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Apr 4, 2021




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Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas 20 minutes ago
On a real note, I hope your health is okay and that any stomach problems you’re having get resolved. I know that’s a pain.
Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas 40 minutes ago
“You can do anything if you put your heart to it!”🥺❤️
Hedydd Ioan
Hedydd Ioan Hour ago
Amelie Lewis
Amelie Lewis Hour ago
hi emma! omg i love you sm u are my idollll! babe plz move to new york ._.
Chloe Struble
Chloe Struble Hour ago
you NEED to move to new york ur energy in this was contagious
Miranda Commisso
Emma you need to go to upstate New York to see what REAL cold is like
Mariam Sulaberidze
shvifty five
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy 2 hours ago
Emma if you like the heating pad get a heated blanket. LIFE CHANGING
GurlBig 2 hours ago
me living in new england wearing a crop top cause it's 55 degrees and hasn't been this warm in six month
Kat Sim
Kat Sim 3 hours ago
honestly she looks happier than I've seen in a long time x glad she's having a bit of 'me-time' ☕❤
Naia Hendricks
Naia Hendricks 3 hours ago
Lmaooo I love retouch
Darci Seeley
Darci Seeley 5 hours ago
when u move u wont have as much fun
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark 6 hours ago
“and i actually met some of you guys today, i met quite a few of you guys today out in the streets of new york” sounds like michael scott
h4rmony 7 hours ago
Sahara m
Sahara m 7 hours ago
There's rats and cockroaches every where
Gratian Cosma
Gratian Cosma 7 hours ago
Honestly...i watched some of your videos and my impression was that your life is so boring... Everytime I watch a new video with you I'll expect some excitement, the moment that something weird will gonna happen...but no! Nothing...no content...no nothing... You look like a lonely girl who's depressed and needs someone...a depressed rich girl without boyfriend... Another thing is that your mother fight desperately to make your ass happy... I don't know 🤷😂 weird...ha? 😜🤪😃😂
Zeidy Blandon
Zeidy Blandon 7 hours ago
Is she gluten intolerant?
Karlotta Scholz
Karlotta Scholz 7 hours ago
omfg Emma is the Person I would like to have as my best friend
Rosewald Studios
Rosewald Studios 8 hours ago
*me a canadian watching emma get bundled up for 40 degrees*
Watermarqkiki 8 hours ago
I love Emma so much. I listen to her podcast every week.... but I'm just a bit worried about how thin she seems to be getting. Every time I watch one of her videos she seems to be getting thinner. It worries me a lot. I have several friends who struggle with eating disorders, and I get the feeling that Emma might still be struggling with one. If that is the case, then I wish her help and healing.
Delaina Struck
Delaina Struck 9 hours ago
1 reason you shouldn’t move there: you don’t know anyone there
Michael Schirmer
Michael Schirmer 10 hours ago
Wait. I DO THE HEATING PAD TOO. I literally hug it to my chest. It comforts me. This started in the pandemic.
Michael Schirmer
Michael Schirmer 10 hours ago
A bagel in New York is beyond any bagel experience in the US. I miss it so much.
Seyn Dizon
Seyn Dizon 10 hours ago
hi more on walking and pls show those stores you are buying with
Shab X
Shab X 10 hours ago
Don’t move you’ll have to get new new wardrobe 😩
yogo young
yogo young 10 hours ago
saw an emma ad in an emma vlog
Kaylee C
Kaylee C 10 hours ago
it's ptosis, not a lazy eye! see an oculoplastics surgeon they can tell you if they can lift the lid
kyan78 11 hours ago
Why not try living in NY for just like 2 months or so and see how you like it?
Negin Mousavi
Negin Mousavi 11 hours ago
Hii from Iran I guess I fell in love with u with watching this video😂♥️
Iced Coffee xoxo
Iced Coffee xoxo 11 hours ago
“Im not a fan of it but im gonna eat it coz i bought it” - chamberlain, 2021 This makes me lol 😂
Michelle Almiron
Michelle Almiron 11 hours ago
Megan Tosh
Megan Tosh 11 hours ago
emma, if you move to NY itll lose its magic. youll end up seeing what you want to see and go back into a routine of what happens in LA. make new york youre happy lil getaway place for when ur stressed but dont move there
Megan Tosh
Megan Tosh 12 hours ago
love how emma wraps up like that in 35 farenheit. and in canada we only wrap up at -30 farenheit. i swear to god yall would die over here
Rashida Ahmad
Rashida Ahmad 13 hours ago
Shes beautiful!!!
Leia Gomez
Leia Gomez 13 hours ago
Question do you Americans just think the pandemic is over or
Andie B.
Andie B. 13 hours ago
So Emma's house is for sale I guess maybe she decided to move to New York?!?!?
Annie Berlinsky
Annie Berlinsky 13 hours ago
emma get the citymapper app its the best!!! saved my life when i first moved to ny
Chloe Craig-Lotito
Chloe Craig-Lotito 14 hours ago
"I walked 20,000 miles----no----" lmao haha I forgot about how much I loved this girl!
Samantha Layton
Samantha Layton 14 hours ago
She is the most real and unproblematic person on social media lmao😂
Anastasia Yurishcheva
Lived the best 3 years of my life in NYC. Moved to Cali 1.5 years ago, made me miserable AF!!! You can always come and try it out for a month or two, doesn’t have to be a final decision... DO IT!
Gabriella Tolve
Gabriella Tolve 14 hours ago
That is the least hotel looking hotel I’ve ever seen
marisa cannatella
marisa cannatella 14 hours ago
there are simply no reasons why u shouldn't move to NY.
KCS 420
KCS 420 14 hours ago
Editing is only getting better
Drink a spoon of baking soda and warm water it will help with the stomachache, love you ❤️
Lauren LaBarge
Lauren LaBarge 15 hours ago
Emma you can literally see how much happier you are in this video 🥺
Susannah Perri
Susannah Perri 15 hours ago
OMG, this is perfect for me because I’m taking a solo trip to New York in May for absolutely no reason at all, and this is exactly how I plan to spend it! When I tell my friends, they don’t understand. “What are you going to do all by yourself?” They ask me. I have no idea, but you know what? I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want!! 😃
adi p
adi p 15 hours ago
emma belongs in new york i love how she look genuinely happy
Cayton Hopson
Cayton Hopson 15 hours ago
i love this 🖤
becky mama
becky mama 16 hours ago
move right now
Jamiyah Bostic
Jamiyah Bostic 16 hours ago
please emma it’s 55 is warm to us 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Allison Y
Allison Y 16 hours ago
Petition to get Emma to move to New York
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 16 hours ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 16 hours ago
Heaven Voight
Heaven Voight 16 hours ago
Meme was her own ad😂 I clicked on the video and boom..ad with Emma in it
h ha
h ha 16 hours ago
h ha
h ha 16 hours ago
you should move here because Luigis pizza is the fucking best. you shouldnt move here because its so packed, and you can accidentally bring roaches home if you step on eggs in the subway. spoken from experience. plus they NEVER leave!! if ur neighbor has roaches one day, you will too. thank god i moved out tho
Julie Fagin
Julie Fagin 17 hours ago
Did I just get a ad of Emma chamberlain on a Emma chamberlain video....
VenturousGamer 17 hours ago
Don't move to New York. Only visit if there's business. Also, play Max Payne. It'll explain everything for you.
Savannah Sørensen
Savannah Sørensen 17 hours ago
i haven't watched Emma in so long, but I always love watching her videos haha.
Alexis 17 hours ago
I AGREE. I’m off IG for a month. It’s been a week and I like it
Kat Arriaza
Kat Arriaza 17 hours ago
55 is cold🤪 how about 0-10 degrees in the winter. I don’t even dress like you do when it’s 10 degrees 🤣
vivriia 17 hours ago
emma is a very enjoyable person! i love your vibe and videos 💖
Monica Rose Warrick
Monica Rose Warrick 18 hours ago
16:20 I felt so bad when Emma said she never had real fun. OMG. ESCAPE LA NOWWWWW!! It's EATING at you!! You're so much better at NY. P.S Bagel looks AAAAAMAZING!!😄
Monica Rose Warrick
Monica Rose Warrick 18 hours ago
"Ok so I just checked my phone and I walked...... 20,000 miles. No wait hahaha NO 20,000 steps today hehe." Lol Emma I do that too. Same girly same!! 😂
Certii . s
Certii . s 18 hours ago
pov: you live in england and she says its gonna be 35-55 degres so ✨iTs FrEezIng✨
Callie Ledger
Callie Ledger 18 hours ago
lol 55 id be wearing shorts lmaooo😂
Raven Wilson
Raven Wilson 18 hours ago
Take me nextttt 😩
Stormy 18 hours ago
LoL why did I get an ad of you right before this video 😂
Mikayla Wonus
Mikayla Wonus 18 hours ago
Carianne Manning
Carianne Manning 19 hours ago
Loved the energy of this video, felt like young and excited emma
cora andino
cora andino 19 hours ago
55 degrees isn’t v cold in the northeast😺
Carianne Manning
Carianne Manning 19 hours ago
Watching this as someone who has never lived outside of NY, watching her get ready like she’s fucking snowboarding is so funny when it’s 50degrees and I’m in shorts
WTF Wow it’s Trystan Frehner
I haven’t met a single person who lived in New York that likes it like BABE KEEP IT A VACATION PLACE don’t hate a place you already love
Angelica Lepe
Angelica Lepe 20 hours ago
It’s gets realllyyyyyy reallllyyyy cold in NYC
Isabella Vargas
Isabella Vargas 20 hours ago
Emma :dont worry guys new york isnt gonna change me Emma 2 sec later: new york has already changed me
megan s
megan s 20 hours ago
i just watched this and felt compelled to reply ik you probs won't see it because this is an older video, but sleeping on heating pads can be really dangerous!! my mom gave herself a second degree burn from falling asleep on a heating pad & i don't want to see that happen to anyone else😢
Emma McCarter
Emma McCarter 20 hours ago
Move to New York, you would have a better life if you were able to enjoy walking.
Mica Krone
Mica Krone 20 hours ago
cause its too far aWay from your mom
Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown 20 hours ago
Imagine walking past Emma making a yt video ........ I - I would go crazy !!!!!!❤️
Julia Youngs
Julia Youngs 20 hours ago
You seemed more comfortable in new york than in la
Brianna Padgett
Brianna Padgett 21 hour ago
When you get an ad of Emma chamberlain on her own video
Brianna Riddick
Brianna Riddick 21 hour ago
I lived in new york for a year and i can tell you apple maps for walking is SO MUCH better. Your welcome. Dont move there because everything is a mission. Drove me nuts. Going to the grocery store - walk to the train, wait on the train, take the train ride, walk to the store, get what you need, walk back to the train WITH GROCERIES, wait on the train, take the ride, get off on the subway and walk up or down the stairs WITH GROCERIES, walk to your apartment, pass out. That is just getting your groceries in NYC. Ew. Also, an incredibly lonely place and alot of people just want to take advantage of you. Amazing place to visit. Sucks to live. And if you have a car everything takes longer than the train because the traffic is a nightmare. Just enjoy visiting. Dont do it 😂😂 i met my fiance there but that was by chance 😂 we met at the bank lmao
Stephanie Cantu
Stephanie Cantu 21 hour ago
Nyc is such a vibe I love it too lol
Mia Stocker
Mia Stocker 21 hour ago
you should check out Atlanta!!!
Ajanay Camelli
Ajanay Camelli 22 hours ago
35 degrees in Detroit is like okay time to barbecue and wear shorts
Peyton McMullen
Peyton McMullen 22 hours ago
Emma acting like it below freezing
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie 22 hours ago
I think she meant to say "I look like Aaron Hall"
Emma Lyn
Emma Lyn 22 hours ago
You look so much happier and healthier in NYC but just know if you moved there it wouldn’t be as special since it will get old and it will ruin it for you.
m11ah 22 hours ago
Multi Mek GAMING
Multi Mek GAMING 22 hours ago
we love east coast life
Zumrut Pirinc
Zumrut Pirinc 22 hours ago
emma makes me feel hungry
sienna 23 hours ago
12:17 “and they were roommates”
Ashley Lettenmaier
Ashley Lettenmaier 23 hours ago
Go you for staying off of social media it can be draining! Go emma 🙌
Jaylan Octave
Jaylan Octave 23 hours ago
3:53 Emma's eyes🤣
Katia ZafBP
Katia ZafBP Day ago
Literally right when you were explaining how you took the photo on the hotel room,no though (hm I see the thermostat on the wall, I would personally use the app retouch to make it disappear) and then you said the same thing. Woah? Love you Emma
tatum laine
tatum laine Day ago
love how i got a ad of her for pacsun lmao before the vid
emily gareau
emily gareau Day ago
I think emma belongs in New York
Maria Musilli
You should come to Detroit lmaooo
JazzyJazz Day ago
50° weather in Illinois is short weather lol
Bella Andrews
Kinda off topic but ny kinda looks like Boston. Idk never been to ny so could be super wrong. Boston is beautiful so (small town Swansea tho)