A Love Story. 

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When life gives you a Polish kid, make him famous.
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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 100   
Fallou Diop
Fallou Diop 7 minutes ago
Where is mini Logan we need him back
jamie michelle
jamie michelle 16 minutes ago
hold on why did i never realize that gabbie is in this video
Josh Gledhill
Josh Gledhill 6 hours ago
Plot twist. Hes the kid lario
Viveki Devaraj
Viveki Devaraj 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like The kid laroii ?
Vito Ferdinand
Vito Ferdinand 15 hours ago
the subtitle is funnier than logan
Kasper Pedersen
Kasper Pedersen 15 hours ago
The subtitles are so perfect
Lxquid 15 hours ago
Mike is really rude now I hate him 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
24k Beastboy
24k Beastboy Day ago
Pícale al bottom de like si entiendes español I I V
Ajraf Nafiu
Ajraf Nafiu Day ago
is this Kid Laroi
SF Production
and I am mini Logan Paul
Smack Down Outdoors
Logan your a savage for that
Exact Crackle
Bro, It Would Be The Best to have Logan as a Friend, Brother, Even a Dad
Pianorabbit gameplays
F in the chats who thought he was a girl
Pianorabbit gameplays
why do I have a feeling he is getting spancked when he gets their
Pianorabbit gameplays
he was not even a youtuber
FLY 7 2 days ago
2021 ❓❓❓❓
charlotte_food 2 days ago
My respect for Logan 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Rohin Agarkar
Rohin Agarkar 3 days ago
Let's bring him back man !!
Bożena Bibrzycka
I'm polish excuse me but that dude is a bit crazy.
Gavin Dziena
Gavin Dziena 4 days ago
I want this kid to live his dreams so bad
Gavin Dziena
Gavin Dziena 4 days ago
Brooooo bring him backkkkkk!
Deandre Hogg
Deandre Hogg 4 days ago
gucci on my face
Desjardins Manu
Desjardins Manu 4 days ago
16:09 look at logan eye
Dino The Pug
Dino The Pug 4 days ago
I’ve still yet to ever find out if this was a skit or not
ghost- -red
ghost- -red 5 days ago
He made him more famous...
Nitika Webb
Nitika Webb 5 days ago
Bruh he’s an asshole with the subtitles 😂😂😂
Mary Brookins
Mary Brookins 5 days ago
whos watching in 2020?
REO T 5 days ago
Mike is jealous and scared lmao
Sekrudum Gamez
Sekrudum Gamez 5 days ago
6:22 logan is wondering why the fuck is he so mean to a kif
Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz 6 days ago
Gucci on my face
Mnks SnowZy
Mnks SnowZy 6 days ago
That kid then turned into kid Karoo
Thaveen Nanayakkara
Let's bring him back
Trickshotamer 6 days ago
Bring him to With u to over seas
Snuggly_ B34r
Snuggly_ B34r 6 days ago
Well, this worked.
Cayden Havard
Cayden Havard 6 days ago
Make Logan Paul be great again
JDT 6 days ago
Why does he remind me of thekidlorian
Elion Sahiti
Elion Sahiti 7 days ago
I fucking hate poland but he is such a nice kid bro
Why you hate Poland? Im from sweden but just wondering, they are kind people but the government is fucked up
Rededd I couldn’t think of a last name
16 By nine
16 By nine 7 days ago
Guccifacejacob come back bro pls!!!
Nakul Teaches
Nakul Teaches 7 days ago
He paid Logan back, look at the views!!! 😆
jeevan k
jeevan k 7 days ago
i think he really changed logan
Hat on a hill
Hat on a hill 7 days ago
bruh i love the subtitles
Cloudy ıllıllı
gucci on my face
J D 8 days ago
Kid has got talent.
J D 8 days ago
@yeah yeah OK mate
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 8 days ago
Aikawa Yuu
Aikawa Yuu 8 days ago
Thought this was the kid laroi Edit: was trying to make a joke but seen that someone already did it so yeah just scroll
Riptide Fish
Riptide Fish 9 days ago
i can not wiat to see him in another vid you no he is realy nice
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 8 days ago
OK mate
Gabriel Faddoul
Gabriel Faddoul 9 days ago
mike go hard
MrJayPerfect 9 days ago
Mike The Dad!
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 8 days ago
OK Mr jay
BenuSS 2k18
BenuSS 2k18 9 days ago
kim jest wogole ten dzieciak? ma ktos namiar na jego ig?
Patryk Mroczek
Patryk Mroczek 8 days ago
@guccifacejacob, ma 170k na insta
karson gansta31
karson gansta31 9 days ago
mediem me lmfao
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 8 days ago
Yes okay
WHARF Ϟ 9 days ago
Genius Finds
Genius Finds 9 days ago
Showing up in my recommended a year and a half later lol.
Kash 9 days ago
That song really hits though
Devin Owens
Devin Owens 9 days ago
He has the same amount of subs as Logan now
Keli Allen
Keli Allen 9 days ago
🔥Gucci on my face 🔥
Frank Lyle Bobongie
Boomshackaluck. Logan Paul the Dream Maker :)
daley 11 days ago
I only see this shit in movies
Blackbaster1 11 days ago
The Kid Laroi before he got famous?
xX Hyper Xx
xX Hyper Xx 11 days ago
Lesson of the day go to logans house and live there forever
begybg 11 days ago
Max Blok Servant
Max Blok Servant 11 days ago
So apparently this is what's happening when Mike is noticing that he is comming on 2nd place instead of 1st.
S Sunz
S Sunz 11 days ago
Jake Paul commenting...
GAMES BY TWAN 11 days ago
GAMES BY TWAN 11 days ago
Maxim Tsavaris
Maxim Tsavaris 11 days ago
Blake Shaw
Blake Shaw 12 days ago
Kurva ty Logan paul
Jake Wright
Jake Wright 12 days ago
17:31 war zone? (Subtitles). I imagine he said Warsaw, as in the capital city of Poland 😂
Marie Levi
Marie Levi 12 days ago
Let him stay and let him join the team
Ethan Ramos
Ethan Ramos 12 days ago
im to soft i dont wanna cry :( make logan paul great again
ScrapperAT 12 days ago
Who remembers the old title lol
Ejr show Show
Ejr show Show 12 days ago
Bring him back
Brian Han
Brian Han 12 days ago
the captions are hilarious
RSCYRsemi-sports 13 days ago
My name is Logan I could be Mini Logan Paul I’m from Canada go check me out on Tim Tom @logantheunfollowed
Cesar Santos
Cesar Santos 13 days ago
We need him on impaulsive!!
Sya Mazibuko
Sya Mazibuko 13 days ago
Kaszub 13 days ago
polska gurom
luchs 13 days ago
Hunter Waff
Hunter Waff 13 days ago
Please subscribe to my US-first channel! Thanks! Love Hunter
Todd Lozon
Todd Lozon 13 days ago
He did make you more famous the thing is now you have 2 million more subscribers than your brother so when he’s allowed to come I think he should
kamryn hall
kamryn hall 14 days ago
I'm the 39,600
Sahaj Taneja
Sahaj Taneja 14 days ago
Bring him back
DragoonRyRs 14 days ago
what he meant was stop spending thousands on clothes for me and just write a cheque so i can feed my family
Hidingstxge-_- 14 days ago
2021 i want to see where that kid is at
redparide 14 days ago
cringiest song ive ever heard lmao
Courtney Robinette
Courtney Robinette 14 days ago
Kid lori??? Edit: he kinda look like him tho
Ian Dela Cruz
Ian Dela Cruz 14 days ago
Hesa Dewabrata
Hesa Dewabrata 14 days ago
he kinda look like the kid laroi
Satvik Dhiman
Satvik Dhiman 14 days ago
Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight 15 days ago
L like. Your. VIdeo. LOgan. PAul
Daniel Jella
Daniel Jella 15 days ago
That’s kid laroi😭😂
Malin Ruda
Malin Ruda 15 days ago
Xue how hew
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 15 days ago
Gucci on my face 🤣😂🤣😂
riley gangestad
riley gangestad 15 days ago
“I don’t want to stain my forests”😭😭🤌🏼
Aastha Narkar
Aastha Narkar 15 days ago
I'm here after callmeming's video
marcos rivera
marcos rivera 16 days ago
Who’s watching in 2021
Markus Russell
Markus Russell 16 days ago
wait what polish warzone is this kid talking ab. is he just cap
Ruben Grob
Ruben Grob 16 days ago
"We show him the best of america" while sitting in a Gucci store.
Fox hunter Gamer
Fox hunter Gamer 16 days ago
God bless the kid
SEBA LIVE 16 days ago
i te komentarze
mohammad balasmeh
mohammad balasmeh 16 days ago
that song was sick dude
I fell in love.
I Hate My Birthday.