800lbs of BASS! Six 12's clear acrylic ported box loaded into the Caddy. First fire up! 

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The moment i have been waiting for. I finally got to hear the caddy play! Nothing is set yet, the gains aren't matched....so this should get much nicer once i fine tune everything. I just wanted to see it flex! The subs flexed but the box didn't at all which is a good thing. Anyway, if you follow my channel, sorry i have been so busy. It is hard for me to make time to do this! I will have mids/highs and other interior trim work coming soon. Thanks for watching if you did!
Don't forget to start at the beginning of this build playlist so you don't miss out on any fine details. There is LOTS of them!
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TONS more pics of the system including the recent amp-rack build - get caught up here: www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/210401-2015-cadillac-escalade-sound-system-install-the-box-is-started-6-12-subs-clear-acrylic-on-the-menu-update-page-10/?do=findComment&comment=3248385
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May 2, 2021




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meade916 12 days ago
The moment i have been waiting for. I finally got to hear the caddy play! Nothing is set yet, the gains aren't matched....so this should get much nicer once i fine tune everything. I just wanted to see it flex! The subs flexed but the box didn't at all which is a good thing. Anyway, if you follow my channel, sorry i have been so busy. It is hard for me to make time to do this sometimes! Plus we are in the process of moving so that is taking it's toll on my time and energy. I will have mids/highs and other interior trim work coming soon. Thanks for watching if you did! Catch my daily pics and live feeds here instagram.com/meade916
DubHead 4 days ago
@DJ WRAITH, it sure did. 😎 And I bet the system sounds good too! ✌️
DJ WRAITH 4 days ago
@DubHead That is definitely true! But yes it sounded killer!
DubHead 4 days ago
@DJ WRAITH, well we can't be sure. ✌️ But it sounded really nice! 😎
DJ WRAITH 4 days ago
@DubHead Yeah I listened again at full volume! More MK4! Well whoever was driving was doing pretty quick shifts!
DubHead 4 days ago
@DJ WRAITH, nah, it sounded more like an MK4.
Nickword One
Nickword One 11 hours ago
Richard Knee
Richard Knee 3 days ago
I'm beating a little bit but not like that!
Richard Knee
Richard Knee 3 days ago
I only wish my system was like that
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg 3 days ago
glad i watched to the end ... when an installer goes the EXTRA MILE by putting great effort into getting rid of the things that BUZZ ... I'm Impressed ....
Pedro 4 days ago
Pretty box!!!!
João Paulo
João Paulo 5 days ago
KD os trios Goiânos pra ver isso😂😂 🤡
thurman merman
thurman merman 5 days ago
nice nice i like it
Beach Bum
Beach Bum 5 days ago
What ever happened to dynamat? Think that is how it is spelled. I see everyone using second skin
meade916 5 days ago
no idea. I haven't even heard that word in 10 years.
Susan Hernandez
Susan Hernandez 5 days ago
Yo I wanna check out ur shop soo bad to get my first demo bro I’ve seen the vehicles u have and I’m in love! Love ur builds 😍
Rodney Peterson
Rodney Peterson 5 days ago
Rosario Carpitella
Ciao piacere..... Mi sono iscritto al tuo canale... I miei più cordiali complimenti per il tuo lavoro che svolgi nei minimi dettagli..... Io sono Italiano, volevo chiederti se potevi farmi un progetto per 2 sundown audio zv5 18d2 mi servirebbero 2 box.... Ovviamente pagando il progetto con le apposite misure mi servono per il mio sistema home theater
crwdslyr 5 days ago
After all these years, Steve is still doing crazy shit. Can't wait to see what's next.
William Wells
William Wells 6 days ago
I'd like to see the price tag on this build.
Bill Barrett
Bill Barrett 6 days ago
Shop is getting tight! Almost time for a bigger one. Love the build, can't wait for the next one.
Derek Scherban
Derek Scherban 6 days ago
Great work as usual 👍
chris graham
chris graham 7 days ago
Bro I've been watching this from jump it's a beautiful build man
Ze KroniC
Ze KroniC 7 days ago
what i wanna know is what was that vehicle that passed @6:47
Smoke Shop
Smoke Shop 7 days ago
Damn that Bangs loud
Smoke Shop
Smoke Shop 7 days ago
I got 2, 8s I got 2, 8s 🎶🎵 I got 2, 8s
Scott Saunders
Scott Saunders 7 days ago
Your shop is so sweet
Queue Webbie-six 12”s
Robert Pikari
Robert Pikari 8 days ago
The wicked strikes again 🔥💯☮️
John Doe
John Doe 8 days ago
Killer Job again Steve! Also im diein to see what your gonna build for those 33's!!
Kyle Shelton
Kyle Shelton 8 days ago
But will it hairtrick tho? Damn that thing slaps lol.
Jeremy Nottingham
Enjoying the work on the box, is there a type (band pass, tund ported) ? excuse my old school questions for that I am. I mean, don't give the secrets away but..lol , This summer, I have the deck, amp(s) wiring and a built Super Cap bank to support what Im about to do. Nothing like this though. Beautiful work. I agree, the box looks good all by itself, no trim. lol playin' some old school bass in this hood I'm in now, they will never know what hittem'.. enjoying your yt channel, keep it coming!! N Colorado...steppin'
Jeremy Nottingham
1,000$ hoopdie and 15G's of Audio equipment. Spend 2 weekends on install and months chasing all those rattles...lmao. Thats where I'm from.... Paramount, LBC in the 80's...
Ryan Greenwood
Ryan Greenwood 8 days ago
The moment of silence before the storm
Rick Boyer
Rick Boyer 8 days ago
Anybody else hear that supra take off as he is sliding the amp rack back in?
EKGamer 8 days ago
and suddenly i need an acrylic LED sub box in my Explorer lmao, that shit looks amazing in there
Onenonly 2284
Onenonly 2284 8 days ago
Beautiful, only word that comes to mind...
Carlos Medina Fonseca
super sick build, been following the vision forever! was so stoked to see it done almost felt like it was a build of my own!!!
Dipankar Deka
Dipankar Deka 8 days ago
Tyeison barlow
Tyeison barlow 8 days ago
What the song it's killer
sjt66 8 days ago
Looks and sounds AWESOME!
Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth Mitchell 9 days ago
Another great install. My son and I been watching your videos since 2014. He got his license and is excited to put his first system in his car when we get it.
LIL2GUN 9 days ago
Man DAT thang is off da hook
LIL2GUN 9 days ago
It looks good mane. How much for a box like that? Keep doing your thang.
LIFE WITH DANTE 9 days ago
Insane 🥶🥶
Joshua Kemp
Joshua Kemp 9 days ago
Wow absolutely amazing 👏 😍 love the blue led's. Those 6 slamming hell yeah.
Joshua Kemp
Joshua Kemp 9 days ago
This is what ive been waiting for
Kon1272 _
Kon1272 _ 9 days ago
Looks and sounds good, now I'm waiting for gain to set and all is peaked and turned 🔊🔊🎼🎵
Aaaa Loco
Aaaa Loco 9 days ago
meade916 5 days ago
"lol mine sounds better"...and then you rolled out of your race car bed and went to school. LMAO....the things you guys say crack me up
COD1200 9 days ago
Bumpin that Rittz...get it mayne
Karolina FlyGuy
Karolina FlyGuy 9 days ago
This touched my soul. Freaking awesome my guy. Love love love it.
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh 10 days ago
👍👍 good from India Punjab.
World Wide United
World Wide United 10 days ago
Looks good brother
Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell 10 days ago
am I the only one that heard a 2jz at 6:45 🤣
Shimunza Ng'andu
Shimunza Ng'andu 8 days ago
I hope he's got footage from his security cams 🤣
David Olvera
David Olvera 10 days ago
Yo steve...is your shop a place where I can bring my car in and get some work done?
Corey Allensworth
Corey Allensworth 10 days ago
I want to buy two 15s for my first truck I want to turn it to a bass head
Ladon Turner
Ladon Turner 10 days ago
Big man shit hell yeah buddy
Ricardo Quinones
Ricardo Quinones 10 days ago
So fucking Beautiful I can’t wait to bring my car over there I need some sick shit like that GOT!!! DAMN!!!!💯 💪
lilacee320 10 days ago
I see that box blowing apart when pushed..... Insane build....
lilacee320 10 days ago
Who owns this Escalade???
lilacee320 3 days ago
Wow.... Nice build Buddy....
meade916 9 days ago
That309 dipper
That309 dipper 9 days ago
He does its his caddy
Elver Gudo
Elver Gudo 10 days ago
Is that considered a truck ? If so @ondgas says they have the loudest truck...
Waylon 10 days ago
Thts badass brother!!! I love the way tht looks right now! I cant wait to see what u do for the finish product
Jack Mahoff
Jack Mahoff 10 days ago
How about we hear what it sounds like playing some actual MUSIC?
2fast4all 9 days ago
He's playing music that will not get flagged by youtube.
43 one
43 one 10 days ago
Ramon Mezquita
Ramon Mezquita 10 days ago
If this comment gets to 10k likes I'll buy my dad two b2 audio subs for his Tahoe
ufokamakazie 1
ufokamakazie 1 10 days ago
Damn! Thats some SEMA Show Work Of Art there.
Jason Ceralde
Jason Ceralde 10 days ago
YES!!!!! Finally sounds good with headphones but it’ll sound way better with a DEMO!!!!! Whatcha say!?!?
"Im not an installer" *casually builds one of the cleanest caddys on the internet* 😂🤘
Juju 10 days ago
This build is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Saviior B.
Saviior B. 10 days ago
Still a legend I see!
Dj Keys
Dj Keys 10 days ago
OH..DID WE FORGET how fast the caddy is..
scottpryorsZ28 10 days ago
Wonder what that would look like at a show under a tent with that box lit up,your tail lights matched the red color and I thought hmm wonder what it would look like with the tail lights wired with the box in say only park position if a person could change the colour?
Dj Keys
Dj Keys 10 days ago
So glad it's another great build just like the og tahoe two of GM bread n butter s u v DAM what's next from SMD
J Hodge
J Hodge 10 days ago
So badass!!
Rodolfo Sotelo
Rodolfo Sotelo 10 days ago
The license plate says it all straight up killed it! Murdered it man that is the most bad ass build ive seen
james miller
james miller 10 days ago
That Supra ripping in the back 🤣
David Suttles
David Suttles 10 days ago
I forget is this ported or sealed?
QuadFeed 10 days ago
madman madman
madman madman 10 days ago
I hope I get to hear it in person some day??
The flying kayak
The flying kayak 10 days ago
Best video on US-first of a 800 pound sub build
brettlyjonesin 10 days ago
Time to renew them license plates!
Thetruthishere thetruth
acrylic have any sound benefits over wooden boxes? Or strictly visual betterment?
Chevyboi Redd
Chevyboi Redd 10 days ago
Love it
Eddie Tagle
Eddie Tagle 10 days ago
I bet those subs are fighting for air sheeshhh hitting hard but man wonder how they will power in the long run ...
IMC PLAYZ 11 days ago
Whats the intro song
Rippin Lips
Rippin Lips 11 days ago
Got my custom F#ck It, Send It heat shrink today majorly happy
Luis Rebollo
Luis Rebollo 11 days ago
All your builds are really cool
brutisking 11 days ago
Definitely Bad Ass!!!!!!!!!!👍👍
Ryan Pippin
Ryan Pippin 11 days ago
God I want something for my ‘21 4runner. Rn I’m only running a single alpine s 12 with an alpine s amp off factory. I need a setup to make Sullivan king kick harder
Simon Germain
Simon Germain 11 days ago
It's way too quiet in there! :D
Texas Tyranny Response Team
I got six 12's ni66a, i got six 12's
Mário 11 days ago
Aleksei 11 days ago
I hate to say it out load.. but your caddy and that setup straight gives me a boner. Fucking beautiful car and engine with a sick ass speaker setup and a beautiful amp rack.
Justin D
Justin D 11 days ago
Have every right to be excited brother lol that ass drop don't get old but in the video man that height from the hatch looks great man
John Gould
John Gould 11 days ago
Man that is coming out gorgeous
JAY BIAGINI 11 days ago
A masterpiece as always steve. That shit is slapping just as hard as the Tahoe~ Jay NY
meade916 11 days ago
not even close. But thanks!
AzureCrux 11 days ago
Great build, but that ain't nothin' new. Can't wait to follow the finishing touches, all the detail work is some of my favorite
ms Love
ms Love 11 days ago
In my head webbie I got six 12's is playing 😂 I would love to hear this in person dope!
Sean Wiggins
Sean Wiggins 11 days ago
That looks great keep it up brother
Sean Wiggins
Sean Wiggins 11 days ago
No cnc machine I'm amazed
Damian G
Damian G 11 days ago
Beautifully worked out
Nick Krug
Nick Krug 11 days ago
800 pounds ..good lord.. that's a very noticeable in the engine load ...
meade916 11 days ago
not really
Vinny burton
Vinny burton 11 days ago
i need a amp rack...
BoostedAllen 11 days ago
Anyone else hear the Supra blast by @6:45? 😍
rxmclaren7 11 days ago
hahaha...i was hoping i wasnt the only one!
Second Skin Insulation
OOOOOHHHHHH Yeah, that looks real good inside of the Cadi...nice work with the Damplifier Pro. #SMDFTW
Zoni Nor-Cal
Zoni Nor-Cal 11 days ago
Love it Steve. That Hatch is a pain.. I have a tahoe with 2-12’s. exact same year as your Escalade It took at least three times to to figure out the hatch. Weight being the overall problem. Finally I came up with a solution.