ALABAMA PUBLIC LAND GOBBLER!!! (Dealing with Quiet Turkeys) 

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Warb and Jake battle with a gobbler for two days!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Doug Kelly
Doug Kelly Day ago
Twas this episode that made me go by arrows and a turkey tag here in michigan never shot a bird before! And going to doit on public with my bow can't wait for may 1st 😁😁😁
Big Jim Slade
Big Jim Slade 4 days ago
Right on fellers...congrats Warb!
John McMorris
John McMorris 9 days ago
Great video! It's fun to see you guys get that excited. That's what makes this sport special. Congrats!!! Well done.
Charles Donaldson
Charles Donaldson 10 days ago
Love even more when it's like that. I'm not that good but I do enjoy it.
Birdgrabber Man
Birdgrabber Man 10 days ago
Call and Crawl Yeah Man!
Ever Gahr
Ever Gahr 11 days ago
12:42 nice view
Mark J Larson Outdoors
Great hunt buddy! I loved your excitement!! I cant wait to start turkey hunting next Sat!!
Kevin Westphal
Kevin Westphal 12 days ago
Got inside his bubble...AWESOME HUNT guys!
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller 12 days ago
This fall you guys should go grouse hunting it’s fun there good eating and it makes lots of good memories
WIDE OPEN with Whit
I crawled to a turkey while I watched him breed a hen, you have to make the most of your opportunities.
WIDE OPEN with Whit
That’s the level of excitement I feel
Reklaw 12 days ago
Whose dog was barking after the shot?
Steven Huettner
Steven Huettner 13 days ago
Love the pure joy and excitement of shown on the hunt!
Jason Galbreath
Jason Galbreath 13 days ago
THP videos never get old! Thanks guys!
Seve Wilson
Seve Wilson 14 days ago
I wish I could hear as well as Aaron lol that man hears birds drumming 200 yards away hahaha
4J Outdoors
4J Outdoors 14 days ago
The best Warb reaction yet!! All time favorite THP clip, even better than the gooch leg shake
Scott Atkins
Scott Atkins 14 days ago
One of the best turkey hunts ever!! Great job guys
Mtn_Dewpider 14 days ago
15:41 The first step you start running up a hill
Thomas Burnside
Thomas Burnside 14 days ago
Me and a friend killed a 50” birds the 3rd day of 2021 Tennessee season this year and it was his first long beard
Bill Weihl
Bill Weihl 14 days ago
Finally getting caught up on these videos. Had back surgery Tuesday so I haven't been quite up to snuff but I'm not sure what's worse, having back surgery during Turkey season or getting married there warb? Laughing..... Anyhow I have 10 more days to get feeling better before our season starts here in Michigan. As always be safe and stay healthy my friend.
Nicholas Northrup
Nicholas Northrup 14 days ago
Getting fired up for the opener in pa
Jess Robinson
Jess Robinson 14 days ago
All fired up!
James W
James W 14 days ago
Awesome hunt! Thanks for sharing!
racerdaveracerdave 15 days ago
Got to see the patented Aaron Turkey Dance 👍
Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith 15 days ago
Nice Tom . That`s all I hunt here in Florida is WMA
SpheresOfMadness85 15 days ago
I wish I could like these videos over and over again! Y'all are so great! Also, I would like to add and ask what gear/firearms used in the videos? I'm new to this and learning from some great friends and on my own at 36.
Tommyrolltideroll 18
My turkey there last year was about 21 22 pounds also Nice shot Aaron Keep up the good work
Ryan Harkins
Ryan Harkins 15 days ago
Nothing like it!
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims 15 days ago
That was an awesome hunt. That got me pumped up. Congrats
Thomas Lawrence
Thomas Lawrence 15 days ago
Congrats! Never Give Up. Can't wait for Pa to open up.
Country Crew
Country Crew 15 days ago
I’ve been waiting for this
Ellis Ramey
Ellis Ramey 15 days ago
15:30 Dead Turkey
Thomas Hribar
Thomas Hribar 15 days ago
That was one hell of a move u guys put on that bird, people who dont hunt will never understand how that feels compared to having a bird come in and u take em, two totally different experiences.well done fellas
Travis Godwin
Travis Godwin 15 days ago
If your where i think you are. And I’m almost positive you are. You’re dealing with the toughest turkeys in the country
Matt Dorris
Matt Dorris 15 days ago
Nice toms gobbling nice videos
Christopher Overton
I'm from Clarke county Alabama sure would like to tag along and f ya are ever close
Eddie Crawford
Eddie Crawford 15 days ago
You boys need to look into some LED headlights lol
Chris Holifield
Chris Holifield 15 days ago
Sounds like our Mississippi turkeys this year...quiet. I've killed one gobbler this year, I've heard zero gobbles
ChickenMusclE102 15 days ago
My dudes...this is one of the best tirkee huntin vids I've ever seen. So awesome. Jake had a very rhythmic chuckle after the kill. Haha Congrats!
Greg Chatham
Greg Chatham 15 days ago
Congratulations Warb on that well deserved bird, y’all worked for that one! I’m from Georgia and Alabama is fun to hunt and I’ve hunted that area of Northwest Alabama before and possibly the same WMA, while is near the Mississippi line. Good job boys! Greg
ROX 15 days ago
Nice hunting video...well done...Press on!
bromma1979 15 days ago
Shit A brick that was fun!
mrsockeye 15 days ago
Great episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mike Wisner
Mike Wisner 15 days ago
Going into my 3rd season hunting turkeys I have yet to kill a bird but what I have learned so far is the respect for the bird and never bring the minnows on a boat in crappie infested waters during turkey season!
Daniel Jarosz
Daniel Jarosz 15 days ago
Anyone else want to see an Aaron and Zac hunter/cameraman hunt? Little throwback action.
Tanyon Olivo
Tanyon Olivo 15 days ago
Wow, I like how y’all were able to film y’all tracking the turkey. Awesome job 👍🏼
Nick Flor
Nick Flor 15 days ago
How long was he ?
Stephen Hair
Stephen Hair 16 days ago
That was an awesome hunt!! Y'all put in a lot of effort and It paid off nicely. And by the way, excellent job on video editing. First Class!! Enjoyed it. Stay well and safe travels.
Mason Wolf
Mason Wolf 16 days ago
Why does jakes laugh sound like a car that can’t start
Connie Tarantella
Connie Tarantella 16 days ago
Once again best turkey hunting series on US-first! Rough start in Florida now the hammer is down!
Michael Falkenberry
Awesome hunt and video! Which wma in Alabama was this on? Beautiful woods! Have yall tried Lowndes wma yet? Buncha swamp birds in there yall oughta try it out!
Richard Mortellaro
Richard Mortellaro 16 days ago
Meat on the table shot ... BOOM BIG BIRD !
weekender38 16 days ago
And the hits just keep on coming. Another AWESOME episode. Long live THP!
SPIKES and GILLS 16 days ago
Oh sweet silence! Oh wait! There's a gobbler! Isn't it so cool when one is so close you can hear it drumming and dragging wing tips! It gives me a rush like none other. You guys are getting me pumped up for the season opener.
Rob Greer
Rob Greer 16 days ago
Aaron earned that reaction boys. You guys worked HARD for that gobbler and had to be aggressive like you were in heavily pressured turkeys. Excellent work boys!
Rodney Harouff
Rodney Harouff 16 days ago
another great hunt! thanks! i love it too!
Tony Nardy
Tony Nardy 16 days ago
What, no........”ARE YOU KIDDING ME”!?!?!
Gene Currie
Gene Currie 16 days ago
Jake sounding like the ole’ Chevy trying to start on a frosty morning after the shot 🤣
lanam jerod
lanam jerod 16 days ago
You guys have taught me so much. Can’t thank you enough. If you ever find yourself in NC reach out if you can. I know a few spot on public 😉
Sam Z
Sam Z 16 days ago
Good job guys
daniel romeo
daniel romeo 16 days ago
I've never seen guys move around so much and still kill stuff. Makes me rethink my whole existence. Lmao
Quinton Schnipke
Quinton Schnipke 16 days ago
Love watching this channel, keep up the quality videos
Lancer M.
Lancer M. 16 days ago
I feel good for ya but I feel like crying, my bud and I went to Kentucky Saturday for the youth season, hunting public land, and he called in a big Tom for me and I missed at 35 yards. It feels like your celebration shoulda been what happened to us, but instead, the bird flies off😭😪
Clint Catchot
Clint Catchot 16 days ago
Awesome footage!
The Searcy Stilson
The Searcy Stilson 16 days ago
Alabama was good to y’all!
Bronsyn Walker-Martin
Thats awesome ! I hunted a bird last year on public hunted him a whole week . Shot at him Saturday and misssed him and killed him that coming up wednesday. Yep hunting pressure sure messes with them
Ranger Hoyt Vermont Bows
Congrats Aaron ! Man that hunt got me fired up !!!!!! May 1st here in Vt . Let’s go !
Tim Walker
Tim Walker 16 days ago
Great hunt! That adrenaline is real when you get excited. Saw your Thermacell too. Way to go!
Brandt Detmers
Brandt Detmers 16 days ago
Congrats Warb! You guys rocked Alabama! That bird deserved the “Warb Watusi”!!!!
Game Dinnah
Game Dinnah 16 days ago
😂😂😂 I don’t even need to hunt- I just want to jump around with Warb in the woods during celebration time! I’ll bring the beers 😂 Too much fun. Strong work! 💪🏼
Billy Ratliff
Billy Ratliff 16 days ago
Keep up the good work n bringing the videos 👍🦃
NIC ROWE 16 days ago
Watching all these turkey hunts is getting me fired up for Michigan opening day next Saturday...Let's Hunt!
David Pierce
David Pierce 16 days ago
Fun hunt guys.
David Weirup
David Weirup 16 days ago
I can’t get enough of warb and Jake together. Especially when they get it done.
JAYBO 16 days ago
Very cool hunt. I always learn something from you guys that I can try myself this season.
Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson 16 days ago
Y'all are awesome
Jason Bonnette
Jason Bonnette 16 days ago
Turkey calling or turkey crawling, whatever it takes. Good stuff!
Wade Wentland
Wade Wentland 16 days ago
Awesome hunt guys. The emotional highs and lows are what make your videos so addicting!
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold 16 days ago
Awesome hunt fellas and fine gobbler Arron,that turkey hunting is something I love it more than any hunting it’s just something about it that gets a mans blood boiling when he sounds off and being in the woods this time of year is unreal God blessed us with this fine animal to hunt and I’m thankful for um. Keep um coming and BOL in Georgia 👊🏻
Outdoor Jack
Outdoor Jack 16 days ago
Congrats Aaron! Awesome hunt.
Clifton Macomber
Clifton Macomber 16 days ago
Great hunt, love the stoke!! You earned it Warbs!! Nice work on the cam Jake!! Keep it up boys!!
cody fritz
cody fritz 16 days ago
Landon Sweeney
Landon Sweeney 16 days ago
Atta boy Warb!!
Holden Sudduth
Holden Sudduth 16 days ago
Was y’all hunting in Bankhead NF?
Eddie Palmer
Eddie Palmer 16 days ago
Where did you get the face mask ? I can't find a 3/4 and the one Warb has looks perfect !
Aaron Outdoors
Aaron Outdoors 16 days ago
I hope Aaron uses some of the dancing moves he used after smashing that turkey when he gets married later this month!😂👍🔥
Curtis J. Pace Jr.
Curtis J. Pace Jr. 16 days ago
A will deserved bird, congrats Aaron.
TheCoastalGunner 16 days ago
i got fired up too on that last gobble....epic footage as always boys
D Swish
D Swish 16 days ago
I wish Pa.did something like habitat?
Ayden Hawkins
Ayden Hawkins 16 days ago
I missed one yesterday and messed a hunt up Saturday but I’ve been hunting by myself and I’m only 14 so I’m still trying to figure out how my dad does it 😂
Robert Mashburn
Robert Mashburn 16 days ago
Awsome guys , what a hunt and love the excitement of a great turkey stalk.
Eric Wiitala
Eric Wiitala 16 days ago
I love to see how excited you guys get. Aaron's reaction is exactly how I'd react. I really appreciate how either you're successful or not, you explain what happened and what your seeing. Great video as always.
hwy419 16 days ago
Lol you’re right. 3 ways in usually means it’s a bad thing. 🤣
Jason Cue
Jason Cue 16 days ago
Hands down these best turkey hunt I’ve ever seen!!! Now that’s real turkey hunting the moving the crawling. That hunt had it all. Epic guys!!!!
If that doesn’t get your heart racing I don’t know what will!
Brady Foy
Brady Foy 16 days ago
Which mouthcall did you have in at 9:00 ?
The Hunting Public
The Hunting Public 16 days ago
Woodhaven scorpion
V8pushrodmotorsTTF 16 days ago
Well executed stalk and delivery of hot load. Very nice bird.
Dave Ruckle
Dave Ruckle 16 days ago
Jake needed a paper bag after the shot, thought he was going to hyperventilate... Nice work fellas- keep em coming!!
John Love
John Love 14 days ago
Klopp z
Robert Frick
Robert Frick 16 days ago
That there was the sneak of all sneaks lol
The old Gobbler
The old Gobbler 16 days ago
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. But that turkey was challenged. CONGRATULATIONS