Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC 

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY: bit.ly/3qC2INn
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Feb 19, 2021




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FOX 5 Washington DC
FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY: bit.ly/3qC2INn​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM » instagram.com/fox5dc​​ TWITTER » twitter.com/fox5dc​​ FACEBOOK » facebook.com/fox5dc​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts: www.fox5dc.com/apps
Eunicep Brown
Eunicep Brown 29 minutes ago
Bob was the best interview 🙌👍👌😇🙏💯🌟🔥❤😉
Myra Lawson
Myra Lawson 3 days ago
@Crazy 77 😂😂😂😜
ashleydeauna 6 days ago
@Crazy 77 they gotta keep in going so voters don't forget around election time...
jay07 6 days ago
Thank goodness the dog didn't get hurt running out in the street like that not safe!: The lady should be more careful what's wrong with people
Director of the Notification Squad
@Crazy 77 No.
XRPioneer 504
XRPioneer 504 Hour ago
I love NOVA but I don’t miss that snow.
tinman Hour ago
Cancun?!?! Come on dude, you know you’d do it too if you had a chance!! Now do Cuomo....come on I dare ya!!!
Lori Touma
Lori Touma 2 hours ago
Haha hysterical dog ran up to him!!
Reddome Jodeci
Reddome Jodeci 3 hours ago
The yellow house with the flags on the porch. That is an orignal house to that neighborhood. History
cookiesncream789 3 hours ago
I love Peirogi 💘 🥟🐕
Tinee Gonzales
Tinee Gonzales 5 hours ago
This is probably the greatest work day for him.
K de la Cruz
K de la Cruz 5 hours ago
Wow- he is attracting all this abundance and positivity!! Money, friendly people, and a puppy! Whatever energy he has, we should all strive for!
M Brent
M Brent 6 hours ago
Out in the fresh air with a mask on
Lita Woods
Lita Woods 8 hours ago
SO cute! *New Sub*
Gerardo G
Gerardo G 10 hours ago
It was really nice of him to care for the puppy's safety.
Dennis Pfeifer
Dennis Pfeifer 10 hours ago
Is this what America is coming too??? 8 year old mentality stuff...I stopped watching local TV in 1993...the dog was nice though I must say...but, the banter is childish...8-9 year old mental level...Ted and Alice...he should have said me and Alice will go to Cancun and have us a good old time...hint hint...
Jesús Es Mi Luz
Jesús Es Mi Luz 10 hours ago
What a nice segment - comedy and a puppy and the female reporter is gorgeous!
GiGiismostwanted NSilverSpring35
The DMV!!💗
Akhasha Bryn
Akhasha Bryn 13 hours ago
Pierogi the pup stole the show. 🐶❤
Cosmic Cowboy
Cosmic Cowboy 13 hours ago
I dont understand, its this just the new norm?
Jim Schuman
Jim Schuman 15 hours ago
This was all staged. Just like the Mars Rover perseverance. If you believe that, I got some fake moon rocks to sell you. 🙄😂😭
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 15 hours ago
John- man of all tasks, Master of none for $20
Krondarr 19 hours ago
I am a Texas conservative who did vote for Cruz. I am the first to admit he screwed up big time with the Cancun trip. But man that was a burn by that reporter. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
Krishnan Raghavan
Krishnan Raghavan 20 hours ago
Dogs own father.
Matt Doe
Matt Doe 20 hours ago
Hope you calm that on tax's lol bob got a good gig
Felicia Jenkins
Felicia Jenkins 20 hours ago
Cynthia Mcbride
Cynthia Mcbride 20 hours ago
I know this comment has nothing to do about the puppy but why not do like us southerners do in the south when our windshields are iced over, get a boiler fill it up with cold water and throw it on your windshields. Works for us! Lol
jams4041 23 hours ago
Bob never got around to the weather report. He did everything but told jokes, made twenty dollars, scraped car windows, caught a puppy, slapped high fives, no weather. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kronik denny
kronik denny 23 hours ago
What snow???🤔
boston Daino
boston Daino Day ago
"Hurrdurr Ted Cancun durrrrr" *drools down jacket with room temp IQ*
Etac Bro
Etac Bro Day ago
Give me back my $20.
Coach Los
Coach Los Day ago
This has to be the best news piece ever. Had dunks on Cruz, a cute girl, a cute puppy! Well done Fox 5! Hahaha
mariusz a.k.a slim
Blah blah blah 🗑️ the usual american B's
Margalo One
Margalo One Day ago
Loved this video. This guy is good.
rafa baraja
rafa baraja Day ago
Squirming puppie
aola wili
aola wili Day ago
Shoutout to the photog who panned at the right times!!!
ATL3xtra Day ago
I just saw a dog that was a stray at a park and this reminded me to get him...( I was told that the dog is still there) And who in the world clicked dislike on this video??
aola wili
aola wili Day ago
Love this reporter makes me actually wanna watch the newd
willy kanos
willy kanos Day ago
"Anyone - just not Ted Cruz," How stupid.
ps3613t Day ago
People that put their wiper blades/arms up in the air do not realise that it stretches the spring out in the arm and it won't have enough strength left to hold the blade against the windshield. The springs were never meant to be stretched that far, I went by a used car lot last week and every car on the lot had them raised up. You would think someone in the business would know better. Cute puppy.
hope jackson
hope jackson Day ago
This was fun. I think you should keep the side jobs going. Ha!
Tiger lily55 Ocean waves
Ahhh...🥰. Puppies are certainly stress reducers.
Groundbreak Games
Legend has it, he still got that twenty.
Jennie Shively
I want a puppy!
C3H2 Day ago
@scammer baiting will love this, puppy named after him
Róbert Nagy
Róbert Nagy Day ago
309 don't like! Why?
Dániel Zborai
This guy looks like Bruce Almighty Mr. Exclusive :D
Ellie R from the Bronx
Ok, the doggy knew how to get his 15 minutes of fame! Bless his puppy heart!
B K Day ago
I think you better take him home
baroku Day ago
Is the dogs name PIEROGI?
Aleada Siragusa
This put a big smile on my face!
Carl Tomerlin
Carl Tomerlin 2 days ago
Wearing a mask outside? Ridiculous!
Doc Moore
Doc Moore 2 days ago
These "reporters" are many feet from anyone, no crowds, not possible contact of any kind and the the fucking morons wear masks???? Dear Jesus...where are you when we need you?
Twilight Obsessed
Love this reporter makes me actually wanna watch the newd
alida flus
alida flus 2 days ago
Shoutout to the photog who panned at the right times!!!
Candice Walker
Candice Walker 2 days ago
What kinda wacky show is this? I love it
alida flus
alida flus 2 days ago
Btw, is this news? I haven't watched local news in years. This comes off as some unfunny reality-show.
Rod Malone
Rod Malone 2 days ago
This was the best news segment I’ve seen in awhile, full of fun and happiness
nonconformingNPC hatespeech
Why would you wear a mask outside or at all haha
J C 2 days ago
"Life is good" .... But it can be better.
Valkria 2 days ago
Bob is the best reporter ever !
charles kosyjana
charles kosyjana 2 days ago
What a sweet and friendly little puppy !!! It's so cute !!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶
feewaybilz 2 days ago
What no Cuomo jokes? Shocked and stunned
india rose
india rose 2 days ago
Please Governor Coumo....Ignore these FALSE Accusations and say, without any shame or doubt "BRING IT ON" run for president!!! Trump and the Republicans are so afraid of you!!!! You are the man! That's why they're LYING about you!
Lonnie Anderson
Lonnie Anderson 2 days ago
Great news crew! 😂😂😍
Bonnie Hall
Bonnie Hall 2 days ago
Amusing until your comments toward Senator Cruz😏
RoundHeels Biden
RoundHeels Biden 2 days ago
I'm sooo glad they gave the African "American" her time on air. African "Americans" are superior and we must learn from them. We can even learn from her disingenuous closing.. I feel so educated! So wonderful she got the last word 3:43!
liana Day ago
How miserable you are! She’s just doing her job while you pathetically type away on a keyboard.
shorty sylvy
shorty sylvy 2 days ago
This will most likely be recommended to eveyone in the next 9 years so **ahem** Greetings people of 2030, I will probably be married already and have at least 4 children by now... Or I'm dead-
Gloria Hohman
Gloria Hohman 2 days ago
AWSOME Bob, I loved this video. Make lots of money with your scraper :).
Fred Smith
Fred Smith 2 days ago
"i'll keep an eye on her" ... *picks her up one armed, risks it slipping out of hand and cracking skull on pavement*
Motor City Barbecue
If you want to skip the political republican bashing, skip to 1:50
Sherman Tomlinson
It's so stupid to wear a mask when you're outdoors
Sea Gull
Sea Gull 2 days ago
Btw, is this news? I haven't watched local news in years. This comes off as some unfunny reality-show.
Sea Gull
Sea Gull 2 days ago
Just start the car and blast the heater. The ice will melt off your windshield within minutes.
nathan40307 2 days ago
Im pretty sure Ted wouldn't give these partisan hacks the time of day much less go on vacation with them. Wtf happened to actual news? Without these idiots inserting their personal opinions?
Ed Campbell
Ed Campbell 2 days ago
Ok until you started in on Ted. I like Ted. There is nothing wrong with Cancun.
Jason Martinelli
Jason Martinelli 2 days ago
your standing their by yourself take the damn mask off
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 2 days ago
It would have been equally funny if he would've mention cuomo killing 3000 seniors
Cinbob 2 days ago
Kelly D
Kelly D 2 days ago
Cancun! 😂
Occams Razor
Occams Razor 2 days ago
Thank God there were no cops around, they would have shot that " dangerous looking " dog in a second.
Rachel 99
Rachel 99 2 days ago
Love this!
Brains Ironically
CNN reports "Fox news steals puppy during live weather report!"
Karol Rolak
Karol Rolak 2 days ago
Dog's name like Polish food Pierogi :) ( dumplings )
somarriba333 2 days ago
We were watching this live when it happened. It was great. :)
pamela hewitt
pamela hewitt 2 days ago
Please help the puppy Find its home. Thank goodness. 💕💕💕❤️❤️
Mn12 1960
Mn12 1960 2 days ago
That puppy is as freaking adorable!!!!!
Troy Hunter
Troy Hunter 2 days ago
Big ups to Bob Barnard!!! Way to save that puppy man!
Sharon Faulstick
Sharon Faulstick 2 days ago
I love it..This is great...Made my day..
Reaperr™ 2 days ago
This dude is just having an amazing day. I love this so much. 😍
Ariel Firby
Ariel Firby 3 days ago
Puppies know a good person when they see one!
Bad Karma
Bad Karma 3 days ago
Nice move by her to earn some publicity
Ji Hoon Lee
Ji Hoon Lee 3 days ago
"Forget the people we talked to earlier. I want to get to know this dog" Me, every day, to everyone, even without the dogs.
apjs 3 days ago
dogs make everything better
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 days ago
Shoutout to the photog who panned at the right times!!!
Steven Kingett
Steven Kingett 3 days ago
We need these things for these times. What a lovely puppy!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 days ago
That irresponsible pet owner could have been a little more grateful....
Flora Stewart
Flora Stewart 3 days ago
I’m all the way in LA. I love his new jobs of ice scraping and kennel service. Love it!!!! Nice people too.
Ryoko A
Ryoko A 3 days ago
This reporter is awesome and Pierogi is so cute! Yes, "life is good". :)
the guy robbie
the guy robbie 3 days ago
Nice way to drive the psychos back into watch the insane people talk
JR 3 days ago
If I put the news on to hear the weather and had to listen to this guy babble for 5 mins I’d change the channel
Number One #1
Number One #1 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂He really took the money😂😂😂😂😂
M Schultz
M Schultz 3 days ago
I want this guy as MY weatherman. He is so awesome!
Devon Frank
Devon Frank 3 days ago
Adorable pup❤🐾
Michael Camp
Michael Camp 3 days ago
All staged. Every last bit of it
bermuda975 3 days ago
this guy.. anything i will make it happen .. only in Canada
A L 3 days ago
We need Bob to transfer to our local news channel. Or go big time so we can all watch his segments!
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