After 17 years of hiding, large swarm of Brood X cicadas expected to emerge 

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Starting next week, trillions of Brood X cicadas will begin their assault on nearly all of the country, east of the Mississippi River. They've been lying in wait for 17 years until the time and temperature is right to begin their deafening descent upon millions of Americans. Meteorologist and CBS News climate specialist Jeff Berardelli reports.
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson 12 hours ago
That news lady did not just say "No Shot!" Like 3 times on live tv 🤣
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 20 hours ago
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crickets 85
crickets 85 20 hours ago
First coronavirus now a mass of cicadas. Are we about to get raptured????
klassic_hype official
They goal is to make noise 😐
Lamar Entertainment
Me ave dem here in Jamaica every year every summer we call dem Jimmy queen
Angel Day ago
Do i have to get noise cancelling headphones
C A 2 days ago
Hopefully those Cicadas have consent before they decide to mate.
kimdoeyoung 3 days ago
I remember these cicadas from high school. Good god.... has it been 17 years already? I feel old...
Wah Htoo
Wah Htoo 3 days ago
I remember I used to eat them in Thailand
Tortellini 3 days ago
Suddenly I like living in Alaska a lot more
Justin 5171
Justin 5171 3 days ago
Cant wait for a cash catch and cook vid.
Annette Williams
Annette Williams 4 days ago
I will treat my yard and trees ..i don't care to have this around me....Disgusting at its Finest....
A3Kr0n 4 days ago
They shed their skin? That's why you don't let a meteorologist report on entomology. He knows it's really their exoskeleton. Oops.
Dennise C
Dennise C 4 days ago
I don’t remember 2004 being that bad, i do however remember 2013 that was horrible lol
Brian Giatti
Brian Giatti 4 days ago
These bugs bout fly back underground when they see what's going on up here
Char O
Char O 5 days ago
When they don’t come out in 17 years blame climate change 1 month or 1 week with hardly any history to track them yet you pretend it’s climate change lol unbelievable
Greyareas27 5 days ago
They've been waiting for 17 years to get busy? It's Spring Break for bugs. "Parteee!"
Kathy Rios
Kathy Rios 5 days ago
Why am I so excited about this? I live in California
Alexis Chavez
Alexis Chavez 5 days ago
Reminds me of starcraft
barbara hirsch
barbara hirsch 5 days ago
CBS they will try to make it sound like a zombie attack, fear mongers, I think the southern border is a bigger problem than these insects just being insects, lame!!!
TryB3GØD 5 days ago
Ismail Chung
Ismail Chung 5 days ago
Every 17 years they come out lol
Debra Pinnx
Debra Pinnx 5 days ago
He’s coming back to do a Jesus is coming back people just look at all diseases all of the hungry people in the world all the fighting all the anger get ready repent
Alma Almasarwah
Alma Almasarwah 5 days ago
Am i the only one who is terrified of them , this is a nightmare come truee😰
XG Official
XG Official Day ago
The only reasons people dislike them: They make weird noises They look weird They're bugs They don't even do anything to you 😂
The Fall Of The New Babylon
Jessica is beautiful.
Are they edible I'll win saving and selling it you won't find it until 17 years later hello china here I come $$$$
Gôjira 5 days ago
Its not invasion. its animals who share america with us and only come out when they mature
Papataqiy 5 days ago
Its called Turaes in our local language. Usualy apear when dry season is about to come... 😁
rer1967 5 days ago
If you're scared of cicadas wait till you see a cicada killer
Danny Rondon
Danny Rondon 5 days ago
Do they bite people
ClankCC 5 days ago
They said they dont bite or sting did you even watch the vid?
Claudia Grimaldi
Claudia Grimaldi 5 days ago
I remember playing with them when I was 5 and pretending they were my pet, yet I would still be terrified sometimes when I saw them.
Iskay Kabeya
Iskay Kabeya 5 days ago
They cause no harm to human, but God will command them to bite human on the days of vagence and wrath of the Almighty God
Tracy Boatwright
Tracy Boatwright 5 days ago
Ok so what do we need to do..dont tell us they are coming with out instructions..rubber bands.BB gun what? Do not come for me little creature..🤣
Everton Simpson
Everton Simpson 5 days ago
That what you called social distancing..
Love Lyric
Love Lyric 5 days ago
Bug spray God forgive me if they get into my houses
Deni RN
Deni RN 5 days ago
Warming Climate BULL 💩. Tell it to the NOT MELTING ICECAPS IN 🇮🇸 Where HOT 🥵 Volcanoes 🌋🌋 can’t even melt the Tundra. Only unscientific, Crooked scientists who make $BILLION$ on the Fancy of Global Warming or as they now name it lie about Global Warming, O3 decline & Climate Change. They change names cause the 🌎 & humanity didn’t die after 10, not even 20 years as they predicted... they had to come up w a NEW CRISIS NAME! These lies are 🤮 BTW: Climate ALWAYS changes; it has for 4.5 billion years.
only one luv
only one luv 5 days ago
So it's been to cold here in Covington ky and Ohio for them to come out.. its been snowing and cold rain.. maybe hopefully they stay down
Laura Menchaca
Laura Menchaca 5 days ago
gosh they're nasty
r e
r e 5 days ago
Asian hornets watching
tum 5 days ago
they land on you every time you go outside
rob 5 days ago
Cornucopia, what a malifluous word
Registered Simp Offender
I remember when I was little in the 90s I would always find their brown shed bodies stuck to trees it's so weird they would shed their whole body so perfectly leaving behind a whole copy of their body on the tree
Registered Simp Offender
So they pick the worse time to come out? Lol
Esoterica Taylor
Esoterica Taylor 6 days ago
Lantern flies now this 🤦🏽‍♀️
Ross Barbish
Ross Barbish 6 days ago
Gonna be a nostalgia trip hearing their deafening chorus again.
curvel george
curvel george 6 days ago
Wait...eat, umm I didn't expect that from her
James Lee
James Lee 6 days ago
"East of the Mississippi" 😳 Missouri: ya we'll see
Yankees286 6 days ago
Tony Stark • Unlimited
How come we didn't burn them -.-
Rene Davis
Rene Davis 6 days ago
Not lookin forward to it 🤢
Aww 6 days ago
It's also not deafening, but fear mongering is what you do, AND they taste like peanut butter.
Libby Sherman
Libby Sherman 5 days ago
Well that makes sense why John the Baptist in the Bible ate locusts with wild honey. I love me some peanut butter and honey on potato bread, but I still don't know if I could make myself eat them.
twayne wade
twayne wade 6 days ago
Thats so crazy. I was in preschool in 2004.
southern belle
southern belle 6 days ago
It's not because of climate change!!!
Ranch Dressing
Ranch Dressing 6 days ago
Eat your bugs people.. because soon, things like beefy meat will be reserved for those with importance.
Bryan Haproff
Bryan Haproff 6 days ago
Whatever. In Las Vegas.. Cicadas come out every single year.. go cry to your east coast mommies.
Hush Whisper
Hush Whisper 6 days ago
*The following is happening in our World and no one is noticing.* 1. Armageddon is about 4 action events. 1st horse, Bow = *Send* it. 2nd horse, Sword = *Strike* it. 3rd horse, Scales = *Split* it. 4th horse, Fire = *Sear* it. That ='s Our planet for the last 2 years have averaged 3.23 Rockets a day into space. That's hundreds of rockets we've *Send*/sent up. We've sent close to a 1000 Rockets/with Elon saying he's sending another 1000. They are *weapons* designed to stop "Wormwood" in the book of Revelation in the Bible. All Telescopes on this planet are pointing in the same direction. Elon is building underground tunnels in major cities. "Wormwood" is going to hit the PACIFIC OCEAN. *EVACUATE*. All the ELITE TOP COMPANIES ARE EVACUATING THE PACIFIC COASTS...SO SHOULD YOU!!! 2. "The mark of the beast". Take 3 6's and place them in a circle and you have a virus warning symbol. But the Mark is the VACCINE. And because it is a global problem it will demand a global solution. *The Vaccine will be given Airborne and it will land on your forehead and hands.* It will try to alter Chromosome 7 lamb1. It is during these moments where the Bible mentions: *You will wish the mountains to fall on you.* And this is also the moment where the Bible mentions: The "few" and the "many". "Few" will die from this Vaccine (millions) and "many" will live (billions). This vaccine will cure all diseases BUT it will not remove the Pain from any injuries you receive. That is the moment of the "delusion" mentioned in Revelations. If you get a cut or any injury, the pain will never go away, they just keep building up. You will wish the "mountains to fall on you". 666 (six - sick - sicknesses) *Six species of human corona viruses are known* , with some species subdivided into two different strains, making seven strains of human corona viruses altogether. Rev. 13:16 is referring to those who DIDN'T make the rapture of the church (The not "born again" PEOPLE). 1st Horseman is the Bow (SEND it). < That Horse rides as we speak. All the Rockets this Planet SENDS into Space are Weapons of mass Destruction targeted at "Wormwood". For almost 2 years now our Planet as sent almost 1000 Rockets into space and now we are averaging 3.23 a day. Elon just boasted within the past month how he intends to send a 1000 more. BEFORE those ROCKETS touch "WORMWOOD", 2 EVENTS will happen. 1 Event will be the "RAPTURE" and 1 will be the "AIRBORNE VACCINE". < BOTH OF THESE EVENTS HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME. < The "AIRBORNE VACCINE" is the reason it happens. I have to stop here and explain something. Our Souls are physically attached to Our flesh by Chromosome 7 lamb1. When a Person (truly) becomes "BORN AGAIN" Chromosome 7 lamb1 CHANGES. So now you have 2 different groups of People on the Planet. Those who are "born again" w/the altered "lamb1" and those who don't. Now having said that. When the "AIRBORNE VACCINE" lands on your forehead and hands, it's going to try and alter Chromosome 7 lamb1 AGAIN. When it does, ONLY those who are "BORN AGAIN" will die. Those who don't have the altered "lamb1" will LIVE...and be able to buy and sell during the TIME OF THE ANTICHRIST. The "BORN AGAIN" People are people who have God's Holy Spirit INSIDE THEIR SOULS. *God's Holy Spirit* isn't on this planet during the 7 years of the antichrist. His Spirit is raptured from this planet BEFORE THE 2ND HORSEMEN RIDES!!!!! (I'm throwing pearls, you better be getting this).
Timothy Penny
Timothy Penny 6 days ago
😳 omg are they dangerous
Jasha Argueta
Jasha Argueta 6 days ago
Adam A bout to make some fire videos
MadLad Dweeb
MadLad Dweeb 6 days ago
Plot twist, they are carnivorous and out for human flesh
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 6 days ago
I'm so excited 😆
Cynth G
Cynth G 6 days ago
Oh God I'm staying inside
God bless the YouTube commenters
Of course they had to bring it back around to some leftist issue
John Flowers
John Flowers 6 days ago
Rare bred of locusts that came from China thru it's seeds mail program to American homes if planted will cause disaster to American agricultural produce as these swarms of locusts invade the United States. These hungry locusts will eat anything green agricultural produce,. They can eat whole tomato plants, and all vegetables, corn, plants, cucumber, beans, rice, wheat, fruits of anykind. Therefore, if any Americans receive these unsolicited seeds that has Chinese characters that says when you receive this seeds you should plant them in your backyard and you will have plenty of wholesome vegetables to eat, you should never never plant them but surrender to the Department of Agriculture.
Big fun Don’t trip
If it’s climate change , why do they come out every 17 years like clockwork
Big fun Don’t trip
Allan Dunnam
Allan Dunnam 6 days ago
Climate change 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
M Bradley
M Bradley 6 days ago
0:49 Running through a cloud of locusts, eyes shut, mouth wide open. The birth of progressive liberalism.
Diane Dills
Diane Dills 6 days ago
We learned most of this in public school when teachers knew how to TEACH!!!!
Shadow Kitten
Shadow Kitten 6 days ago
So last week they were banning beef recipes from website, this week serving bugs on tv.....
Libby Sherman
Libby Sherman 5 days ago
I used to be a vegan pantheist and God woke me up to the truth in 2018. Now I'm a Christian, a flat earther and I eat a regular balanced diet. Now I don't touch those nasty soy based impossible burgers or any other soy. Those burgers contain 44mg estrogen and over time could quite possibly induce breast formation in men and cause breast cancer in women. Satanists run these big companies and they worship a transgender baphomet. No wonder the transgender and climate change agendas are so perpetuated... They want to defile people, enforce the Georgia Guidestones for the new world order and hide that there is a God, Jesus, who actually loves people and sacrificed himself to break the curse over humanity and atone for our sins so we can be reconciled to God. I'm still in awe of His love because humanity is undeserving, yet He loves us like a good father loves their child and like a good husband would love his wife. This entire world needs Jesus so badly.
Jason Clay
Jason Clay 6 days ago
Don't come..you will be forced into tiktok videos and will be labeled a racist if you land on people of color
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 6 days ago
Oh the hypocrisy
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 6 days ago
Oh BS!! Bs!! More propoganda. 41 climate disasters have been predicted since the 1960s .. how many have happened?? None zero.. They are emerging because they are ..geez
Kahloz Lunna
Kahloz Lunna 6 days ago
They coming out of the labs
Sanguinius on vacation
"Its too late , I hear their chittering outside the doors of my bunker . They come ."
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones 6 days ago
What a bunch of half-assed hype. It'd be funny if they didn't emerge, or did- but in small numbers.
Trina Harrison
Trina Harrison 6 days ago
What??😳😮 This is crazy!! God help us!!🙏🙏
Autistic Pixel
Autistic Pixel 6 days ago
we already have a deafening amount of Cicada's here in Bayou territories, yall adding more now?!
-Zeph- 7 days ago
He does want some cookie tho
cassievbaby yay
cassievbaby yay 7 days ago
Just like jeepers creepers
CUT OFF 7 days ago
Randy Rhyne
Randy Rhyne 7 days ago
This may be the next big crisis that the democrats can blame on Trump.
ihavetubes 7 days ago
The Zerg have returned!
Joshua Chrisley
Joshua Chrisley 7 days ago
These people are so stupid. Have they been watching these bugs for 17 years? Seriously doubt it.
debbie holts
debbie holts 7 days ago
funny how people weird out on eatting a bug but have no problem putting a big chunk of the hind end of a cow and grind that up with their teeth.
debbie holts
debbie holts 7 days ago
haha he had to throw in the BS climate change.
Efren Troncoso
Efren Troncoso 7 days ago
17 years?🤔
Chickengenius420 7 days ago
Propaganda garbage
Jim W
Jim W 7 days ago
Because of climate change?
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 7 days ago
Always about climate change. By the time the climate changes we will all be dead. Poor people like me worry about food on the table, roof over our head, and you are worried about its getting hotter or colder. Wish I had that kinda money to worry about something I can't control
Vikki Vale
Vikki Vale 7 days ago
Is t that crazy they were just playing hide and seek for 17 years and now their just in time fur a new crisis how bout that?? So weird 🤔🤔
Captain Disillusion
Uggggh they won't be in Missouri. Fine, guess I'll be going a little east
C Blu
C Blu 7 days ago
Why did it skip over S.C.?
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen 7 days ago
Again, climate related!
Trixi Trix
Trixi Trix 7 days ago
Nothing like terrorizing the rest of the public during a "plandemic" and made up " systematic racism epidemic" so you can make ratings, right?!
theKrausman 7 days ago
Where's crypto bitcoin boy?
Darthmaul TTV
Darthmaul TTV 7 days ago
Love it. Love the sound they make
J Z 7 days ago
“Thanks to global warming” at 64 degrees, lol, I am surprised that the announcer didn’t say “thanks to the trump administration”
Alicia Hoverson
Alicia Hoverson 7 days ago
Lucas! Corey Haim, good movie, Anchorwoman.
RegainingLife 7 days ago
They're moving on to their next crisis and fear-mongering.
Mike C
Mike C 7 days ago
Rosemary garlic...I'll pass.
Chanda Archuleta
Chanda Archuleta 7 days ago
The stores will be out of bug spray now. Plenty of toilet paper and water.
Swiss Alps
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I adopted a cat.
Chad on Mars - SNL