6ix9ine Spends $1M On Double Baguette Spinning VVS Chain 

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Feb 21, 2021




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D. da dummy
D. da dummy 3 days ago
Dap Joz
Dap Joz 3 days ago
Dap Joz
Dap Joz 3 days ago
Ayo Fr3sh!
Ayo Fr3sh! 3 days ago
Nat Turner
Nat Turner 3 days ago
Bruh that shit u doin ONLY APPLIES For ppl who got a clean SNITCHING record....my condolences for you tho..no hate
Jeppe 12 minutes ago
Gotta be honest... his chain game is fire
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Hour ago
You scammers I’m fucking dead😭😭😭😭😭
NeedleFinger 3 hours ago
Just cracks me up every time I see them fake looking beard. If it's real, that's even more hilarious 🀣
Yeah Ight
Yeah Ight 2 hours ago
it's real
s K
s K 3 hours ago
He ain’t showing no support to the community he just wants to feel like he’s better than people When you make it make sure you uplift people instead of the opposite
Kynzli Hall
Kynzli Hall 4 hours ago
Y’all really out here wasting money like this huh...?
Guillaume Recio
Guillaume Recio 6 hours ago
But nobody cares
S Bergica
S Bergica 6 hours ago
U put baguettes on the back of the chain cause u aint got no Friends πŸ€”
Ari New channel
Ari New channel 7 hours ago
Stop reporting on that snitch the world needs to ignore him good news is bobby shmurda home finally
Thuyvu Nguyen
Thuyvu Nguyen 8 hours ago
This dude is so lame his music is whack
brian dixon
brian dixon 10 hours ago
Block Anybody Who post Him . He said he need y'all to live He just a comedian snitch with security that might get shot he a sitting Duck
Inithfhh Ndhdhnd
Inithfhh Ndhdhnd 10 hours ago
Acting like he didn’t snitch
WTFMannyxFTW 10 hours ago
I couldnt help but remember watching the video of him getting kidnapped and almost killed. Whenever they made him get his gf to bring out a bag full of jewelry. Them beating the sht out of him, and him getting out and running on foot, so that he didnt die that night. Thats all i can think about. As he talks about this necklace. Hope its worth it in the end. The people who run up on you, are going to LOVE having this chain. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž Stay safe.
Kenny Bamgboye
Kenny Bamgboye 11 hours ago
ain't gonna lie that chain looks fun to spine
Lorst dringus
Lorst dringus 12 hours ago
Gets a 1 million dollar chain and immediately pours water in a part that's hard to dry out.
Frantz Vallon
Frantz Vallon 13 hours ago
Days of the jack boys is over a πŸ€ running around with a million on and talking shit πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
the real alpha male
the real alpha male 13 hours ago
🐁Rat pack coming soon πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Rhythm 13 hours ago
Not gonna lie hardest chain
Almightydre 150
Almightydre 150 14 hours ago
He forgot the rat category πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
john senter
john senter 15 hours ago
All that just to die?
kevin upton
kevin upton 15 hours ago
he look like admiral general aladeen w that beard
Christian Bosse
Christian Bosse 16 hours ago
looking to get bullet now man cah disrespect d lil hustlers out here 😈
Ahsek Shahid
Ahsek Shahid 16 hours ago
wow lmao
Bgm BaqStreetKing
Bgm BaqStreetKing 17 hours ago
bra gay asl
Khaleed 254
Khaleed 254 17 hours ago
FUN FACT. We all Know the King Of NY is throwing a Welcome Home party . πŸ˜‚
JAEZAI1 17 hours ago
Kris Cardona
Kris Cardona 17 hours ago
Papaboi23 17 hours ago
This guy is so sus the colour
Cc Dame
Cc Dame 17 hours ago
But u can’t even go to the club!! Where u going wit dat cuZ
Ziyon murray
Ziyon murray 18 hours ago
Steven Riley
Steven Riley 18 hours ago
Steven Riley
Steven Riley 18 hours ago
Yo rappers do be having small logo on the chain he aint lying tho
Baltazar Cruz
Baltazar Cruz 18 hours ago
Uzi spent 24 million dollars on a Pink Diamond F**< you mean?
Steven Riley
Steven Riley 18 hours ago
Steven Riley
Steven Riley 18 hours ago
Clowning on my mom damn. .... .. he did that Yo str8 up 69 come thur in the club think of deebo an putt ya chainz up
DYG SQUAD 18 hours ago
Mdf he a bitch but shtt Thts some heat
Dd Nn
Dd Nn 18 hours ago
Bruh that chain has nothing in lil uzi’s diamond ... Just wait and see what’s popping when uzi enters the club.
xXxKamxXx 18 hours ago
man that chain so heavy he anit even gonna wear it
Kacper Plata
Kacper Plata 18 hours ago
Snitching 6ix9ine πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Shaifly 19 hours ago
clown can't even walk around the streets without security all you're money ain't worth shit with no freedom
rinald .01
rinald .01 19 hours ago
Lol and lil uzi had a 24 Million $ stone
rcrly Rubro
rcrly Rubro 19 hours ago
Shouldve spent it on some new brain cells .. I'm sure it's possible πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« also.. he probably doesn't know how to spell anything he says πŸ™„
Nolan Leblanc
Nolan Leblanc 19 hours ago
Hey stole it from that wwe dude John cena
AmericaIsNowAfrica 20 hours ago
Your chain can't touch uzi's forehead
PLAYER99 20 hours ago
When this nigga getting smoked
ALL G'S 21 hour ago
Yea I'd rather have that $1mil chain than a $24 mil diamond in my forehead.(6ix9ine vs lil uzi)
Doc_jr 21 hour ago
Who cares?
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 21 hour ago
I hate this guy
Storey Media
Storey Media 21 hour ago
Why can't this dude just make his money and stuf like these lil dudes be asking to get hurt or killed. Clearly he ain't learn shit
Joshua Amoroso
Joshua Amoroso 22 hours ago
Uzi better pull up on this guy and blast a proton beam out the 24 Mil Pink Diamond GAZER! GAZER!
Tremaine Smith
Tremaine Smith 22 hours ago
Turn up 69 that bih colorful but I like how it spin
Kelsie Tams
Kelsie Tams 22 hours ago
Ski mask the slump gods spinny chain is better than that shit
lilxRudee 22 hours ago
T Dog
T Dog 22 hours ago
Take a look at your hairline Son. Spend money fixing that shit Son ya Son.
BLACK CEO 22 hours ago
The feds bought him that
Anthony Uddstrom
Anthony Uddstrom 23 hours ago
I like how he thinks we give to shits abt his chain
Anthony Uddstrom
Anthony Uddstrom 23 hours ago
Haha bro when someone tries to kill him he won’t be able run because that gon weigh him down
Justin Nieves
Justin Nieves 23 hours ago
He’s stupid
Tyrone Johnson
Tyrone Johnson 23 hours ago
you ain’t even got much longer on earth so I don’t wanna hear it
Melvin Degervik
Melvin Degervik 23 hours ago
supereights 23 hours ago
All them diamonds but he didn’t even ice out the back of the buckle😞
UserSploits Day ago
guys stop disliking this video he just uploaded the video
Mitchell Gems coins animals note expert
Wow he got a beard
A1 Dope Flow
A1 Dope Flow Day ago
Anybody Who Supports 69 Is Really Lost
urban vector 256
Mr P
Mr P Day ago
This is so bad......
Deku Visuals
Deku Visuals Day ago
Probably one of the gayest chains I've ever seen.
DachiiXO Day ago
He spent 1 mil???...is it just me or does that chain sound like aluminum foil 🀣
Malazan Day ago
Every spinning chain he gets doesn't spin smooth and makes noise come on
Malazan Day ago
Him pouring the water on it hurt my soul
YoungRippa17 Day ago
Not gonna lie that chain is definitely comin 2nd to take off solar system chain but it’s up there
Floatn93 Day ago
This the same chain us-first.info/player/video/r7mhh6pooqCZmps.html
Nick Cisneros
Daniel Hernandez is the smartest guy in the entire game dont play w him
Vogel Vogeltje
This is his β€œBobby Shmurda just got out so I need to buy something to look good” piece
Masked Gaming
Conors watch is laughing right now
Marshall Schreiber
I wouldn’t wear that in public but I would prolly keep it as a collection cause it does look cool
YaBoiiWayne Day ago
That chain trash fr fr
187vandalz Day ago
This guy mickey mouse ain't no other rat had this much fame
187vandalz Day ago
This guy just lonely nobody in his field fuck with him
Justin Tomeny
Just cuz that loser bought a million dollar chain, don't act like alot of the other rappers couldn't spend a mil if they wanted, y'all see how the younger rappers got these big chains, but the older rappers started to wear smaller chains and all that, his chain could be a million dollars with all these diamonds in them, but just cuz someone's wearing a lot smaller chain don't mean those 10 diamonds they got on their pendant ain't worth a million dollars, but a lot of the older rappers say when they were younger and they bought all the big chains and bracelets and all that s*** that was stupid, that it was dumb to spend that money when they could have spent it on investing, cuz even though he paid a million dollars for that chain, the value of gold and diamonds in that chain probably isn't even worth $500,000 in scrap, so you just losing money in the long run and the chain looks stupid as f***, these rappers that wear 5 or 10 big ass chains looks stupid as f***.
Jamal Scott
Jamal Scott Day ago
Rat πŸ€ wit a bagπŸ’° I hate this part of the Game..#StopGivingThisMfAttention
RedExposure Day ago
you say scamers djs and rappers butlook how he spends the chain
Marc Newton
Marc Newton Day ago
Don't worry or be surprised when they find him dead it ain't no if but when
Ricky Ross
Ricky Ross Day ago
want to be fake street ganster........... pench mardi con.....
Antwaine Towles
Book him @Richmond Virginia
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Day ago
ha ha POUWHAAAHAHAHAHA fake diamon dont buy credibility
1:00 that chain crooked
romanian fps
romanian fps Day ago
Am I the only one who thinks that at this point everything he does is fake? I mean think about it right, if he faked his entire life what makes you think he won't fake jewelry? Keep in mind that he knows jewelry costs money and also catches the attention of people, wouldn't it make sense to spend under $300 for a good fake that looks real to the eye just for the clout? That way he isn't really spending his money but still getting that attention. It just makes sense if you think about it.
Wayne Green
Wayne Green Day ago
that beard goofy as him
Elwynn Perry
Elwynn Perry Day ago
He's not gay but the rainbow colors is what's keeping him rich. the gay community is behind him with the colors
LION KING! 739422
Derick Nartey
Not as if Rick Ross also spent 1 Mill on a chain lol
da burnt edd roll
He can’t say that to gucci mane
Cal Tube T.V
Cal Tube T.V Day ago
50 cent did the spinning chain first goof
Eric Washington
Don't nobody cares
Miyagi Hefna
Miyagi Hefna Day ago
Shoulda been a rat on the chain
Cisko -
Cisko - Day ago
Sorry but this chain is just too much
Nils Day ago
Y D Day ago
Trying everything he can to stay relevant move around man lmao
Damone Johnson
Dude Wars | OT 24
Dude Wars | OT 24