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I realize that having "Advanced" and "Basics" in the same title might seem a bit contradictory, but the good ol' grilled cheese is about as basic as it gets. Using technique and flavorful ingredients, we'll try and put some fun spins on this after-school classic, hopefully without upsetting the purists!
Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/advanced-grilled-cheese
Music by Chillhop: chillhop.com/listen
Blue Wednesday - Murmuration
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Feb 18, 2021




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Ronaldo_ Slayer21
Ronaldo_ Slayer21 11 minutes ago
Is it cheating to make the cheese different I wonder
professornuke 7 hours ago
"The vast majority of cheeses don't melt as well as American." American what? I know there's a thing people from the USA call American Cheese, but....I'm pretty sure the rest of the world doesn't consider it to be cheese. Is that what you meant? It's some yellow stuff, but, I wouldn't dignify it by calling it cheese.
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 7 hours ago
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Zulfburht 9 hours ago
I use my toaster oven because I’m to lazy to clean my pans.
fishy 13 hours ago
Alaskan Aligator
Alaskan Aligator 13 hours ago
Lake Manson
Lake Manson 14 hours ago
babish when are you doing a collab with ordinary sausage
kildaver 18 hours ago
Elmer Fudd will be...pleased...
Ping Wong
Ping Wong 18 hours ago
Owen Flaherty
Owen Flaherty 19 hours ago
3:43 Adam Ragusea: You called?
Auds Marie
Auds Marie 21 hour ago
Wow 🤩
Gianni Moreno
Gianni Moreno 23 hours ago
I thought I was the only one who lied about knowing Linux. The only thing I know are the keyboard shortcuts ;-;
Abhishek Rajasundaram
I like how he put an "Advanced" recipe in a "Basics" video.
Chris Harrington
@ 6:02 how do you say Worcestershire sauce?? lol
Peter Kemp
Peter Kemp Day ago
Whenever I hear the phrase "purists say that..." I always mentally replace it with "people who need to get a grip and get out more say that..."
Magdalena Olszyk
3:17 I watched this so many times until I was done 😂😂😂🤫🤭
Sean Keady
Sean Keady Day ago
3:14 Babish De Niro
WhiskySiN Day ago
Cheese slices aka American cheese. If you can call it cheese *gag*
Tommy A
Tommy A Day ago
why did i find 5:21 so funny
alex barnard
alex barnard Day ago
When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen
JR_mtb Day ago
Gordon Ramsey aggressively taking notes* ✍
crestfell Day ago
when it comes down to it, wine is just advanced fruit juice.
Whew! 😅 I’m glad I’m not the only person who believes the movie “Chef” is awesome.
Anna Reed
Anna Reed 2 days ago
Chef John's inside-out grilled cheese is so perfect. It's the only way I've made grilled cheese since that video's release. Although I follow his method a little more closely that Babby 😜
Esteban Moran
Esteban Moran 2 days ago
Local chef gets intoxicated drinking wine while making too many grilled cheeses
Marcelo Leria
Marcelo Leria 2 days ago
Gordon Ramsey could have a look at this video eh
itchykami 2 days ago
Is it still a grilled cheese if it's dipped in tomato soup after cooking, or is it a soup melt? If I put a grilled cheese sandwich in the grilled cheese, is it a grilled cheese melt?
Adrian Ellis
Adrian Ellis 2 days ago
"You do not have enough credits. "Advanced Grilled Cheese"/GCA 4091 is only available for students to take after taking 'Intermediate Grilled Cheese"/GCIN 3300 and "Beginners Grilled Cheese"/GCBG 2010. " - My College Advisor.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 2 days ago
Setting the sandwich on a wire drying set was genius. I always get annoyed when it's soggy, so I appreciate this tip lol
l l
l l 2 days ago
Advanced grill cheese in basics with babish. Hmmmm something ain't right!
Jaku Jaku
Jaku Jaku 2 days ago
KefkeWren 2 days ago
"Golden brown" is an undercooked grilled cheese. For a proper grilled cheese, you want just a little bit of char on the outside. It just doesn't taste right without it.
inkleef _
inkleef _ 2 days ago
As always, I’m amazed that Babish hasn’t singed his tastebuds off
Ginny W
Ginny W 2 days ago
might have moaned a little around 8:39 ngl
supermankillerz 2 days ago
babish " some say that even adding mustard will disqualify your sandwich and make it a melt" Also Babish "So we're just gonna add some mustard to this bad boy"
DeltaMike89 2 days ago
Alton Brown looking at you thinking ‘these are griddled sandwiches with melt cheese!’
Allzombifood 2 days ago
This mans better than Gordon Ramsey
LeoYoshi54321 2 days ago
Babging with Bingish Babsics with Basish
Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang 2 days ago
Idk man, it sounds like a grilled cheese but with extra steps
Drborn Awesomeness
I never thought of tomato in the grilled cheese!!
Chris M
Chris M 2 days ago
Babing babingo
:Picklez 2 days ago
I skipped 20 seconds at the beginning, which made him say "Cheese. Let's get down to basics." That's all the intro he needed, honestly
Jason Ott
Jason Ott 2 days ago
humdrum tastes like flat pear flavored hard seltzer
john smith
john smith 2 days ago
Cheese shredded off of a block is always better for melting than preshredded because it doesn't have the edible talcum powder they put on bagged shredded cheese.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
caramelize the onions. I had no idea you could get pre-caramelized, and will likely.... ///never/// do so.
Ben Nelson
Ben Nelson 2 days ago
Be honest Babish, how many (on camera + off camera) grilled cheese sandwiches did you consume that day? :)
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
Whelp time to get obesity
Christine Fliger
Christine Fliger 2 days ago
I make a Linberger grilled cheese with Rye bread and I use Chipotle mayo on the outside...try you will be surprised.
Michael 2112
Michael 2112 2 days ago
A poached egg on each half of that last sandwich and... What could be better, in any universe?
Ben Bateman
Ben Bateman 2 days ago
Im legit gonna do this right now
Austin Amend
Austin Amend 2 days ago
Mayo > Butter
Cassidy Stuidiot
Cassidy Stuidiot 2 days ago
Reminds me of the grilled cheese deluxe episode, so much just to make something so simple that even I can’t make still
Slater Girl
Slater Girl 2 days ago
Believe it or not, Mayo works 10x better.
Jim Hutchison
Jim Hutchison 2 days ago
This guy's hilarious...
Tyler Hutchison
Tyler Hutchison 2 days ago
I don't think ye can call it a sandwich anymore.
Anastasia Lennon
Anastasia Lennon 2 days ago
I love cheese but American cheese is disgusting.
Glenn Cooke
Glenn Cooke 2 days ago
Butter used looks absolutely vile, gets some pure Irish Kerry gold butter on that toastie
Wei on Huang
Wei on Huang 2 days ago
The series is called BASICS with banish and then he gives you ADVANCED grilled cheese. Love it
FlannelFlax 2 days ago
this guy makes grilled cheese better than i can pour a glass of soda
Chris Bingley
Chris Bingley 2 days ago
Somebody needs to introduce Babish to Wensleydale and Cheshire cheeses.
ded 2 days ago
Whelp time to get obesity
Drawing Moo
Drawing Moo 2 days ago
Ok, I'm sorry, WHAT. 7:28 there are store-bought caramelized onions? That just sounds... wrong. One of the first things my parents taught me to do to help out with dinners was caramelize the onions. I had no idea you could get pre-caramelized, and will likely.... ///never/// do so.
Rogue Ren
Rogue Ren 2 days ago
"Wow my resume says I knew Linux? I just straight up lied" Me: *nervously laughs while watching this on Linux*
Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes 2 days ago
Never before have I been so bummed to be lactose intolerant >.
Ryudex 2 days ago
Collab with Gordon Ramsay plz
Mini Fag
Mini Fag 3 days ago
dont know about you guys but i went out of my way and made myself a yummy grilled cheeze :)
Jordonus 3 days ago
Basic Grilled Cheese is best Grilled Cheese. Change my mind.
DonnerK 3 days ago
In the first minute I learnt how to do something
Mini Fag
Mini Fag 3 days ago
advanceds with babish
pepper yu
pepper yu 3 days ago
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Jason Von Holten
Jason Von Holten 3 days ago
Every basics strays much much further from basic
CantyCanadian 3 days ago
You should look at Alton Brown's onion dip episode for how to make quick caramelized onions.
DbzInflux 8696
DbzInflux 8696 3 days ago
I like how he straight up showed the purists that there is a better grilled cheese that's not a melt.
Jeetaditya Chatterjee
"Proficiency in windows Mac and linux" don't play with me Bimbish.
Lukas Oitzl
Lukas Oitzl 3 days ago
The best grilled cheese (variation) I ever had, was with haggis called "the Bruiser" in a great shop called "melt" in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was amazing although afterwards I always felt like lying down.
Osian Rees Jones
Osian Rees Jones 3 days ago
lindelani lee
lindelani lee 3 days ago
Hey Babish. I'm loving the new music🙂
Andy Tha Rapper
Andy Tha Rapper 3 days ago
"Why does it need a hack, is it that hard to flip a sandwich?" Yes Babish, surprisingly enough I think it is for some 😂😂😂
GundamLupuzRex 3 days ago
They say that his hips will never be the same
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan 3 days ago
sorry, but you just cannot add the word american before the word cheese. it doesn't exist.
mike wieser
mike wieser 3 days ago
Tbh I don’t like the American cheese version i love the Dutch jong belegen cheese way better
Ania Saluda
Ania Saluda 3 days ago
What's the best European substitute for American cheese?
nezquick 3 days ago
Next grilled cheese video won't even have bread, will just be a slice of American between two pieces of cheddar.
Alexandre Ribeiro
This should have been "Advanced Stuff With Babish"
SAJL Zeijlemaker
SAJL Zeijlemaker 3 days ago
Thanks ... I just ate ... now I need a grilled cheese sandwich
Malin Lamell
Malin Lamell 3 days ago
This is bordering pornographic when you’re parked on the sofa, preggers and craving cheese
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 3 days ago
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Samuel Jacque
Samuel Jacque 3 days ago
"Advanced Grilled Cheese" has a nice ring to it
CCOMEGA92 3 days ago
to the 655 that disliked this video... how bad was your childhood?
TheWikingWarrior 3 days ago
I feel like the fact that Babish puts the extra cheese in the middle instead of immediately snacking may be a sign of being a sociopath.
Smickles 3 days ago
If the dish has "advanced" in its name then is it really still basic?
Little Kraken
Little Kraken 3 days ago
in england american cheese is just knowb as plastic cheese
Miles Watson jr
Miles Watson jr 3 days ago
Ya know, that's incredible I gotta add jam and onions to grilled cheese now.
CaptainRandom 3 days ago
Every time I watch an episode like this I am re-devastated about being lactose intolerant, and then I remember that Andrew is also lactose intolerant, and then I spend the latter half of the episode worrying about him. No amount of Lactaid in the world would help me digest these wonderful grilled cheese creations.
Dakota Austin
Dakota Austin 3 days ago
I have a question, it’s probably been answered before but. Did you go to culinary school or did you just start at home. Which ever props to you man. I’ve come to love cooking so much because of your videos, thank you your a great teacher, entertainer!!!
Adamations 3 days ago
title: advanced also title: basics me: uhhhh *puts a loaf of cheese on the grill* like this?
Ryinz 3 days ago
Iron chef babish
LEAH TAYLOR 3 days ago
Babish: "Is it that hard to flip a sandwich?" Me: yes, yes it is.
Zura Uchistar?
Zura Uchistar? 3 days ago
4:23 COOM
Joseph Gift
Joseph Gift 3 days ago
He didn't even churn his own butter
João Gabriel Toduro
this man added onions to a grilled cheese, i dont know if he is a sinner or a genius
Mathias Ruppert
Mathias Ruppert 3 days ago
Hey Babish, you should try making cheese.