Among us PROP HUNT Game mode 

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We play PROP HUNT Mini Game in modded Among us!

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Nov 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
JONNY PLAYS 33 minutes ago
What if you do a mod were the cameras show you everywhere
YY 51 minute ago
Mod idea: The imposters can rain down asteroids and every crewmate needs to go to weapons and shoot 10 of them, the asteroid duration should probably be around 45-60 seconds to make it fair.
Mom 2 hours ago
The kill button would show up if he was near them
Elisia Mcleod
Elisia Mcleod 3 hours ago
Rafael Mazungunye
Rafael Mazungunye 4 hours ago
Can you please 🙏 play with crianer
Jaco Bodenstein
Jaco Bodenstein 5 hours ago
Among us tycoon
Avery Lu Chen
Avery Lu Chen 7 hours ago
SSundee is the first person to take forever to do his tasks
optical zone
optical zone 12 hours ago
U have the best content in among us
Sydney_xoiplays 13 hours ago
Hi I am a girl and I am a biiiiig fan goodjod with among us i love your vids
Gacha Jazzy Jazz
Gacha Jazzy Jazz 16 hours ago
That game looks cool
EDGAR MORAN 21 hour ago
A yo
Megan Puckett
Megan Puckett 21 hour ago
I wanna do dis mod..
Megan Puckett
Megan Puckett 21 hour ago
Also I love your vids :3
David Amaya
David Amaya Day ago
Mi. Turned black
Kaylyn Braithwaite
is Andrew from honey? u do 💭 think 👇🏽
Rula Basyouni
geez king
Liam Fitzsimons
Am I do you only one that hit the like button just because it’s blue
Aesthetic Blues
The like button turned into a black prop 😕
Dannyou Heath
Air ship
DerpyDuck146 Day ago
You need to update what you say about the like button turning ‘blue’ because it turns white for me on dark mode...
JONNY PLAYS 31 minute ago
Haha burn
Jungwai Hoi
Jungwai Hoi Day ago
please do a zombie mod please
Jungwai Hoi
Jungwai Hoi Day ago
I love this mod
helin joslin
helin joslin Day ago
You sus
Margaret Faulkenberry
Storm mod
Eric Terry
Eric Terry Day ago
Power Ranger mod among us
xX Phoenix
xX Phoenix Day ago
Fortnite mod
Alex Dravecky
Ssundee is stupid
Choochoo Sheri
Hi What’s your address and what’s your number
Choochoo Sheri
Aaliyah Barrett
Truett Berkley
Nobody gives enough credit to russel
Olly Kirkman
Olly Kirkman Day ago
Thanks for doing my vid idea
brandon b
brandon b Day ago
I've got THE BEST suggestion. PLAY. NORMAL. AMONG US. pretty new eh? :P
mega fan153
mega fan153 Day ago
yokarma 2 days ago
What’s among us ?? How do I play
yokarma Day ago
@Joseph Scalia ikr
Joseph Scalia
@yokarma it's honestly a really fun game to play
Joseph Scalia
@yokarma lol
Joseph Scalia
i don't have any videos. i only have a channel to watch youtube
yokarma Day ago
@Joseph Scalia I’m now ur first subscriber
sonakshi panda
sonakshi panda 2 days ago
Plz make a sirnhade mod
Harry Potter Fan
Harry Potter Fan 2 days ago
Ssundee: Let’s get to 50k likes! Me: Ssundee you have more than 200k!!!
Cameron leech
Cameron leech 2 days ago
Can you make a video with everyone invisable
Cameron leech
Cameron leech 2 days ago
I love your videos
Xian Delos Santos
green like botton pls ssundee
Aashita Swaraj
Aashita Swaraj 2 days ago
My like button turned white
Chelsea Miru
Chelsea Miru 2 days ago
I really want to play this
Jessica Michelle Barrera
I am such a big fan
Wilow Atila
Wilow Atila 2 days ago
Ssundee his intro is what’s up dudes not all of us are dud3s mate I’m Aussie
brandon b
brandon b Day ago
Norah Kuddes
Norah Kuddes 2 days ago
How do you get that mode??
CHRIS CHRIS 2 days ago
Esme Estrin
Esme Estrin 2 days ago
how do you get that setting
Kimber Olsen
Kimber Olsen 2 days ago
How do you get that mod
Cohen Moses
Cohen Moses 2 days ago
Or any one of yalls amazing mods
Cohen Moses
Cohen Moses 2 days ago
How can I get access to this mod bro
danny rc
danny rc 2 days ago
I got an idea whenever you are the Imposter you have an ability to turn into a dinosaur and 1 second cooldown but the crew members can also be props
Kiera Plays
Kiera Plays 2 days ago
Love it how he says blue like button when it’s black
brandon b
brandon b Day ago
Mine turns BLUE. I feel bad for you now
Zahoor Islam
Zahoor Islam 3 days ago
Same video
Monica Miller
Monica Miller 3 days ago
I know this is weired but imma girl...
Aleeza Rafiq
Aleeza Rafiq 3 days ago
Zainab Divelli
Zainab Divelli 3 days ago
Sounded I wish I could play among us with you
Zainab Divelli
Zainab Divelli 3 days ago
Ssundee I wish I could I could play with u
Zainab Divelli
Zainab Divelli 3 days ago
Sounded sorry sounded
Eyan Dafalla
Eyan Dafalla 3 days ago
Adrian Marsh
Adrian Marsh 3 days ago
sundee pls do more of these vids i LOVE them!
Rania Ouabouch
Rania Ouabouch 3 days ago
can you please play more with the prop hunt i like it
Dallas Meiers
Dallas Meiers 3 days ago
Who ever doesn’t know among us doesn’t know anything
LONNIE B SOUL 3 days ago
LONNIE B SOUL 3 days ago
Among Us
Charles Stanbury
Charles Stanbury 3 days ago
I ❤ these mods!I'm a huge fan I watch about 16 - 22 mods a day.
Axel Baldus
Axel Baldus 3 days ago
My like button didnt got blue with lil crwemates in it. It got black. I feel betrayed.
Bradley Nelson
Bradley Nelson 3 days ago
SamfireProGamer 826
I Unsubscribed Sorry
Angelique Lopez
Angelique Lopez 3 days ago
Jajaja vau
Ayesha Ilyas
Ayesha Ilyas 3 days ago
What if you used admin table lmao. That would be so op cuz you can see where everyone is lol.
KDB Barbosa
KDB Barbosa 23 hours ago
O yeah
Sydney Kuhnwald
Sydney Kuhnwald 3 days ago
You lied to me The like button turned white not blue
George Hoff
George Hoff 3 days ago
Syntiat Siarjjhh
Syntiat Siarjjhh 3 days ago
Hey you think you can make mod of among us ice water
Trick Shots
Trick Shots 3 days ago
Lind Tailor
Lind Tailor 4 days ago
How do you do the challenges
April Wright
April Wright 4 days ago
BiFfLe YoU nEeD tO bE cArEfUl ssundee 2020-2021
olivia chapman
olivia chapman 4 days ago
I bett
Karl Hage
Karl Hage 4 days ago
I want to get the two
Gareth Rickards
Gareth Rickards 4 days ago
Hi ian my brother is a huge fan
Piano Music
Piano Music 4 days ago
Coral- Cruz McGowan (Orignal Video) on my channel
The Crafty Jordan Sisters
Maybe it’s not only boys watching ur channel.....?
Серега Силов
11:57 Why is there a camera in Cafeteria? Look to the right ;|
LittleReno88 4 days ago
Lol 53k likes? More like 253k
DYLAN FIORE 5 days ago
Do a Fortnite mod
J Metnick
J Metnick 5 days ago
SSundee:just call him a foot Me:WHO U SAY FOOT?
J Metnick
J Metnick 5 days ago
Allie Rose
Allie Rose 5 days ago
I don’t get it
Sebastian Jharrold
Sub to me
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla 5 days ago
You are trash Ssundee
Courtney Boyle
Courtney Boyle 5 days ago
Instead of using Hats as the props you should use in the clothing
ismael ahmed
ismael ahmed 5 days ago
you can play among us with 1 imposter and100 crewmates
Obaid Ahmed
Obaid Ahmed 5 days ago
Izzy McCready
Izzy McCready 5 days ago
do this more often i would give u 20k more likes if i could
The Tomato Man
The Tomato Man 5 days ago
ssundee i like your vedios
Rita Z
Rita Z 5 days ago
The like button turns black all black not blue
LLJ Eisa XXX 5 days ago
3:12 you get lokea 150k likes
I have an idea thee impostor has a invisibility butron and the crew have a vent button
@Lime Wolf thank you man
Rohini Ashokkumar
@KMA BrOnCo shut up
Lime Wolf
Lime Wolf 4 days ago
Your picture on your account it looks cool by the way
Lianne Johnson
Lianne Johnson 6 days ago
how do you make mods
James Ramsburg
James Ramsburg 6 days ago
i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pip Wiles
Pip Wiles 7 days ago
It turned 2hite not blue
TheLionLeo 7 days ago
Mary Angelique Emnacen
I want to see more of this mod
Easton Wiggins
Easton Wiggins 7 days ago