#3 Georgia vs #2 Alabama Highlights | College Football Week 7 | 2020 College Football Highlights 

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Alabama vs Georgia Highlights (Georgia vs Alabama). Alabama played Georgia in week 7 of the 2020 college football season. I edited the highlights, and forgot to include my halftime reminder which would remind everyone to subscribe and hit the bell (and it would've been voiced by me, Wheels).
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Oct 17, 2020




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Comments 99   
patricia holloway
patricia holloway 16 days ago
Same old Georgia. Lead at halftime then gets dogged in 2nd half
TheDisasterPrediction 2003
Falcons, Braves, Bulldogs. All three choke every time. Them franchises are such a joke 😂
Nitrous Xvil
Nitrous Xvil 18 days ago
Bruh no one ever try sustain
Nitrous Xvil
Nitrous Xvil 18 days ago
I mean surtain
Douglas DeNunzio
georgia same old led doddged in 2nd half when the bell was last minute by 6 seconds in the end time
Norman Harris
Norman Harris Month ago
Let's run it again in Atlanta.
SunburyGeorgia Month ago
On that first pic, they rode the running back. A lot of no calls.
SunburyGeorgia Month ago
See you in Atlanta
justafanintexas Month ago
What's the Over/Under on how many "seniors" on that field will graduate with a degree? I'd say 2.
Redrum238 _
Redrum238 _ Month ago
Bulldogs Fans Thought They Were Good 🥴
Michael Milton
Michael Milton Month ago
Early in 3rd quarter uga called 4 pass interference . put bama on 1. Momentum shift from there. Come on refs.
K Harper
K Harper Month ago
Holy Hell Bama is Great
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck Month ago
Clemson would smack both of em. There really is no competition for them this year sadly. Georgia and Notre Dame are too inconsistent, and Bama has a potent offense, but a pretty weak defense.
Sith God
Sith God Month ago
UGA really should've won that game. Once they get the QB situation good. Its over with 💯
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Month ago
I swear, Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons are laughable
Bryson Turner
Bryson Turner Month ago
Go dawgs
Christopher Oliver
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Month ago
Dang that tipped interception took momentum from Georgia the entire game after that...
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes Month ago
Sam Lorenzo
Sam Lorenzo Month ago
Nothing better than some bulldog for dinner in the tide household
zymbotictoot Month ago
I'll take Waddle and Najee Harris on my Dolphins next year please. Reunite them with Tua would be unreal.
Ramon M.M
Ramon M.M Month ago
Guess they don't care about covid.
Dirty Boy Slim
Dirty Boy Slim Month ago
qb, qb, qb, hell kirby give somebody else a chance bennett ain't it.
chris shields
chris shields Month ago
First half, offense for Georgia is humming. Second half, Bama makes adjustment and blitzes the hell out of our QB, offense shut down in second half.
chris shields
chris shields Month ago
Teams that have won Natty's with elite QB'S... Clemson (Watson and Lawrence) Bama (Tua and Hurts) LSU (Burrow)...Georgia....NONE!
newmexrob99 Month ago
Judging from those in attendance, we can expect another outbreak of Covid .. apparently you can't fix stupid in Alabama
Donald Sherer
Donald Sherer Month ago
The only difference between the first and second half was player motivation and adjustments, both of which are coaching issues. I point this out again just to remind everyone who is the greatest coach.
Reginald Williams
Bennett's interception at the beginning of the 4th qtr started the snowball effect
Reginald Williams
Mac Jones and Najee should be in Heisman conversation
Liam Pro
Liam Pro Month ago
They at least did sorta good
I’m sick of the SEC, but especially Alabama, the last team to desegregate
Samuel Broom
Samuel Broom Month ago
People who dont like American football, is just because they didn't play it or watch it.
alec An
alec An Month ago
Come on GA!!!
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown Month ago
Dylan Moses doesn’t look like the Dylan Moses we were expecting to see!
Lil cm
Lil cm Month ago
Roll tide roll
Larry B
Larry B Month ago
Why does GA keep going man-to-man on the outside receivers and AL keeps throwing the deep ball...after seeing them doing this to every team, and to GA, you think the coaches would wise up....but no....same coverage, leave key playmakers man-to-man outside.....same result..touchdown AL! That is on the coaches!
Joan McCreless
Joan McCreless Month ago
What were you saving your best game for ?.....lol
Wilbert Streeter
Roll Tide baby
Wilbert Streeter
Real talk
Ted Unseth
Ted Unseth Month ago
The truth is maybe Clemson has a Defense as good as Georgia. This Alabama Offense is better than last year. I think OSU lost to much to hang with the big 2. Clemson beat OSU on a rebuilt year. Georgia is still the 3rd best team. The gap is there. I think Alabama vs Clemson part 5.
Biracial Jesus
Biracial Jesus Month ago
Whoever thinks Georgia was gonna win just go spend a night in the hole😂
Biracial Jesus
Biracial Jesus 12 hours ago
@Zykeemion Stafford lmao you can say that again😂😂
Zykeemion Stafford
@Prophezey X y'all ain't going to the SECCG sucka😂😂😂
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
@Biracial Jesus whatever you say sunshine
Biracial Jesus
Biracial Jesus Month ago
@Prophezey X bet don’t choke the 4th time🤣
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
@Biracial Jesus dw we will see you in December
DarkCode Month ago
Pathetic Georgia. They have a much better QB than that soft arm Alabama qb. They should have picked off the Alabama qb many times. Pathetic this Alabama team will lose to just about anything good team, Georgia tripped over themselves, should have won this game
Firestorm Month ago
Keep being stupid. Georgia QBs are trash. Alabama owns Georgia.
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas Month ago
*Georgia has Halftime lead* Alabama: "You Underestimate our power..." *Bama makes sure that Georgia never scored again and blows them out*
Andrew Edington
Andrew Edington Month ago
The whole state of Georgia knows how to blow a lead.
Andrew Julian
Andrew Julian Month ago
I don’t get why these good players go to GA when offered Bama scholarships. Saban is king. 22-0 vs former assistants. Why play for a scrub like Kirby who can’t win the big game. Richt 2.0
Andrew Julian
Andrew Julian Month ago
@Juiced11 yeah fool. That’s THE big game. It’s what stops Kirby and GA from ever winning a title.
Juiced11 Month ago
Team Julian what are y talking about cant win big games you mean cant beat bama fool?
CK 25
CK 25 Month ago
Because Georgia is an elite program. They’re just always missing something and haven’t pieced it together yet. This offense is actually pretty good it’s just the fact that we have a hobbit playing quarterback. Dude sucks
SilverBullet Month ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that a Clemson defender twisted JK Dobbins ankle on purpose, resulting in a high ankle sprain.
Obliterateツ Month ago
The sound when bama scores is cool the elephant
Blackshirt- D
Blackshirt- D Month ago
Georgia’s QB sucks!! He’s the weakest link on that team. The qb alone cost this team the win.
New Zoo Guru
New Zoo Guru Month ago
George Pickins is a non-factor Bennett can't get him the ball. He should be begging for JT Daniels. He knows how to get his primary WR the rock. 4 games in and his best game is 53 yards? For the season he has 13 catches for 140 yards. Some WR's have that in 1 game. Todd Munchkin offense Sucks and Bennett is not the answer.
Dante Everheart
Dante Everheart Month ago
Georgia STILL hasn’t beat Bama. Can the Bulldog fans shut up about how they need to should go to the playoffs every year now? 😴
AK Month ago
Who?! MAC JONES! Lol I'm officially christening this rivalry as "The Epic Showdown of the South". Another classic. Roll Tide!!!
Isaiah Black
Isaiah Black Month ago
Played the refs!
katherine bagley
Roll Tide Baby 🏈🐘🐘🐘🏈
Fhdhdhddb Dhdhdhfhfhf
Georgia fan and listen here other bulldog fans because you need to hear this. Stop talking trash! Like seriously stop! It doesn’t make us look good and it doesn’t prove anything. Yes I know it’s the same with every Alabama Georgia game. We always beat them first half but never win. We will never beat them and I just know it. But give them the credit and respect they deserve. They are a better team then us and it’s just facts. Gg Alabama y’all played incredibly well. I’ve talked my trash but I know it makes me look bad. But anyways gg y’all good luck on the rest of your season and go dawgs.
Firestorm Month ago
Bama fan here, respect to you. Congrats to Georgia, they are a great team for sure and they will continue to improve as well. Best of luck to your season too. I believe we will meet again in the SEC Championship.
Vindicament E
Vindicament E Month ago
We still in top 4 but we better play Dwan Mathis or Carson Beck I want georgia to play a Dual threat qb that can Run the ball very well And somehow we are playing Slow Quarterbacks
James Williams
James Williams Month ago
Tired of watching the Gators suck every year. Takin on Bama as my second team, they play smart disciplined football, and they are exciting to watch, unlike Florida. RTR
MgD_Chief 11
MgD_Chief 11 Month ago
So nobody’s gonna talk abt that 52 yard by will reichard bamas got a kicker lmao
Alexis Rhodes
Alexis Rhodes Month ago
Rock n Roll Tide
Ladonna Crumpler
I banged my head against the wall after this game
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
if mac comes back next year he will be the first qb taken in the draft. dude has nfl qb all over him
Bonkers McGee
Bonkers McGee Month ago
That touchdown at 2:45, GA player should have gotten a flag for taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct. That kind of shit has no place in the game.
ItsKarateMaster Month ago
I was thinking the same thing. I think later in the game an Alabama player got back at him lol
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Month ago
Sniff, Sniff...Is that Bama, Clems()n, and OSU i smell in the playoffs again?. ORRR, The smell of salty, hopeful Gawga fans hoping again?. Kirby "ain't so Smart", now is he? Top recruiting with Mid-year fails points toooo.... Coaching. Saban owns another Padawan....
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Clemson scored 70 points Saturday and they have the experience at quarterback. So unless Ohio state has something then it’s Bama and Clemson in the Game.
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
mike allen I’m wrong all the time.
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
@Ronnie Bishop yea i misread your comment ill admit im wrong
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
mike allen So you agree it will be Clemson and Bama in the game? If you don’t you’re not making a bit of sense.! Let me try to make this easier for you to comprehend. I picked these two in the title game and you pick no one? So no title game ??? Hahahahaha
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
@Ronnie Bishop no one, because its a game where if they play 10 times it could be 5 games a piece. their head to head record over the last few years proves that. they trade wins every year
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
mike allen Ok who do you pick in the Game?
ShaQ McFlyy
ShaQ McFlyy Month ago
I haven't heard Alabama has a cupcake schedule this year!! RTR! 🐘
El Roco
El Roco Month ago
@RAP1D EQUAL1ZER if Stetson is the QB, it will be another "L" and they will also get outcoached again. And this is coming from a true Georgia fan. They will probably do the same thing again, play a decent first half and go to sleep second half
MPB Mason
MPB Mason Month ago
@RAP1D EQUAL1ZER Georgia is the team of blown leads. How do you blow a 2 td lead and lose by almost 3? Kirby smart gonna try to run it on 4th and long again.
Wykeith Topping
Wykeith Topping Month ago
@J K your mad
The Beast Bailey
@Joshua Heaton Florida wishes they didn’t have to play Georgia.
J K Month ago
@MotoVation What are you missing. This is an honest question. Alabama can schedule these games 100 years from now or one day from now. Their opponents never have been good and never will be good. I listed examples of these teams before and I guess I'll do it again: The Citadel, Mercer, Chattanooga, Charleston Southern. Let me repeat. It doesn't matter how long ago these teams were scheduled. The aren't D1 teams. They were never good and never will be good. How can I be more clear?
madskillz 2722
madskillz 2722 Month ago
This was a great game but Georgia got destroyed in the 4th quarter
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
Yep, we hung in for a while
Sloan Edgeton
Sloan Edgeton Month ago
Mac Jones.... LIGHTING IT UP!
Cole McKinney
Cole McKinney Month ago
If u bama fan, u just got lucky the refs were on your side the refs were bs, sucked, and u know that
Clayton Johnson
Clayton Johnson Month ago
Cole McKinney what do u mean, when there is 3 seconds you can spike it it takes 2 seconds, they had that right, and yeah the PI at the end wasn’t great but it didn’t matter it would have been 37-24, u clearly didn’t watch the Auburn Bama game last year bc they had 1 second left and spiked it and got a free field goal which legit cost us the playoffs but no excuses, the refs were good that interception y’all had at the beginning of the game clearly hit the ground, and we would have scored on that drive, we beat y’all fair and square, take a loss, you wonder why Ppl say Uga has the worst fanbase
Firestorm Month ago
@Cole McKinney Keep on crying. The refs didn't make those 3 INT.
Cole McKinney
Cole McKinney Month ago
The horrible pass interference call, gave them a free field goal attempt at end of half, anyone that actually watched the full game would know what I mean
Firestorm Month ago
Did the refs throw 3 INTs? No they didn't. Did the refs also throw those Deep balls to Metchie and Waddle resulting in TDs? Again no. Keep on crying.
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
@Clayton Johnson when i hear people complain about calls i say two things. 1) if you think penalties were the reason you lost you clearly were not the best team 2) over the course of the season every team will have bad calls or missed calls that help or hurt them. over the season they balance out
Mike Live
Mike Live Month ago
To many mistakes by GA Bama under Saban is just special and dangerous to get against. Clemson is a better scoring offensive team. But you just can't count out Bama,.... they always find away
okrajoe Month ago
Sade Williams
Sade Williams Month ago
True enough the qb turnovers, Bama elite receivers,plus shitty calls by refs caused UGA the game. One thing I really want to point out is the defensive lineman because they were non existent on the run and pass. Big Jordan Davis, Rochester, Wyatt disappointed me. When u have to constantly rely on linebackers blitzing to get pressure on the qb with a arm like Jones you’re in trouble because it take numbers away from coverage on checkdowns and drag routes. The d lineman have to step it up if we meet Bama again in the sec championship plan and simple.
marktastic86 Month ago
Goof analysis, but not sure why so many Georgia fans are talking about the refs when the first play of the game was a dropped ball ruled a pick.
Darrel Pinkston
Darrel Pinkston Month ago
Wow had them on their heels and blew it
Darrel Pinkston
Darrel Pinkston Month ago
@mike allen don't be a dumbass Alan wasn't talking about Alabama pay attention
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
@Darrel Pinkston interesting i didnt know there were 2 alabama games on. i wouldnt call a 4 point lead at halftime having anyone on their heels.
Darrel Pinkston
Darrel Pinkston Month ago
mike allen
mike allen Month ago
what game were you watching?
Spencer Clarke
Spencer Clarke Month ago
Lane Kiffin we need you Kirby is incapable of coaching top notch talent
Joshua Heaton
Joshua Heaton Month ago
That’s ok well take him back as our defensive coordinator and get back to being dominate on defense
TideRunsIt Month ago
UGA is.....Bama’s bitch Lol. I had more faith in Mac Jones than most and knew he would be an all American . But I didn’t think he’d be This good. Currently a first round nfl draft pick and 2nd or 3rd QB off the board in my eyes. He’s literally been that good and can make All the throws u want.
Daidai Month ago
We all knew this was gonna happen 😂
joebridges187 Month ago
Mac you are the real deal, Heisman Trophy potentials,,, Roll Tide regardless
roll tide
roll tide Month ago
Mac Jones!!!!! 💪💪💪💪
John Clements
John Clements Month ago
Please do not let Georgia or Oklahoma or Notre Dame in the playoffs
Kevin Chavis
Kevin Chavis Month ago
who else you're going to put in there in they keep winning? besides oklahoma because they're done.
Delta Zulu
Delta Zulu Month ago
Oklahoma already lost twice.
WeFlockin Month ago
Mac jones sitting behind Tua was so good for Mac
Garner Young
Garner Young 26 days ago
@Big Man Q your bias is starting to show
Mark Savelio
Mark Savelio Month ago
Mac is a good qb, but considering Tua played the majority of games only in the first half and put up those kinds of numbers...
Tyler Dora
Tyler Dora Month ago
@ThingsWithMotors faxxxxx
Anyone who thinks Tua is a better QB than Mac Jones is absolutely hallucinating
Tyler Dora
Tyler Dora Month ago
@Big Man Q u stupid af😂😂mac could never lose 44-16
WeFlockin Month ago
Ole miss was a harder game lmao
Edward Livingston
ya right, Georgias defense vs ole miss's defense is like a shark compared to a goldfish. Plus the refs were on your with that P.I down when it was still 27-24. That same thing happened to pickens all game and what do you expect? No call. Georgia deserved the win
Arnold Chipoletti
I’m a Dawg for life but I have a message for the experts and gullible Dawgs. Alabama is and has been ,under Saban , the Champ and class of the league. Until the are beaten, they are the favorite. STFU until they are. They’re not going to hand it, you have to take it. Until you do, STFU and give respect where it’s due.
Vindicament E
Vindicament E 20 days ago
Yep Alabama is Georgia's Daddy
Spencer Clarke
Spencer Clarke Month ago
I strongly agree you are absolutely correct thanks for taking time for your post sir
El Roco
El Roco Month ago
@Spencer Clarke they will always be behind because of QB. The best QB is always on the bench and never gets developed properly. The coaching staff needs to step their game up. Georgia really can be a dangerous team but they don't want to make the necessary adjustments. And nobody can tell me that Stetson Bennett is the best QB option we have. I refuse to believe that shit
El Roco
El Roco Month ago
Ri Ri
Ri Ri Month ago
Wowww much respect to you man. RTR
Anshan Hall
Anshan Hall Month ago
Last time we beat Bama in bama was 2007 in ot smh it’s ok we will have the last laugh at the end good game few bad calls but freshman quarterback will show a lot of people is better than that I say this is the last game we loose
Anshan Hall
Anshan Hall Month ago
@Joshua Heaton maybe so we both gotta win out lol
Joshua Heaton
Joshua Heaton Month ago
Anshan Hall can’t wait til round 2 and would u think we could play each other 3 times. Cause if y’all beat us in the SEC championship and we have the win over y’all last night then probably will be two of the top 4 teams in the country AGAIN.
Anshan Hall
Anshan Hall Month ago
@Clayton Johnson he is to me 😂
Clayton Johnson
Clayton Johnson Month ago
He ain’t a freshman 😂 .
Furry Bros
Furry Bros Month ago
Georgia could had one that
Billy Oltmann
Billy Oltmann Month ago
That takes care of that argument !! Ala., Clemson , two best teams in Football!! Ther's Clemson & everyone else & there's Ala. & everyone else !! " I'm Jus Sayin' "
Silver Potato
Silver Potato Month ago
@Dextreaux no im saying bama and clemson are playing out of their minds rn and nobody else is on their level
Dextreaux Month ago
@Silver Potato I mean factually that’s wrong. Georgia ( according to 247 ) has the most talented team in college football. Does that make them the best, no, but implying that no one is close would mean nobody is recruiting close to them or anything.
Kevin Chavis
Kevin Chavis Month ago
Ohio State is/will be in that conversation too. One of those 3 teams wins the national title and it feeling like Ohio State's year
Silver Potato
Silver Potato Month ago
No ones even close to bama and clemson right now
derwake Month ago
Welcome to the SEC media bias, where you lose badly (UGA), give up 40+ points with the “best”’defense, and don’t even drop out of the top 4 lmfao. Pathetic
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
@MotoVation I mean each sure but its a ranked team cs rankef team 2v3 and UGA lost to 4
MotoVation Month ago
@Prophezey X you gotta win a whole game for it to count bud
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
And you're unranked loser
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
@MotoVation no not really its number 2 vs 3 they lead in the first half choked in second so🙄
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
I honestly think your pathetic what conference are you? Big 12? Bunch of nobodies get to the sec you loser
David Sides
David Sides Month ago
Either Kirby can’t learn or he’s slow to learn but either way, he got out coached, again
Anime Buff
Anime Buff Month ago
Lets see if georgia falls 10 spots like the association did auburn
Warren Geti
Warren Geti Month ago
Bama got to draw to the ball stop running w the offenders and tackle.
Alan Tani
Alan Tani Month ago
Team Technique
Team Technique Month ago
Jalen waddle is becoming ledgend
Abu Ibu
Abu Ibu Month ago
0:15 I'm a little confused by the rules here... why doesn't the defender who intercepted the ball move forward and gain possession if he hasn't been touched while down or tackled?
Jalen Campbell
Jalen Campbell Month ago
Wherever you seen that lied to you, because that has been the rule in college football for as long as I can remember. Nfl has a completely different definition of down by contact
Abu Ibu
Abu Ibu Month ago
Just read that there is no 'down by contact' in college rules.. so strange
Jalen Campbell
Jalen Campbell Month ago
College is different than nfl. In College once your knee is down and you have possession, the play is dead at that point regardless of if someone has touched you or not.
jchill214 Month ago
I watched the game. Both teams played good Georgia is a quarterback away. Alabama doesn’t look that threatening as they did in past years on defense. I think the announcer said most of their star talent will get drafted this year on Offense so after this year it might be a wrap for them for a while. I can’t see Alabama making it to the finals this year. Their defense was having trouble against Georgia’s 5th string quarterback. If they have to go up against Lawrence, Fields or even that guy that plays for Florida. I don’t think they will handle it. Overall it was a great game. Refs had some questionable calls but overall great game.
Jason Gomez
Jason Gomez Month ago
@jchill214, so basically what you're saying is that after this year Bama will be irrelevant? lol, Coach Nick Saban, is arguably the best recruiter college football has ever seen. He has #1 recruiting classes every year. His depth chart is loaded with talent that you don't even know about because it's evident that you don't keep up with recruiting or college football. There are 5-star recruits at Alabama right now waiting for their # to get called. As long as Nick Saban is at Alabama they will never lose a beat. I would think you would understand even after a decade of dominance they've had. But you probably don't remember the Julio Jones, AJ McCarron, Eddie Lacy era. As for your dumbass statement about this year they not being elite enough to make it. lol They have the best offense is CFB lol dude it just makes me mad that they beat the #1 defense in college and you still don't give them credit. I don't care if you're Clemson or Ohio State if you cant start 40 + plus point on them you have no chance.
marktastic86 Month ago
You're assuming the Bama defense won't improve as the year goes on. As for Bama falling off next year, people have been saying that every season since 2009. As long as Saban is there coaching and bringing in amazing recruiting classes, the Tide will be competing every single year.
Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan Month ago
Bama already has one of the top recruiting classes coming in next year. They have last year's #1 QB and RB recruits sitting on the bench waiting for playing time.
Jeron White
Jeron White Month ago
Buffalo Bangkok
Buffalo Bangkok Month ago
As usual, Georgia CHOKES in the big game! HAHA!!!!!!! Choking BULLDOPES!
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
You disgrace alabamas fan base, you lost to clemson and ohio state keep talking
Dantell Liggins
Dantell Liggins Month ago
The fact that bama’s offense can score with anyone is why they are the most dangerous team this year. Teams know if they can’t score at least 35 or more then you have no chance
Ant JayTv
Ant JayTv Month ago
If the defense make mistakes the offense sure won’t let up on the scoreboard
Ryan Texasss
Ryan Texasss Month ago
Yea but their defense can be very Sus.
Cotton Monkey
Cotton Monkey Month ago
Roll tide GG
Brody Sanders
Brody Sanders Month ago
Who else is a bama fan?
Cfc7ninja 12
Cfc7ninja 12 Month ago
@Brody Sanders im a green bay fan. I feel sorry for y'all
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Month ago
@Adi Singhai 9ers are way better than the Bungles
Lil cm
Lil cm Month ago
Me role tide
Ruggs Month ago
MgD_Chief 11
MgD_Chief 11 Month ago
Roll tide
Christopher Walker
Jawga bama east without the trophies.... hate both of yall
jeb newhouse
jeb newhouse Month ago
Georgia’s defense hung in there for awhile The offense just wasn’t producing in the second half, they don’t have the playmakers like they’ve had in recent years Stetson wasn’t gonna win this game for them
Prophezey X
Prophezey X Month ago
I could tell he was just breaking down as the game went on
Wave_ham12 Month ago
gg bama fans all you need to beat is Clemson witch is impossible
Gabriel Martinez
I’m not an Alabama fan, but watching them play is a treat.
Joshua Heaton
Joshua Heaton Month ago
Brian Goodman lmao cry
PK 06
PK 06 Month ago
@Brian Goodman lmao cry
chubbsv Month ago
@Brian Goodman lmao cry.
Brian Goodman
Brian Goodman Month ago
No it’s not smh
Brent Mascaro
Brent Mascaro Month ago
Georgia receiver “this is my shit” boi take your L and hit the roadddd
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