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I'm back playing Among Us with the 2HYPE boys!
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Nov 4, 2020




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t1 football
t1 football 17 hours ago
James thinks he's smart
187 Kagula?
187 Kagula? 14 days ago
Sport Boys
Sport Boys 18 days ago
Why do they have no idea what they are doing
Arca Grotz
Arca Grotz 18 days ago
Who. Watch this all
Logan McMahan
Logan McMahan 19 days ago
i got so mad when jesse did not go in to medbay
Nathaniel Jack
Nathaniel Jack 29 days ago
Why back of his room is pink
Jamarra Bryant
Jamarra Bryant Month ago
spoodermans GAME
I got imposter 6 times in a row
Jaclyn Gooch
Jaclyn Gooch 2 months ago
Cash is always sus but never gets voted out except one
Cynthia Parnell
Cynthia Parnell 2 months ago
I get triggered watching Jesse play among us😭😂
BlueJay Gaming
BlueJay Gaming 2 months ago
Terrible person
Spiritual jay
Spiritual jay Month ago
It’s not that serious
Bilal Playz
Bilal Playz 2 months ago
Jack Froemel
Jack Froemel 2 months ago
You should do among us with the boys proximity chat
Rlcs 2 months ago
When Jesser is bored. Boys look at my caprison six pack by December?
Kash Green
Kash Green 2 months ago
Every time cash plays among us with 2HYPE he is a little bitch
B and D’s Channel
B and D’s Channel 2 months ago
I just want Kenneth to live his life what did he dooooooo he works for you and only on among us you guys just bully him 🤣🤔
Mc fatties gaming
Mc fatties gaming 2 months ago
Cash sucks at among us
joshua kim
joshua kim 2 months ago
The impossible fountain mainly sack because parcel evocatively heat behind a barbarous harp. abandoned, alert fertilizer
Osamabintrappin 2 months ago
Nobody : Cash: mmmmmmhh mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmhhhh
Finn Serratore Ginger
I feel stupid Kenny’s name is point 6 because that’s his kd
Katrinay Tobias
Katrinay Tobias 2 months ago
Play among us with fans
Katrinay Tobias
Katrinay Tobias 2 months ago
I'm a good fan
Nope Swagboss
Nope Swagboss 2 months ago
I know it’s moochi 1:38:02 task bar
Carolyn Thompson
Carolyn Thompson 2 months ago
Say this to Jeff everyone has different type of task
Han Lu
Han Lu 2 months ago
The deserted blowgun wailly plan because pheasant topologically flap via a billowy house. zany, honorable lettuce
Dredpool 2 months ago
Julian Gomes
Julian Gomes 2 months ago
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Simone Mungo
Simone Mungo 2 months ago
the pro
the pro 2 months ago
Want 1v1in Madden
Stephanie Wester
Stephanie Wester 2 months ago
Ya something cash
Tristan Kircher
Tristan Kircher 2 months ago
yo jesser its yo boy londan bridges
Tristan Kircher
Tristan Kircher 2 months ago
hey jesser
Logan Carnell
Logan Carnell 2 months ago
Everyone: R.I.P. Uzi Me: UZI IS NOT DEAD DUMMY
Alexander Mucha
Alexander Mucha 2 months ago
Shout out to Kyle Taylor for being first
Alicia Morgan
Alicia Morgan 3 months ago
Cade Christner
Cade Christner 3 months ago
Is someone gonna tell Jesse to go on the other side of cameras and then click on it
Karanbir Ghotra
Karanbir Ghotra 3 months ago
Lincoln Iakopo
Lincoln Iakopo 3 months ago
RNRgaming witnas
RNRgaming witnas 3 months ago
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 3 months ago
Nylon 3 months ago
Cash is hilarious
LIM YUAN KAI Moe 3 months ago
Andrew Perlmutter
Andrew Perlmutter 3 months ago
2HYPE 4 life
ItsQuesoDip 3 months ago
Sneaker Proxzy
Sneaker Proxzy 3 months ago
Pick One Please 😁
Alex St Amant
Alex St Amant 3 months ago
Chat......... RIP UZI!!!!!
Brian Un
Brian Un 3 months ago
Cash still cant pronounce jesse he said jezze
Ucloheeddmeシ 3 months ago
Nobody can’t lie cash is the yep of person to be a impostor and vote his own teammate off bruh
RekYhu -
RekYhu - 3 months ago
Cash :I got a headache Me: YOU SCREAM EVERY TIME YOU TALK jesus
Speeedy Wildabest
Speeedy Wildabest 3 months ago
Plz don’t cuss
Aniah Buchanan
Aniah Buchanan 3 months ago
Just a heads up the astriods task you can tell somone faking when the guns dont shoot
Nicki Sans7
Nicki Sans7 3 months ago
Shmoney got killed as he reported and ruined the whole game by giving away both.🙄 that’s so annoying
Logan Navas
Logan Navas 3 months ago
Kris on Fall Guys is KTT
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez 3 months ago
I made an among us painting
NTK Scooters
NTK Scooters 3 months ago
The only way to know that their imposter is that when their walking away from the body and the body is still standing up and the falls down
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson 3 months ago
James as dumb as Cash sometimes
Jackson Adams #2
Jackson Adams #2 3 months ago
Jesse different
hulking_saga 3 months ago
I have covid and there vids help me alot
Dylan K
Dylan K 3 months ago
The fact that they think they can teleport
Gunnar Robertson
Gunnar Robertson 3 months ago
Don’t think it was fair when Shomey died and talked
EydenTheGoat 3 months ago
where the freak them hundred people at
Brooke Maxwell
Brooke Maxwell 3 months ago
btw i was watching ur other vid and i think moo chie is a good imposter
Bjarke søndergaard jensen
Yo Kenny's mic be tripping do
Ryan Karliner
Ryan Karliner 3 months ago
Why the fuck do they always trust cash
Connor LevinE
Connor LevinE 3 months ago
Where’s mopi
J Bull
J Bull 3 months ago
Is their anyway I could play with y’all
nbjg2006 3 months ago
luwen hu
luwen hu 3 months ago
Literally where tf is mopi?
Maxx kuboom3
Maxx kuboom3 3 months ago
Rip juicewrld And chad
They are all smooth brains and if cash said he saw the body with Jesse and then he said I didn’t see the body why didn’t they get him out?
Ace Trizzle
Ace Trizzle 3 months ago
Anyone want to teach me how to vlog and do US-first I’m a beginner
Basketball Future
Basketball Future 3 months ago
Aeric Pence
Aeric Pence 3 months ago
These are some of the worst games of Among Us that I've ever seen. GOD I NEED MORE!
RUBIKS COOBS 3 months ago
1:38:02 what the frick?
Ryan Cappas
Ryan Cappas 3 months ago
It pissed me off so much when they didn’t vote out James in the second round. It was so obvious it was him and they should’ve 50/50 it even if it wasn’t him
VaporyHarp 3 months ago
lsk was faking astroids
Adrian Zendejas-Suarez
oneaway is stupid
Koby Cook
Koby Cook 3 months ago
who tf is oneaway and shmoney?
enteruserhere__ 3 months ago
When jessie was imposter near the end of this vid, that game was amazing ngl
Fabian Cardenas
Fabian Cardenas 3 months ago
For me that’s 2 hours and 60 bucks for 2HYPE merch rose jersey shoutout to the merch
Nate. W
Nate. W 3 months ago
Is it me but usually when I play among us and we just voted somebody off the ship it tells us who was the imposter and who’s not. How come they’re live stream doesn’t say that?
alyssa 3 months ago
it’s a setting you could turn off noob
Phillip Gallegos
Phillip Gallegos 3 months ago
Bro funniest stream
Sapphire Suleiman
Sapphire Suleiman 3 months ago
2 hype should play more among us and post on 2 Hype gaming ##
Jack Irvine
Jack Irvine 3 months ago
FIG TREE 3 months ago
i gotta be honest...yall are ass😂 entertaining though. by the way imposters cant teleport on imposter. people appear to teleport when they lag
camden medeiros
camden medeiros 3 months ago
sup boys
Reppin Red
Reppin Red 3 months ago
For some dumb reason I kept trying to play the game
AySosa 3 months ago
RDS_ FLOSSY 3 months ago
Jesser to go on cams u have to go on the right side to get on the cams
RDS_ FLOSSY 3 months ago
Gary Snail
Gary Snail 3 months ago
Basketball he the goat
Gary Snail
Gary Snail 3 months ago
Jesse is bad at every game but basketball
Sawyer Martin
Sawyer Martin 3 months ago
I can’t even watch this lol
chase donicht
chase donicht 3 months ago
Darnell Fagen
Darnell Fagen 3 months ago
FLIX 3 months ago
ive realized jesse is a noob in among bc i thinks that only one person can use cams......just saying
FLIX 3 months ago
and some other youtubers
Cam 3
Cam 3 3 months ago
yes sir
Who else saw this from jessers stream and was waiting for it to upload to US-first and still watched the thing lol me
K!11 Kingtroy
K!11 Kingtroy 3 months ago
Frl LSK faked it
Alex Nastav
Alex Nastav 3 months ago
Jesse is so good he faked cams
Clash Royale GAMEPLAY!!!!
You guys suck at among us
LXCID MagicFN 3 months ago
I love these please keep them coming!!!
Pyra / Mythra: Day 1