4th Dimension - Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy - Carl Sagan 

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From the epic Cosmos by Carl Sagan: amzn.to/2BKhUix (US). For UK: amzn.to/2BNeP14 | Canada: amzn.to/2AutZu2 |
This short video clip shows Carl Sagan explaining the 4th Dimension. It is a short clip from Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.
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Aug 9, 2011




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Comments 13 344   
Houari Bettahar
Houari Bettahar 13 hours ago
How the fuck can anybody see anyone in to dimension because you dont have a hight and ths for you'd have tow faces one up one down no face on the side ths mean youd ether see up or down why the fuck im i explaining this shit and why the fuck did finish this video fuck
vxnphil 14 hours ago
This is very interesting 🤔
bradda01 17 hours ago
Crop circles
Koye David
Koye David 21 hour ago
I am actually here to read the comments
Andy A
Andy A Day ago
Me at 8:06, dangit! Now I want an apple. Sorry my ADD kicking in.
whatever Day ago
if things are ABSOLUTELY flat, they will not exist. Olden day Kaku
Cigar Dave
Cigar Dave Day ago
I really miss this guy
silviask. Day ago
From what i understood 4d is perceptiveing all directions all at the same time ,wich means you can see trough every object ,in and out ,back and front, up and down at the same time ,or something like this i gues Very interesting stuff 🙄🤔
Hans Schelen
Hans Schelen Day ago
I was looking for lsd videos and i ended up here...
Jay DiNItto
Jay DiNItto Day ago
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie Day ago
I find just listening to Carl Sager takes one out of oneself, almost to a new plane of being and we start to see new horizons that are out of our normal mundane existence......................then someone makes a great "pun" and we revert to apes in an instant
Aemil Heykal
Aemil Heykal Day ago
a really smart way to smack flat earthers in the face
Daney Martin
Daney Martin Day ago
Am i the only one who is annoyed by the fact that he destroyed that perfectly good apple?
bill nye the russian spy
a waste of a damn good apple
J S 2 days ago
Psychedelics man.
J Ray
J Ray 2 days ago
Realize just a model and not a faithful portrayal of the second dimension, but bothered the whole time that the beings there would not be able to see each other. Perhaps they could sense one another, but that undermines the the analogy's being built up on visual representations.
Cosmik 2 days ago
US-first have been recommending dis to me for nearly 2 months now i finally clicked And im glad i did
Hairy Berry
Hairy Berry 2 days ago
The 4th dimension isn’t real, the 2nd dimension was created by humans and it doesn’t exist anywhere in our universe except for on phones and computers, the 4th dimension is made up and doesn’t exist nor can exist in our universe
exotime 2 days ago
He sounds like agent Smith
delinquentdesign 2 days ago
So by those means a tesseract would cast a 3D Shadow a 3D object here/matter we are the shadows of a 4th dimension world. If light is constant. The scale should also be included matter here is made to be by being casted from the original 4d universe in Maybe subatomic particles hmmm. And it all existed in all dimensions at the same time. Thank you
delinquentdesign 2 days ago
But as a shadow can be casted from above/outside it can also be cast from within from the singularity, God the particle.
Edgardo Carrasquillo
El límite de la percepción.
Fraz White
Fraz White 2 days ago
Is it just me or does he sound exactly like Agent Smith from the Matrix (or vice versa) Half expected him to say 'Mr Anderson'
Josh Hector
Josh Hector 2 days ago
“Do our flat business” some of the funniest shit I’ve heard
Unknown Realm
Unknown Realm 2 days ago
Who else come here bcz of Hamza Ali Abbasi
Deucemonkey 23
Deucemonkey 23 2 days ago
This blew my mind as a kid when I 1st saw this on Cosmos... Still does, so interesting.
Coreyann Watson
Coreyann Watson 2 days ago
Is he talking about sims and the plumbob.
kinnertubbyson 2 days ago
I’m so fucking baked...perfect shit to watch
G1N0 2 days ago
Also the UFO reports of moving light orbs in the sky sound suspiciously like this : 2:08
G1N0 2 days ago
what if atoms are actually 4 dimensional and are expressing themselves 3 dimensionally, since they are mostly empty and the box example of 4th dimension Carl showed also appeared to be empty on the inside??
mukathefreak 2 days ago
The 4D is like the 3D. Expect they can travel space and teleport. Jump to different reality’s of our own. While we’re stuck in ours. 5D can time travel. In 5D you can move in and out of space and time without being seen or even being known about. Eventually it’s a D where you can create universes yourselves or even be able to become particles and transform to different things. This is my theory. We can’t see outside our world but our world is probably not the real world. Just one of many.
soolly 357
soolly 357 2 days ago
There is no fourth dimension we've only experienced things that we understand to be 3D and how we express it. If you're looking for that fourth dimension it's another experience or understanding events that can illustrate our surroundings and form of time
Josh Hamill
Josh Hamill 3 days ago
Oh man 😱 I FEEL SO BAD FOR THAT DAMN 2D SQUARE!! I wish I could comfort him like his friends did!! 😭
Dmitry Laso
Dmitry Laso 3 days ago
2:28 am, 4th dimension before going 2 sleep
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 3 days ago
Not necessarily related but I learned how to imagine dimensions beyond a 3rd dimension from a computer science teacher who demonstrated the concept with multidimensional arrays and beautiful diagrams.
pdxfunk 3 days ago
Poor Carl must be rolling in his grave seeing that it's the year 2020 and there are actually flat-earthers.
NoirEater 3 days ago
The apple is a voyeur. How rude!
THERRIEN 3 days ago
Dont lie, you got this in your recommendations
J. Mig
J. Mig 3 days ago
Smokey_777 4 days ago
You can't be perfectly flat my guy. The second you are flat you automatically are 3d as even something flat has height at some degree. Blood clut.
Manchester Is Blue
why is he talking like that and not using words like lit and fam and af and 4 real 4 real
Frank DiMeglio
Frank DiMeglio 4 days ago
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bob jones
bob jones 4 days ago
Yeah....out of nowhere....ok ok I just need to get some decent advice on replace n a door handle on a late model rogue ..........
Ed Weibe
Ed Weibe 4 days ago
it sure would explain some things.
Etimespace 4 days ago
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Orion Duckstein
Orion Duckstein 4 days ago
No "umm's", no "it's like"s, no wasted information or phrases. No unnecessary camera cuts. This is what it's like to focus.
Joseph Shahady
Joseph Shahady 4 days ago
The square did DMT
Simone Cavanna
Simone Cavanna 4 days ago
Still don't get it
Atif Khan
Atif Khan 4 days ago
Isn't fourth dimension, time?
I'm Just Me Too
I'm Just Me Too 4 days ago
I have a vivid imagination too. :)
Source 4 days ago
Up down left right front back in out. Golden ratio
Mike Loux
Mike Loux 5 days ago
I remember watching this on PBS as a kid. The idea of a tesseract absolutely blew my mind and I was obsessed with the concept for years.
Noyd 5 days ago
The Square is worried about its sanity ? OH YEAH... YEAH WHY NOT..!!!
The Shadow Club
The Shadow Club 5 days ago
a89 ug223
a89 ug223 5 days ago
What an icon. Him and Wernher von Braun.
Tosh Malone
Tosh Malone 5 days ago
And where the square Kind of like box thinking
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 5 days ago
I've heard of time described as the fourth dimension but after watching this I realize that's incorrect. Time exists in ALL dimensions. The most mind-boggling thing about time is that we as humans have fashioned a construct using numbers so that we can measure it and understand it. However to the universe at large it is not a quantifiable or corporeal thing that can be seen. Our understanding of time is merely a concept in our own limited minds.
Crankbait Baron
Crankbait Baron 5 days ago
Nothing can be exactly flat,there is always length x width x height. ALWAYS
Pyreing 5 days ago
Kids in Africa could've eaten that apple...
DallasUNBOXER 5 days ago
So basically I understood 2d:up down left right 3d: up,down, left, right, top, bottom 4d: up, down, left, right, top, bottom,in, out? What if us as matter start off in the first dimension Then 2d is like the blueprint for our 3d self's so then we are born which when we die we proceed into 4d, we can't be seen cause we are in and out of time and space just like the square could not see the apple, idek
Cricologist 5 days ago
Those flat people living in flat houses having a flat mind are actually flat earthers.
Photos By Sheron
Photos By Sheron 5 days ago
The fact that he can say scoops up the square from below destroys his entire theory. From the start I was like nothing is actually fully flat.
Kris Mcstay
Kris Mcstay 5 days ago
I have finally found who Hugo Weaving based agent SMITH in the matrix ........uncanny
Jackass Chicken
Jackass Chicken 5 days ago
A tesseract is 100% a 3D object. In no way what-so-ever, does it represent a 4D object. At all. Not even a little bit. Period. This is simply a thought experiment designed to get you thinking in an "outside the box" kind of way. (Pun not intended. I think). Can we even prove that shadows exist in the 4D? I dunno, it'd probably be easy to argue that they don't. Or at least that they don't behave like they do in the 3D. Personally, if it even exists, I think being in the 4D would make understanding why magnets do what they do as easy to understand as why a room with things that open (like a door, for example) can be entered while a room without one, cannot.
Jackass Chicken
Jackass Chicken 5 days ago
In regards to magnets and how they do what they do, I believe this is what some people call "counterspace". Simply put, I think that if we could see in the 4D, then we would literally see the what, how, and why of magnets and the objects they interact with. And the ones that they don't. For example, we may not fully grasp the how and why of gravity sending Timmy to the bottom of the well, but we sure understand that Timmy falling up and out of the same well ain't never gonna happen! And I do kinda doubt that shadows even exist in the 4D. First off, consider that shadows aren't even physical things. Therefore, it seems unlikely that they could exist in a place that is the opposite of space. I guess it'd have to be light then? In the outlined shape of itself? I dunno, too many opposites here. But I'd be interested on hearing why you think that they would exist. Or why you agree with me. Heck, argue for against any of this here and I'll be interested in hearing it. Unless you happen to be the retard who wants to talk about how his big truck can crush thru any wall, so doors aren't even needed in his 4D. In that case, I'll just take up religion again and pray for you. End note: its late and I'm babbling. This is just some of the random nonsense I think about. So, I'd like to add that its probably the 6th dimension that we're all talking about here. Not the 4th. Anyone care to guess why the 6th? And not the 4th, 5th, or even 7th? But then again, maybe not.
queefz 5 days ago
I feel like he explained it perfectly but my smooth ass brain still can't comprehend 😭
Timothy K
Timothy K 5 days ago
This reminds me of Seindfeld...especially where George Costanza always gets interrupted by George Steinbrenner.
crack579 5 days ago
Total jabroni
noah torres
noah torres 5 days ago
I am carl sagan salvia
auditore95 5 days ago
If you living in 2020 then watch this for better understanding us-first.info/player/video/iZKuhZCflKige6M.html
gsvincze 5 days ago
"Earth is flat, its a flat land." -Carl Sagan, 2020
Josh the Almighty
looks like US-first wants us to learn about the 4th dimension
andytrochejr 6 days ago
Things i learned in school: 10% Things i learned on US-first: 90%
CreeperDude567 3 days ago
@KoivuTheHab us-first.info?search_query=kid+graduating+from+college+at+10
CreeperDude567 3 days ago
@KoivuTheHab Who's most? You need to be more specific........
andytrochejr 3 days ago
@KoivuTheHab its not our fault they dont teach useful things in public school
Corona Zenith
Corona Zenith 6 days ago
Take your best shot Flatlander Woman
Mahesh Needigi
Mahesh Needigi 6 days ago
According to string theory totally there r 18 dimensions. Any engineers here🙋‍♂️
deafghost52 6 days ago
I wonder if the character "Agent Smith" was at least partially inspired by Carl Sagan.
Neal Lyons
Neal Lyons 6 days ago
another way to think about it, cockroaches have no idea of our world or our existence, they are in their own dimension. Not to mention the microscopic universe inside our bodies..
Heidi Bellio
Heidi Bellio 6 days ago
well finally its about the way of couting if it be time or inside/outside. the tesseract would go for inside outside i think
Jorge Villalobos
Jorge Villalobos 6 days ago
his voice inspired the alpha agent from the matrix.
You're a Clod one, Yellow Pearl! (IamLH)
Oldsauce! Carl here.
Gustavo Machado
Gustavo Machado 6 days ago
Carl Sagan died too soon.
Dave Chen
Dave Chen 6 days ago
It is annoying that you know it is true but you can’t see it.
Roll Tide
Roll Tide 6 days ago
Is it just me, or does his voice sound very similar to Agent Smith’s voice from The Matrix?
Michael Wave
Michael Wave 6 days ago
So at any given moment there could be a giant floating four dimensional Apple watching/taunting me
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue 6 days ago
He was a brilliant pedagogue, but this is pure speculation and mere mathematics. Not science.
JF Composition
JF Composition 6 days ago
JF Composition
JF Composition 6 days ago
What u think about this rap beat? us-first.info/player/video/rtivh4iEloB1fJc.html
Marc Santos
Marc Santos 6 days ago
I will now call flat earthers "flatlanders" in honor of carl sagan
d. k.
d. k. 6 days ago
US-first's algorithms apparently use 6th dimension to recommend videos
spongebob fortnitepants
If the universe closes in on itself then it would not make a glove it would make a shape that has not been yet made because indeed that is the forth dimension which is inward.Think about it!
Cha Poo
Cha Poo 7 days ago
Mr. Tube 📺 from TUBE CRIME sent me here lol.
Bernadette Sheppard
I say both🤔...depends on how you view it. 👍❤
ali d
ali d 7 days ago
4.29 2d object says "for heavens sake" but doesnt know up or down.. 🤯 🤪
C P 7 days ago
Another false teacher who lead people astray and whose soul is now in hell, just like every other sinner. Read the Authorized King James Bible for the truth and obey God today while you still have the opportunity, because after you die it will be too late for you.
Vincent Wahid Ajoubi
let's just pretend we understood something before clicking on the next video :)
The Tunnell Take
The Tunnell Take 7 days ago
Just imagine how many followers this guy would have had if he had todays CGI cartoons. He could be the Jim Jones of the todays religion of "science".
4th Dimension AI
4th Dimension AI 7 days ago
Darth Memeious
Darth Memeious 7 days ago
i had a dream that i was watching this with Rowan Atkinson
Finn Man
Finn Man 7 days ago
Hint,we are in to the God,everything happened inside aw God,and God is Qantum positive energy,and energy what God used, is Love energy,He or she,a sametime, is a Love.we can used that power, ours feelings,if u are negative energy on yours life,u make u life a bad,and if you cance u mind to positive,u life is happyness.so simple.we are God and God is us.everything is God.
Mark Duncan
Mark Duncan 7 days ago
Mmmmm booaap....
Nihat Ekiz
Nihat Ekiz 7 days ago
This terrifies me. Square witnesses a cosmic horror and this is unironically scary.
Rubert Utria
Rubert Utria 7 days ago
Great Carl Sagan
Steve Mccready
Steve Mccready 8 days ago
Carl Sagan perfectly describes Jesus.