Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish 

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Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.
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Published on


Apr 25, 2021




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Comments 100   
Leo Calinawan
Leo Calinawan 5 minutes ago
Commendation to these two women! That's the spirit. Go and live life. Much blessings in the longrun of things.
Leo Calinawan
Leo Calinawan 10 minutes ago
So utterly weird this sort of brainwash upbringing. Living in suppression is never a good thing, it may be okay for some who really want nothing more from a simple life in the hinterlands. Just do not expect that everyone will accept it, and if one has to brainwash their siblings, that is going too far.
Me 15 minutes ago
filming the Amish girls in the bathroom who have never been allowed to be photographed. huh? What a directorial decision. wtaf
Scoobyxxxsnax 24 minutes ago
wait so how did she call daniel to pick them up then daniel gives her his number afterwards?
Google User
Google User 48 minutes ago
😂🤣😂Tells parents she's leaving. Parents, oh that's why the camera crews have been here for weeks.
samm my
samm my 56 minutes ago
do you know how to get on these no
Putin Kills
Putin Kills Hour ago
You can make fun of the amish, they can't read your comments
Lordkamquat E von pot brownie aus Birmingham
I mean to be honest theyre going to florida so I side with the parents on this one
Hayley Paige
Hayley Paige Hour ago
Danny should live the life he wants. If he wants plastic surgery then he should get it because he’s ex Amish
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Hour ago
Good girls. Leave the past in the past and explore the future.
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang Hour ago
“The English have robots in their toilets and I hope the one in Florida doesn’t have a robot in it. I just like to sit in my outhouse in the peace.” Haha!
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang Hour ago
“Do you see those moving stairs”
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang Hour ago
These kids are told satan is out there and in many ways the parents are correct. Our society is often rude and mean and unkind no matter politics or race... I get that the parents are trying to protect their innocence. With that said, the parents need to give them free will or that will resent them.
Dean Winchester
And why would the parents allow their kids to be filmed if they think the outside world is evil? Hmmmmmm.
Chris Keo
Chris Keo Hour ago
Innocent souls about to be jaded by the 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎
Vincent Delorme
Vincent Delorme 2 hours ago
Why would they need Drano? In case the outhouse gets clogged? Something not right about that story.
davedaddy101 2 hours ago
They’re so cute! Lol. I love them all!
Divionist 2 hours ago
Is this show actually real?
dudebro 2 hours ago
They talk like the current culture. They already know what's up
Divionist 2 hours ago
wait. Did they decide to go to Florida *and* during this time of the year with covid and all? that's like a double whammy or something
Bobby Rudman
Bobby Rudman 3 hours ago
These two ladies are adorable. The guy in the car has a good sole.
Tea With Danny
Tea With Danny 3 hours ago
This is so beautiful, adorable, cute, sincere, interesting, ahhhhhh I love every moment!!!
Hannah Rose Reviews
So...did they get their ID's?? Did they go on the plane?
47dutches 3 hours ago
Give them molly
Johnny Bee
Johnny Bee 3 hours ago
Yeah came for a laugh but this is really sad bro
Dirk Mcgirkin
Dirk Mcgirkin 4 hours ago
They aren't Amish
Christopher Luth
Christopher Luth 4 hours ago
maybe god was trying to save your brother from a life with the purposefully ignorant
Madeleine Star
Madeleine Star 4 hours ago
I took so much joy from seeing them finding themselves & discovering new things. And the one girl and her crush. UGH. BLESS THEM ON THEIR JOURNEY 💞💞
NJ CardFan
NJ CardFan 4 hours ago
This, of course, is all a work. There comes a time when Amish teenagers are allowed to venture in the "English" world but at some point they need to make the decision to either stay in the English world or return to the order. And I love the people here trashing the Amish. Fun Fact: you'll never see any Amish on welfare and if the world ever descended into chaos, they'll continue on like nothing ever happened.
d1987t 4 hours ago
How did they get money for the plane tickets?
James the Fisherman
I’m not Amish but I never went into one until I was 30 and still have never been on a plane
J H 4 hours ago
Why do I find this hard to believe. I've been through Amish country many times and those aren't typical Amish built homes.
Melanie Dsouza
Melanie Dsouza 5 hours ago
This feels like back to the future.. where two people from the alternate universe have been transported by a time machine into the future
DJ Bishop
DJ Bishop 5 hours ago
The Amish worry me, but no hate here, just seems a little abusive but idk maybe it's just a different lifestyle
Tyler Tapp
Tyler Tapp 5 hours ago
What language are they speaking with their parents? German or something?
cow_souup Hour ago
as a german i can vaguely understand some of what they were saying but it is definitely not german
DestinationFreedom 5 hours ago
Fake... bad acting. No ID but somehow they have government Senior welfare coming from what "job" are they paying in? yeah planning to go to Florida not knowing what's required at the airport, but they somehow had masks. UGH Thanks Amish Fauci. LOL
Inner peace relaxation music
Looks like they came from 1800's....
Mike Parrott
Mike Parrott 5 hours ago
You don’t need ID to fly, that guy was wrong. I’ve flown without ID plenty of times
james casello
james casello 6 hours ago
I don't believe they were not allowed on a plane. Amazingly ridiculous.
Chloe next door
Chloe next door 6 hours ago
Daniel scored big time! So far this is very very eye opening. I’m amazed at how those girls STILL left everything behind not knowing what’s ahead. Gives me hope to just fly whether I know where I’m going or not!!
headass steph
headass steph 6 hours ago
that’s so so interesting to see them go on an escalator or be at the public stalls for the first time. anyways I hope they went to florida lol poor girls didn’t even get a chance to fly
headass steph
headass steph 6 hours ago
headass steph
headass steph 6 hours ago
2:00 as someone who lives in florida I can confirm lol
Fred Robert
Fred Robert 6 hours ago
Daniel need to brush them damn teeth
Linda Jarvis
Linda Jarvis 7 hours ago
UncausedPizza 7 hours ago
His teeth
J G 7 hours ago
Amish you when you're gone.
Reina Garcia
Reina Garcia 7 hours ago
When i saw the side profile of daniel i thiught he was cute, then i saw his teeth, and quickly felt bad for him
Thomas Willey
Thomas Willey 7 hours ago
Can’t fly without that Picture ID, but you sure can vote.
X X 7 hours ago
Amish People dont really want to do anything with the outside world....and what did i see...cars...mordern metallic things what real amish people whould have crafted themself of wood. This smells kinda fake!
Kari Ziebarth
Kari Ziebarth 7 hours ago
No one: *Two Amish kids get stuck in a revolving door* Me: *Wheezes*
angelnhevn 7 hours ago
You're allowed to fly without an ID if its domestic and you can use your social security card, debit/credit card and/or birth certificate is acceptable. I work at an international airport and that agent was very rude and unprofessional.
Elliot Mapp-Best
Elliot Mapp-Best 8 hours ago
They have pure hearts ..the expressions of the girl toward her crush was breathing... I wish things work out for them.
Ricardo Muniz
Ricardo Muniz 8 hours ago
They're so innocent 😇
harrypotter zoup
harrypotter zoup 8 hours ago
Sounds like they’re from oHIo lol
I feel terrible. Not because of the boys looks I don't care about that. But her description of what happened to him i laughed uncontrollably....
Concon Software
Concon Software 8 hours ago
"wouldn't thou like to live deliciously?"
Jazmin Thao
Jazmin Thao 9 hours ago
His teeth is messed up
Emma J
Emma J 9 hours ago
I think they might be slightly slow
I am
I am 9 hours ago
Well that was anticlimactic
Melissa Duprey
Melissa Duprey 9 hours ago
Im so happy i came across this. Im sticking around to watch!
Emma J
Emma J 9 hours ago
Wow they r very childlike
Melody Moon
Melody Moon 9 hours ago
prajwal dogra
prajwal dogra 11 hours ago
Plz tell me there is a next episode or there's going to be one
wild stingray
wild stingray 11 hours ago
i also don't like automatic flushing toilets
John Sheffield
John Sheffield 11 hours ago
Do I detect some righteous assholes up in there?
John Sheffield
John Sheffield 11 hours ago
Y’all gone need some diffent outfits.
horseman4now 11 hours ago
Looks like we're talking some serious inbreeding here.
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson 12 hours ago
But they can vote.
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson 12 hours ago
I don't like coffee.
chloe L
chloe L 12 hours ago
what does amish mean?
chloe L
chloe L 12 hours ago
i feel so bad for them...they are forced to work and their parents don’t care for them
Lynnette Jacobs-Pupino
You be you if you want to move to Ireland then move but you rock girl speak your heart
Ghett Stuffed
Ghett Stuffed 13 hours ago
This is a crime, each and every single person in that community is an abuse victim. Indoctrination of children into religion is pure evil. If you are someone trapped in a closed community such as this, I would love to help get you out. I have worked with (unofficial volunteer based) organizations that rescued abused women and children before, also done disaster recovery / family rescue work. It is a beautiful world outside, but not without dangers and evils but so worth it once you acclimate to it.
Sarah DeJoy
Sarah DeJoy 13 hours ago
Honestly I hope they end up together, I love that she likes Daniel just the way he is and they would be adorable🥰
dany nope
dany nope 13 hours ago
I mean poor kids who have to grow up like this. (I'm not really educated with how Amish people operate) but I heard they love god and damn some people are really donkeys because of religions, they have been and are destroying our minds since the dawn of mankind and people are still religious and believe in that shit...Why don't you believe in yourself instead of Gods might actually take you somewhere other then Sunday church and believing in your own lies... 🤡 👈 Homo sapiens...
Petra Skvarc
Petra Skvarc 14 hours ago
Sydney Dee
Sydney Dee 15 hours ago
This is so emotional..!
LaAerial 15 hours ago
I’m invested now... what’s next on their adventure?? Haha can they get a bus? Where are they?? lol
Jax Hayes
Jax Hayes 15 hours ago
Culture shock like this is what gives me LIFE.
6r4metroman 15 hours ago
Good for them, nothing like an adventure. It may be different but at least they will be free...
bla bla bleh
bla bla bleh 15 hours ago
Modern life is rubbish, stay Amish.
O Paul
O Paul 16 hours ago
*Her family should have used their cell phone to call Maureen's family and let them know what they're planning.... Oh wait!*
Duna Typhon
Duna Typhon 16 hours ago
WOW!! Old boy needs to find an ex-Amish DENTIST!!
cora and her nice bangs
they sound like they speak german... its my first time watching so i dont know much.
ROMANABSOLUT 16 hours ago
two girls showing us the meaning of PURITY and INNOCENCE. I live in..."our" world, and don't like it at all. It's full of crap. Please, do NOT tell me WHAT to do.
Paul Cross
Paul Cross 16 hours ago
True courage
tch technodude
tch technodude 17 hours ago
Their accent sounds just like my cousins who are not amish, but they live in that area
bademoxy 17 hours ago
"if you leave, don't worry about coming back" can be interpreted in more than one way.... btw, there's plenty of traditionalist men who'd gladly propose to her as they've given up on the self entitled masculinized feminazis infesting our culture and the divorce courts
Currey Panda
Currey Panda 17 hours ago
Wait what happened next? Do they get to Florida? I'm invested now. 😊
Logan B
Logan B 17 hours ago
These girls have no idea the amount of rights other women have fought for just for these girls to have the freedom their parents are taking from them.
kapppz 17 hours ago
I thought Amish youth, about their age, we're supposed to go out and experience the world, called "Rumschspringa" I had to Google it.
james gordon
james gordon 17 hours ago
…I grew up next to an Amish community. I made friends with a couple of people who left and were 'shunned” by the community. Both my friends eventually returned and they were taken back which is usually the way it goes. On a funny note…one night one of them spent the night at a local bar downing shooters and got really drunk. He staggered too his horse and buggy and crawled in. The horse knew the way home and took him there while he was passed out in the buggy. He woke up in the stable. No DWI for him…
Em Inem
Em Inem 17 hours ago
Man these girls have no idea what's about to hit them. I hope they are doing well now..
Lars Saint Morning Glory
If my wife had been amish she would have been kicked out at like 3 years old
Lauren Daley
Lauren Daley 18 hours ago
This is both fun and sad to watch them experience these for the first time...EVEN TOILETS THAT ACTUALLY FLUSH
Oz_Nola 18 hours ago
He drank drano as a kid Jon tron: *WHAT* ? 👀
P Hanson
P Hanson 18 hours ago
NativeBrit Vic
NativeBrit Vic 18 hours ago
Gah they have no idea... It's dangerous for these girls to hit the world like this sheeeit!