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Today I'm addressing the hate about myself... Love you guys, and I hope you enjoy the video.
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Apr 5, 2021




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ShOcKwAvEtRON 4 minutes ago
stop ignoring the word u r a anorexic girl how hard is it to eat a burger or in ur case a slim jim lol i get ur taking charge with the self pride and i applaud that and support that but u really need take a step back and realize you have put yourself in a dangerous position and ur blissful attempts at staying cheery are a horrible mix please do me a favor as a person starting my own streaming channel please pick up the fork and eat its ok to do so. Take care and stay well
Jacopo Tersigni
Jacopo Tersigni 37 minutes ago
4:53 idk what do you think? which one is the sarcastic comment between those two? a real mistery
Caresse Garcia
Caresse Garcia 45 minutes ago
Why is it that people have no problem telling her to die, but they will completely support someone morbidly obese? Being obese comes with its own, very real health concerns as well... This world is psychotic.
Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw 46 minutes ago
Please get help love
M O O N C H I L D 48 minutes ago
I remember when I used to watch her for inspiration..looking back I realize how annoying and careless she is..this video just proved she’s doing all this for attention I find it so disgusting
Michelle B
Michelle B 51 minute ago
Why are people so evil to her?
hi_imkylie Hour ago
She likes the hate and attention commenting on her body
hi_imkylie Hour ago
How can you make a 20 minute video not addressing the actual issue. You keep going around the issue and it’s infuriating.
Mia Blay
Mia Blay Hour ago
her eating disorder has her truly under a spell where thinks people concerned for her are haters.
ihodghseig ybg4wihkd
Y'all gotta realize that commenting on her body in any way no matter if its super nice or super mean she always gonna see it as "your skinny" so if u really wanna help her just don't comment cuz u could say something like "this really hurts me and you should please get some help" or "you look like ur dying Lol go kys" but literally all she sees is "your getting skinny" pls believe me I've been through the same thing.
Rachael lind
Rachael lind Hour ago
Do you attend therapy for all the hate on the internet? I dont think i couldnt not have a therapist if i got that much hate. How do you deal with this?
Alexandra Murray 99
“You need to eat!” Another hater!!!
nashiPAGE Hour ago
:( I'm sorry you're going through all this...
TamraGirl Hour ago
1:20 was so funny why did she need to step back and show her legs just to say she has her phone in her hand. Lmao I probably shouldn’t laugh but that was funny af
Alicia Flores
Alicia Flores 2 hours ago
“Sorry you think that about me” girl really? That’s so manipulative, that’s exactly what manipulators say. Pre-teens look up to you, and you fail to see that you are a walking x-ray with how much of your bones are visible. No amount of baggy clothes you now have switched to will hide that. At this point it I honestly have just formed a tough love mentality towards you. You’re a terrible influence who should have no platform anymore unless it’s about overcoming your anorexia and how you’ve become healthy now. How can you even stand without running out of air? How can you sleep at night with no worries of not waking up? How do you have any physical strength to do the things you do? I would question your mental strength but clearly that doesn’t exist, which is why you need to step back from the media and work on that and yourself.
lesbian baby witch
lesbian baby witch 2 hours ago
You're in denial please dont feel like your a problem because there is so much pain in your eyes its okay please try to go to therapy if you can
Ragaina Joles
Ragaina Joles 3 hours ago
At this point you're basically just telling people it's okay to be anorexic.
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 3 hours ago
Sweetheart, you can sugarcoat your health and how you're doing and how your life is all you want and continue this facade. Bottomline: You're gonna die if you don't get your shit together. I seriously hope thats not the case but your body can only take so much and if you continue down this path ...um actually, you know what...nevermind. You've heard all this before, so I'm just gonna stop right there.
Ragaina Joles
Ragaina Joles 3 hours ago
I don't hate you. I do believe this started as a real problem but now it just kinda seems like your doing this for more Fame. I truly hope some day you open your eyes before it's too late.
Miss Demonic
Miss Demonic 3 hours ago
If you can't help or care for yourself, at least take a step back from your platforms so your damaging behaviour doesn't influence others. You may have survived this far but others won't be so lucky.
Linsey Gilbert
Linsey Gilbert 3 hours ago
Eugenia, your hair is thinning, you aren’t healthy or well we all just want you to see that and at the end of the day get better please ! 🥺❤️
Toasted Marshmallow
Criticism and concern is not "hate". Make it make sense
Catherine 3 hours ago
"I don't know but I'm still alive. I guess like why is anyone still alive? " MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE SUCH SEVERE ANOREXIA LIKE YOU DO, AND THAT'S WHY NO ONE ASKS THEM IF THEY'RE STILL ALIVE! Please get help, girl 😩
Nichole Clark
Nichole Clark 3 hours ago
Her voice is soooooo annoying. Her reactions are ridiculous. Her pretending to be clueless about what people are saying and her really bad acting make the video unbearable
Valerya Tabares
Valerya Tabares 4 hours ago
You should stop posting videos until you’re healthy bc ur influencing the youth with your platform. You’re killing yourself and the future generation. You will be directly involved.
twin 4 hours ago
I support right to die and if she wants to starve herself LET HER. we don't attack people who are fkn base jumping bc they're putting their lives at risk. as for 'promoting' it. she's living her life. if a teen is finding Eugenia Cooney, I'm sorry but that teen is being influenced by everything around them and they can choose not to watch. I've been on recovery for ED for about 5 yrs. I'm not triggered by her in the slightest bc I'm no longer of that mindset. everyone sending hate is sad. there is so many more admirable causes to be outraged over.
HolisticPisces 4 hours ago
Stop flicking your hair, put it in a ponytail if it’s annoying that much ...
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya 4 hours ago
Hate? These people actually give a shit about you..and because they say things you dont want to hear..its hate? Grow up. Eat.
Natalie Harrison
Natalie Harrison 5 hours ago
Instead of addressing the hate address the concern
mle011 5 hours ago
This is so sad. I doubt Eugenia has ever gotten her period, her hormones are so f’d up.
I aM_TrAsH
I aM_TrAsH 5 hours ago
This is sad 😢 I hope you get better eugina ( everyone eat drink water be healthy) Love yourself please dont hurt yourself
Loaf Ofbread
Loaf Ofbread 6 hours ago
I check in on her every couple of weeks
Katie Braithwaite
Katie Braithwaite 6 hours ago
There is a funeral soon . Nicky Graham from the British big brother lost here battle with anorexia after telling here mother she was fighting as hard as she could but she lost here fight . She never joked about here Ed she raised awareness were she could 😢
Some nights I don’t know
Oh girl you don’t look good anymore
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless 6 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/hd6WeKFnlWJjjp8.html Important information about Eugenia
Madison Marie
Madison Marie 7 hours ago
Girl this isn’t hate these are people being worried for your well-being
Abigail Jockle
Abigail Jockle 7 hours ago
I’m not coming here again If you agree and will leave this channel for good please like this comment
Ruth Dever
Ruth Dever 7 hours ago
People are really cruel, dude.
Britney Johnson
Britney Johnson 7 hours ago
It aggravates me so much that she just won’t even think about taking any of the comments seriously. Of course nobody should tell her to kill herself but laughing off peoples concerns just makes it appear like she doesn’t care whatsoever what her fan base thinks. I think I’m in the cycle everyone else is in where It’s just sad and aggravating to watch the content but we hope more than anything to wake up one day and she she’s taking her health seriously and trying.
Sarah 7 hours ago
You shouldn't be getting hate but you do need to gain wieght
coffeebot 7 hours ago
"i guess people are mad at me for going to the beach" no, no thats not it. its the fact you point the camara at your waist or thighs when doing a vlog. its the fact that your makeup videos cut off half your head and show mostly your collar bones. you know what your going eugenia, and now its just sad
Lara 7 hours ago
You want people to like you and not be mean to you anymore? Then make a serious video and admit you have anorexia. Once you admit it and assure people you are trying to get the right help, then all of this would stop Eugenia. Some of those hate comments are terrible and those people probably have mental health issues themselves tbh. Just own up to it and stop pretending everything is normal when it's clearly not. I recently watched a documentary by Elzani on youtube. I highly recommend you watch it. It might help you
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 8 hours ago
You are confusing hate with fear. People have been slowly watching you die and inspire teenage girls to follow in your footsteps. Just because someone calls you out or wants you to give answers (you're a public figure it comes with the territory) it doesn't mean its hate.
Lilly Friedemann
Lilly Friedemann 8 hours ago
Thought she got better. Obviously didn’t. Sad to see, really thought she might have gotten help.
Ayisha H.
Ayisha H. 8 hours ago
The way she straight up pretends she never went inpatient lol
Sarah's Smile
Sarah's Smile 8 hours ago
I am sorry people are such turd humans to you. You are such a beautiful, sweet soul. I wish you happiness and health.
M K 8 hours ago
Can we get the body analyst guy to review this? @observe
Ana Andrade
Ana Andrade 8 hours ago
I really like you and all but this attitude is really obnoxious and disappointing. Categorizing some of these comments as "hate" or "trolls" after all that happened is just....... gaslighting, I guess? I'm honestly done with this, I give up. You seem like a kind person that went through some shit so for that I believe you deserve peace of mind and love and I hope someday you find it, ok? I won't be checking in on you anymore, goodbye xx
StokedEmber 9 hours ago
why is she reading the comments if she doesn't really address anything
•Jackie• 9 hours ago
Her being so excited to body check and validate herself in the hate comments that call her skinny is horrifying. This ED runs deep.
Ell TPWK 9 hours ago
I don’t understand how she acts so sweet and caring and doesn’t ever want to offend anyone, yet she’s absolutely fine with triggering and enabling other people’s EDs. Like she has to know she’s killing people
Your Name
Your Name 9 hours ago
She looks like she's got really smelly breath
Mercedes Ghretlli
Mercedes Ghretlli 4 hours ago
That’s Very Mean
Julia Garcia
Julia Garcia 9 hours ago
It is clear that she thinks she doesn’t have a problem. That we have a problem with her. And that she’s totally okay. That’s anorexia controlling her thoughts.
curlykidkay •
curlykidkay • 9 hours ago
Eugenia, we’ve had enough. just get the help.
john sefton
john sefton 9 hours ago
You are skin and bone ! We can all see you! Please get help before your heart stops!
Anon NA
Anon NA 10 hours ago
I used to look up to Eugenia and I know so many other girls did too, but when comments started coming out about her, it made me realize the rationality even though I tried so hard to ignore it. Please keep encouraging life bc if Eugenia ignores it then maybe someone who sees it will be affected ❤️
Betty Barger
Betty Barger 11 hours ago
Awwe Eugenia looks so healthy in this.❤ I love it so much! 😊
Rachael Amanda
Rachael Amanda 11 hours ago
Eugenia, I'm curious to know what your goals are for the future? Do you want kids? Do you want to get married? Do you want to travel? I feel like you never talk about things like this. Everybody usually has something in mind.
VetAssistant Hippie
VetAssistant Hippie 11 hours ago
This is just abhorrent. I don’t think I have ever seen someone need to grow the fuck up more in my life. I have literally seen drug addicts with better grasps on reality. Grow up child and get rid of that fucking Christmas tree it’s fucking almost May already WTF are you doing.
VetAssistant Hippie
VetAssistant Hippie 10 hours ago
@Rachel Mathew she’s had more than enough people and chances dancing around the issue and being soft on her. She won’t live to see 2022
Rachel Mathew
Rachel Mathew 11 hours ago
please be more human and compassionate. She is sick, she doesn't know what she's doing. You have no idea how terrible an eating disorder is and how much it distorts your sense of reality.
Anikka Cooper
Anikka Cooper 11 hours ago
Honey, please get help we are all worried for you, you are so beautiful don’t let it take over you. You can fight this.♥️
Vivianna Zilinski
Vivianna Zilinski 12 hours ago
Vivianna Zilinski
Vivianna Zilinski 12 hours ago
Todorokis Zucchini
Todorokis Zucchini 12 hours ago
16:05 and 17:21
Vivianna Zilinski
Vivianna Zilinski 12 hours ago
Ke -I-
Ke -I- 13 hours ago
wow.......... all these ppl in the comments throwing stones in glass houses
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic 13 hours ago
Eugenia: “Hopefully no one has to go to a funeral soon ☺️” She says that during a pandemic, looking like that for years now. This girl is SO tone deaf and out of touch with reality, it should be professional studied.
Victoria Nguyen.
Victoria Nguyen. 13 hours ago
People are such cunts. Don't listen to them. Just focus on you. Focus on improving yourself. I kind of hate that you had to make this kind of video. Its definitely not worth your time.
Priestess Peaches
Priestess Peaches 13 hours ago
I'm sorry people say these awful things. I hope you are getting the help you need. It's so hard to want and to admit you require support when you have the mental illness of anorexia. I know this illness causes you to behave in really toxic ways. Eugenia I truly pray for you and that you find a way to heal. You are so worthy of nourishment, health, wellness and independence ♡
w a v e s
w a v e s 13 hours ago
nicki died last week, you are much skinnier than her and clearly worse, please get help love. i dont mean this as a hate comment and i hope it doesnt come off as one but please, please ask her help b4 its too late.
Serena Owen
Serena Owen 13 hours ago
People need to stop giving her death threats like wth
J Rose
J Rose 13 hours ago
we do NOT like these kind of videos.
Mea 13 hours ago
I hope you find healing and freedom before it's too late
Melanie LaGassé Valle
No more comments. They will not work. They only motivate this creator, no matter how concerned. Block and do not interact with this channel. Doing just that now myself.
Z Lilith
Z Lilith 13 hours ago
Jennifer Gordillo
Jennifer Gordillo 13 hours ago
Let's demand she changes her content into being a mukbang channel. *Imagine the views you'd get Eugenia, you'd take over the internet.*
Natasha Graves
Natasha Graves 13 hours ago
So why won't she respond to the actual concerns from her viewers 💔💔💔 get help please Eugenia.
Hannah Mangus
Hannah Mangus 14 hours ago
(CW: ED) The lack of compassion is insane. She’s by no means innocent, because by broadcasting herself at this weight and refusing to acknowledge it she is promoting anorexia. But anorexia is a terrible terrible thing, and at the end of the day it’s an illness. She is sick and instead of trying to help her get better they tear her down. Wishing her support system away when she’s clearly struggling more than ever is so awful. Unless you genuinely want to help someone with their ED, DO NOT comment on it because you are making it so much worse.
Justin Carr
Justin Carr 14 hours ago
I feel like she's promoting anorexia
Lexci623 14 hours ago
This is how Meredith Foster was before she got help from her ED. Now look at her...she’s happy and healthy and much much better from it, even publicly speaks about it to help others who are suffering the same. You can look back at her channel to see the video about it if you don’t believe me. My point is I’ve been checking on her once a month since last year. I don’t think she will recover or try at this point. I’ve honestly lost my hope for her now and it’s sad to see her like this. It’s heartbreaking even more of the amount of young girls following her and trying to be like her when they’re almost dying themselves. Maybe she will get help and maybe she won’t. It’s up to her everyone to want the help. Just like Meredith Foster was. I’ve stopped watching Eugenia’s videos, I unsubscribed from this channel....now it’s just hurting me more and more seeing the way she is.
Zack Hunter
Zack Hunter 14 hours ago
She needs some soul food baby , cat fish , corn bread and crawfish
Altmark 15 hours ago
Guys, please just let the woman do what she wants. She knows what she is doing. The bottom line is that she's not hurting anyone except maybe herself, and I don't think anyone should presume to decide what an adult person can or cannot do with their body. You don't want to give her attention? Then don't. Or do you really think you are helping her? Nothing helps less than comments like "you're sick, get help", the things she's shown or worse. I was diagnosed with it when I was a minor in 2016, I have been treated for it several times. I am fully aware of the risks. I'd rather feel happy, successful and reasonably beautiful for ten, twenty years than ugly, unhappy and self-hating for forty, fifty years. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages in my case. I feel beautiful when I weigh little and I think she's beautiful the way she is. As long as she's as comfortable with it as I am and she realises what can happen, I couldn't care less. I think you should see it that way too. Sorry for that long rant and sorry if I'm being insensitive, but I really feel like we wouldn't have a comment section like that if someone decided they want to balloon up to 400lbs.
emjayyap 15 hours ago
She’s low key so mad lol she’s putting on a strong face but in reality this video hurt her. *hair flip look how sharp my jaw bone is guys* The more depressed we get the more we look at her jaw bone.
Malak Scandar
Malak Scandar 15 hours ago
I’m just here to dislike this video among thousands of people, maybe you’ll understand you have a serious issue going on in your mind before your body
S 16 hours ago
Eugenia,you are gifted with a pure soul and you’re obligated to take care of the body you were gifted with,you’re neither a monster nor a freak,you are just fighting a disease that plenty of others are suffering with,however many of them recognized how serious their condition is and got treated,make the right decision,one day you’ll be the woman who overcame anorexia and will be talking about your experience and how you overcame it in an interview or something..you’ll have a huge impact on thousands..stop being in denial You’re an adult now,make choices,think right Sending love and support
cayogator 16 hours ago
So, she removed the vid where she broke down and was sobbing ?
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 16 hours ago
Why do you keep faking your voice being so high pitched and feed into these fetishists? I understand you’re making money, but you have such a gigantic following that you don’t need to feed into the ana fetish bullshit you have to realize are a lot of your “supporters”. Your personality and aesthetic is cool, brushing off the fact that you dismissing the anorexia fantasizing is dangerous.
boonegrl1 17 hours ago
We all need to remember @ ths point not to blame her. If u were takin' care of an elderly person & Abuse, neglect, espec. malnrishmnt!!!(All forms not just physical) was suspctd..u call welfare chk✔on caretaker not patient or elderly person. Esp if they're not capable of caring 4 thmslvs... harmful behavior or undeniably medicaly in an asap emergent medical state. Does her mom have powr of attrney? Legally wht is her role. Either Eugenia is in charge of hrslf +free. Which u cld Legally medically decide this is not a situation where she doesn't have to go or is admttd by choice. Suicide is illegal! If she had a gun or knife to kill herself.. shooting in the head or slit wrists, or pills 2 ovrdose....it's immediate danger 51/50 takn' her life. Police +medical can decide ovr her + her mom! But this form is grey area= slow Suicide starving to death...@ wht pnt is there a law tht it has reached a pnt tht is close enough to a gun or knife. She has starved to suicidal level of life or death+ mediclly dying....if she is in charge then deem her 51/50 how close do you have to be?. If mom is cartakr decision maker pwr of attorney when can they say it's abuse? An elderly care situation would deem this neglect abuse malnurishment failure to thrive and override powr + decisns of caregiver + Eugenia. If we admitted a patient especially jeriatric or eldrly...a casemngr or social wrkr wld step in investigate...Cartkr might face jail time, fine, def loss of rights+ pwr decsn makn' +hosp wld care for patient immediate needs medically malnrshmnt wld b ovrseen by nutrishnst+ MD, ordr supps iv or NG like boost or Ensure +iv hydro 4 dehdratn....this is now a medicl emrgncy not to clinic or facility. This usually has some point that med prof. can intervene!!! I wrkd @ local Cali. hospital for 12+yrs. So many protectv laws 4 eldrly + handicp'd, disabl'd, minrs, childrn...@some point this situat'n meets criteria for intrvntn...not admitng to facility or eating disordr...ths is criminal levl abuse neglct medical level law of person dying. How close what criteria wht is the effin' law tht sum1 is close enough to death???? Where's my medical ppl???wher's my law ppl? Whr's my case managers + social workers? Bcuz this wld b abuse in any other situation! I can't do anything but ppl who know speak up cuz it's not her fault and she literally can't save herself or make decisions...so who's in charge? Who's responsible? This is wht they CAN show up for with police ,medical staff, ambulance, and 911 call for medicl chck or abusive, neglectful, medical emergency services, vitals + health check! It's not her fault! Hlp her if u can.
Fallen Angel 42
Fallen Angel 42 18 hours ago
My queen needs help.......
Bob S
Bob S 18 hours ago
I didnt think she would make it to 2020
Nice Day
Nice Day 18 hours ago
Dont follow her!she need help not attension
Type 1 Mum
Type 1 Mum 19 hours ago
Your body deserves nourishment. Whether you believe that truly or not. It does. Stay strong.
HST Kh 19 hours ago
Being concerned and hating is completely different you are literally dying infront of of your own audience I'm gonna be straight up honest with you rn I don't see you making it to 2023 it will be an early grave for you unless you start making a change by eating and drinking more often that's all you need to do
M 19 hours ago
Girl, stop worrying about haters and making these stupid videos. You literally are about to die. This is all up to you. I apologize but at this point nobody is expecting you to manage to recover fully.
Samantha McGill
Samantha McGill 20 hours ago
She is so hungry can't even spell properly...*addressing...
Malya Hooper
Malya Hooper 20 hours ago
I have been a silent watcher for years.. I have hoped she would recover and heal from this sad sad illness.. But this is the most messed up video I have ever witnessed in my life. This is one very sick girl. She is blatantly joking about her death we are all watching. It’s time for me to unsubscribe. Please get better girl this is absolutely heartbreaking 🙏🏼💞
StabletoCity 21 hour ago
She’s as skinny or skinnier than cancer patients when they’re dying. DYING. SICK. Please get help.
Калина Борисова
Maybe dont make those videos anymore in the future. It didnt turn out right. I wish you all the best tho I truly do
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill 21 hour ago
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urlgmez 22 hours ago
"I don't really know " but you do
racist buzzfeed
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