a little about me for those that have asked. 

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Apr 20, 2021




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Sandy Bell
Sandy Bell 3 hours ago
What can I say, that is absolutely adorable! Birds, Animals are a Godsend!
神谷浩平 5 hours ago
pineapple party
pineapple party 5 hours ago
I feel like she needs a tiny sweater.
キムケイ 5 hours ago
ァ〜、 やはり、どんどん毛が抜けていきます。 この子は何歳なのかしら。 最後まで、愛させて楽しくね。!!!!!!!
Melody Lynn
Melody Lynn 7 hours ago
Will her feathers grow back?
Camouflage Artist
Camouflage Artist 8 hours ago
Try classical music. This rap is nerve racking.
Camouflage Artist
Camouflage Artist 8 hours ago
Perhaps you should give her some pills for relaxation. Prozac perhaps.
Denise Mezynski
Denise Mezynski 9 hours ago
Please be real careful when she out side, danger can come from the air or ground. She sure is a sweetie pie !
Dilamar Pereira
Dilamar Pereira 9 hours ago
Hoje ela está dançando pouquinho porque está com frio 🥶 a asinha está tremendo de frio 🥶
Yarply Twelve
Yarply Twelve 9 hours ago
birds like, getting recorded makes me so nervous
4Paws Peace
4Paws Peace 10 hours ago
She makes me 😁
lpsmlplover875 Almeida
Griffi you're just adorable. 💖💞💖💞🐥💞🐥💞🐥💖🐥💞🐥💞
Shelly Terral
Shelly Terral 10 hours ago
2:18 bahaha! ✌😘😘😘
Shelly Terral
Shelly Terral 10 hours ago
She's amazing!!!
Анна Диденко
Почему нет перьев? Не выросли или болезнь
Carson Coke
Carson Coke 12 hours ago
That’s the cutest sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Prayers for Griffi and those who take care of her. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
pianovocal 15 hours ago
Can you make an Elizabethan collar for your cockatoo? It works on dogs perhaps they can make it work on a bird? This way keeping your bird from tearing his feathers out.
Cryptameria• 15 hours ago
Thank you for showing so much love to a little creature ☺️💕
Елена 16 hours ago
Почему попугай голый?
Flipper 007
Flipper 007 17 hours ago
Shes a sweet baby
alympia lee
alympia lee 17 hours ago
She makes me smile 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Mau Morris
Mau Morris 17 hours ago
Give her some cannabis,she might relax
Angela Warner
Angela Warner 19 hours ago
So special thank you for loving her.
Gabriele Sommer
Gabriele Sommer 21 hour ago
Is he ill ??? 😢😱 This is the first time I see him 😪 So sweet 🥰
Brandy Williamson
Brandy Williamson 21 hour ago
Amazing ❤️
yeşim kaya
yeşim kaya 23 hours ago
Bilen biri yazabilir mi bu kuşun tüyleri nerede bunlar mı yolmuş
aberas Day ago
It's a beautiful thing you did for and with Griffi! Did anyone ascertain what kind of abuse it was? My guess, given her amazing talents one and all, was neglect, maybe put in a room by herself, and little or no interaction with her "flock". They got bored with her. Maybe they originally adopted her, and had no idea what being companions of a "higher order" bird meant. But she made it to your house, and I thank the universe for that. I had a little green guy, named Cheeky. He was a Quaker Parrot, and I adopted him from some friends; the growing, young family just didn't have the time. It was a bit bumpy at first, but we figured out how to get along, and we had (as accurately as I could figure it out) just about 28 or 30 years together. Just shy of 3 years ago, he got sick (god they hide it well - they don't want the "flock" to abandon them, is the evolutionary theory, I hear. But I got to spend his last hours together with him, and I'm still so, so lost without my "little one". My boy. In my head, I know he had a good, long life and we were always together. But in my heart, I feel like I let him down. I can't see the screen for my tears anymore. If this is 10% of what losing a child is like, I could cry enough to drown the world. 💔 Sorry for yapping, I didn't intend to. Thanks for doing what you do! Signed, Birdless in Vancouver. 🙂🕊️🕊️
Ann Sowers
Ann Sowers Day ago
Bless you!
Rusty Nickels
She's adorable.
Maria Poulos
Maria Poulos Day ago
OMG that was such a signature move ... got me laughing over here! "Look at you lookin how you look, all beautiful!"
Peter Pohle
Peter Pohle Day ago
Thank you, you are some wonderful people. She's a joy to watch, thanks for sharing.
Susan Mew
Susan Mew Day ago
Oh is she cute! I love that she has you now to interact with her. She's such a sweetheart!
Deborah Ahonen
She’s so adorable and happy! I hope in time she heals emotionally 100%. But she looks like she might be cold- she was shivering a bit early in the video. With just naked skin she has no protection- maybe she’d appreciate a soft cotton onesie-type garment to keep in some body heat? With her cute little wings and legs free for those cool dance moves…!
Johrah Zura
Johrah Zura Day ago
WOW clewer 🦅🌹❣️❣️❣️❣️🇲🇾
Myra Camilo
Myra Camilo Day ago
Awe...so happy you rescued her!👏🙏❤️
mb knowles
mb knowles Day ago
You are the luckiest person on the planet to have such a beautiful creature! She made my whole year!
M. M. SCOTT Day ago
So sweet!
Erica Sapienza
That little baby is such a sweet heart! Thank you for rescuing her! Beautiful Bird!!!
Patricia Owens
God bless your dear kindness!!!
Júlia Lopes
Júlia Lopes Day ago
God bless her new parents,now she has love and is happy!
Theresa O'Neill
I hate the shaking she does. Thank you for providing her a safe place to call home, she deserves it!!!
Tarane Reames
I am glad she is in good hands now
Michelle Holland
I heard they pluck their feathers from the stress of loosing their original owners or from being left alone as they pair for life.
michelle dardis
Oh God love her ❤️
Stevie Lynn
Stevie Lynn Day ago
She is so beautiful to me! I’m so glad to see that she has a good home and she is happy! Bless you for saving her! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Heubern Matherson
2:17 thats gangsta
Martha Machuca
Very sad what she must've been through, but I don't want to know. Who taught her how to dance? She's lovely.
Michele Paccione
My Goffin, Rodney, is a feather picker too...I got him from a parrot rescue. Apparently his previous owners kept him in a dark garage all the time. He loves your music and started dancing along while watching this video. :)
Daniel C
Daniel C Day ago
It’s brings joy to my dark desolate heart to people love tiger animals like y’all do. I love it when she spreads he wings and does a little KAW... I love her. Where’s the merch store hahahaha
Griffi The Dancing Cockatoo
It's in the works!
Well, when you titled the video with the word "little," you weren't kidding. I know she's an elderly Cockatoo that has a bloodfeather that requires superglue every now and again... and that's it. Any more you can share about her "traumatic life?"
Seyhan Toker
Seyhan Toker Day ago
Bu gün pek havasında değil...çok nazlandı💝👀
Marlene Hoosen
Wow she's adorable
Melba Aviles Aviles
Hi Griffi, keep brightening for all of us. 🤗🎶
Candy H
Candy H Day ago
❤🤗 Griffi 🤗❤👏👏👏👏👏
Christine gehlert
Sweetheart awe now I want one
Angie Swart
Angie Swart Day ago
I just love her so much. She's special ❤️
Jane Day ago
That bird needs to go to an exotic pet vet. That music loud may be stressing it.
Cássia Valladares Bastos Peixoto
Thank Goodness there are more good people....
Lynn Mitzy
Lynn Mitzy Day ago
Hello Griffi ❤🕊
Patricia Vaughn
She is perfect No matter what .God Bless her Family who loves her for all she is .tiny cute sweet and full of love .and a wonderful Dancer !
a kat
a kat Day ago
So cute. Will her feathers come back?
Jenny Alveraz
You should make her little sweaters
cong peng
cong peng Day ago
she is a human !!!
Speak Truthfully
Griffi is full of BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY! I absolutely LOVE to see her happy and dancing! 💙💛
Rosy Hall
Rosy Hall Day ago
My mother has a 32 year old bird 🐦 and cotto it’s her name, was in the same situation and mom start giving cotto sunflower 🌻 seeds and cotton know look gorgeous!
Catherine Breitfeller
So hard to watch this. I’d like to get my hands on the people/person who caused this.
Galina Kant
Galina Kant Day ago
Что с малышом,почему он в таком плачевном состоянии,где перья,где хвостик,кто может ответить,очень жалко малыша,ему ведь холодно и неуютно?!
Stephanie Goodman
The people that did this to this precious baby. Needs To Be Shot!
Андрей Бурый
the poor thing is frozen!
Fatinia Day ago
Птичку жалко❤
Debbie George
I dont get how someone could hurt a little or a big snimal. I want this bird but I'm glad shes found great owners.
Bachou Lekikoune
2:18 Nya!
Beth Anders
Beth Anders Day ago
Sweet Precious Baby
Joann Byrne
Joann Byrne Day ago
I hope as time goes by her feathers come back not for appearance but her comfort and happiness so she can finally be relaxed enough not to over green as she is safe and cared for now no doubt about it ! And she's such a beautiful bird and bless you for taking the time to give her love and a happy home
Блин не знаю английский.Написала бы что с попкой.Почему весь облез?
An Ro
An Ro 2 days ago
Der Vogel sieht krank aus, das ist jeder Vogel, der sich die Federn ausrupft. Er wird nicht artgerecht gehalten, armes Tier 😱😭
wrbowcalify Robertson
Some birds just pluck when bored or lonely or for no reason just do not buy cornish game hens for supper and let her see them LOL
Sofia Meistrell
Sofia Meistrell 2 days ago
She just stole my heart!!! 😍
Magda B
Magda B 2 days ago
Poor little girl... I hope she is getting better.
Deanne kliene
Deanne kliene 2 days ago
Ohhh poor baby! But she's happy now though....plucking probably from anxiety of previous home...makes me cry....she's beautiful!
Juanita Buron
Juanita Buron 2 days ago
How precious she is. Thank you 🙏 she’s awesome
CeeJay611 2 days ago
She's so cute and loveable. I'm glad she now has a good home
Martha Lucas
Martha Lucas 2 days ago
Benutzerin XYZ
Benutzerin XYZ 2 days ago
Zineb Nani
Zineb Nani 2 days ago
Sone Blink
Sone Blink 2 days ago
Following you now that i know she's a rescue. She's adorable, my heart break thinking about her past pain, but i'm happy she's loved and happy now!
mishel MK
mishel MK 2 days ago
I need to learn thing or two from that small beauty!
flashy5150 2 days ago
It’s just crazy how they can rip out their feathers when no one pays attention them. The previous owners probably just left her in the cage all day with no music, radio or interaction while they went to work and this is what happens to them. I’m glad she didn’t die before someone started paying attention to her. I don’t know who could not pay attention to her, she’s a barrel of fun and laughs.
Ana Alberto
Ana Alberto 2 days ago
Sorry bebé 😢😢😢🥰🙏🙏❤️
Jenna Massey
Jenna Massey 2 days ago
You listen to The Dirty Heads!!😍😍😍😍
Pia Steward
Pia Steward 2 days ago
Soo cute
TonyA TonyA
TonyA TonyA 2 days ago
Sending you love griffi :D!
Ila in Maine
Ila in Maine 2 days ago
I have rescued birds & want to thank you for what you are doing for this gorgeous bird. All the birds I've rescued (13) only one is still alive and he has severe PTSD. The other birds are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. The veterinarian recommended I give him green tea with CBD in it & it has helped him a lot not to have nightmares, screaming fits, and to stop plucking. I know it is not for every birdie but it might help.
Becca Moorehead
Becca Moorehead 2 days ago
Will her feathers ever grow back?
Kathy Durston
Kathy Durston 2 days ago
She is so adorable baby
Ядвига Смелевич
Nita Thonglertlam
When she dance 💃 make me laugh 😆🤣🤣
Norma Grant
Norma Grant 2 days ago
Just another example that all of God's creatures are valued. Thanks for caring. Blessings.
CC Libre
CC Libre 2 days ago
Thank you for loving her the way she loves you !
Diana Prado
Diana Prado 2 days ago
Will she grow out that is her size, she's adorable God bless her and her caretakers.
Doing the humpty hump!