300MPH CAR Jumping Into GIANT SHARK! High Speed Crashes 

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300MPH CAR Jumping Into GIANT SHARK! High Speed Crashes
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Apr 3, 2021




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Kayla Sharp
Kayla Sharp 3 hours ago
I’m a boy on my moms tab and this game is my dream game
Kyle Gipe
Kyle Gipe 3 hours ago
Dakota Lanham
Dakota Lanham 4 hours ago
Limo plus jeep equal Jimo
Annika Hodgson
Annika Hodgson 10 hours ago
Stop suering
Greyther Mota
Greyther Mota 10 hours ago
Freddie Ferguson
Freddie Ferguson 12 hours ago
Yes 👍
Freddie Ferguson
Freddie Ferguson 12 hours ago
Sara & Mark Payne
Unspeakable when you hit that target that was amazing
ramon fernandez
Unspeakable how can you download this and what is the title of this game i want to download it because it's a really cool game unspeakable can i please download
Machele Staehler
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooôooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo spot the difference
Bruce Goodman
That thing that you said that looks like it came out of Star Wars is called an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) (Yes I am a nerd when it comes to Star Wars)
Miros play time Assaf
Love you on speakable
Renee Williams
First bird then worm
Tiffany Williams
I will come online US-first they are all so cool except that one of them at the End it is pretty messed up but otherwise it’s pretty good and it will help you should be good
Realluck5571 2 days ago
Mackie Stuff
Mackie Stuff 2 days ago
9:46 hi my name is allan
Mackie Stuff
Mackie Stuff 2 days ago
7:47 i thought that was a rocket
David Kosasih
David Kosasih 2 days ago
Unspeakable says rock 🪨 wock in a seen
Daniel Mericle
Daniel Mericle 2 days ago
When the next video comes Q5 diamond play button the way
Alexis Faith
Alexis Faith 2 days ago
i got morch
Sean ilhe
Sean ilhe 2 days ago
What map in BeamNG was this
Ruan X
Ruan X 2 days ago
Play forza Horizon 4 plz
Berkay Kasapoglu
Berkay Kasapoglu 2 days ago
That bus was deffinatly out of service
AmbientPlanet 3 days ago
I got little time left!what game is this!!
AmbientPlanet 3 days ago
Like, the name of it
AmbientPlanet 3 days ago
What game is this? I really want to play it!!!
AmbientPlanet 3 days ago
Lukasz PLays
Lukasz PLays 3 days ago
i've seen a limo jeep in real life
wreid dude
wreid dude 3 days ago
please do more of these i love them!
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 3 days ago
It should be called the limojeen
Asaiah Ford
Asaiah Ford 3 days ago
Unspeakable I got all your mouth
Keri Boyes
Keri Boyes 3 days ago
3:48 i thought it was a unicorn
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 3 days ago
dont you dare to do it in real life!
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 3 days ago
whats this game called?
7 ate 9
7 ate 9 3 days ago
7 ate 9
7 ate 9 3 days ago
0:26 There's something called grab knots
Roblox boom box
Roblox boom box 3 days ago
the jeep limo is a jiplamo
Mya H
Mya H 3 days ago
My favorite movie is star wars
Marcel Bohlein
Marcel Bohlein 3 days ago
Your the best
Marcel Bohlein
Marcel Bohlein 3 days ago
I love you Unspeakable
Marcel Bohlein
Marcel Bohlein 3 days ago
Mandalorian 3 days ago
Was that republic tank an AT-LT?
Euan Jewell
Euan Jewell 3 days ago
unspeakable is a great youtuber but he knows nothing about cars
Sebastian Finniss
Ethan U
Ethan U 4 days ago
Just wondering, Why does the yellow car that has a jet on it have the jet on the front? Would'int that make you go backwards?
Zmann Fam
Zmann Fam 4 days ago
Jj jhang 7
Tristian Ogmundson
12:59 that's because it IS something from Star Wars
Ben Moseley
Ben Moseley 4 days ago
Do more beamng
adrian staneata
adrian staneata 4 days ago
Are you bald unsp arable?
Henry Stoos
Henry Stoos 4 days ago
Linda Glen
Linda Glen 4 days ago
Oh my gosh 😮
Mo_Aub 4 days ago
Penny Kalepp
Penny Kalepp 5 days ago
Why do they make these type of cars was are so many comments from people stop commenting I mean there's like too many
Gail Reierson
Gail Reierson 5 days ago
I'm watching this on my grandma's phone and I'm in a car XD
Lee Bowd
Lee Bowd 5 days ago
We are in the bacon bwan
Sprinklez& Sparklez
Right here nice content unspeakable #respect
Noah Nix
Noah Nix 6 days ago
What game is this
Hovhannes Manukyan
Bakon Fa_plays
Bakon Fa_plays 6 days ago
They call it the Rocky Mountains for a reason
Ethan Engel
Ethan Engel 6 days ago
SRT Demon
SRT Demon 6 days ago
There’s a car that does mach 2 or mach 3
Riaan Louw
Riaan Louw 6 days ago
me just realizing unspeakable plays gta5 me: ;-;
let's play minecraft
#ad #unspekable #roblex
let's play minecraft
let's play minecraft
#tik tok
let's play minecraft
let's play minecraft
Queen Future
Queen Future 7 days ago
Aiden Kelly
Aiden Kelly 7 days ago
Your headphones that you were wearing or just like mine
AidanRBLX 7 days ago
slowly slowly *flys off*
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 7 days ago
jk lol
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 7 days ago
aahh dat waz mi fafrit gam now yu ruin et
DerpyGamingXD 7 days ago
Unspeakable What is that game?
MrRiloz 7 days ago
It is being G
MrRiloz 7 days ago
I know what this game is
Jeremiah Hurtado
Jeremiah Hurtado 8 days ago
And Preston
Jeremiah Hurtado
Jeremiah Hurtado 8 days ago
Unspeakable ,moose ,shark awesome videos
Jeremiah Hurtado
Jeremiah Hurtado 8 days ago
I watch your videos non stop I watch your vlogs and Minecraft videos and unspeakable 2.0
Jeremiah Hurtado
Jeremiah Hurtado 8 days ago
I'm your biggest fan I have watched your videos
Jeremiah Hurtado
Jeremiah Hurtado 8 days ago
Please make more of the survival with moose and shark. And in your next video try to get 1,000 💎
mincraft mods and suff
part 2 definitly waht are you going to name it
dfn396 8 days ago
I love you
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 8 days ago
Carter Lynn
Carter Lynn 8 days ago
u should make a 2 vid
BANANA BOY 8 days ago
Hope someone will make it in mobile
Jennifer Olin
Jennifer Olin 8 days ago
i have merch from you
Adin Bilanovic
Adin Bilanovic 8 days ago
Ryder the Awesome dude
1:10 it’s a jeepo
Gabe Padilla
Gabe Padilla 8 days ago
The jeep limo is a jimo
Kyan Smith-Lester
Unspeakable is the best US-firstr in history
Kyan Smith-Lester
This is kinda random but. He has the same headphones as me 😶
Jace Arquette
Jace Arquette 9 days ago
It. Is on the mandolorian it is part of star ears
Jace Arquette
Jace Arquette 9 days ago
Star wars. Sorry
Audrey Hanks
Audrey Hanks 9 days ago
what if you did that in VR?!
Juliet Smith
Juliet Smith 9 days ago
Congrats on more than 4 million subs. And cool content.
The daily Doge
The daily Doge 9 days ago
Breaking news 📰 Unspeakable once again buys expensive cars and crashes them down multiple items the amounts of money is insanely expensive how will he recover his cars? Will he become broke? Well we will find out while watching this video HAVE A GOOD DAY.
Medina Family
Medina Family 9 days ago
Medina Family
Medina Family 9 days ago
Ok kk
Jose Sebastian Ocado
3:15 Unspeakble: oh sh** Me: your first swear word lol
Nathan Broos
Nathan Broos 9 days ago
Unspeakable: “it looks like something from Star Wars” me: “it is if you look closely it has the republic symbol” 12:58
Jace Arquette
Jace Arquette 9 days ago
I like your profile pic
Jai Maa Bharati
Jai Maa Bharati 9 days ago
Hi Unspeakable I'm 10 Craig Craig Alano Fernandes 4A
Nicole Welch
Nicole Welch 9 days ago
8:00 rocket ship
Abymanyu Wijaya
Abymanyu Wijaya 9 days ago
Hmm i'm want to download this game car what the name off this game plss is someone know comand👇
Dympna Black
Dympna Black 9 days ago
Im a big fan
call2601 call2601
Race race race race race race race