34-Year-Old Man Dating a 17-Year-Old | Wayback Wilkos 

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Rosean is a 34-year-old man who is in a relationship with a teenager. To make matters worse, he has been cheating on her! Watch this classic story from season 3 now...
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Published on


Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 95   
Izzy T
Izzy T 22 minutes ago
Can we just take a second to applause the RESTRAINT and PATIENCE of this man? If I had a show and this asshole came on I would go to prison. 😡👿😈👊👊🗡🗡🗡🗡😇
Isaac Rousso
Isaac Rousso 33 minutes ago
He should’ve just waited a year
Invalid Username
Parents shouldve raised the daughter to be a woman and not like her mother
LordyProduction 2 hours ago
He has a type for sure.
Damien Chance
Damien Chance 5 hours ago
Why renee screaming like Marge Simpson when coming out on stage
boss girl
boss girl 6 hours ago
The only reason they cared is because Brittany is white
Eli M
Eli M 8 hours ago
Lema Kim
Lema Kim 10 hours ago
julie melloul
julie melloul 12 hours ago
white girl at the end came in like “🚂🚂🚂🗣”
Jushawnda Boss
Jushawnda Boss 13 hours ago
Eyes lil ash 🤣
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 14 hours ago
He needs to be locked 🔒up
Jennifer Bowman
Jennifer Bowman 16 hours ago
Not putting his hands on you is a very VERY low bar.
Steven Sanders
Steven Sanders 18 hours ago
Another white person trying to be colored
Seva Ewing
Seva Ewing 18 hours ago
So why tf her mom ain’t lock him up
Krystal Oruska
Krystal Oruska 20 hours ago
This shouldn’t be on tv this should be in a court house smh
Juliu Moore
Juliu Moore 20 hours ago
Steve I do like your show, but it seems like endless smoke. Why not put out the fire 🔥 go after those Rich & Famous HollyWood Prev's and Creeps. If your sincere stop fighting smoke, fight the fire brother or it's just more smoke. Peace
John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds
Damn that squeaky voice on that chic🙄
Sean Morrison Rocks
Isn't this Statutory rape
Domanick Clark
Domanick Clark 22 hours ago
Bro that girl is one of the homies.
Rae Amour
Rae Amour 22 hours ago
He ugly and sound slow😭
Brown Barthelemy
Idk why he’s smiling 😕🙄
10 MILLION Day ago
Christina G.
Christina G. Day ago
the fact he tried to justify what he did is really blowing my mind. he think he tough like stfu.
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
This is an ACT... All BS 💯
akua amparbeng
what drugs is this man on
damez mystery
34 goin on 10
Crystal Starr
Ewwww all I can think of is all those STDS THAT COULD BE FLOATING FROM ONE TO ANOTHER ,,,,,NASTY
Welp, not gonna lie, as a man being born and raised in Portugal where the age of consent is 16, is kinda weird seing this being a big problem when in my country this is perfectly legal I didn't know the age of consent in the US was 18
Elisabeth Bloom
“You don’t know from Adam or eve” OMG PEACHES SAYS THAT AHHH
Jayice Cheembo
I love my man his way older than me but no one treats me better than him...I wish society wouldn't be this judgemental what's the better than being with a young childish guy tht doesn't treat u well m not supporting this man m speaking for other couples
Hexresy Day ago
I understand the legal age in a lot of places is 17 or even 16, but the fact a grown man is messing around with a teenager is mind boggling to me.
Mia Simone
Mia Simone Day ago
He truly sounds like a 4year old and acts like one too 🥴
Sea Slug
Sea Slug Day ago
Ew he likes all different shaped and sizes he has 0 morals
gamer god
gamer god Day ago
*flips chair*OOOOOOOH SHIT
LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings
Amani Davis
Amani Davis Day ago
I’m sorry but this man is slow. Look at his eyes.
OFFICIAL David Thuggin
I take Chris Hansen's "To catch a predator" over this because he would have gotten locked up...
OFFICIAL David Thuggin
She chose the worst possible older guy possible... That makes it even worse
Chanelly Day ago
What a creep!!! Lock him up!
Jessy M
Jessy M Day ago
That man has to be slow
Lawrence Raibon
He needs to thrown in jail
Trey B
Trey B Day ago
itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis
He is a *L O S E R* !!!!!!!!!!!
Trey B
Trey B Day ago
Poor girl must not have a father in her life. This guy is a fool
Wy TheMonster
It’s obvious that while in school, he was in one of those special classrooms.
Sell Day ago
8:35 I’m sorry but why does she sound like that 😭
ryan wolf
ryan wolf Day ago
how the hell to they get these idiots ro come on here and incriminate themselves
ryan wolf
ryan wolf Day ago
had to deal with a similar incident with my 14 yr old step neice ? neice in law? wtfe doesnt matter was driving down diagonal street and see her walking with this dude with a beard so i turned around and beat the piss out of him now i usually would get into trouble for that but the cops let me go and they let him go cause she covered for him until the family's bbq when i called her out and fpund out where he lived if his junk works anymore i would be surprised also his jaw was broke lol he was 28
YNS ELI Day ago
At this point all them sound slow to me😂😂
Omega Chapman
She 17 she hasn't begun to live life
Bianca Brinston
What's wrong with eyes? They dont big enough.
grace roxburgh
grace roxburgh 2 days ago
liars and cheats embarrassing themselves on national televison. What a Beautiful thursday night
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 2 days ago
Why isn’t he in prison ???
Maria Monroe
Maria Monroe 2 days ago
she doesn't look 17 to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Layvon Brooks
Layvon Brooks 2 days ago
Honestly this is sad & its obvious dude is handicapped or has some type of disability because he clearly gets a check every month ...
call the fcking cops honestly they should be here in the back
Zytavious Jackson
am i the only one who thought it was funny when steve SLOWLY kicked the chair over😂
DanAsia Alexander
Lord forgive me, but that man is SUUUUUUUUPER slow! He doesn't have the mental capacity to secure a GROWN woman! He is LITERALLY only 16 mentally! AND THE MAMA DEAD ASS WRONG! THIS WAS SAD!
CeCe Pace
CeCe Pace 2 days ago
Something every wrong with him, Maybe he's got the mind of a teenage boy.. look at his eyes
Sean Vafa
Sean Vafa 2 days ago
Parents teach your kids to not dare black people or anyone who's too old for em
Amanda Chrysler
Amanda Chrysler 2 days ago
He has no education
Kyle Hanratty
Kyle Hanratty 2 days ago
Why wasn't he arrested is what I'm not getting
Ashanti Bell
Ashanti Bell 2 days ago
I think he’s wrong for cheating on the girl and treating her badly. He is not all that find someone better it’s not worth the stress. He sounds like he has issues upstairs
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 2 days ago
This dude is straight trash.
Erica Lytle
Erica Lytle 2 days ago
If slow was a couple
Crystal Britt
Crystal Britt 2 days ago
Ronny Wyatt
Ronny Wyatt 2 days ago
Everyone white girl now a days wants a black men and not the good ones they want trash WTF I'd be so ashamed of my daughter if she dated a guy like him
Anastasia Briggs
Anastasia Briggs 2 days ago
I hate men and not all men just men are like this why have a girlfriend if you’re just gonna cheat on her you’re just making her feel shitty and you make yourself look powerful when you’re literally so damn weak
Anastasia Briggs
Anastasia Briggs 2 days ago
I just don’t understand how a grown man thanks dating a 17 1819-year-old it’s OK I get it there are of age but find someone your age that’s disgusting that’s like you’ve been desperate in lowlife and you make those teenagers so vulnerable to you that they now say oh but I love him no I just every person who is way older and dating a 1718 years old she go to jail no matter what
NicKISdeaD YT 2 days ago
8:32 💀💀💀
Moha Noor
Moha Noor 2 days ago
True cheating is bad and so painful , but even if someone is old love is there.....and for that man the way I think he is good in bed that is way those girls run for him
Bad Camp
Bad Camp 2 days ago
Amazing Jackson
Amazing Jackson 2 days ago
Is he a little slow lol
LilBot Andrew
LilBot Andrew 2 days ago
That 3rd chick’s voice cringe me out
Noramen Andrew
Noramen Andrew 2 days ago
Listen man it have a lot of fast women, fast girls, and also fast young girls yes fast young girls. These girls will come on to you faster then most men at a club. Now me personally I wouldn't do it and here is something you or all need to understand most men like the one on stage will get it how it comes.
J Pickering
J Pickering 2 days ago
Where is her father? Jesus!! No male cousins? No uncles?! Smdh
CHOPPA 2 days ago
Bruh im half way in and im lost how many pendejas finna do the same mistake??
CHOPPA 2 days ago
Her: 🤡
CHOPPA 2 days ago
Shes looks dumb asf saying shes loves him then when they on stage all they doin is arguing about him cheating good job lmaoo talking about no one wanna take him home like bihh YOUR BOUTA TAKE HIM HOME AFTER THIS🤦🏻‍♂️
CHOPPA 2 days ago
This her own fault
Unknown 2 days ago
He He supposed to go to jail
millie stockley
millie stockley 2 days ago
What do women see in that???? She needs to get herself checked for stds from him 🙄
DerMarkus Carter
DerMarkus Carter 2 days ago
This is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life I almost feel it’s scripted
Petra Reneilwe Maruapula
This mother is just
Ariyannah Gallimore
Everybody in this show need speak therapy
Ariyannah Gallimore
He needa play the game with girls his age
sean be
sean be 3 days ago
tht shit iz nasty🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💯
Lorna G
Lorna G 3 days ago
why does he sound like that?
Lizzy Bacon
Lizzy Bacon 3 days ago
That is what happens when you want to be gangster and want to sleep with grown black men.
Catherine Dominguez
He's literally garbage.... she deserves so much better and I hope she goes home with her mother.
Akiele Kujichagulia
He’s straight up garbage!
1tivia 3 days ago
They all are illiterate...slowwww
Jer seb
Jer seb 3 days ago
Are these people speaking english?
Charles Harris
Charles Harris 3 days ago
He's stupid lol