A day in my HIGH SCHOOL | in person* 

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Welcome to nat's life lmao.
Jacobs Channel - us-first.info/player/video/hZaKnZxjYHiflnE.html
For business-
P.O box : 1030 N Mountain Ave #160 Ontario CA, 91762
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Instagram- @Nathalyycuevas
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Age- 17
Birthday- August 29, 2003
Camera I use- Cannon G7x mark ii
Editing software- Final Cut Pro X
Thanks for watching ily 💓

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May 2, 2021




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Tiana Gallagher
Tiana Gallagher 2 days ago
yall remember when she used to wear blue eye contacts to school? 😂😂 we wont talk about that-
Bianca Rodriguez
Bianca Rodriguez 3 days ago
Pizza P
Pizza P 4 days ago
Can you ask Nely to teach me how to edit
amalia lopez
amalia lopez 6 days ago
Nat you should do a video we’re you just talk abt how you came soSuccessful and you were able to get a cars and stuff like how you got money and stuff
Ayham.y Ayhamyahya
That literally happened to my car i took it to the dealership and they just did something i dont even know but it just was slow asf
lilxtisha_ 7 days ago
do you have airpod pros ?
lilxtisha_ 7 days ago
updated night routine
Priscilla Villanueva Rosales
Nathaly: my body is in pain form the vaccine. Me: 👁👄👁a few hours away from getting vaccinated (literally 3 hours)
Ingrid Flores
Ingrid Flores 7 days ago
Where do I find your merch with jake?
Bria Ruiz
Bria Ruiz 7 days ago
Nat you are dehydrated that’s why I feel like that drink water
hyperxgamer 7 days ago
Kev1nco luck
Kev1nco luck 7 days ago
MrK 7 days ago
You look pretty
Melisa Quinones
Melisa Quinones 8 days ago
I laughed when the PE teacher came😅
Valeria Santos
Valeria Santos 8 days ago
Nat I need ur playlist 😩😩
Valeria Santos
Valeria Santos 6 days ago
@Jess omg ty❤️
Jess 6 days ago
It’s yoonathaly on Spotify
Emma Ruiz
Emma Ruiz 8 days ago
hey I’m starting my own Channel but I need to learn how to edit any advice
Miley magana
Miley magana 8 days ago
Devyn Centell
Devyn Centell 8 days ago
we need the song playlist 😭
Jess 6 days ago
Yoonathaly on Spotify
Rose Garcia
Rose Garcia 8 days ago
I’m turning 17 on August and you honestly have made me feel like if I can do anything at any age. It’s only been a few months since I started seeing your channel and like WOW Nat. You motivate me so much. And I love your content. Very Real and Open to your subscribers. I love you Nat and continue with the vids I love them. 💕
Katherine Bonilla
i love the ending 💕
Sebastian Velazquez
your vids are so intertaining and fun that the ads forgot to pop in my screen😂😂
Aurora and Doniz
Aurora and Doniz 8 days ago
hi how are you wanna play fortnite one day
neha sekhon
neha sekhon 8 days ago
Nat can you make a video on your skincare routine 😊 love from New Zealand ❤
Sai. 354
Sai. 354 8 days ago
miss nat tell me bothe of you starbucks drinks because i want to try it
Hunny Stars
Hunny Stars 9 days ago
Its sooo cool watching you and ur Channel grow like I’ve been subscribed since 2019 and I love ur videos
Lola haggins
Lola haggins 9 days ago
I love Nats videos and her personality🤍
yureima valdez
yureima valdez 9 days ago
U should wear air forces
hanxgon 9 days ago
wasn’t the straightener for you mom 😂
Kimberly Bautista
LMFAO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? Nat- oh with my family :) ...
Marina Khan
Marina Khan 9 days ago
Tum school ja ti ho yah pir kanjar bazar ma k itna tayar hoti ho,,,,hum log asa school nhi jatA,show off q krti ho
Diojanny Cuevas
Diojanny Cuevas 9 days ago
Kristopher Berrios
the end got me dead asf lmaoooo
vvhris 9 days ago
Is my youtube content good😓
Leila Itanen
Leila Itanen 9 days ago
I’m about to get into seventh grade I am not happy for the shots I’m also afraid of needles
Xiomara Arbaiza
Xiomara Arbaiza 9 days ago
queen u gotta drop a car-ride playlist cause those songs sound so good !!!
K1mb3rly 9 days ago
Omg I’m 17 and my birthday is in august 19, what a coincidence
André Gooch
André Gooch 9 days ago
Did you just gain 40k in a week 😱. 700K on the wayyyy
Tassy Wazzy
Tassy Wazzy 9 days ago
Shouldn’t taken Starbucks to PE CLASS number 1 rule They will be like ITS unHealthY
Javier Cardoza
Javier Cardoza 9 days ago
Bro your car it is so fast 🤯
LaShae Edwards
LaShae Edwards 10 days ago
Smooth ending lol
skrt skrt
skrt skrt 10 days ago
Yuvitza Toj-Gomez
Yuvitza Toj-Gomez 10 days ago
Omg You made my day when I heard Bad Bunny yesssss sirrr
lana rede
lana rede 10 days ago
i love the way she does her make up it is so cute
Diana 10 days ago
I still don't know the link to find the merch 😭
Callie Pearson
Callie Pearson 10 days ago
The way the scream cuts off at the end babaahba
Kya Domina
Kya Domina 10 days ago
Love ya nat
omg Nathaly is always singing in the car lol
Patricia Esquivel
Patricia Esquivel 10 days ago
Where can i find there merch? Btw love the new car, nice job this is proof that hard work pays off. Nathaly keep it up!! 😊
Taylor Watches
Taylor Watches 10 days ago
Love you Nath 😘😘😘
Brycen_Golden 10 days ago
If me and you don’t be friends right now 😩😩
Kaeleigh Brown
Kaeleigh Brown 10 days ago
¿Puedes hacer una española playlist que me encantan tus canciones pero no sé cómo se llaman?
Mikayla Keith
Mikayla Keith 10 days ago
The car you have nat, it does that to my moms car and it happens when your driving fast when there’s something right ahead of you
Laura Cil
Laura Cil 10 days ago
Nathaly : “I’m so sad” LMAO ME
Alfredo Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez 10 days ago
u should start putting the names of the songs u play
Faith Fesaitu
Faith Fesaitu 10 days ago
What do you do for work?
Michelle Bonilla
Michelle Bonilla 10 days ago
Nat I love you but it’s hard to imagine that we’re in the same grade 😂😂😂 bc I still live at home 😌🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️
B and J Offical
B and J Offical 10 days ago
U should do a story time of ur toxic ex
Jasmin's Padilla
Jasmin's Padilla 10 days ago
Ahhh I miss the grwm
Fatemeh Shojay
Fatemeh Shojay 10 days ago
What is the name of the song played at 4:34
Carlitoessteezy 10 days ago
im not gonna lie u should carry cash, and this is coming from a 16 year old, one of these days yo card its gonna go thru and u gonna be stuck in line with cash cause u thought it was a bad idea not to carry cash.
Ashley Castro
Ashley Castro 10 days ago
AlanisDanetLopez 10 days ago
Nat u should prank Jacob by being over Protective for a whole day
Jasmine Alvarado-Rodriguez
Nat you should do a video like what i need in a week as a 17 year old or a q&a with jacob for jathaly.
That funny grl Micah
Who else thought that she still had makeup on with the whole triangle lashes.
Tata Bedukadze
Tata Bedukadze 10 days ago
what a shame i really wanted to go to school today 😂😂💕💕 nat is just the best
jayden 11 days ago
Today I was having a bad day and then I seen you posted and got happy
ayee dayanaraa
ayee dayanaraa 11 days ago
What's the lightweight makeup product she used?
Marnie k
Marnie k 11 days ago
Can’t wait to see the decorating car video❤️❤️
j 11 days ago
The teacher screaming at you about what’s in Starbucks drinks as if you give a flying fuck about how much sugar or how much of anything it has in it😭😭✋ Pinches maestros
Ginger Enriquez
Ginger Enriquez 11 days ago
nathalys friends in the video, the girl is my cousin 😩 her name is rhiannah 🙌🏽
Emma Tassone
Emma Tassone 11 days ago
thats why i didnt take the vaccine
Gema Ruiz
Gema Ruiz 11 days ago
The ending 😂
leslie hinojosa
leslie hinojosa 11 days ago
I thought the white straightener was for mama bear
51o. Kysha
51o. Kysha 11 days ago
You are literally so pretty 😩
Cruz Schneider
Cruz Schneider 11 days ago
Guys I found out what school she goes to. She goes to Montclair highschool .
Phaedra 11 days ago
Please delete this... respect her privacy
Shirelle Marshall
Shirelle Marshall 11 days ago
Welcome to my Life of 5
Listening to the teacher yell at you about a coffee What is annoying me
Valeria Portillo
Valeria Portillo 11 days ago
Hola qué tonos de cabello tienes plis dime
ana mariee
ana mariee 11 days ago
we jus need momma nat😩😩
Ruth netserab
Ruth netserab 11 days ago
Ryan Belden
Ryan Belden 11 days ago
That’s how I felt after my second merderma shot my bones ache knee and felt like I had the flu for 24 hrs but then felt better
Ana Castro
Ana Castro 11 days ago
“ I was with my family “ had me rolling because that’s some shit I would say 😂😭
Marisa’s Adventure’s
POV: you came from Tiktok
Isabelle Mares
Isabelle Mares 11 days ago
I've been binge watching he videos and now I know what she means abt her Starbucks addiction
Ale Rios
Ale Rios 11 days ago
Where the hell y’all find the web page for jathaly merch
GRACIE CORPUZ 11 days ago
Your a adult now cus you got a apartment,car,a boyfriend
rachel 11 days ago
what did starbucks ever do to that teacher 💔🤟🏼
Inaya McGue
Inaya McGue 11 days ago
anyone coming from her tik tok video she posted (no just me ok)
Valerie Santana
Valerie Santana 11 days ago
I just got that t dap shot😭😭
Tbh Idk
Tbh Idk 11 days ago
where’s ur bag frommm?
ayla o
ayla o 11 days ago
nats so beautiful without makeup but don’t get me wrong why is she wearing it to school when she has her own bf? like yeah she feel more better with it on but like still no hate tho love her❤️
Griselda Roldan
Griselda Roldan 11 days ago
Girl is meeee "I cryed my self to sleep" meeeeeeeeeeeeee , and at the end is meee
Layla Emberton
Layla Emberton 11 days ago
Idk how y’all be trusting that Covid vaccine but kudos for taking one for the team cause I’m tired of the crap too but I ain’t tryna grow another toe😂
Johnny Parra
Johnny Parra 11 days ago
*youtuber and i love your make up
Tommy Butler
Tommy Butler 11 days ago
Johnny Parra
Johnny Parra 11 days ago
Hi I love your videos a lot and your the best youtube UwU
My'Zanae Nicole
My'Zanae Nicole 11 days ago
Not y’all taking the vaccine😐✋🏽
mariela hernandez
mariela hernandez 11 days ago
for your next vaccine shot take tylenol or benadryl 3 days before you get the next dose and then after you get the second dose take the tylenol or benadryl