Adam Calhoun & Upchurch "The Slaughter" (Official Music Video) 

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Oct 15, 2020




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Steven Parnell
Steven Parnell 12 hours ago
My 6 year old son raps every word to this song he loves adam and church
Gary Delavergne
Upchurch sold out hasn't come out with a real album since he got his lambo
Michael Blik
Michael Blik 2 days ago
Calhoun & Church Pounding my trunk lid with my 15s about to rattle my license plate off my car a lot. Your next song bring back some old school sh*t . Like remix the beats from DJ Magic Mike (FEEL THA BASS) or (DROP THA BASS) or Remix some kindaSir Mix-A-Lot (Posse On Broadway)Hell I also grew up in Cheatham Co. Went to Cheatham Co High School ""GO BEARS "" Lived on our small farm on LEO Baker Rd. Close to Henrietta. I know you don't know where that is ADAM but I am sure Church hit a few field party barn fires out that way pounding em back years ago. CRURCH your boy Be LOOSE if he went to Cheatham high? I went to school with him and used to hang out some back in the day rapping around school back then. if he isn't from Cheatham high then I don't know him but he is the only Be Loose nick name I ever heard from around there and we all used to mix Beats and sh*t too he was big into that way back then too. We also had a friend we called CRAEM he was Be Loose best friend. I grew up listening mostly Rap but also like a bit of country and Skinnerd & Pantrea . I am not going to sit here Blow Smoke up yalls Ass wait that don't sound right because I don't swing that way. I Vape and blow big clouds mhahaha for real the truth you and church i bump with that sh*t. Wait that don't sound right either i don't swing that way. I Pound that sh*t. But the cartoon sucked don't get me wrong the song and the beat was pretty dam good but the cartoon errrr . It kinda sucked balls DAMIT that don't sound right either because I don't swing that way . I suck on Rocky Mountain oysters. Serious note the cartoon was like a mirror clone of what a regular video would be of yall kinda driving the same cars and trucks sitting around the table it just seemed like the same thing i have seen before in yall's videos but i am sure that cartoon probably took a long to make. Just Thoughts to ponder on cartoons go all out. yall had the old school beats vibe with the old school sound go all out do some south park sh*t all crazy wild like Kenny getting the Sh*t beat out of him type sh*t. ''KICK THE BABY'' or do some Bevies & ButtHead type sh*t hell both of those cartoons mixed together with similar types of those old day cartoons you probably cant beat the sh*t out of Kenny ''KICK THA BABY '' due to some of todays generation as kids playing dress up with Limited Edition 'Barber Sheers' Britney Spears DOLLS & The UNKOWN GENDER Barbie Collection Unisex Bathroom Collector was growing up spoiled cry babies NOT EVERYONE BUT SOME ! So i guess you could'nt to violent. Sh*t I grew up With A HUGE PATCH Of ''Big League CHEW'' in one side of my jaw and a Bad Ass Bright Yellow 'WALKMAN Cassette Player' Thought I was the sh*t with a water proof Walkman clipped on the side of my bad ass denim jean shorts with strings hanging of them because the where my old pants that i cut the legs off to make some kick ass shorts rockin my cut off net belly shirt With my Mullet because i was cool like that. till i spilled my dam BUBBA COLA on my 'WALKMAN' and couldn't listen to my 'FAT BOYS' Cassette anymore. Damit that don't sound right because I don't swing that way because i was always playing with my slinky and playing with my ''Glow Worm'' ON A REAL NOTE Other than the funny stupid long ass book i just wrote. For real tho you guys put out some kick ass music keep up the good work !! Oh i wasn't kidding about the old Magic mike Mix some up and play with it. Dam talking about all this old school stuff has got me wanting to slide a few beats through some software to play around with old MJ Mike. I am by no means trying to act like i know music and mixing better than yall are the pros i don't know sh*t it's just something to ponder on. And all the fake wannabes your not a redneck country boy/girl if you don't know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are with out looking them up on goggle
American C0WB0Y
American C0WB0Y 3 days ago
Some idiot “fuck America”, Adam casual picking up rpg. Great beats and lyrics keep up
American C0WB0Y
American C0WB0Y 3 days ago
Keep it up*
NathanBrett 2013
NathanBrett 2013 3 days ago
I like when up church was chuging the milk
dustin Lindsey
dustin Lindsey 5 days ago
Hahahahahah hahahahahah hahahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉😉😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆🤭🤭🤭🤭😋😛😝😜😖😖😖😖🤢🤢🤢🤢💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🎱💩
Katrina Marie
Katrina Marie 5 days ago
Been waiting for this my whole life! 🖤🖤 this is 🔥🔥
NVCCI MVNE 6 days ago
Hellyea 5 6 1
Vinny Ross
Vinny Ross 6 days ago
I feel like this song should be in GTA 6 on the radio
Justin Collum
Justin Collum 6 days ago
Trenches dope satan should be the name of the next song Cody the blob Hof dawg shit
Andrew16755 7 days ago
I’m gonna try to lay some bars lol I’m going to beat give me some,
Andrew16755 8 days ago
Good job on this church and cal best song to come out from anyone in a decade or more!!! Shits 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
80 % of Whites Workhard like a lot of blacks do , the Rich and. Famous are the ones who have Privileges not the White work class , we work hard for to get money to pay for foods and bills. Like a lot of hard working Black people do
All the white people who say white privileged. are rich white people or whites who come from a good home and the mother and father are get over 200 k a year ,
Chuck Berger
Chuck Berger 10 days ago
This song is fire am I the only one that died laughing when Upchurch crushed his milk carton
Landon Hyde
Landon Hyde 12 days ago
Life of Family & Friends
The Dude Star Man
The Dude Star Man 13 days ago
will gibson
will gibson 13 days ago
I'm a big Upchurch fan but holy shit Calhoun is just terrible. first verse was trash, the video is pretty cool looking tho lol. Upchurch makes some really good Music ask him to write your shit 4 ya.
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey 13 days ago
Love it lol lot of love Marilee
Kyle Kistenmacher
Kyle Kistenmacher 15 days ago
Perfect song to smoke a blunt to
Avery Johnston
Avery Johnston 15 days ago
Love the song keep it up adam
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell 15 days ago
Sounds like a nate dogg hook.
amy ward
amy ward 16 days ago
Love it!!
Lindsay C
Lindsay C 16 days ago
Take back these country anthem
Sam the simple man
Sam the simple man 16 days ago
They shut notifications off i had to reset it US-first treats bad ass real men like shit yall make boss shit!
Wade Grenier
Wade Grenier 17 days ago
If you see this message Ryan upchurch are Mr. Adam Calhoun can you make a song for all the fallen soldiers my dad was a military vet He served in the navy he just passed away from the coronavirus Ryan upchurch Kane Brown and Adam Calhoun can you 3 make a song about military vets my father passed away from the coronavirus this saturdy 11/7/2020
Stephen Bell
Stephen Bell 15 days ago
Sorry for your loss
Wwe 2
Wwe 2 17 days ago
Sorry for your loss
Cody Heinemann
Cody Heinemann 17 days ago
I like guys viedos way better You guys music still needs work . Your videos are super funny
Charlie Longley
Charlie Longley 18 days ago
This song goes out to Biden and his supporters AKA dumbasses
dale zimmerman
dale zimmerman 18 days ago
Upchurch is the bill clinton of weed smokers he didnt inhale hahaha even as a cartoon he pretends to smoke weed
Teddy Wagers
Teddy Wagers 19 days ago
Yeah you got flow I got. Some to
Gary Brown
Gary Brown 20 days ago
I think we all know what this is another adam church album in the works
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 20 days ago
Love the song and the video was cool, but not gonna lie I was waiting for the mystery machine to make an appearance the entire video, a quick ZOINKS! or RUTT ROW RAGGY! Would have worked anywhere towards the end 😂
K1LLA_Cook 20 days ago
Adam Calhoun and Ryan Upchurch 2024
josh gibson
josh gibson 21 day ago
Trump gonna play this for Biden when he flips this election
Elliott Brass
Elliott Brass 21 day ago
The hardest hook out there
Sylvia Davila
Sylvia Davila 22 days ago
We come from the top (Top), we will never stop (Stop) You ain't fuckin' with it, ayy I don't fuck with you (You), all you do is talk (Talk) I ain't built that way I got a team full of killers, y'all ain't fuckin' with us You damn sure don't want it with me You was actin' like you on, you ain't never won This what happens when you battle with a king Fuck it, I'ma send it, this the equal opportunity Anyone can get it thinkin' they gon' try to ruin me I can see right through you, fluidly Do what he says, duck playin' with my bread Put that H on your head thinkin' this the movie Heat He got it fucked up like a truck stuck in bum fuck Duct tape and nunchucks end up in the dump truck Why you fool with me? Mossberg pump put in the trunk actin' goofy Why you actin' cool with me? Lames in this lane think it's all fame and jewelry I'ma stand on your neck, man, you ain't got manners yet Hammers in my hand, hit 'em in the head and the chest We come from the top (Top), we will never stop (Stop) You ain't fuckin' with it, ayy I don't fuck with you (You), all you do is talk (Talk) I ain't built that way I got a team full of killers, y'all ain't fuckin' with us You damn sure don't want it with me You was actin' like you on, you ain't never won This what happens when you battle with a king In this lane you can't lie, I'm goin' down as a O.G.​ Ain't a local corner store on the southside that don't know me I marry youngin' with a stepside, once upon a, yeah that was me Still drivin' Stitches with new 22x14's Blarin' my speakers like I never grew up Surface rust on the truck, puffin' on a fat blunt, yeah Been jumpin' fences 'til I made it to hip hop's part Now the stars puttin' bars in hip hop's front yard But I don't want no problem, rednecks are also mobbin' Hangin' out windows of Chevrolet's, Dodge, and a couple Datsun's Just don't fuck with me you won't see the red dot, son I might blow your mind, trespass and be your problem We come from the top (Top), we will never stop (Stop) You ain't fuckin' with it, ayy I don't fuck with you (You), all you do is talk (Talk) I ain't built that way I got a team full of killers, y'all ain't fuckin' with us You damn sure don't want it with me You was actin' like you on, you ain't never won This what happens when you battle with a king
Wayne s Paquette
Wayne s Paquette 22 days ago
great track
Hakai 7
Hakai 7 23 days ago
This ish was soo dope. loved it.
BREAKING_ DAD_81 23 days ago
Non stop fuk n 🔥 from u 2🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Lawrence Brown
Lawrence Brown 23 days ago
I just can't get enough of that song
Killgoo Marshall
Killgoo Marshall 23 days ago
The media committing treason
wager 89
wager 89 24 days ago
i would love to know who the other guys are tagging along w em, kinda hard to tell for sure
Jace Hirst
Jace Hirst 21 day ago
Idk the big guy. But Upchurch’s buddy deardorf. Adams buddy’s Maximus and Justin Orick
jake lenhart
jake lenhart 24 days ago
I did share this without your permission I am sorry but love the anime
LeAnn Short
LeAnn Short 24 days ago
Freaking awesome!!
True Buck
True Buck 24 days ago
this song is dope, needs another 2 minutes though, its over too fast, its got that old school rap feel, just an instant classic, extend this bad bitch for the people
James Vails
James Vails 25 days ago
daaaaaamn good shit id like to see a jones church calhoun and overtime collab on a rock style song ... just throwing that there mad love from ohio ...
Lil Diz-E
Lil Diz-E 25 days ago
You should right a song about uniting against pedophiles
Travis P
Travis P 25 days ago
We got some real poser in this game. What is up with this Dusty Leigh transvestite in county road video us-first.info/player/video/nsemgK6hnmyTlXE.html That is totally a man. You see how they covered the top outline of her hips. Because You can't fake the hips or the shoulders. If that is his thing more power to him, That's just funny all the people he's got fooled
fireguy2647 25 days ago
Trump should play this when the dust settles at his inauguration for a second term
WiciuSJ 25 days ago
Satan is speaking through the guys who hit dislike..666 :p
Angel Lowery
Angel Lowery 26 days ago
hey so is someone texting me pretending to be you adam calhoun? cuz I really hope this ain't what it looks like..cuz ur probably guna be ready to come for somebody's neck..I just need whoever this is pretending to be adam to not be so damn bored with his own self that he's gotta pretend to be one of the coolest muthafuckas on the planet! 🤨
bat kev
bat kev 26 days ago
Am from Scotland and I'm telling people about this country rap game god bless this sh*t is amazing 👏
bat kev
bat kev 26 days ago
A love this wot a tune man 11 out of 10
Aus Berg
Aus Berg 26 days ago
All these rappers climbing the tree political leaders that he told ya not to y u think I killing all that shit 3 separate things smash em up father son mother nature plant em big ass bat brodnax said
Landon Hyde
Landon Hyde 26 days ago
Hit em in head and the chest!
Allen Boyden
Allen Boyden 26 days ago
Adam and Upchurch the kings of this shit love when you 2 get together and make these badass bangers keep being awesome
Benjamin Buchanan
Benjamin Buchanan 26 days ago
If Trump wins this election, this needs to be Trump's walk out song from now on
Rowan Jons
Rowan Jons 27 days ago
Drew Ski
Drew Ski 27 days ago
That jacket is tight son! Run that shit!
Heather Harris
Heather Harris 27 days ago
This should be trump's theme song 🤷🏽‍♀️
Shapland Training
Shapland Training 27 days ago
This song just hits different!
Airsoft Weekly
Airsoft Weekly 27 days ago
I’d kill for a series like this
Cam konuk
Cam konuk 27 days ago
Now the stars are putting bars in hiphops front yard had me rollin!!! Blaring this out my speakers in my garage in dearborn!!
rippin lips
rippin lips 27 days ago
How you like this shit twice? 🔥🔥
CINDY WARD 28 days ago
Nice!!!!!! Thank you both! Heck yes
CINDY WARD 16 days ago
Terry Walker
Terry Walker 28 days ago
Seems like a great song for today
kamren Newton
kamren Newton 28 days ago
Both these boy upchurch and Calhoun are the best they make the others look like a disgrace
Landon Romero
Landon Romero 28 days ago
Dose any one remember the game ern to die
Cheri Smith
Cheri Smith 28 days ago
I found out who you sound like Adam when u sing the hook its like ( g unit)
Adam Calhoun
Adam Calhoun 5 days ago
Thanks for all the love and support ,its because of my Fans I'm here today , (210) 874-9382... that’s my private contact I hope that’s safe with you I really hope I can trust you not giving that out to anyone
Aus Berg
Aus Berg 29 days ago
God got me I see how yall play bet theif of someone else seeds won't be on me y'all fuggin toast pass the real gate jack asses y'all do it for profit concerts n shit down cause u no elf on shelf w red dot be seeing ya best dig deep
NIGHT hawk
NIGHT hawk 29 days ago
Trump 2020
wiskeysteve 29 days ago
Church and his chocolate milk 😂
mike p
mike p 29 days ago
I fucking love to chocolate milk
WhiteTrash DarkHeart
2:04am(eastern) November 4th, playing ALL THE ACAL cuz I can't fuck with this election anymore tonight.
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath Month ago
epic gamer Streamer
Biden 2020 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙BLM
epic gamer Streamer
Your songs is garbage
Shuglove Magnolia
Cyd Payne
Cyd Payne Month ago
Adam calhoun for president 2024 adam for president and church as vice president
Carl Ault
Carl Ault Month ago
Pumps me up keep it up
Timmy Handley
Timmy Handley Month ago
Wwe 2
Wwe 2 Month ago
Joe lieden
gary simmons
gary simmons Month ago
American!!!! Yes sir.
Liberty Walker
Liberty Walker Month ago
I don't think half of them see the red dot but they sure as hell feel you all hit them....that was awesome
Dylan is fishing
A fucking man i play this song 45 times lol
Amanda Armsworthy
This is an amazing song with an awesome video to go with it
jc jc
jc jc Month ago
William Sasse
William Sasse Month ago
I love it, best shit on the market 🤘🇺🇸💯
Rodrigo Murillo
Rodrigo Murillo Month ago
Reminds me of smoking as a kid when I saw a rifle tip. One cigarette butt on the ground. Choose the perfect butt. Dreamworms!
Troll Hidden Cave
My perception of time is really fucked up I could have swore the song came out like 2 months ago and it says two weeks I don't see how that's possible
Taylor Groom
Taylor Groom Month ago
Shannon Barker
Shannon Barker Month ago
Hahaha. Chocolate milk
matt poff
matt poff Month ago
Is Calhoun manning an m240b mixed with an M2? Lol
bansheemania Month ago
Metalocalypse style
Mr. TennesseeRHEC
Its Fucking Robert Deerdorf 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Brad Thacker
Brad Thacker Month ago
Who is doing the chorus I can't even tell.
Angry_Patriot 27 days ago
Adam Calhoun I think.
Dakota Taylor
Dakota Taylor Month ago
Its adam
Landin Worton
Landin Worton Month ago
Adam Calhoun sounds just like Action Bronson when he raps
Brayden Gunter
Brayden Gunter Month ago
Good job on 1 million subscribers
Whitney Brooks
Whitney Brooks Month ago
Fuck yes!!!!
Whitney Brooks
Whitney Brooks Month ago
I had to play this two times over #anthem (except QUEEN)
A Little While
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