a true story about me littering in the ocean 

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Shot on Insta360 🤙
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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 99   
Aquatic Apes
Aquatic Apes 21 day ago
tiktok banned this video already for "promotion of illegal substances".....🤦‍♂️
zenketski 3 days ago
Haven't they covered up suicides before? I swear that I've heard that website has covered up suicides and pushed off reporting or something
S0u1.13 4 days ago
Wait what? That doesn’t make any sense
Its_Me_Romano _
Its_Me_Romano _ 4 days ago
Shoudk have explained what it meant before instantly saying you love Crack pipes to sound funny
Nathan Boswell
Nathan Boswell 4 days ago
Lol tiktok bans that but leaves up underage girls doing explicit dances.. makes sense
Saint_ Jay
Saint_ Jay 4 days ago
They banned your videos but not tits promotion videos??? Bruhh that's illegal!
Cody Lloyd
Cody Lloyd 31 minute ago
Aquatic Apes and their crackpipes...
Cody Lloyd
Cody Lloyd 32 minutes ago
His community service supervisor because of an actual crack posession charge: "We need you to clean the beach man- Not your freakin conscience again"
Cody Lloyd
Cody Lloyd 32 minutes ago
Or for littering lol
Cody Lloyd
Cody Lloyd 36 minutes ago
King Of The Hill: 🗣"I got dat' bait.👉"👥👊👏🤝🤙💯🐟🍣
Ryan Conder
Ryan Conder 9 hours ago
Maybe put the crack pipe on a rope to the boat and have your buddy toss it out for you so you don’t lose it? Just opinion have no idea if it’s even viable. (I don’t spearfish but damn do I want to now)
DR. Mcgillicuddy
Dont feel bad china drops hundreds of millions of crack pipes in the ocean every year.
Jesse Fleming
So the moral of the story is...
jak kos
jak kos Day ago
Nah man dip that crack get that smack XD(but in all seriousness smoking heroin is the safest of the three so in the interest of RISK REDUCTION I recommend everyone just smoke black if they wanna shoot smack🤷‍♀️
Bill Grant
Bill Grant Day ago
Crack pipes are pretty cool but cracks better
Mateo Fuego
Mateo Fuego Day ago
Lmaooo I love how you set the stage. "I love crack pipes!"
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff Day ago
Dont worry! It probably fell on top of a sunken Russian nuclear sub and then we have bigger worries! Lol!
Eggz Day ago
Brenden Parasol
Brenden Parasol 2 days ago
Me too I also like to snort month old cheese out of carpet
BeastEast1023 2 days ago
I know its bad but it wasn't your fault so its fine
Pewdiepie Kjellberg
Why does this guy wear camo under water
Dwight Kendall
Dwight Kendall 2 days ago
What if you put some fishing line on it?
jake rougier
jake rougier 2 days ago
Same do my parents like crack pipes and they also use it every day
magicstix0r 2 days ago
So uhh, why not just tie a tether around the crack pipe?
eel on musk
eel on musk 3 days ago
I loved cracky the crack pipe
thomas jenkins
thomas jenkins 3 days ago
Hey what’s up just here to tell you that I am a new subscriber I do like your show however this one particular one I don’t like as I’m a black man and I don’t appreciate the symbolism that you used for your crack pipe you could’ve used anything else it didn’t have to be another black man got me thinking
mysterious Banana
E V 3 days ago
No you don’t
Nikolai Heise
Nikolai Heise 3 days ago
Try tying it to you with a line maybe
Keaton Head
Keaton Head 3 days ago
wow one piece of plastic no one should care BECAUSE there are millions of soda bottles floating jn the ocean.
Jephree Mika
Jephree Mika 3 days ago
why not use a string?
Spencer Manyet
Spencer Manyet 3 days ago
Look at the size of that mahi in that early clip! Should've had that thing tow the boat out of the suez canal, absolute monster
Alexander Vargas
Alexander Vargas 3 days ago
Would a Crack pipe work if attached with a thin and light string or wire? Making the retrieval easier?
Clayton Burns
Clayton Burns 3 days ago
John 3:16-17 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17 I understand that this is random but I want people to know about Jesus and how He is the only way to heaven. GOD is love❤ if you have questions about Jesus please comment
art the maker
@Clayton Burns YEAH!! GOGOGO
Clayton Burns
@art the maker im trying to share the love of Jesus to everyone!
art the maker
yeah i have a question! why did you post this here, this is not hate. i just want to know thanks!
Coldmow 3 days ago
Can't you just connect one long fishingline to it and connect that to your boat? Trust me, it will happen again.
Brio Brio
Brio Brio 3 days ago
Tie 2lb line to the crack pipe so it’s tied to ur hip If a fish grabs it the line will break but if it doesn’t u always have ur pipe
me o me
me o me 3 days ago
Why not just put a fishing line on the pipe????
KnightsofAltīer 3 days ago
😂😂 I'm dieing
S0u1.13 4 days ago
Be careful for sharks I’m surprised no sharks came yet and sorry for jinxing it too.
Garvey64 LIVE
Garvey64 LIVE 4 days ago
Maybe attach some fishing lint to it or, something.
Ray Harriott
Ray Harriott 4 days ago
Yah I love my crackpipe too brother
Last Samurai
Last Samurai 4 days ago
Tie the crack pipe to a lllllong length of fishing line, then to your belt👍 Get the fish, retrieve the pipe👍🙏
Sean 4 days ago
That food looks amazing
He’s left handed confirmed
BigBodyBrev BLM
BigBodyBrev BLM 4 days ago
Why don’t you just tie a fishing wire to the “crack pipe” ???
BB Jadon
BB Jadon 4 days ago
If you dont want to litter then take better precautions not to. Tie a little buoy to the pipe or at least something to keep it from sinking all the way. Why broadcast these easily avoided mistakes?
Tyler Grigg
Tyler Grigg 4 days ago
Don't know much about spear fishing. But would you be able to put a fishing line tether to your Crack pipe? Even if it's super long?
Be more responsible with your crack pipe usage.
Royden Bloodsworth
The only good crackhead out there
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez 5 days ago
Lil Skrimp
Lil Skrimp 5 days ago
You must be Biden’s son
muddysteam9077 ,
muddysteam9077 , 5 days ago
Could you just keep them attached to some cheap fishing one connected to the boat with like 150-200ft worth that way they do thier job without chance of litter
I love this and his content. You make me smile and learn :)
brian nash
brian nash 5 days ago
So u admitted your the problem.
Dinero Quintanilla
Lmao “ I love crack pipes” Jesus
TheDarkstar826 5 days ago
Just use a fishing line to your crack pipe. That's all. 4lb line.
xXToxicGamerXx 5 days ago
u could hook it to you with fishing line or something 😂
A Crumpin
A Crumpin 5 days ago
Tie a balloon and a fishing line to the crackpipe
Soldat Daniels
Soldat Daniels 6 days ago
Such a good guy, he felt bad because of something out of his control.
liam Anderson
liam Anderson 21 hour ago
But it wasn't out of his control he threw it in there don't get me wrong I respect littering and hope we fuck up this planet something extreme by the time I die but it was def his fault idk why he even cares enough to get them I'd just make a bunch so I don't have to play fetch like a fucking dog smh
Mine craft Noob
Mine craft Noob 6 days ago
What is the rarest fish u have caught
blue dream light
blue dream light 6 days ago
The fish was bleeding when u got em is there not gonna be sharks?
The S.K.eletonHunter
I am no fisher man or spear fisher, but I have an idea that could help maybe reduce your chances of losing your CP. maybe find an extra loosened reel and tether a very long fishing line to it. So when it gets too deep you can simply just feel it back up. The fishing line is thin so it doesn’t disturb the fish, but simply strong enough to lift a small pipe, as well as being naturally long.
CleverTaco 6 days ago
Crack pipe isn't a drug, it's a tool, but ok...🤫
Damier too funny
Damier too funny 7 days ago
Just tie it to your board or boat
Megamatiman 4
Megamatiman 4 7 days ago
Imagine spearing a fish and diving for a pipe that sank a bit deeper than normal and just as you're about to grab it you see a great white lunging up at you with its mouth wide open? Its thoughts like these that keep well and away from the ocean...
THE KING 7 days ago
At first I thought it was a "KRAK PIPE" >:)
LickMy Toaster
LickMy Toaster 7 days ago
Is that just a piece of PVC I don’t know why no one has asked this
CravenMars 3
CravenMars 3 7 days ago
Just attach a small peace of string to the pipe and to ur arm so u can just pull it in and so it dosent get lost
11XLIMA 7 days ago
Attached your crack pipe to a string so you can pull it back bro. That's what I do with mine.
Dan .B
Dan .B 7 days ago
I use a crack pipe everyday too
BongsNbitties96 7 days ago
This had me laughing spool hard keep the vids coming
BongsNbitties96 7 days ago
Sooo** see laughing so much can't spell
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse 7 days ago
Josh Krenke
Josh Krenke 8 days ago
Could you tie a low lb test fluorocarbon fishing line to it so it wouldn’t get away, might get tangled up but maybe it’d work. I’ve never spear fished before so maybe that’s not a great idea but I’m just curious
axg axg
axg axg 8 days ago
He fills bad but a crab loves his crack pipe lol
Magx 8 days ago
Hunter Biden be like..
Blendon 8 days ago
Well done :)
da quigley
da quigley 8 days ago
Got to put a floaty on ya crack pipe
Logan Haggerty
Logan Haggerty 8 days ago
I wonder if crack pipe will ever be seen again
Mr deadinside
Mr deadinside 8 days ago
Fishes on crack
Joel 8 days ago
Have you ever seen water monke.
noah geerdink
noah geerdink 8 days ago
Why don’t you use a biodegradable plastic like pla for the crackpipe, that way you don’t need to worry it will decompose in a year
In Yeshua's Holy Name
I guess according to the dude that made this video .... only folk's of colour used the drug called crack 😳 😑🧐.
Kalan M. Saunders
I was very confused at the start of this video
Forrest Berry
Forrest Berry 9 days ago
Hey do you not get scared of giant sharks eating you ? Look up wrath of submarine it was on shark week 2014 , eaten well over 50 people off the coast of Africa
Ger_Airfighter 9 days ago
You had me in the first part ngl 😂
Brandbot 9 days ago
No joke that Fish look bussin
AlaniTV1 9 days ago
Why dont u put it on a line so u can return the crackpipe
Joseph Samuel
Joseph Samuel 9 days ago
You should put a line on it
julie stasha
julie stasha 9 days ago
Can't you just attach a long string to it?
Haywood_Floyd 9 days ago
trash is the problem sure but saying shit like straws are the cause of fish dying is like saying toothpicks are the main problem.of deforeststions. anyway the real problem with ocean is fishing
Atrexitive 10 days ago
"Crack pipes are trustworthy" What a legend.
Jaturungkabart 10 days ago
Military dumped tons of trash off ships for years.
Dale Fountain
Dale Fountain 10 days ago
Why not just tie fishing line to it
Jinquis 10 days ago
How about making it stay at a certain depht with the help af weights and boyancy?
Wes Whitt
Wes Whitt 10 days ago
Like him and Joe Biden sons got something common
Michael 10 days ago
Next time tie a string to the pipe so you can reel it back 👀
Dave 10 days ago
Could you tie the pipe to some fishing line then tie the other end to a floaty bit of wood?
ghostofwar ghostofwar
Dope on a Rope, Tie that crack pipe to a string
The Hispanic Turtle
Wouldn’t it be easier to tie a transparent line around that bad boy and THEN throw it?
Johnny Najera
Johnny Najera 10 days ago
I think a heavy duty string would be fine. Like drill a hole and attach it to the boat or something idk. Just an idea.
Melody Dawn
Melody Dawn 10 days ago
LoL , the commentary is funny .. Loved it
Thomas S.
Thomas S. 10 days ago
Can't you just use a piece of bamboo?
Eric Stodolnik
Eric Stodolnik 10 days ago
Mahi mahi is Hawaiian for “Yummy Yummy”
Cooper Emmons
Cooper Emmons 10 days ago
"I love crack"-YOU GONNA SHARE?!
Unicorn gal 69
Unicorn gal 69 10 days ago
Naughty boy