A COUGAR CHASER needs a few UPGRADES on his TOYOTA Pickup! 

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Our buddy, Chris, who chases mountain lion's and bears, along with his trusty hound dogs, need a few upgrades in his Toyota. Rear end and Front end upgrades like new leafsprings and a panhard bar to make it easier for him to get up and down the hills!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!
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Apr 4, 2021




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Fab Rats
Fab Rats 18 days ago
Check out FAB RAT’S MERCH here: www.thefabrats.com/
Ignacio Draven
Ignacio Draven 16 days ago
@Brantley Kyree Trying it out right now. Seems promising.
Brantley Kyree
Brantley Kyree 16 days ago
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hack if you care
Alex O'roark
Alex O'roark 17 days ago
Just came here to tell you my Fab Rats stuff all just got here! You guys are so awesome! And thank you so so much!!
Prius Repellent
Prius Repellent 17 days ago
Paul, Have you ever rebuilt a Dodge Ram 2500 front end? I’ve gone through shocks every 6-8months, I rebuilt my front end steering components last July, they are all shot again, tore them up, could you beef it up so it handles the heavy front end better? Just thinking?
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 18 days ago
I have been looking at Plasma Tables I want to get a 4 x 8 table .that is the size of the sheets I get . ugh I could buy half a new truck for the cost of the table .. little ones are cheaper but then I still have to hack up my sheets to use the table .. good luck .. great video .. keep the videos coming ..
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
The title had me a tad confused by the time the gentleman explained what the metal contraption in the truck bed was for 🤣🤣🤣
Tommy. T YUKIO
Tommy. T YUKIO 11 days ago
Glenn Helmstetter
Glenn Helmstetter 11 days ago
When you do the fan swap put the link to where you got the new fan. I need one of those.
AUSTIN 12 days ago
you need to get a dead man to support the rear end of trucks like that when they're on the lift. ESPECIALLY toyotas with their weak ass frames. that truck looked like it was about to separate behind the cab at any moment
sdj9776 12 days ago
It’s all good my mom’s from UT and she says “mayzure”, “warsh” and “crick”. At least it helps me to understand the people in Cedar when I visit.
Patrick Corrigan
Patrick Corrigan 13 days ago
More stickers!!
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
another awesome project!
William Green
William Green 13 days ago
Ok, I'm suggesting an alteration to the Fab Rats Sticker... The Rat needs to have a name tag on his that says Paul! I can't be the only person who sees the vision! Lol
William Green
William Green 13 days ago
Ok, I'm suggesting an alteration to the Fab Rats Sticker... The Rat needs to have a name tag on his that says Paul! I can't be the only person who sees the vision! Lol
Des2Mtn 14 days ago
That supercharger whine at the end was a nice surprise!
Cliff Cross
Cliff Cross 14 days ago
You are an amazing craftsman.
Martin Hogan
Martin Hogan 15 days ago
Matt says ‘MAY-sher’ as well 😁
rufusmarmeduke 15 days ago
Bobby Watts
Bobby Watts 15 days ago
Life with Lilah Marie
Always a good video, even my daughter and I watch it together
Jason E
Jason E 15 days ago
Always fun to watch your videos. Would you mind sharing what music was used in this video (it appears to be one of you theme songs)?
jimmykol 15 days ago
Great Video, " do what i say! not what i do" there is a Dad's shirt if i every heard one.......
J Kitsune
J Kitsune 15 days ago
Not sure if you've ever done it, but if your knife gets dull off of cardboard, you can strop the edge on the side of cardboard and it'll get it sharp enough to keep going until you get a chance to sit down and properly sharpen it.
Doug Hooper
Doug Hooper 15 days ago
Papa Dar came for a Visit? You did mean a NAP, am i correct? LOL
007twm 15 days ago
I missed this video on Sunday. Happy belated Easter. Thanks for another great video.
Brady Giles
Brady Giles 15 days ago
“No it’s just really heavy” made me cry laugh.
classic mobile home
CountryBoy Life
CountryBoy Life 15 days ago
Very nice work even though they were already pre-made all you had to do wae weld then in place with minimal welding
Ron Wallace
Ron Wallace 15 days ago
Michelle, how nice of you to have some FaceTime on this video.You with your commentary make these videos funny. By the way, how dare you refer to a gas tank by the correct name. You know that it's called a "gas jug".😋
Tim henson
Tim henson 15 days ago
Hey I really enjoy all your US-first never did figure out how to buy a T-shirt Can you help me out and I wanted to ask you about the struts I’m just finishing with the hemi swap in my jeep JKU and I’d like to do coil overs I guess their struts though like you’re running on the jeep is there anybody you recommend to buying them from I’m running 40 inch tires 538 gears excite to get the struts on it
LostIn207 16 days ago
I freakin love hound dogs
tractor man TP
tractor man TP 16 days ago
Karl Schwaber
Karl Schwaber 16 days ago
Don't cut towards your body, cut towards your buddy Paul!
Keith VanPolen
Keith VanPolen 16 days ago
I love to watch your videos!! More Papa Dare!!!
Nathan Warzak
Nathan Warzak 16 days ago
I got the new sticker and it Sure makes the mnt dew fridge look a lot better lol. I ordered a hat and shirt as well. Came super fast and packaged very nicely. Can’t wait to try them on!!
Jr Fuapapa Queen
Jr Fuapapa Queen 16 days ago
love the fab work!
Skylar Nowell
Skylar Nowell 16 days ago
Ls swapped 95 Chevrolet long 2500
Not J
Not J 16 days ago
Maybe make your dog box lighter. Jesus. They're dogs, not bears. Why carry all that extra weight around?
neilshep50 16 days ago
Oh, not chasing THAT sort of cougar!
Tyler Laney
Tyler Laney 16 days ago
Love the videos.
William Nesbitt
William Nesbitt 16 days ago
Fab Rats fabricating great videos 👍
James Huggins
James Huggins 16 days ago
I've chased a few cougars in my day!! Oh you mean the four legged variety. 🤣🤣🤣
TheMth370 16 days ago
'Cougar chasing' , was not what I first thought ! HAHAHAHA
MrSir 16 days ago
Out of stickers!! wow!
Jason Sullivan
Jason Sullivan 16 days ago
Cougar chaser I love it....... Very funny Dual meaning 😆
Jason Sullivan
Jason Sullivan 16 days ago
Did you make the center brace for the leaf spring shackles?
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 16 days ago
Shocks should make a big difference too👍🇺🇸
UWS DWF 16 days ago
You deserve every subscriber you get!!! And hopefully that moves into the 100's of thousands for ya! Rock on fab rats!
Kmr Da Yota
Kmr Da Yota 16 days ago
Quick fast fab work great work !!! Supercharged sas Yota 🔥🔥🔥
Layton Haese
Layton Haese 16 days ago
me... 'If you need any help ... please ... hesitate to call! Oh and pass me a beer!'
Stout Tossme
Stout Tossme 16 days ago
Good times. We love you guys. Keep up the good, clean, family entertainment.
TheOldaz1 16 days ago
Nice job on the suspension mods. Accuracy without B/S, loving it.
anaisem08 16 days ago
Don’t do as I do do as I say hell yeah
Jason Malone
Jason Malone 16 days ago
Another great Video!
Jason Malone
Jason Malone 16 days ago
So Paul says right after dissembling the rear end, we are almost done, all we have to do is, this, this, this and that and we are done. The list was the entire project. That is called the beginning! hahahahah!
greenfire6 16 days ago
Dear Paul and Michelle, You are building an entire, and adoring, 'Fab Rats Nation' out here-without even intending... Thank you for the consistently wholesome and Pure Americana content. I, for one, very much enjoy when Michelle is behind the camera making comments and giggling. That is so down home, real and reminds me of all the good times I have been blessed with in my life. We all know Paul is a master fabricator. But he is also the master of "one liners". As an happy owner of a first edition Fab Rats Tee I would suggest a line of Tees that proclaim Paul one liners like: "It's my first day" or "This house is gona' pop" (while on the fire ground) or "Eyeball it, we are not building a piano" or "We are winning", etc.
Jeremy Gaddis
Jeremy Gaddis 17 days ago
I build fords and the center pins always strip I have no clue why
THE MECHANIC 17 days ago
I had the same problem with the center pin in the leaf springs I installed on my F-250. I ended up modifying two grade 8 bolts because the springs kept the ones that came with the kit.
W 17 days ago
"If it blows up just duck down" 😂😂 that's actually solid advice
2005 F350
2005 F350 17 days ago
Papa Dar Come for visit to take a nap.....
ProjectXJ 17 days ago
I nice to see some good ole boys with some family values. Keep it up. Happy Easter!
Peter Bratz
Peter Bratz 17 days ago
Paul goes from wrench to plasma cuter. skims angle grinder. LOL
Griddless 17 days ago
Mazur is how people pronounce my sir name, although it should be pronounced maze-er.
Dallas Rife
Dallas Rife 17 days ago
Great to see you all working !! Hey what kind of radio does he run on that Toyota ? I notice the antenna in the center of the hood ? A lot of hunters in my area got away from CB and went to GMRS or even VHF Marine radios ,, just curious as a radio nerd myself
Desert farm guy
Desert farm guy 17 days ago
I can’t wait to see what the donor van is for!!! Sounds like everyone would want to see an ls swap 59 Apache short bed step side!!!! Stay tuned
Mel Martinez
Mel Martinez 17 days ago
happy easter to you guys... and since you said we are family.. I'm coming to stay the weekend.. haha jk ( love the fab rats )
Roger loggins
Roger loggins 17 days ago
Michelle Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I heard a lot of thoughts and comments from a lot of different people, but none was more open and honest than your comments to your viewing public, i.e., myself, and other subscribers. THANK you for that moment that was paused, with your thoughts of humbled thanks. Thanks for sharing your videos, we always learn something new. Paul is so creative, and never looks at problems other than challenges. With time, thought and research...anything can be accomplished.
Ryan Bronson
Ryan Bronson 17 days ago
You guys are like the most genuine people on US-first, all your videos are awesome!!!!
Robert S
Robert S 17 days ago
But smoke from exthaust is heavier then air and goes down, so all fans near the roof pushing out only hot air and smoke stays still. Unless you open some small dors in the opposite side of garage to make draft.
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins 17 days ago
Come on guys, seat belts are so much fun. Twice I have had the joy of unbuckling and falling to the ceiling.
Jeremy Specce
Jeremy Specce 16 days ago
Me too, saved my life for sure.
Allen Speck
Allen Speck 17 days ago
What a great family you have. Take care and God bless you all.
WRK 17 days ago
eric rush
eric rush 17 days ago
Happy resurrection day y’all!!! Great stuff.
Adrian Lucero
Adrian Lucero 17 days ago
“That’s how I spell it too”🤣🤣 keep up the great fab work!
Joshua Boldt
Joshua Boldt 17 days ago
Happy Easter!!
Derek 17 days ago
You guys are awesome, i look forward to your videos all the time, i prefer it over Matt's :D Hes just gone big time now... no turning back! lol jk
Big T’s Perspective
Antonin Donnadieu
Antonin Donnadieu 17 days ago
Some love from France !
Bill Sheppard
Bill Sheppard 17 days ago
Loved the commercial! :)
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox 17 days ago
Is the Tacoma supercharged? Think I heard some wine on takeoff...
Fab Rats
Fab Rats 17 days ago
Yes it is
Berry Reading
Berry Reading 17 days ago
Paul needs some Milwaukee m12 straight and angle die grinders for his birthday 👍😄
Berry Reading
Berry Reading 17 days ago
Also need to upgrade that CAD work with the utility knife blade pack download 😉👍
James A
James A 17 days ago
Happy Easter guys hope you have a great day, thank you for all the great content
whoolph 17 days ago
You guys are awesome too! . . . . Happy Easter! . . . . . . Rog
K D 17 days ago
Happy Easter from Australia 🇦🇺 😎💓
David Delaney
David Delaney 17 days ago
Where is the other star 🌟 & superhero 🦸‍♂️ papa Dar? We are waiting for the undisclosed color of the superhero mobile?
Phillip Bremer
Phillip Bremer 17 days ago
Been around area meet many them guys different areas location me like binoculars and take time slower crawl .
jacob hamson
jacob hamson 17 days ago
Howdy Brother!!! MATTS , WINDER TOWING SERVICE!!! CALL NOW, IFN YA FU*KED, WE'ED GETT UM UNSTUCK!! Just subbed man!!! Thank ya fellas fer the neat shit to watch! Be safe and God Bless.
Enthusiast Australia
This guy chases Bears? Wow. Happy Easter everyone.
MoiseS Cortez
MoiseS Cortez 17 days ago
That's how i spell it to if you ever wonder. 👍👍😄😄😄
Graeme McKay
Graeme McKay 17 days ago
Danger never takes a day off. Always wear your......... Nevermind
Clive Matthew-Wilson
Please wear your seatbelts. Kids follow your example
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 17 days ago
dumpsteRat 17 days ago
Very interesting a man who breeds and trains hound dogs
iamTowGuy 17 days ago
Didn't pa teach you not to cut toward yourself 😶
Lawrence Engel
Lawrence Engel 17 days ago
Happy Easter to the best bunch on the tube 👌
Josh Triplett
Josh Triplett 17 days ago
Man, I wish I could just hang in Paul's shop and build a rig for crawling.
Manco 17 days ago
Ahhh the sound of a supercharger....
Frank Irwin
Frank Irwin 17 days ago
Happy Easter - Great Fab.
Richard Spengler
Richard Spengler 17 days ago
You forgot the rod braces for the rear shackles. 😬😯
Manco 17 days ago
Tag along on bear/mt lion hunt?!?
Nebraskan Assassin
Nebraskan Assassin 17 days ago
You guys rock man
romeshter 17 days ago
In all seriousness, some plasma manufacturer should send you guys one. Think of all the cool things you could make and show everyone how cool acme plasma cutters are!
Nebraskan Assassin
Nebraskan Assassin 17 days ago
My favorite show
JB B 17 days ago
Should’ve labeled it “cougar getter truck gets some upgrades”
Bernie Montgomery
Bernie Montgomery 17 days ago
Happy Easter