4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories) 

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - us-first.info/player/video/b9CjqIuapHaRnZ8.html


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Nov 19, 2020




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Comments 100   
Christopher Dhliwayo
Christopher Dhliwayo 16 minutes ago
Eminem would be so proud
rem skata
rem skata 21 minute ago
I've never seen purple m&ms 🤔
Checks Mix
Checks Mix 31 minute ago
Do a "7 Eleven - Fresh Food full menu" video!!!
shivam jalotra
shivam jalotra 38 minutes ago
Did he really went to college ? Get the total weight and divide it by average of 10 M&Ms. The result will be quite correct.
Levelovixor 45 minutes ago
i don't think a tape worm can survive 4044 m&m
TMNTKarai 52 minutes ago
In next morning.. Sure there will be rainbows... 😂😂😂
Hank The Tank
Hank The Tank 54 minutes ago
The Kevin Malone challenge
Neelabh Singha
Neelabh Singha 59 minutes ago
2 min scilence for kidneys He is literally swallowing them with water instead of chewing Diabetes on its way
Comment Spy69
Comment Spy69 Hour ago
RIP his teeth
•Luisenstraße •
I love how random he makes his numbers- edit: uwu...
a cup of tae with suga and kookie
How did he have the patience to count 4044 mom’s and then recount 1000 something more 🥴
Keo Rodriguez
Keo Rodriguez Hour ago
This is real proportions 🤣😂
Zay Nelson
Zay Nelson Hour ago
Diabetes entered the chat
In The 6ix
In The 6ix Hour ago
Thats no eating
Saber Sabre
Saber Sabre Hour ago
this man categorized as pinata now 😳
un identified
un identified Hour ago
He ate more mnm in one sitting than I have in my lifetime
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 2 hours ago
That's gotta be a world record
Britney Irving
Britney Irving 2 hours ago
How many times Matt dropped an m&m 👇
sean feric balagulan
Did you actually do that .......counting that mnms
Kevin Feig
Kevin Feig 2 hours ago
Watching this video reminded me of that episode of Rick and Morty where all they had to eat and drink was pills and water.
rubmicraft 2 hours ago
I think it's 60,000
Farah Shahid
Farah Shahid 2 hours ago
Damn he just swallowed the mnms
Yassh sing
Yassh sing 3 hours ago
You should chew your food nicely man!!
Andrea Hammond
Andrea Hammond 3 hours ago
am i just fat or does this look easy
you me
you me 3 hours ago
I can't believe he actually had all of that patience to count it
GamerVaulter 3 hours ago
How is this guy still skinny?
Razor 101
Razor 101 3 hours ago
Hey Matt stonie there’s a record for most chicken nuggets eaten in a minute think you could beat it?
Ellen Schulte
Ellen Schulte 3 hours ago
i didn't know that there are purple m&ms
Owned 12
Owned 12 3 hours ago
Matt крассавчик
Van Quatrix
Van Quatrix 3 hours ago
his is not so smart! )))
Datta James
Datta James 4 hours ago
He never credits himself but him, the fans & team... Mad respek bro.
T. Harris
T. Harris 4 hours ago
Dude, why didn't you just google how many M&M's are in a bag. lol. AND you should've used a big ass spoon to scoop em.
Who the hell eats m&m with water!? Not to be mean. Drink milk with milk 🥛
TheSilentHeel 4 hours ago
I tried to watch this video, but I literally could not watch him swallow M&Ms like pills. It made me sick trying to watch that.
this_that_spla 4 hours ago
Colorful poop
Eddy Beauvais
Eddy Beauvais 4 hours ago
Should take a pictures of your poops after the videos and release them in 2040
Henry Blackwell
Henry Blackwell 4 hours ago
Should of just weighed one. and then weighed them all. and worked it out..
Family guy funny moments
Trick or treaters: hmm I wonder why this house is not giving out candy Me chilling like a villain: 2:34
Raymond Debra
Raymond Debra 4 hours ago
Wasn't expecting him to swallow the m&ms
Clutch king xD
Clutch king xD 4 hours ago
why do i see a purple m&m???
Joshmar Dave Tajanlangit
Jesus Chris bro you're killing yourself men
Joshmar Dave Tajanlangit
Diabetes is waving
Azrael Blick
Azrael Blick 4 hours ago
Protip, weigh 100 M&Ms, then weigh the full jar. Do simple math.
Arthur Philip
Arthur Philip 5 hours ago
Cê vai morrer Man lol
Fluffy Senpai - Randoms
This looks like me everytime I take 1 pill lol
Hobi My food
Hobi My food 5 hours ago
my teeth gonna hurt if i eat that😭
Caitlyn Online
Caitlyn Online 5 hours ago
Imagine losing count in the middle of counting
Donavan Bryant
Donavan Bryant 5 hours ago
ThanksGIVING Meal where are u
Kam Sgueri
Kam Sgueri 5 hours ago
Now you have to do SKITTLES!
Aizen Brobio
Aizen Brobio 5 hours ago
Diabetes is waving 👋👋👋
Jacksonitro 5 hours ago
Eat more than 10 packets of m&m is more harder than you think, now imagine that shit
Aririn nasha Ramadhani
Makan nya ga di kunyah lgi
XxCarmelaxX YT
XxCarmelaxX YT 5 hours ago
I just don’t know how he can swallow them like it’s nothing I can’t even swallow on big pill 💊 with me having to break it in half. What he is doing is impressive crazy but impressive
Panda Magnum
Panda Magnum 5 hours ago
this doestn look fun, oof ... like swallowing pills
sebrina Morales
sebrina Morales 5 hours ago
Joseph Greenhorn
Joseph Greenhorn 5 hours ago
God that's SO much chocolate 🤢🤮
Geetam Borah
Geetam Borah 5 hours ago
Matt eating like a beast Le people who made records in restaurants : Are we a joke 😐😐😐
Wes_The_Hunter 6 hours ago
Why didn't he weigh 1 M&M, And then way the glass with all of them is, Then work out how many are in there.
Wes_The_Hunter 6 hours ago
1:38 That music sounds like the Start of 'Billy Joel - My Life'
Jonathan Kocher
Jonathan Kocher 6 hours ago
God his por stomach😭😭😭😭😭😭
Grimfoxyslayer29xx9 Infectedgrimfoxy29xx4
Image if he didn’t press record
Gamefreak 7 hours ago
Do you just workout all day every day when you’re not doing food challenges?
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 7 hours ago
He aiint even chewing
The Gentleman is gentle
Do 15 Big Macs and 3 cokes challenge
avsp_ ap
avsp_ ap 7 hours ago
did he even chew? omg
Damian Labon
Damian Labon 7 hours ago
Lol you could've just bought a scale and weighed 1 m&m then weighed all of them together and divided that number by how much 1 m&m weighs and you wouldn't have had to spend that time counting. Ex. If 1 m&m weighs 0.5 grams and the total weight of all the candy is 500 grams, you just divide the weight by 0.5 and you know you have 1,000 m&m's. Like so he can see
Dolph Smith
Dolph Smith 7 hours ago
Humans: breathes air Matt stonie: breathes food
April Joan Fabon
April Joan Fabon 7 hours ago
i think my mom will be grounded if i wacth it that was a imagination lol and how much Matt can take thosse MnMs and he has drink his water of the challenge and hes how much Matt can take this 4044 jar Filled with MNMS this might not be good do not try this at home your stomache will be a hurt do not what Matts doing just take one packet and thats good and drink water ok
_JC_ 8 hours ago
Matt: Swallowing more than 10 M&M’s at once like a pills Me: Can’t even swallow one pill...
MÜÎ GØKÛ GÅMÉR 49 minutes ago
Same here
YourDaddyBC 8 hours ago
Easy work
Atalja Dorff
Atalja Dorff 8 hours ago
I bet Eminem would be the only one to eat all those M&M's at high speed 😏
SMD5 Productions
SMD5 Productions 8 hours ago
Do a Chef Boyardee speed eat
Jaiden Mitchell
Jaiden Mitchell 8 hours ago
i can’t even count that much m&ms in my life i can only count 1222
Erick Kyle
Erick Kyle 8 hours ago
Dude that too much sugar for your body
Anson Choy
Anson Choy 8 hours ago
why 4044?
Shannia anderson
Shannia anderson 9 hours ago
He's gonna poop rainbows
Wael's Delta
Wael's Delta 9 hours ago
Matt I'm pretty sure that you have insulin instead of blood in your veins I would die doing this challenge, but I still have the fastest breakfast ever us-first.info/player/video/fM6UhaWAZJxoan0.html
SeDude 9 hours ago
You should bite way more than you did 😄
DaNy AA 10 hours ago
Pls show us your pop I wonder how it looks hahah
PUMA 10 hours ago
He shitting 🌈 's frfr!!!
Its me Tomyjazha
Its me Tomyjazha 10 hours ago
I love m&m’s
Edfuad Mo [ The Phenomenal]
I wish there will be no sugary candy in heaven 😅😅😅😅
chuck grumble
chuck grumble 11 hours ago
this scrub cant even chew, why not just drink 5lbs in water???
Olm Ne
Olm Ne 11 hours ago
Diabetes: yo wtf
Superwolf 11 hours ago
Why are there only a few purple m&m’s in there?😂
Ll Rated
Ll Rated 11 hours ago
He swallowed M&M’s 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 i didn’t even know that was an option
sean newton
sean newton 11 hours ago
What a wussy
Not Shadow
Not Shadow 12 hours ago
Wait, your swallowing those?!
Jameson 12 hours ago
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 12 hours ago
Guys can we appreciate the toilet for being a champ after all these years even tho it's suffering it still handled it
Themakeupartistnj 12 hours ago
Rip toilet lol
El Niño
El Niño 12 hours ago
Chewing them is the best part motherf...
Prashanth Saravanan
Prashanth Saravanan 12 hours ago
Update - He's still pooping rainbows
Mattejaaz 12 hours ago
Damn, your almost better to swallow pills then my patients in the old house!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 12 hours ago
He is officially the best candy eater in the world
Eğlence Mekanı
Eğlence Mekanı 12 hours ago
Turk yok muuuuu
TheReal President2016
Why am I getting a notification for this 6 days after it dropped???
Izzat Najmi
Izzat Najmi 12 hours ago
I guess swallowing M&M is a thing now
Ahmed_Da203 12 hours ago
Honestly I thought you were gonna chug those M&m’s down like a drink
Hüseyin Erdem yeşilkaya
I just cant f.cking believe you right now
I'm a Mobile Game
I'm a Mobile Game