Airbag off Bridge Launch! 

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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 10 days ago
Merch restocked at dannyduncan69.com
London Trevor
London Trevor 8 hours ago
@Maximo Duke awesome! Took like 20 mins but it worked!
Maximo Duke
Maximo Duke 8 hours ago
dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker if you wanna try it yourself
king keese
king keese 13 hours ago
Danny please let me smoke with my brother rosco
Manz Walter
Manz Walter 2 days ago
Danny is it in a kid small or adult small
Scooter Pro
Scooter Pro 2 days ago
i dare you to put one under the car
Shadows cannabis Grow
Shadows cannabis Grow 20 minutes ago
Lol dwl wtf I can’t stop laughing
joel perez
joel perez 6 hours ago
Bro your grandpa is so cute ! These videos are gold
FlowStateGG 6 hours ago
7:57 "Are we good to go?" "No, you gotta leave" ... k
Young Jojo
Young Jojo 6 hours ago
10:40 I never laughed so hard in my life
Peter Parka
Peter Parka 7 hours ago
10:40 lmao 😂
Johnny Solomon
Johnny Solomon 7 hours ago
Why did he call the old fat guy in makeup ma’am?
Gavin Gerry
Gavin Gerry 8 hours ago
11:50 famous last words
Ricardo Taleno
Ricardo Taleno 10 hours ago
The bus 💀💀💀
Epic gamer style
Epic gamer style 10 hours ago
I haven’t watched danny in 2 years and now here I am
Amymouse2011 Exotic
Amymouse2011 Exotic 10 hours ago
Yea the boat is solid after it falls
Memes_RBLX 11 hours ago
I was holding in my my laugh so hard with the cop car scene
Snowstrike and Dragonite
Is this how you like spending your days whiskey mysteries and parties and Plays it’s a song
Cameron Huerta
Cameron Huerta 11 hours ago
Somebody get mad at Danny and they say I’m gonna go inside and kiss my wife Danny says I own your wife’s Lips
Manuel Espinoza
Manuel Espinoza 11 hours ago
This man stopped the bus for no reason😂
No Face No Case
No Face No Case 11 hours ago
I started laughing so damn hard when Kewon got launched by that airbag 😂
Dakota John
Dakota John 12 hours ago
TjFreshhh gotcha
TjFreshhh gotcha 12 hours ago
Classic poppy jim
Justin Knotts
Justin Knotts 12 hours ago
I fuckin love this dude lmao! Videos are legit funny as hell man I love all the Karen’s 😂😂👌
Aharon Ask
Aharon Ask 13 hours ago
It’s an xbox there indestructible I think
king keese
king keese 13 hours ago
The Xbox🤣🤣🤣🤣
king keese
king keese 13 hours ago
I wanna smoke with rosco
Nekum Beam
Nekum Beam 13 hours ago
Dan Hen
Dan Hen 13 hours ago
I absolutely loved this video. Laughed the entire time. Great content!
BABY POWELL 14 hours ago
What is this jackass 2.0?😂
KruzKontrol 14 hours ago
He should put 1 under each tire of the car
Puma 14 hours ago
We need more youtubers that do illegal stuff like this
Jesse G7
Jesse G7 15 hours ago
Make a compilation of papajim going BUMBUMDABUMBUM.
Big 50
Big 50 15 hours ago
Danny down there terrorizing Florida🤣
Collin H
Collin H 15 hours ago
5:00 that’s a man
Landon Gentry
Landon Gentry 15 hours ago
Is it just me or is it every time he laughs he sounds like he’s ding
Xmas 15 hours ago
5:00 that’s a man
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 16 hours ago
youre my new favorite person no cap
Ben BoyGames
Ben BoyGames 16 hours ago
Should of took him to the punta gorda bridge 😂😂
Jesus Montes
Jesus Montes 16 hours ago
jackass 2.0?????????? its a show btw
Daddy Jonjay
Daddy Jonjay 16 hours ago
Danny should have his on reality show
ItzDRT 16 hours ago
Martinsleep 17 hours ago
wth... is this ?
will middleton
will middleton 17 hours ago
was brenda a man?
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 18 hours ago
how ignurt
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez 18 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂 bro i wish I was danny's friend
Jonathan Shrewsbury
Jonathan Shrewsbury 18 hours ago
I love how there’s like three cops in his whole city
Xxlv_vlxX TV
Xxlv_vlxX TV 18 hours ago
Bro has all the freedom of America in his pocket
kasey ketterick
kasey ketterick 18 hours ago
nob head
Bardown Bendiezz
Bardown Bendiezz 19 hours ago
The cops probably consider danny a regular nowa days
Nicholas Morrison
Nicholas Morrison 19 hours ago
Danny Duncan is poison to all pissy Karen's who hate people having more fun than them.
cryptic styles
cryptic styles 19 hours ago
whos motorbike was that hahahhaha
cryptic styles
cryptic styles 19 hours ago
freedom 500 did you well hahaha new found love
Balpreet Gill
Balpreet Gill 20 hours ago
10:38 LMFAO 🤣
THEDnARACER 20 hours ago
Stop wasting your money on random crap. Buy that lake...
Cassette production by Trixta
The flor and selling are his dad’s everything is his dads
Crazi Cuber
Crazi Cuber 22 hours ago
Let’s be honest Danny pretty much owns florida
Mekayla Edwards
Mekayla Edwards 22 hours ago
whos his dad im confused and new
Curt M
Curt M 22 hours ago
I think that old lady Brenda is or was Old man Brent!?
EvolvingFetus 23 hours ago
Ok? Why is this viral? I don't get it.
Dezlo 23 hours ago
Kirishima_eijiro 23 hours ago
Ok but if you got 4 airbags and put it under each tyre then see if they can move it
Payne Stringer
Payne Stringer 23 hours ago
They prolly has 15 pound basses at that pond and now they are all dead because Danny Dancun
Naan Bredd
Naan Bredd Day ago
This man is like maxmoefoe if he kept doin mad vids
Ethan Richardson
That last airbag had to be poorly manufactured, went off like a hand grenade
Hunter Hall
Hunter Hall Day ago
this is a real life gta 5 role play lobby
Robin Kjellberg
He’s not a ”Florida-man”, this guy is the king of the Florida men!
christian Day ago
County property is public property sounds like the cops were bsing
christian Day ago
That transgender was funny
Blaize m
Blaize m Day ago
What are those thing crawling on the ground in the background 8:10 ... are they pigs?
Jonah’s Review’s
4:52 she sounds like a guy
Kaden Pace
Kaden Pace Day ago
“Roscoe the sailor maaann” 💀😭
Marco Lattimore
Duuude rent a yacht for papa Jim, CON IT AND MAKE HIS DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big shlong
big shlong Day ago
11:50 its a xbox they are strong I thin-
Luke Betts
Luke Betts Day ago
How ever was recording the bread thing was definitely baked😭
-Salt. Day ago
*The way kiwan got launched*
robobot gaming
The Greys
The Greys Day ago
funniest shit ever lolol
nate cardenas
4:51 good old fashioned Karen
Sleek Vlogs
Sleek Vlogs Day ago
10:46 🤩🤣🤣🤣
Joe Estes
Joe Estes Day ago
I love papa Jim
Danny Duncan owns Florida
Gavin Greer
Gavin Greer Day ago
Has that man ever got a ticket?
Michael Gorden
Always remember to donate to ur local police
william wanmer
At 10:39😂😂😂😂
Danny can solve a rubiks cube?
Antonius mathurin
Can I be in your team please
Antonius mathurin
Love your videos so funny
Brooklyn Bassett
This the most florada thing I have seen even if they not in florada
kick up the dust
Put an airbag under the crownvic and set it off😂😂
Tommy Pajic
Tommy Pajic Day ago
Seriously tho how does he always get out of these situations of possibly going to jail
Tectonick Minecraft
Tectonick Minecraft
That a man?
H1ghM3 : Г
H1ghM3 : Г Day ago
All these ppl own a lot of shi
Braylen lee
Braylen lee Day ago
3mill views !!!!!
Justin Tibbetts
4:55 lmaooo trans
Jordan Ricketts
This video has made it into the Danny Duncan hall of fame, I’m dying bro it’s pure quality!
Carson ,
Carson , Day ago
10:40 dwarfs in orbit
? um
? um Day ago
10:39 LMFAO
Rip to keen and nuts
TheBorderCivic 979
Dude your funny af
Cats Reviews
Cats Reviews Day ago
Fuckin Savage!
Collin Knight
5:20 that’s a dude