Amir Garrett screams at Rizzo after striking him out, a breakdown 

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#Cubs #Reds #MLB
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Published on


May 2, 2021




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Comments 98   
JamesAllmond Hour ago
Geez, Freddie Freeman laughed about it when Rizzo struck him out, just saying...send his ass back to the minors to learn some manners. Umpire, do your job.
The Midgar Badass
The Midgar Badass 3 hours ago
Garret spittin his ERA when he said how bad he was
elijahcason1 6 hours ago
Reds really out-Assing themselves this year
Battleground Baseball
Garrett is a douche
Adam McDonald
Adam McDonald 7 hours ago
Imagine being teammates with this asshole?
Dan Bradbury
Dan Bradbury 7 hours ago
Called getting your team into a game they've only got 4 hits going into the bottom of the 8th
LukaAlexanderFit 9 hours ago
I remember first watching Amir Garrett hoop at a Ballislife all star game at Cal State Fullerton.
Charles Martel
Charles Martel 9 hours ago
The guy is in another planet, just living his not-real world xD
falcon lover
falcon lover 10 hours ago
I came for rocket league jokes and i left dissapointed
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson 10 hours ago
Holy fuck me I just found this channel and whoevers on the mic is fucking hilarious man
MARTIANRAPS 11 hours ago
I hated it at first but by the time he was saying the shit to his coach I was dying of laughter.
Marie Herring
Marie Herring 11 hours ago
Garrett looks like the type of asshole that if he got his ass best at the bottom of a pile for this shit. Later his own teammates would be snickering about it.
Ellen McKelvey
Ellen McKelvey 12 hours ago
I still think it's ridiculous that baez got fined. Just like it was ridiculous that contreras got fined for being upset about getting hit by so many pitches
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 12 hours ago
Craig Loomis
Craig Loomis 12 hours ago
As a Cub fan this was TITS!
Jon Luther
Jon Luther 12 hours ago
Kinda miss the days of good sportsmanship. Nothing but self indulgent thugs these days.
Tacomaholic 12 hours ago
Never heard of Garrett before today.
Luis Granados
Luis Granados 12 hours ago
.. so sad how soft baseball has become...I rather watch jockey!!!
Kap's Shorts
Kap's Shorts 13 hours ago
To coach: "I needed this! Lemme do my thing. I'm BAD."
DJ Nekkon "Remix Request"
Lets storm everything, its our new culture..i love it.
Daniel Fiumetto
Daniel Fiumetto 14 hours ago
lol guy has a whale for an era and he thinks his shit dont stink
Dustin Meier
Dustin Meier 14 hours ago
Lol i love Rizzo and Gray talking afterwards like bruh this is wild why he do that😂
Kevin V
Kevin V 15 hours ago
Rizzio is a classy guy.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 16 hours ago
I hate both of these teams so to see them get struck out and look like jackasses respectively, is a win-win for me!
Roy Campbell
Roy Campbell 16 hours ago
Seems like moose always has to play moderator.
smokejblow66 16 hours ago
Amir is trash!!!
Clout 205
Clout 205 17 hours ago
I think he was saying he’s “BACK”
Damon Rice
Damon Rice 19 hours ago
AG was saying "I'm back". Not "I'm bad".
Malcolm Murphy
Malcolm Murphy 20 hours ago
Malcolm Murphy
Malcolm Murphy 20 hours ago
Rey A Nunez
Rey A Nunez 21 hour ago
This clown baez only has that left because he is far from playing baseball well, he only has that left.
_ countbandz510
_ countbandz510 21 hour ago
I’m glad I found this account
TheGrtpmkn 21 hour ago
Reminds me of how Yordano Ventura was (may he rest in peace)...but really in a game your losing. C'mon
Shane McNelis
Shane McNelis 21 hour ago
Amir Garrett is a toxic masculine tool. Even for a hyper-macho environment like professional sports, he's on another level of stupid.
matt m
matt m 22 hours ago
I really love these breakdowns
Ric T
Ric T Day ago
I love it! We need more passion from the mound like this. Besides , it’s the Cubs , wgaf!
Rafael Ramirez
What height is this knucklehead Garret? ... 6'4 6'5 ... anyhow , I didn't know they pile shit that high
Mr. Reality
Mr. Reality Day ago
I’m bad, I’m bad reminds me of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy. He must’ve seen that movie recently.
Seth KubE
Seth KubE Day ago
Sounds about white
feby humaeroh
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Kev Day ago
I like Garret this is what baseball needs entertainment, arguments , fights , showing off , unwritten rules broken
power truth human
Garrett sucks
Johnny Skibum
Guy will be working at McDonalds next year.
M U Day ago
He blat
Joe S.
Joe S. Day ago
Mad Black.
Michael Hess
Michael Hess Day ago
I like this. A strike out, home run clutch base hit Or an excellent field play, it’s like laying the wood in football or making a phenomenal catch, trucking somebody but it’s OK for those guys to get hyped up. What he was saying was a little weird but I’m all for it makes baseball little more exciting.
Dominick Pena
Another reds player
Cory Holibaugh
I love a little extra hostility in baseball but AG is a moron lol
Justin Woodhouse
I thought he was saying "I'm back" as maybe he though this was breaking his crappy spell
Mr Loner
Mr Loner Day ago
"i'm bad" Yeah dude... You're pretty fucking terrible...
OG Day ago
Garrett screaming = karma 😂😂😂
randy villars
No class - the Reds pitcher. If the Reds still had Buddy Bell or Greg Vaughn, somebody with some class and some balls, they might have walked over to Garrett and punched his lights out as a favor to the Cubs. Garrett is playing the wrong sport. In fact , he should be out of all sports. Not deserving of a Major League uniform.
janibonneil Day ago
I have no problem with pitchers celebrating strikeouts as long as they don't bitch when hitters celebrate back!
eRap46 Day ago
cubs are trash
gotnokush Day ago
All for celebrating but he was out for blood before the first pitch. Getting close to rizzo trying to be a dick. Talking shit after every pitch. This isn’t the attention baseball needs. Is he ok mentally? I’m sure we could get him ufc fight since he’s such a bad ass
Jake S
Jake S Day ago
Why in hell are there cardboard cutouts in the first 2 rows? They have real fans now. And why not let some of those fans have the seats behind the dugout?
3xtra Terrestrial
He should check his rating in THE SHOW. Not to hot
Caca Detoro
Caca Detoro Day ago
My advice to any pitcher who strikes out any batter. Act like you've done it before.
Mags54 Day ago
Whatever happened to sportsmanship
Masta Blasta
Masta Blasta Day ago
This pitcher seems like a tool bag
Bradley Reams
Another head case all about his own image.
Byron Wilkerson
Amir has some SERIOUS ISSUES!!!
WallStWarrior11 10 hours ago
Yes, but no one is allowed to talk about that because they are afraid of being called racist.
Erwin925 Day ago
But then pitchers get mad if a batter stares at a homer 😑
Zachary Brink
I think he was saying I’m back . He’s the black Kenny Powers .
Juan Cantu
Juan Cantu Day ago
In football this is called “wearing emotions on your sleeve” but in baseball you get criticize by fat ass on US-first 😂
Juan Cantu
Juan Cantu Day ago
Jesus if Chapman did that you would jezz yourself let the boys play who cares about taunting this isn’t golf
Alex M
Alex M Day ago
Amir Garrett is one of them troublemakers
The Chris Kazuo Experience
They’re just down by 1 in the late innings. It’s not like they’re getting blown out.
WarStorm_ Day ago
Isn't Garrett the same G that took on the entire Pirates bench a few years ago lmao
lizoyd18 Day ago
😂🤣😂😂"im bad"
Angelino Day ago
There are people who use drugs who act like that.
Steve Oakes
Steve Oakes Day ago
If you let hitters celebrate this is what your gonna get from pitchers..
Keenan Anderson
C on C crime
Marc Day ago
2:13 Every player on a baseball card from 1977.
Belligerent Ulsterman
Bet he spits the dummy when he gets bat flipped.
Roman Espudo
Roman Espudo Day ago
At least Garret is being honest by repeatedly saying he’s bad...
jervis williiams
Not first time he had melt down , didn't he! try to fight the whole team the last time🙄
Christopher McLean
4thandinches Day ago
Jomboy taking the cowardly approach regarding Amir's antics by saying, "I don't know". Instead, Jomboy should have BLASTED Amir, and said that there was no place in family-friendly baseball for his trashy, thuggish behavior.
Trojans04 Day ago
Can’t call a black guy a thug broski
T and T Concrete
So made me want to punch my tv
T and T Concrete
That rule is saying left handed people shouldn't pitch
Junior B
Junior B Day ago
LMAO! jomboy aweosme at this
peace2014 Day ago
Garrett's a punk. Punks run their mouths.
Blayne Sato
Blayne Sato Day ago
Garrett was quoted saying he’s back.
Don Gross
Don Gross Day ago
I hope this hothead doesn’t go home to a wife and children!
Don Gross
Don Gross Day ago
Such an asshole. Rizz was laughing at him😂!
Adrian Sanchez
I don't see anything wrong with him getting wild if they have some type of history? Doesn't matter the score.. Humans are humans
Kelli Day ago
Such BS. If a batter did this everyone would be crying and saying how he needs to be thrown at. Pitchers are the most protected childish idiots in sport.
NuttyBuddy Day ago
When will pussies finally understand that the real "tough guys" or "bad men have no need or desire to tell you. THEY SHOW YOU when you make the mistake of fucking with them. Guys like this are small, weak, and insecure. Guaranteed not a badass, just a pussy and a moron. He only acts that way because he believes it's appropriate and important. How bad must he feel to live in a world where you have to proof you're a bad ass yet you're not even close to being one. Must be tough. That would explain the anger.
If hitters can do a bat flip, then the pitchers can taunt
Xavier Laflamme
i know what Garrett is doing is looking crazy, but i get it. He's having a bad season. he is trying to jump start himself with pscyhing himself into the game.
Chad Cognac
Chad Cognac Day ago
In the words of Rocky Balboa, “You aint so bad! You aint so bad!”
Micheal Hock
Micheal Hock Day ago
As a Reds fan, Amir Garrett's antics just aren't as fun without Yasiel Puig.
Crudeleaf Day ago
This whole getting offended for people who don’t care is stupid stfu and stay in your dugout talk with your actions win the game he’s talkin with his mouth it’s only gonna do so much I don’t understand why you would get upset that he is feeling himself after one k i woulda has the same reaction as rizzo laugh it off like fr it’s funny this guy is getting all hyped up and he’s having a bad season let him feel himself a little y’all still gonna win 😂😂😂
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Day ago
While I think this is incredibly douchey by Garrett. I think Baseball is less fun without psycho douchebags like Garrett.
Boss Attack
Boss Attack Day ago
Closed captioning in 2021 epic 💯
Edward Mar
Edward Mar Day ago
Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek
Tell me how Jose Alvarado only got 3 games. His antics spanned over multiple series in just April. He literally tried to hit Conforto 2 pitches in a row early in the season. And then started a fight over this this weekend with Dom. MLB's punishments don't make any sense.
Botella Tras Botella
Botella Tras Botella