Anchelic Vasquez 24 days ago
You should say k as in karma
JOE _CLIPZ 25 days ago
JK stray
JK stray 3 days ago