ALIENS ARE REAL! SIS vs BRO Roblox Obby Spy Ninjas Challenge 

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After Chad Wild Clay made "CWC vs STALKER Battle Royale in Real Life after Finding Clues on Chef Instagram", Vy Qwaint created "PLAYING AMONG US in Real Life but My STALKER is the Imposter Role", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "STALKER CHEF BATTLES CHAD at Cooking School using TikTok Food Gadgets", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "IF YOU FALL in ROBLOX TOWER... Best Friend Reveals Girlfriend Secrets", Melvin tries to convince Regina that aliens exist by playing Roblox Alien Obby! The first one to make it to the top and win the game will be granted the ultimate protection from all things extraterrestrial! Watch as Regina and Melvin compete in this game and talk about Daniel and his new girlfriend, Vy and Chad's date night, and the latest news about the stalker that has been forcing the Spyninjas to do challenges! Will Regina start to believe in aliens? Who will win the alien armor? Find out in this battle to the top in Roblox Alien Obby. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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Feb 22, 2021




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Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter
Hello Spy Ninjas! Do you believe Aliens exist? Tell me why below...
Alfie Hardy
Alfie Hardy 2 days ago
Yes melvin aliens do exist
prisha shah
prisha shah 2 days ago
DArion WAllace
DArion WAllace 2 days ago
Essa World
Essa World 2 days ago
u di
Alena Miah
Alena Miah 2 days ago
Aliens do not exist they are not rill
Carina Ong
Carina Ong Minute ago
Carina Ong
Carina Ong Minute ago
Carina Ong
Carina Ong 3 minutes ago
Melvin and Regina’s foil on their head was hilarious they are the best survivors from THE ALIENS 👽
Mr Hogoeo0
Mr Hogoeo0 11 minutes ago
Of course I do
Cryptic 12 minutes ago
What is it with an alians
Cox WiFi
Cox WiFi 20 minutes ago
He said the other side
Cox WiFi
Cox WiFi 20 minutes ago
I remember ghost remember H hacker regina boyfriend
Soggy Sock
Soggy Sock 30 minutes ago
I feel bad for Melvin
Baby Fatum Vlogs
Baby Fatum Vlogs 31 minute ago
Hi 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Baby Fatum Vlogs
Baby Fatum Vlogs 31 minute ago
Eli Perez
Eli Perez 37 minutes ago
I heard a gost when i said clap he clapped a lot i didn't know that gost are real 😳😳
Jahija Behara
Jahija Behara 48 minutes ago
Aliens are real my dad told me
Mikeyra Kitty
Mikeyra Kitty 55 minutes ago
I had a ghost friend
Livia Paulet
Livia Paulet 55 minutes ago
Angela Williams
Angela Williams 59 minutes ago
im can beat u in rolblox
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran 59 minutes ago
I can go way faster than Melvin at invisible stuff
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran Hour ago
And I did not go to space before so I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran Hour ago
I better then Melvin at roblox
Jason Garcia-Rodriguez
aliens are real
Conjuring Dave’s
Regina played the slow game, but she didn't play steady
Alisa Smith
Alisa Smith Hour ago
Kwonder Games
Kwonder Games Hour ago
Well actually aliens and extraterrestrial life are real and live in area 51. Scientists send robots to mars to search for life on mars.
The Doctor
The Doctor Hour ago
I agree with Melvin. I'm not sure many people think this, but personally think the stalker is Ali
Kae Paw
Kae Paw Hour ago
Aliens are real
fortnite fan
fortnite fan Hour ago
Melvin you could be alien you don't know
fortnite fan
fortnite fan Hour ago
Humans are aliens wherever you look there's aliens
Angela Barton
Angela Barton Hour ago
my dad can see spirits i can to a little
Ibi S
Ibi S Hour ago
melvin aliens dont exit,s
boyd gaves
boyd gaves Hour ago
Why did u get stove kicked out of team RAR b4
Ibi S
Ibi S Hour ago
i agree with EmmaYTunicornn
Jaida De Rego Rios
what is your number so I can call you
Justin Felton
Justin Felton Hour ago
Regina look remember Harrison if he has been watching the past videos he would be quite sad that uve fell in love with daniel and remember daniel was jelous when u were with H so remember regina ur not alone H loves u
nate p
nate p Hour ago
i do not believe in ALIENS or GHOST
Iha and Ikshvak Gowda
They only count Regina deaths not melvin's
Shavon Crudup
Shavon Crudup Hour ago
Hey guys I’m really a big fan I am wondering if you like piggy chapter 2
JuleEtta Figueroa Marie
I love your gaming channel keep up the great work
Amanda Libra
Amanda Libra 2 hours ago
aliens exsist
Brady Cooluris
Brady Cooluris 2 hours ago
Both Aliens and Ghost are real I know because I used to speak to ghost and my mom and all of the people in my town may have seen like a mother ship light up the hole sky.
Amy renee Beam
Amy renee Beam 2 hours ago
She's just jealous
Marcus Su11ivan
Marcus Su11ivan 2 hours ago
I have experienced ghosts 👻
sub alt
sub alt 2 hours ago
Kingofsaveg2 frend me roblox
nazia armaan
nazia armaan 2 hours ago
I love your videos
Kristina Jambresic
Kristina Jambresic 2 hours ago
I never died in that obby LOL am i Better at obbys then you guys???
Alvarez John
Alvarez John 2 hours ago
U should play among us together just u and ur sister
Michael Onabajo
Michael Onabajo 2 hours ago
Regina Ginera-x-Daniel gizmo
axavelle 2 hours ago
i'd say voldemort is an alien but he's dead haha
Denise S
Denise S 2 hours ago
Aliens are real
Jorgito Enriquez
Jorgito Enriquez 2 hours ago
No and no
Mila Fong
Mila Fong 2 hours ago
hi pz9
Alexandria Hagans
Alexandria Hagans 3 hours ago
pic dogs
Falaq Mahmood
Falaq Mahmood 3 hours ago
Hi Melvin I just wanna say your sister is hiding something in her wardrobe
ASMA NOSHEEN 3 hours ago
Regina was super funny
ShitGod :]
ShitGod :] 3 hours ago
tower of hall
Alexaplays Roblox
Alexaplays Roblox 3 hours ago
Makaila Garza
Makaila Garza 3 hours ago
My brother has a paw patrol doll he’s really kind of big it moves like every time we don’t notice it like it moves like it’s possessed that’s my story
Tequila Thomas
Tequila Thomas 3 hours ago
Alie name is a lie
Yeet Forever
Yeet Forever 3 hours ago
👽 are real
Munyaradzi Makore
Munyaradzi Makore 3 hours ago
Hello Melvin can you please do a busy night training on US-first
Jhymier Bradley
Jhymier Bradley 3 hours ago
allens are real i seen a allens shep a frot of my house
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 3 hours ago
I see a UFO HELP!
Roki AJ
Roki AJ 3 hours ago
Lylah Cardenas
Lylah Cardenas 3 hours ago
I saw a ghost in my laundry room it was a huge black thing and it opened the door of the washer...
Rodolfo Sotero
Rodolfo Sotero 4 hours ago
Did anyone understand regina at 6:04
Paul Simpson
Paul Simpson 4 hours ago
I believe in aliens because of erea 51 👽👽👽👽👽👽
Rodolfo Sotero
Rodolfo Sotero 4 hours ago
3:47 to 3:48 it glitch a bit
Azra Begum
Azra Begum 4 hours ago
Eyob Kibret
Eyob Kibret 4 hours ago
No i dont Believe in aliens at all because I never saw them before
Rezwan Ali
Rezwan Ali 4 hours ago
Daaaa da da daaaaaàaa👽👾
Musli Veseli
Musli Veseli 4 hours ago
, aliens are real Malvern
Musli Veseli
Musli Veseli 4 hours ago
pz408 jame avis
pz408 jame avis 4 hours ago
Helen dnoz
amari watts
amari watts 4 hours ago
me and my 2 friends get pezsed by gost
D Micic
D Micic 4 hours ago
Jaxon Poteet
Jaxon Poteet 4 hours ago
could hareded
Mica Loor
Mica Loor 4 hours ago
Oh gerogena aliens are real
anon.with.no.m4sk 4 hours ago
that kind of obby is the easiest kind of obby, if u download roblox on ur phone it might be easier
Sarah M
Sarah M 4 hours ago
The last of a total of total was last was to die of a war war of war war in war and a total war of
Sheza Ahmed
Sheza Ahmed 4 hours ago
Melvin didn't actually make it to the end, so therefore he didn't win and Regina didn't win.
chachz alyou
chachz alyou 33 minutes ago
reem abdelfattah
reem abdelfattah 4 hours ago
D Micic
D Micic 4 hours ago
Im a fan
Abigail Marquez
Abigail Marquez 4 hours ago
chad why you sticking a banana in a vase ?
Abigail Marquez
Abigail Marquez 4 hours ago
Ok let me tell about the my story from my dad so he was at work then he heard. My Grandma voice to go to her house then he called me.
Clack Sucks
Clack Sucks 4 hours ago
i have 2000 aliens in my life there hunthing me down plz the thin foil
beenish rizwan
beenish rizwan 4 hours ago
Aliens are in my house what happened to you Melvin
Tyrese George
Tyrese George 4 hours ago
melvin the walls are all yalls favorite colours
Scarykittyxwx 5 hours ago
My username is scarykitty30
Jt Taylor
Jt Taylor 5 hours ago
I won that before
Gaming909 5 hours ago
I have seen a alien kitty cat
Jake & Mason’s twin toy reviews
I believe 👽
Namaa Co
Namaa Co 5 hours ago
One time I was sleep talking and walk
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 5 hours ago
Charley Jackson
Charley Jackson 5 hours ago
I think aliens exist and ghost
Kanita Osmani
Kanita Osmani 5 hours ago
Hii omgggggg
Dakota Cook
Dakota Cook 5 hours ago
Daniel is a simp
Lesley-Ann Lockington
can you shout me out
Rasha Kako
Rasha Kako 5 hours ago
Yeeeeees I beliv alen
Bella Hill
Bella Hill 5 hours ago
Melvin i am a allen hahahahah
Salma Alhabashy
Salma Alhabashy 5 hours ago
Hello Spy Ninjas! Do you believe Aliens exist? Tell me why below... 3K REPLY
Roger Games
Roger Games 5 hours ago
And you guys only play Roblox you guys never play call of duty or call of duty mobile or Minecraft 🤦‍♂️😞
Roger Games
Roger Games 5 hours ago
It’s in Roblox bruh it not real
Melissa Filpo
Melissa Filpo 5 hours ago
You you look cuter with antennas :3
Minecraft Pig FACTS