Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor | Cartoon Animation 

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Player and Veteran wander the dark halls of the Skeld, trying to avoid the legendary Novisor. Novisor was once a college student named Aiden, but through a strange series of events, became the evil monster Novisor that hunts down unknowing crewmates!
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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
geanboi tindoc
geanboi tindoc 36 minutes ago
No Visor
Miguel Quiroz
Miguel Quiroz 36 minutes ago
😥Is So Creepy
irene viera
irene viera 44 minutes ago
paulprz 47 minutes ago
Tell me why he sounds like mysterio at 9:11
Siti Fatimah
Siti Fatimah 48 minutes ago
Sire sirol
Arnel Carino
Arnel Carino 51 minute ago
yeah its great but do you know theres a chance that no visor will spawn because of a broken game code in among uus
Zaiga34_ LiamAiden
Zaiga34_ LiamAiden 54 minutes ago
Zaiga34_ LiamAiden
Zaiga34_ LiamAiden 54 minutes ago
Yo Gametones Vetran and Plaer a TALKING THE SAME TIME PERFECTLY
Jhonadel Bondad
Jhonadel Bondad 57 minutes ago
they don't now what is among us but ther are among us south haha😗😆😆😆😗😆😆😆😆😆😆
Richard Neece
Richard Neece Hour ago
Good bye sleeep
Lol I just love it when the green guy opens and close but with minecraft sounds
Who is the yes-visor
robert tuang
robert tuang Hour ago
they look like a cartoon network
aw ya more
Jessie Castañeda
Give No-Visor a Visor XD
Everlyn Prado Guevara
This will give me nightmares. I will watch memes.
Jay BSP Hour ago
Each time i watch these kind of videos at 4 am i get creeped af idk why
Adan Adan
Adan Adan 2 hours ago
No visor no visor we well make you one of us
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 2 hours ago
The fine saudi arabia frustratingly suppose because japanese geometrically protect by a upbeat crawdad. belligerent, satisfying dresser
nancy Johnson
nancy Johnson 2 hours ago
I found a noviser yesterday my game was hacked. The players number was 8/128.
Christina Playz
Christina Playz 2 hours ago
me: oooh the legend everyone has been talking about me after : scary, let's play Among Us
Stephane Tang
Stephane Tang 2 hours ago
Me like
WaffleZ 200
WaffleZ 200 2 hours ago
HARRYUT CHEESE 2 hours ago
Pretty funny
Cool Rx
Cool Rx 3 hours ago
No visor is like herobrine
Liam Kenzie Torres
Liam Kenzie Torres 3 hours ago
i can be the voice actor i leared now
Liam Carbungco
Liam Carbungco 3 hours ago
Noviser is is is real among us
Cherries 3 hours ago
8:02 He still have his visors
Unarmed 3 hours ago
So herbrine has no pupils and no visor has no visor
Tn. Hizkia
Tn. Hizkia 3 hours ago
No Visor : You Should Be Must Be Me In my Game No Visor : Hahahahhahahahaahhah
Braden The e2 class
Is this true
Della Taylor
Della Taylor 3 hours ago
The second-hand destruction genomically smoke because vision splenomegaly reproduce beyond a handsomely chick. public, separate snail
Future Musty
Future Musty 3 hours ago
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
That door opening sound is the minecraft door opening sound
James I’m only 7 so please Be nice to me among us
Anyone watching in 2021 I am and I play minecraft roblox fortnite among us and plants vs zombies and I have a ps4 that I play plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 on it and I love siren head and wither storm and no visor Is really rare
Samantha Fowler
Samantha Fowler 4 hours ago
Why are you copying
Jess Ewart
Jess Ewart 4 hours ago
How did you sumin him
Sophia mambong
Sophia mambong 4 hours ago
I like your drawings
Leafwing Venom
Leafwing Venom 4 hours ago
Well player and veteran welcome to hell 😂
Amber Mowles
Amber Mowles 4 hours ago
At 5:03, when pausing it, you can see a normal black crewmate model named no-visor behind the big model of no-visor
Alexis McKelvey
Alexis McKelvey 4 hours ago
just like the legend of herobrine in minecraft.
Scarlett Galipo Turner
Player: God I can't see anything Me: THEN TURN THE LIGHT BACK ON Player: Oh yeah
Nuclear Fallen king
Dont worry, player and veteran is just hiding by novisor so the impostor couldnt see them
L- (DaTB Dime)
L- (DaTB Dime) 5 hours ago
This is disturbing ;-;
Tyier and Jaiden
Tyier and Jaiden 5 hours ago
No vizer
Tyier and Jaiden
Tyier and Jaiden 5 hours ago
No vizor
Tyier and Jaiden
Tyier and Jaiden 5 hours ago
No visor
Tyier and Jaiden
Tyier and Jaiden 5 hours ago
No vizor
Zara Akmal
Zara Akmal 5 hours ago
Jason Haha haha
Jason Haha haha 5 hours ago
When part 2
SC Reefer
SC Reefer 5 hours ago
Ok thank you now I am never playing on the Skeld ever again and that scared me that is why I have not played among us for a week because I saw a guy named Noviser
Zara Akmal
Zara Akmal 5 hours ago
Which year is this cause right now its 2021
Zara Akmal
Zara Akmal 5 hours ago
I like when player and Vetrian is copying everything each other say for a minute
Aria Sapphire
Aria Sapphire 5 hours ago
They dead bois
Christain Whitt
Christain Whitt 5 hours ago
they said that to soon
Punjabi Gora Harrison
No visor is not real
dj2020ssj6 Omni
dj2020ssj6 Omni 5 hours ago
This is really scary 😖😶
FNAF Kids 5 hours ago
Hiiiiiiii this is my first time watching this
Hassan Safi
Hassan Safi 5 hours ago
No visor joins me all the time he says I will make u one of us
julian Kimbrough
julian Kimbrough 6 hours ago
Why would i even play among us after this
Patricia Tavares
Patricia Tavares 6 hours ago
STA Studios and GameToons are the best!
Rosiland Smith
Rosiland Smith 6 hours ago
I wanna see a fusion between player and veteran =( please
King Shark
King Shark 6 hours ago
When this came out i was trying to finde more about No-Visor on US-first but nothing showed Days later it showed
Lavender Gaming
Lavender Gaming 6 hours ago
Do not take a free computer or you will be like noviser
Lavender Gaming
Lavender Gaming 6 hours ago
Noviser is scary
Jo :P
Jo :P 6 hours ago
You Sadi a. Bad word
Chazzywaz 6 hours ago
Yeah that was a pretty worrying cliffhanger
Gwendolyn jones
Gwendolyn jones 7 hours ago
Erfan Hosseini
Erfan Hosseini 7 hours ago
Ivan Rojas Jr
Ivan Rojas Jr 7 hours ago
Spooky very scary kind of
Alicia French
Alicia French 7 hours ago
CRPPY VIDEO sorry for miss spelling
HendLow 7 hours ago
universal 7 hours ago
I got a literal heart attack at the end there when he said "you should be" damn
Mikas Gaming Rye
Mikas Gaming Rye 7 hours ago
Mikas Gaming Rye
Mikas Gaming Rye 7 hours ago
Bee Ant
Bee Ant 7 hours ago
Ashley ash the red cat
He said it's a glich oh so that's why every single person in among us calls me none-bater
shiu anthony
shiu anthony 8 hours ago
JM Nun
Yanpeng Chang
Yanpeng Chang 8 hours ago
Also when is Among Us Logic 19 coming out?
Lucas Lynch
Lucas Lynch 8 hours ago
Mr Beast is Santa
Mr Beast is Santa 8 hours ago
Hahaha not playing on skeld no more thx
Alex T
Alex T 8 hours ago
Player has a flashlight he’s using hackssss
Quinton Weissenberger
No vizer no vizer we will make you one of us
Naga Madhuri Vadiyala
Duncan sus
Naga Madhuri Vadiyala
Are veteran and player twins
Quameise Otis
Quameise Otis 8 hours ago
dude aiden no visor means NO VISITOR DUMBO
Mohanad Alshaban
Mohanad Alshaban 9 hours ago
Imagine after watching this, you just go to your relative’s door and start chanting “No-visor, No-visor, we will make you one of us”
Andy Pearce
Andy Pearce 9 hours ago
GO BROWN sos caps
CRamdomness Productions
So basically this is just the Among Us version of Herobrine... I LOVE IT!!!
tjc the gamer
tjc the gamer 9 hours ago
sory no visor there all sold out XD
CounterSkil 9 hours ago
Wow that was genuinely unsettling 😨
Christopher Manikowski
Oshanio Among Us
Oshanio Among Us 9 hours ago
DRJ Jones
DRJ Jones 9 hours ago
Alice Ling26
Alice Ling26 10 hours ago
No Visor No Visor we will make you one of us.......
Sparkz587 10 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how the door sound at 4:05 is from Minecraft?
Elisabete Cruz
Elisabete Cruz 10 hours ago
I almost fell sleep
Malaysia Snapchat girl
Ahhh 😱😱
alice angel 2004
alice angel 2004 11 hours ago
Um.......ok.....i guess O_O""""" I'm scared to ask when player will win..........but here we go ! I allready asked
George Papashvili
George Papashvili 11 hours ago
make a prat 2
George Papashvili
George Papashvili 11 hours ago
I meant part 2
Mauventures 11 hours ago
Lunalollyxo 11 hours ago
When player and veteran kept copying themselves I laughed so much I nearly screamed 😂 😂 😂
The Among Us "Movie" 3