3 YEAR STUCK OFF ROAD RECOVERY day 2 part 2 by BSF Recovery Team 

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Can we get across the river, and up the bank on the other side, or does our recovery mission end here? What other obstacles stand in our way to get this S-10 4x4 3 year stuck out? See a preview of some of them.

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Feb 20, 2021




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Andrew Koetz
Andrew Koetz 3 days ago
Eric; I hope you plan on doing a full service to your axles. T Case & trans after going through this.
James Robin
James Robin 4 days ago
Does anyone just toss garbage out were ever and leave it? Then why do it with an old truck?
Andrew Koetz
Andrew Koetz 5 days ago
Eric; you should invest in some more snatch blocks; you could have used a couple for this winch out; and used Clifford & the Gladiator as anchor points and possibly a "Holmes Tree"
Scott Lape
Scott Lape 6 days ago
Wonder how much this cost for a 50 dollar piece of trash who would even bother
1towmater1 6 days ago
The case dozer would have walked right thru that. That's what vwe do here in Mi
I have a 80 high sierra 6 in lift on 35 456 gears old beast with a built 383 chevy 4 bolt and four speed ,what do u have for power in your old hook sounds sweet
@recoveryteam very cool 😎 thanks for the update
recoveryteam 7 days ago
subgod123 7 days ago
Nothin' like the sound of an old GM.💪
SuperKONR 7 days ago
Props to whoever built the trans in your wrecker, holy shit
Computers repair Cote Saint-Luc
Crazy adventure
Dev Gullay
Dev Gullay 8 days ago
The tow company i work for definitely needs a boom truck that can make it in weather like that. Lol.
Charles Clason
Charles Clason 8 days ago
Wow I hope they paid you enough to do that The 2 things I would have done wait till summer pulled out or 2 leave it in there
bob m
bob m 8 days ago
Why on earth would anyone wait 3 years and then work in the middle of winter, just plain stupid.
701Chevy 8 days ago
It's a swamp. Duh.
Michael Alderink
Michael Alderink 9 days ago
The chains with actual teeth
MrJamesLuz 9 days ago
Watching the wrecker bog through the snow is like a beautiful mechanical ballet. I could watch it all day.
Michael Alderink
Michael Alderink 9 days ago
I can't believe you didn't have tire chains you could've drove through anything maybe next time 😁
John Doe
John Doe 9 days ago
Air down. Airing down is better than chains. That stuck would have had no problem at 5 psi
Tommy Ford
Tommy Ford 9 days ago
That POS was left out for 3 years and you decide to get it out in the middle of winter? You and whoever you’re recovering that for must have mush for brains
James Kiesau
James Kiesau 9 days ago
BSF --I had the time today and watched about 20 of your "vids" sorry forgot to thumbs up them they were great. Good taping and editing !!!! I am just gonna say one thing in response to your setting up conversation with me the other day I was REALLY ----REALLY impressed to see that "Scuba" --Streamlines owner was running the exact to the "T" set-up I suggested for you. I am really impressed with his rig . That's how I had my '69 Chev 4x4 set up only with a nice western clean body. Scuba's running soft aired down Swampers with a 4-speed (which he does plan to pull for an auto). And I would suggest him to go with a super built turbo 350(NO up and down screwing around shifting-- and if they tell ya they can't be built to be as strong as a 400 I got proof (from pulling) they can. I even built with Seven Springs OFF Roads help in Dubuque, IA., A Dana 44 that will take more than a 60. I gusseted the spindle ends--the pumpkin sides and stuffed it with all "lifetime warranty " internals. Inners, outers, added splines(with a 30 degree twist to strengthen the chrome moly shafts, milled out the entire spindle housing to clear(bigger u-joints ---at full front wheel lock --stainless anodized blue hub turn knobs and used an electric E-locker for no "DEPENDENCE " on your air supply acting up. I ran 42" Swampers /"BUILT" for torgue a BBC- 425hp./ 465 4-gear built by "Torgue King" from Billings MT. / 205-t case-speaks for itself!!!/10,000lb under front bumper(flip up licence plate)./ 10,000lb. rear--under bumper where spare was located --all remote!!/ and lastly for drivetrain in the rear an Ho 72 Eaton GM LOCKER. All with "456's". 46"LED light bar on top of the tailgate and 72" LED for front of cab light ahead of my strobe county/state regulation light. I'v'e got on board air compressor, 20 gal. tank , 40ft. hose, recovery tools-- HI-Lift -- brush ax-- chains(4) AC-DC Invertor, dual batteries, (3) cooling fans --(2) engine and (1) just plain underhood --for summer all on a panel of 15 lighted rocker switches, I have talked the D.O.T. office into giving me an 8500 plus(wiggle room) truck towing rating !! I can do mild recovery (not at your scale) and winch vehicle with my under-bumper rear winch on to my 18' dovetail 10,000lb. utlity trailer. This is what I can safely and dependably accomplish with my set-up. P.S I do still believe we can work in comfort--I got an really good Vintage AIR underdash "cold" AC system in summer !! I plan on subscribing to ya too !!! Gett'in some swag--- LOL !!!!!!!!!!! REALLY LOVE YOUR CHANNEL--WISH I'D SEEN IT YEARS AGO !! Hope your readers can get a bit of help from some of my input !! Maybe I can "recovery " a few side -by- sides stuck or broke down in mud and snow around here locally. Thx. Jim
JonnyG 10 days ago
And a drer
JonnyG 10 days ago
Keep needs a and tires
turkeydog9 10 days ago
Stay along the bushes? Thats were all the drifts are. First time with snow?
Jason howe
Jason howe 10 days ago
Never anchor off of tie points especially something that has been sitting for 3 years would of been better to wrap chains or recovery straps around the axle..
Sky cowboy
Sky cowboy 10 days ago
Som one paid you to get that??
Jimmy Brewer
Jimmy Brewer 10 days ago
Be careful and be safe and drive slow
Ben Mcghan
Ben Mcghan 10 days ago
You can't beat the old school trucks I like Chevy and Ford
Mr. AZ
Mr. AZ 11 days ago
Why didn't they wait till summer to do this?
Bob Davenport
Bob Davenport 11 days ago
Okay, so the truck has been out there for 3 years now. Any reason why at this point you didn't just wait until summer before attempting retrieval?
Dirtbag Dylan
Dirtbag Dylan 9 days ago
Watch the first video and they explain it.
dirty doggo
dirty doggo 11 days ago
Why not wait til summer when u could drive in there 2wd with a open diff
Alex Landsberger
Alex Landsberger 11 days ago
Tow truck needs to be shifted into first
Xombi Xombi
Xombi Xombi 11 days ago
Let's go risk a hundred thousand dollars of stuff recovering a $500 s-10.. No vale la pena.
glen johnson
glen johnson 11 days ago
i dont deal with snow. but i either run 100% stock size tired of 44's no in between. and once the 44's are wore out i will go to 49's because they are now legal to run on high ways in Texas now. well they have been but these still haven't wore out yet. LOL most of the time they get cut before they wear out.
Barbara Barnes
Barbara Barnes 11 days ago
Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation
Looks like me 3 days ago using a coal shovel to shovel snow.
James Kiesau
James Kiesau 11 days ago
Don't want to act like a know it "ALL" here but anbody with any brains always takes advice !!!! I know pretty well how to set trucks up. just retired after buying, selling and body-of-framing close to 400 1967-1972 Chevy/GMC 4x4's. Also have done alot of pulling, mud playing etc. Your pissing up a rope in a wind storm with three main things holding your performance AND fun back !!!!! Number 1--- those hummer tires you run are a hard road rubber meant for pavement and very rough terrain(dessert)!!! If you went up to a 42" Super Swamper SSR you would be absolutely amazed at the snow and mud performance plus gain clearance too!!! Number 2--- I'm thinking you might be run'in a bbc but don't know. If you are it isn't built near enough!! Get a cam in that SOB so you can turn some rpms and get some REAL work done. And lastly Number 3---- throw that turbo 400 in the nearest dumpster and put in an old SM 465 4-speed. And if your not happy with the road rpms add a Gear Venders behind the t-case. Now you've got an indestructable rig for what your'e do'in. Also man you're really miss'in the boat here by not double rigg'in your pull-outs with snatch blocks You'll pull twice as much-----twice as easy!!!!!!! That one video of your recovery from a creek when ya crossed the water your truck's 400---- up and down shifted I counted 9 times . That's ridiculous. Put that fu**er in 1st gear with a 4-speed give her the nuts, let that big block rip and you'll shit your pants with the difference your truck will do. It would'nt hurt either to get her up another 4" or so then you can easily run a bigger tire like a 42" or a 44". Then you'll be happy on the highway too. I've been building trucks for 45 years, I have people call me 5, 10 times a week for advice on resto work. I just like to see really good productive results---don't mean to piss anybody off. I listened and learned my whole carrer, STILL AM !!!!!!! Only an idiot doesn't take good advice !!! Good videos though!! Good luck ----take care!!!!
James Kiesau
James Kiesau 11 days ago
@recoveryteam Yea, thank you too and I do see your point !! Keep on tow'in !!! Good job buddy !! Jim
recoveryteam 11 days ago
I do like the SM465 trans, and have several of them in trucks. I left the TH400 in the wrecker for one simple reason, when towing out in the woods off-road I have a lot of things to keep track of, and working a clutch would just be one more thing to do. It is hard enough to keep track of where, and what you are driving over, how much speed, and momentum you need, while watching the towed rig to kept on the hook, and off the trees. As far as the tire go They are cheep military surplus, not the best for traction, but tough. One outside duel has a rock gash in it, cords showing, and still holds. And by the way the wrecker is a off-road only truck. When I built the wrecker I did a lot of calculation, shear strength of axles, torque input, and slip torque, (traction) the combination I have seems to keep me from breaking axles, gears, ect. I am running a SBC that was built for torque, not high RPM or horsepower, it has been very reliable for me, when I run out of power or traction we always have another rig to hook on a help out. Thanks for the chat, and keep watching.
Robert Heinkel
Robert Heinkel 11 days ago
A good set of chains on all the vehicles might have helped. Also enlisting the help of a large 4x4 farm tractor might be better.
see ya
see ya 11 days ago
Your filming is a fucking joke
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson 12 days ago
Nice squareboby! I've always had the best luck when I would put the tire chains on the front axle on my GMC.
Brian Mcdonald
Brian Mcdonald 12 days ago
So much drama! LOL!
Scott Hancock
Scott Hancock 12 days ago
Call weston tell him you need the trac raptor
William Mccumber
William Mccumber 12 days ago
Whens part 3 coming !!
weaton25 12 days ago
I cannot help but wonder apart from entertainment value why the hell do this in mid winter when there is 2 foot of snow on the ground when you could have done it in the dry or even when the ground was frozen much as I would love to have a Jeep XJ Pickup truck that truck looked to be rusted out.
OR4X4 12 days ago
chad carlsen
chad carlsen 12 days ago
David Leppek
David Leppek 12 days ago
That’s a nice YJ
David Leppek
David Leppek 12 days ago
Nobody’s heard of chains
David Leppek
David Leppek 12 days ago
Your spring three years why are you trying to do this in the wintertime
User Anonymous
User Anonymous 12 days ago
Almost nothing can beat a old square body
Mosaic Labrador
Mosaic Labrador 12 days ago
Track pad track pad track pad track pad track pad sink hole track pad
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez 12 days ago
Awesome video, really cool seeing the capabilities of these vehicles. Seems like this job was more about having fun in the snow with friends and showing off what these rigs can do. Good job 👍
oldschoolracing 12 days ago
sorry that s10 wasn't worth the fuel you spent to get it. crusher bait that should of been left to rust.
Mark Leon Tanner
Mark Leon Tanner 12 days ago
IBS recovery team... Hang on, I need to shit...
Kenneth McCumbee
Kenneth McCumbee 13 days ago
That GMC is bad ass. Love the old square body GM trucks. That’s some deep ass snow.
j horton
j horton 13 days ago
Why would you try this with snow on the ground? Making it harder on yourself than it has to be.
Mr Man
Mr Man 13 days ago
and this is where you need a snow cat.
Ray Kapalka
Ray Kapalka 13 days ago
The man with The shovel is on it he wants his truck back he has the right idea clear the edge so they can see
Jostein Carlsen
Jostein Carlsen 13 days ago
Manual is king 😉 great video 👍🏼👍🏼
Duane White
Duane White 13 days ago
Hopefully you know how to let air pressure down in your tires for better traction you got too much air in your tires me and my friends run about 10 lb air pressure an our Tires in the snow and we never have problems with traction
Red Camaro
Red Camaro 13 days ago
Sm465 could have reversed out there in one pass
Young Savage
Young Savage 13 days ago
Need to put some real tires on that jeep
boltonky 13 days ago
I always prefer a chain breaking vs an axle coming out lol...i would love to see the GMC with tracks haha. Keep up the hard work and thanks for the video
K Law
K Law 13 days ago
Jeez...really milking this one out aren't ya! Barely interested as is, let alone 3 videos worth
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 13 days ago
Jesus, no reason for a 3 part series for scrap vehicle. I get it. I started, now I quit
Kevin Barreiros
Kevin Barreiros 13 days ago
Loving this recovery..but why not wait for the spring? This thing has already been sitting for 3 years, whats a couple more months?
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
When Eric was contacted by the S10 owner and his friend they asked first for advice on. How to get it out. They had tried several times over the 3 years to get it out but becouse of where it was in a swamp they were unsuccessful. Eric thought that going after it I. The winter when the swamp might be frozen would be better odds the. When it wasn’t! By the way the swamp sill wasn’t frozen all the way! Stay tuned! Thanks for watching !
P-Nut 420
P-Nut 420 13 days ago
That poor wrecker transmission. Pick a gear and leave it. Epic trip tho, awesome guys....
Dabossbenz 13 days ago
Front locker would help a lot.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 13 days ago
what PSI are you running in the tires on the wrecker?
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
The wrecker runs about 20lbs. Towbie and Clifford were both at 8lbs! Thanks for watching !
Azim az
Azim az 13 days ago
Part 3 most amZing if the jimmy didnt cut into pieces lol
Maine TurboDiesel
Maine TurboDiesel 13 days ago
Just going to say. . . . Did anyone check to see if was even still worth recovering? It looks like it rusted and crusted to where you have to deduct numerical points from it's name . . . So judging by what's left ide say a S-5 . . . . S-6 if someone has glaucoma had desperately wanted one when when they were younger . . . Hell even today the Chevrolet "Monkey Coffin" still has a place . . . I had a small block in one. All that aside . . That turd wasn't worth the effort. . . time or labor! Now it's a shame when you see 32 Ford coupes shot up and abandoned in the woods . . . But let that rust in pieces please
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
The S10 was not being recovered for its value the land owner was being told it had to be removed or the state would begin assessing fines. It’s stuck in a swamp which is a water shed. Thanks for watching ! PS no S10 is worth what it took to get to this one!
Len in MI
Len in MI 14 days ago
Do you think this day/time of year is a good time to pull a frozen vehicle out of the swamp?
Len in MI
Len in MI 13 days ago
@Blake Talley we shall find out good sir. #3 coming soon 😉
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
After talking to the owner of the truck and the land owner. We found out all previous attempts to get it out were when the ground was thawed. We figured if the swamp is frozen just enough we might be able to get to where others couldn’t. Was it the right call???? Thank for watching !
Mr Tyler
Mr Tyler 14 days ago
1st time viewer. Great vid. Subbed ! Looking forward to 3 !
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Awesome! Thank you!
Johnny Chaffin
Johnny Chaffin 14 days ago
OK, love the video and channel. But is the S10 was stuck for three years, why do you pick the worst day to recover it? And in two feet of snow?
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
After talking to the owner of the truck and the land owner. We found out all previous attempts to get it out were when the ground was thawed. We figured if the swamp is frozen just enough we might be able to get to where others couldn’t. Was it the right call???? Thanks for watching !
Chevy man
Chevy man 14 days ago
So we take it it will not be another part
marty 14 days ago
Red Jeep with Mall tires!! Where's the chains???
Hi Eric, sorry if it's been asked before, how much does the wrecker weigh? Enjoying this adventure very much. Greetings from Toronto, Canada
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Over 9000 lbs.
Big Sexy Big Sexy
Big Sexy Big Sexy 14 days ago
Is the s10 worth the tow bill?
Big Sexy Big Sexy
Big Sexy Big Sexy 14 days ago
Wouldn't the suburban on 44s been a better tow rig for this job
Vicariously Russ
Vicariously Russ 14 days ago
Hello; Russ here. This message is for the channel owners only. The oil painting is complete. I will be starting the final vid for this painting. As inspiration From your channel I would like to add comment to your channel and a link to your channel. I will give 1 copy (print) of my art work to your channel. R.P. Please respond threw this message only. Thanks . I couldn't find a message link. Sry....
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Vicariously Russ
Vicariously Russ 14 days ago
@recoveryteam vicarouislyruss is what I use.
recoveryteam 14 days ago
@Vicariously Russ Yes there is one, not very active on it , Mara handles the Instagram.
Vicariously Russ
Vicariously Russ 14 days ago
@recoveryteam do you have an Instagram?
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Sure, I would like to see it.
Thunder Butt
Thunder Butt 14 days ago
Looks like tire chains would have been a good idea on this one.
ground pounder
ground pounder 14 days ago
Man...to have guys like you available to people is priceless. Good damn job guys
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Thank you.
Philippe Blondeau
Philippe Blondeau 14 days ago
passed 100k subscriber, congrats
recoveryteam 14 days ago
Thanks! 😃
Ron Steltz
Ron Steltz 14 days ago
Why is it that they don't put chains on. I know they have them, is it a macho thing?
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
On the wrecker Eric does use chains. Here in Mn chains are illegal to use on the streets so we don’t have chains for Towbie or Clifford. Since all of filming is done mostly in the warm months it not been something we felt was worth investing in. After this trip though they might end up in the Amazon cart! Thanks for watching !!
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 14 days ago
Truck doesn't seem worth the effort
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
After talking to the owner of the truck and the land owner. We found out all previous attempts to get it out were when the ground was thawed. We figured if the swamp is frozen just enough we might be able to get to where others couldn’t. Was it the right call???? Thank for watching !
Edward Clark
Edward Clark 14 days ago
It's been there for 3 years ?? Why did this guy wait so danm long to get it??
Edward Clark
Edward Clark 13 days ago
@Blake Talley oh I gotcha it gets swampy quick..
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 13 days ago
After talking to the owner of the truck and the land owner. We found out all previous attempts to get it out were when the ground was thawed. We figured if the swamp is frozen just enough we might be able to get to where others couldn’t. Was it the right call???? Thank for watching !
mashed-\ /-out
mashed-\ /-out 14 days ago
That S10 is sweet af bruh!
B Harmon
B Harmon 14 days ago
Please don't let Mr. shaky hold the camera anymore.
Alan Heagerty
Alan Heagerty 14 days ago
Just by watch this video I am getting a jeep gladiator!
Luke Morter
Luke Morter 14 days ago
If the next part doesn't come soon I guess we will have to think they failed hahahaha. Just kidding.
Drew Sturm
Drew Sturm 14 days ago
Well DANG! They REALLY want that old crusty s10!
Jon Morrow
Jon Morrow 14 days ago
do you guys air your tires down? that would help a lot!
Blake Talley
Blake Talley 14 days ago
Towbie and Clifford were both aired down to 8 lbs. the wrecker was at about 18.
Finn Malloy
Finn Malloy 14 days ago
Come on post part 3 already please 😂
Red eyed Patriot1
Red eyed Patriot1 14 days ago
I'm def a Squarebody guy...i have several...that wrecker is badazz...def subscribing 😎🇺🇲
Tom Miller
Tom Miller 14 days ago
My dad and a friend did this but to get a Dakota they didnt get the truck but got the passengers out then they went out with a big truck and a small plow truck got stuck took them a whole day to get out and they didnt get the truck out till after winter
Jeff B
Jeff B 14 days ago
Seems like a lot of trouble for a beat up truck. Still looks like fun though.
Roger Aanonsen
Roger Aanonsen 14 days ago
“Fuck me running” is the greatest phrase of all time
Chevy man
Chevy man 14 days ago
So 3 of them that's all bs not doing anything are you going to make another one and I truly do something in this one maybe and not have just 20 minutes of bulshit
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen 14 days ago
Love the channel brother , what transmission you running?
Jim Herman
Jim Herman 14 days ago
Trev-Dogg TV
Trev-Dogg TV 14 days ago
Is that guy trying to get a track pad sponsor or what
Dcstar5 14 days ago
Did anyone consider doing this recovery in less than 3’ of snow? May have been a little bit easier.
amber hunter
amber hunter 13 days ago
Now that's no fun.
Frank Orosz
Frank Orosz 14 days ago
Why not find a farmer with tractor to pull out in the first place? Hay field? Lots of trees. Don't know how to rig for cables and snatch blocks? Waste all video driving 250 miles? Don't know what ground anchors are? Two or three thousand $ to recover beater?