A Spontaneous Date in my Truck - Camp, and Cook. 

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wow that was a beautiful sunrise
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Apr 6, 2021




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Angie Stuber
Angie Stuber 4 minutes ago
One of the best videos yet. I am so living through you and your Humble and adorable adventures. Thank you for sharing "You".
thehellfireclan59 2 hours ago
was wondering what canopy you decided on?
Mariam Fayez
Mariam Fayez 3 hours ago
I guess I know your type hahaha.
Frosty Vlog
Frosty Vlog 6 hours ago
two wheel drive in the desert for an off road vehicle is like.....nvm
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 10 hours ago
my boy is becoming a man! (Pauly d voice)
Erik Herrera
Erik Herrera 10 hours ago
This is what I like to see Mav , nothing like camping out with some girls
jhavoun Fitness
jhavoun Fitness 11 hours ago
My guy living life to the fullest yessirrr
Edwin Brown
Edwin Brown 12 hours ago
The Macho Man HELL YEAH BROTHER sum’d up everything. 🔥🔥
Afiqah Ah
Afiqah Ah 15 hours ago
she's a babe mav, be off with hanna! lol im shipping this
Jerome Burrasca
Jerome Burrasca 17 hours ago
Lift, lockers, 35s and a winch.
Two girls...HIGH FIVE
mike vera
mike vera 23 hours ago
I'm such a clums that my ass will fall of that cliff lol
michael garcia
I am defiantly not living life like you Maverick. Great to see someone living the dream. Beautiful sights.
Abominable Paradox
Anyone know the track playing while on the dirt trail? Around the 3 minute mark? Cause that feels so relaxing.
Nils Bender
Nils Bender Day ago
These videos are so „old-school American“ and as someone not from the US and who has his fair share of problem with the modern day US I absolutely love it lol
SPDDTI354 2 days ago
Score! And I like that she was strapped up in the small of her back
acccjj 2 days ago
🤦‍♂️ oh no , Hannah just left.
Johnathan Thao
Johnathan Thao 2 days ago
Mbn 😓
We lost'em boyzz mav has started simping
Austin Clark
Austin Clark 2 days ago
Beavis chuckle, 6:14
R’s Maintenance
prick sw
prick sw 2 days ago
That offroad was whack dude
Gatzaraki P.R.
Gatzaraki P.R. 2 days ago
enjoy life, young buck..... It goes by toooooo fast..
Brian Willard
Brian Willard 2 days ago
Do you have a video talking about what all you got going on the top of the truck, like the rack you have and everything
louis pacheco
louis pacheco 2 days ago
Dan K
Dan K 2 days ago
I Watched pretty much all of your videos but I must saz Mav this one is the best so far. The view from this canyon, absolutely breathtaking! Greetings from Alberta Canada Bro.
Warrior Outlaw
Warrior Outlaw 2 days ago
This is good one!!!! Off roading is awsum
Dj Ru
Dj Ru 2 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥living the life. Love the content Mav
Ethan Carpenter
Ethan Carpenter 2 days ago
Good for you Mav! Living your best life!
77teahupoo 2 days ago
One of the great spontaneous times in life!!😜
• KNK •
She’s so cute. Please do more videos of you guys together camping and stuff
rentcda 3 days ago
Get busy living or get busy dying
Taufiq Rizal
Taufiq Rizal 3 days ago
I like his channel since he has something i could never get from where i live...
Martis GTR
Martis GTR 3 days ago
The 153 dislikes are other Mav's dates
Roger Vaillant
Roger Vaillant 3 days ago
That smirk while cooking breakfast indicates you had a good night😉
Mrwheelsan 3 days ago
ohh man!! this was a good episode
I AM 3 days ago
MAV = LEGEND. Straight G. Good work on following your gut. Keep on keeping on Kidlet.
Zach Meyers
Zach Meyers 3 days ago
Mav you legend 😂
Megan Johnna
Megan Johnna 3 days ago
I’m so happy for you.
Melanie Ovalles
Melanie Ovalles 3 days ago
Jesus, that sunset though 🌅
David Ferreras
David Ferreras 4 days ago
Mav, I admire your ability to do stuff on your own. Would love to see how different your Moab experience would be solo.
Michael Rasmussen
Airing down to 40 psi😆🤭
patrick osborn
patrick osborn 4 days ago
Did u smash? We all wanna know
HayJackson 4 days ago
I was smiling and smirking along with Mav😂😂Way to go buddy🤣
lunabird89 4 days ago
I knew that girl was gonna go with him 😂 👌👍🏻
Sea Trials
Sea Trials 4 days ago
Good for you kid!👍 👍 I did this back in the 70s, 80s .... Road chicks 🐣
brian simpkins
brian simpkins 4 days ago
Where in Moab is that...that looks epic view and hope u got to round the bases with the cute chick ...that’s how u live life to the fullest
So Flo
So Flo 4 days ago
This was lit
Not a psychiatrist only on the internet
Dude that's badass. One of those moments you'll keep with you
Staporn Naksang
Staporn Naksang 4 days ago
I really like your video from Thailand.❤️🇹🇭
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan 4 days ago
I was there 20 yrs ago!! I was 19 ... This seems unbelievable saying this, my minds knows all the things that have happened in that time but it feels think it couldn't have been!! Mav your going to have an incredible life God Willing that's all anyone can hope, but when your my age an older an your children's children will still be able to see GRANDPA MAV from the amazing thing called US-first!! IT would've been pretty to to see some of my memories like that!! "SO KEEP ON TRUCKIN !!!" ❤❤🙏🙏✌✌
ddj 420
ddj 420 4 days ago
Way to go.......you only live once!!!!
deadmeat10810 4 days ago
2 girls 1 truck :)
tyler diedrich
tyler diedrich 4 days ago
MAV this vid makes me so happy ! godspeed buddy !
LakersALLDAY 4 days ago
Song? 4:50
bill mclean
bill mclean 4 days ago
Mav when your happy there is no hiding it. What a fun trip, good food beautiful views, and lots of action and excitement.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 4 days ago
This makes the perfect Ford F-150 commercial!
Preston Grundy
Preston Grundy 5 days ago
It's a love story
Krasnaludek 5 days ago
Good thing there was a Jeep there to rescue that Toyota.
MontalbanJR 5 days ago
I hope he got laid.
brady barkkume
brady barkkume 5 days ago
So freaking awesome
Asianshaik 786313
U r amazing
Ikuno_ 5 days ago
TheGreenArrow82 5 days ago
I thought mav had a girlfriend already
tom tommy
tom tommy 6 days ago
Does anybody know the name of that location in moabb:(.....literally bucketlist
tom tommy
tom tommy 6 days ago
I know I spelt it wrong ok?....but please let me know lol
tom tommy
tom tommy 6 days ago
So badass he spontaniously went to Utah. ......to hang with a beautiful girl and her friends. Im so jealous and good for you man
KCLK Borakdak
KCLK Borakdak 6 days ago
Beautiful place
IfItDontMakeMoneyItDontMakeSense QnzNyc
That look you had and the smile on your face the next morning when you was cooking her breakfast was priceless lmao we already knew what went down 💪🏽🔥
IfItDontMakeMoneyItDontMakeSense QnzNyc
Best video ever lol. You finally introduced her after the whole video. Glad you had fun. That look you had and the smile on your face the next morning when you was cooking her breakfast was priceless lmao we already knew what went down 💪🏽🔥
Kyle Hoopai
Kyle Hoopai 6 days ago
Really glad you decided to do this. Always got to see something new!
Anise Jones
Anise Jones 6 days ago
It’s official..
Adam Chandler
Adam Chandler 6 days ago
Dudes had no famous they would be lol
Spencer Storck
Spencer Storck 6 days ago
Hey where did you end up camping in moab? Looks like killer spot
Ryan 6 days ago
Man that looks like a blast! Live spontaneously and out of your comfort zone and you end up being happier in life
Brian 6 days ago
Nice views Mav. I always use to pass through Moab Utah.
Joey Baboon
Joey Baboon 6 days ago
It's on my bucket list to visit Utah now lol. Man that view from where you guys were camping in Moab was breath taking. Keep on trucking Mav 💪
Colby 6 days ago
I feel like I went on this trip with you, wow I’m jealous. Seemed like a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget and I’m really jealous, keep in contact with that girl😌
Trevor Giroux
Trevor Giroux 6 days ago
this guy fished instead of getting laid cmon bro
HUSTLER .G 6 days ago
Man I have goals to live like you 🤣
Salty Fish
Salty Fish 6 days ago
I thought he was with that other semi homeless chick that helped him build his Ford home... guess I’m lost
Grabiel Valdes
Grabiel Valdes 6 days ago
I like your videos you look like a really nice humble person hope this coments and likes support your channel
Nicholas Kellogg
Nicholas Kellogg 7 days ago
That looks ridiculously fun and hey maybe she’ll keep up with you!!
Christopher Lau
Christopher Lau 7 days ago
Anyone know what road that is? Or how to get to the camp area??
hugo wheeler
hugo wheeler 7 days ago
we all know what happened that night
Wheelman Josh
Wheelman Josh 7 days ago
Outstanding trip! You took a chance and went to Moab, and it paid off. You only live once, brother.
Aaron Frantom
Aaron Frantom 7 days ago
Chris 7 days ago
Where is that located? Great stuff
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson 7 days ago
I don't know why but all the other guys in Sophia's groups gave me creepy chills up my back idk why
Darth Matt
Darth Matt 15 hours ago
So being nice is creepy lol
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson 7 days ago
I have been looking for some places to chill at in utah where did you find that natural hot springs ?
Hectik Hector
Hectik Hector 7 days ago
I really respect that life, such freedom my man its inspiring on every lvl
iDoit4LoLz 7 days ago
"I was having too much fun, let's just put it that way." Yeah we know what way. 😏
Sam Abrahams
Sam Abrahams 7 days ago
I like the mandolin orange in the morning 🤙🤙
Adrian Accardi
Adrian Accardi 7 days ago
Im from colorado bro. why havent you hit me up. it looks like fun. your the man. keep it up
Cade Stoker
Cade Stoker 8 days ago
Yo I hope you and this girl work out bro
Zzst Z
Zzst Z 8 days ago
She be easy
Zach Derhak
Zach Derhak 8 days ago
u get laid dude?
Ray Sallans
Ray Sallans 8 days ago
This is my favourite video so far lol
Arroz Con Pollo
Arroz Con Pollo 8 days ago
My guy had a 3some then some breakfast What a hero 😂
Arhtoin Meloes
Arhtoin Meloes 8 days ago
6:16 helll yeahhh mah bohy
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