#3 Georgia Bulldogs vs. #2 Alabama Crimson Tide: Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ 

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Even a positive COVID-19 test in the middle of a game week could not stop Nick Saban from continuing his streak of perfection against his former assistants as No. 2 Alabama outlasted No. 3 Georgia 41-24 on Saturday night in a game with SEC championship and College Football Playoff implications. Alabama announced several hours before kickoff that Saban had been cleared to coach from the sideline following a series of negative tests, and he oversaw another offensive masterpiece from the Crimson Tide as he improved to 22-0 all-time against his former assistants.

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Oct 17, 2020




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John Riddle
John Riddle 3 hours ago
Does anybody know who's ranked #1 right now
Spencer Kennedy
Spencer Kennedy 9 hours ago
Roll tide
KaMau Mau
KaMau Mau Day ago
The state of Georgia can not get a break this year.
vevdn 2 days ago
Repent and turn to God
Sonya Bowers
Sonya Bowers 2 days ago
Bama roll tide is the best
Sonya Bowers
Sonya Bowers 2 days ago
Go bama
J C 2 days ago
Ohio State is 1 in the BIG TEN & will always will be 1 because of the best COACHES & FANS.👍
Erik Brice Ledford
Bama and florida is just too much offense for us .. it'll be a great game between them two
Zeus Von Rafiel
Zeus Von Rafiel 3 days ago
Bama will not beat Ohio St.
lisa cichon
lisa cichon 5 days ago
lisa cichon
lisa cichon 5 days ago
Richard Tologata
Richard Tologata 8 days ago
Wtf?!?... Alabama has a Field Goal Kicker?!? Lol. It's about damn time.
R E 9 days ago
Georgia is the new California of the south. They voted to defund the police, get rid of the second amendment, higher taxes and energy prices, lock downs and lower wages. T Why was this a good idea again?
Tommy Gorman
Tommy Gorman 12 days ago
Notre Dame Clemson much better
Allen McDavid
Allen McDavid 12 days ago
Too many ads
Sau Tafao
Sau Tafao 13 days ago
It was 27-24 with 2 min in the 3rd. But GA tried to throw the ball too much & that's not their strength. Their run game was on fire but they went away from it.
TheBubbaKing 13 days ago
i'm a gator fan, no doubt we will see you in the SEC Title game Bama but ngl i dont have much confidence in my defense offensively we can more than keep up and we may even have the better QB but you have the better defense
Tim Strachan
Tim Strachan 14 days ago
I can see UF beating Ga and Alabama.
ChrisSK311 20 days ago
13:39 Every Bama fan's favorite highlight from this game. Why it has taken this long to find a dependable kicker, I'll never know.
Kodyyyon2k 23 days ago
Dexter 1120
Dexter 1120 25 days ago
We need to try James Cook at wr
Decku 25 days ago
qus118bis ;gud'dah
qus118bis ;gud'dah 25 days ago
Can't believe how much Mac Jones has improved since last year.
Brian Qiu
Brian Qiu 25 days ago
I have a friend that likes Georgia he was sure that Georgia will beat Alabama I told him it was going to be a close game he didn’t believe it I thought it was a close game but nope it was not a close game at all Alabama what their asses
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 27 days ago
I hope Kirby Smart watches the film and realize that he has a run first offense. I honestly think they could have wore Alabama defense out by pounding the ball at their defensive line because they not all that great this year.
Alexmld 28 days ago
Will Kirby make the switch if Stetson falters I am fine with Stetson...
marktastic86 14 days ago
@Alexmld You were saying?
Alexmld 27 days ago
@Will Taliaferro Hey Stetson will still be enough to crush y'all in two weeks Dawgs are worried about Alabama again in the Sec championship
Will Taliaferro
Will Taliaferro 27 days ago
LOL to bad y’all don’t have Trask Puppies!!!!
STU BEEF 28 days ago
Curtis Spivey
Curtis Spivey Month ago
DBs need to make plays for the ball. Reach and look for the ball. They playing close
Curtis Spivey
Curtis Spivey Month ago
UGA needs to open up the damn playbook.
Curtis Spivey
Curtis Spivey Month ago
UGA played good in the first half and flopped in the second when they typically play best. Alabama made less mistakes and Stetsons turnovers.
Jimmy Chopsticks
We getting burnt out there! We need db’s
Maria Evans
Maria Evans Month ago
Why georgia is good and still loosing to alabama
Joey Grant
Joey Grant Month ago
As an OSU fan Bama is the only real team in the sec they're complete everywhere except maybe D Line that offense looks scary though
Gina A
Gina A Month ago
Do the highlights include the obvious AL offsides call that the refs just couldn't ignore the SECOND time in a row without looking like they're on Saban's payroll? I couldn't find it in this reel.
Demarcus Howard
Demarcus Howard Month ago
Rooooooooooooll Tide Roll 🐘🐘🐘🐘🏈🏈🏈🏈
George Mollohan
George Mollohan 28 days ago
Jeffery Deerman
Jeffery Deerman Month ago
Roll Tide Roll!!!!
George Mollohan
George Mollohan 28 days ago
Wyatt Welford
Wyatt Welford Month ago
Alabama is my favorite team and they are the best team! What's up guys Jackson The Beast here
Jason Deal
Jason Deal Month ago
Medic 2020 Rolleth Tide Roll
George Mollohan
George Mollohan 28 days ago
Gerald Fields
Gerald Fields Month ago
Once again, another OVERRATED SEC team. (sigh)
Ron Davis
Ron Davis Month ago
Ron Davis
Ron Davis Month ago
Ron Davis
Ron Davis Month ago
marktastic86 14 days ago
Trump is a loser.
Alexmld Month ago
To many bad call on ga's dbs geez...
George Mollohan
George Mollohan 28 days ago
@marktastic86 durdle durdle durdle durdle. If you are wondering why I am speaking your native alabaman tongue, that's because you tend to not respond to my normal english comments.
Alexmld Month ago
@marktastic86 There is an official with the announcers that know the rule book back and forward he agreed as well go back and watch the broadcast. When you go press on man you battle the WR for a certain amount of yards after scrimmage. And I am not going to be told I am wrong when a gump just makes shit up on the top of his head.
marktastic86 Month ago
@Alexmld Why do you care so much what the announcers say? They're not officials and get things wrong all the time. You don't seem to grasp reality very well, so I'll go ahead and cut this conversation off.
Alexmld Month ago
@marktastic86 Also your an idiot man how are you going to have a false start on a punt.
Alexmld Month ago
@marktastic86 It was not a false start the ref came out and said it was a bad call on UGA last year. It was a on side scoop and score. The first "interception" was a controlled interception shows how much you know about football a "pick" is when the Defensive player takes it to the house after the interception. Like I have said in the past three post I am not saying it would have won us the game!!!To beat yall we have to play offense like the first half the whole game and play good defense. But the officiating in this conference has gone down hill fast but the CBS announcers said the Eric Stokes was not Pass inference if you want to play that game. Also the 17 and 18 game one of those calls does change the entire game it was down to the wire.
Devin Ryan
Devin Ryan Month ago
If we kick Georgia ass 1more time we may just get our defensive coordinator back.. Hey Kirby! Can't beat em........join em
Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson Month ago
Hate how Macs 2 INTs this year were from a batted pass and a terrible officiating call.....dude shouldn't have any.
David 2099
David 2099 Month ago
Georgia your season over. Sorry but anything you do after this game means little to nothing. It's either beat Bama or bust. Guess it's bust.
marktastic86 Month ago
They'll have another chance to beat 'Bama in the SEC championship, and most likely playing another QB than this dude. Doubt it'll amount to much if 'Bama's defense improves. Roll Tide either way!
carlos roberts
carlos roberts Month ago
jerid fielder
jerid fielder Month ago
Sit Stetson and start JT Daniels. We want best chance to win and he is it!
dmob3131 Month ago
Grand dad died on this day before the game was even played! He use to protect Paul Bear Bryant back in the day! I'm happy Alabama came out on top! RTR
Sandra Hohl
Sandra Hohl Month ago
alabama rolltide won this game
Duquesne Month ago
Whose here is like me: I watched the game live Watched the highlight shortly after Watched different commentators Re-watched everything again. I am diagnosed with Alabama football
Macabree Month ago
not many people but some
DeMarcus Brooks
DeMarcus Brooks Month ago
David Macias
David Macias Month ago
Well Georgia fan like always I'm not blind like always said we had to do better playing better and ms Georgia coach you should know better all this year in Alabama team teaching something bro talk with you players said to them the thrut ms coach we had cero offense and we can keeping playing the same old plays we had to change the game and adapt quickly that is why Alabama is so great is really sad that every year Georgia had super talents in football and we put a lot players to professional but we not had a decent coach that really support that good talent we need good luck with Florida and other good team number one defense not mean nothing without offense just like that is a team sport ms Georgia couch and you know that very well God bless all
AMANTHNG Month ago
Mac Jones just needed that QB1 treatment to come into his own. That offensive line though (HUGE). Roll tide roll from Fay, NC
John Naylor
John Naylor Month ago
The crime here is NF squeaks by Louisville and moves UP in the polls ? meanwhile almost every team in the SEC has or will play 2 or more Top 10 teams .... Can Oklahoma State beat lower ranked A & M ? Cincinatti ? BYU ?
Atomic Bomb
Atomic Bomb Month ago
Waddle, Devonte, Metchie III and Harris can make some godly plays no capp'n.
Rich C
Rich C Month ago
I bet all these sportswriters that said Bama would be toast or destroyed by Georgia are having a hard time swallowing those words. NEVER count The Crimson Tide out until the last tick of the clock. ROLL TIDE!!
Pyscho Hotel
Pyscho Hotel Month ago
Oh and where was ol scot cockrun? Hiding?
Pyscho Hotel
Pyscho Hotel Month ago
Georgia is gonna be on our ass like white on rice come SEC game. Remember what they did to auburn??? After Barn beat them in regular season, then the SEC game they took Barn apart piece by piece.. Bama, be advised- you will have to go above and beyond come SEC game. Georgia already said "We will get them SEC game" Bama better beware..
George Mollohan
George Mollohan 28 days ago
@marktastic86 durdle durdle durdle mark fark
marktastic86 Month ago
Uh, last year they lost to unranked SC at home and then got blown out in the SEC title game by LSU. So, no, that only happened once, and that was with 30+ seniors (Richt's recruits) on the roster.
elevateSOLO Month ago
elevateSOLO Month ago
@Macabree Put down a beating on who? FOH
Macabree Month ago
yup happens every year. Georgia learns from their mistakes first game and then when SEC comes, they put down a beating. Every year is like that
Willie Beamen 2x
This dosnt change the fact that Seattle shoulda ran that iso....Roll Tide
Macabree Month ago
JunkYard Dawg 2003
Can't Believe Stetson Bennett Likes Looking at 1 side of the field to pass to
South House Productions
All we need to do is improve the defense, tackling etc and stay healthy. This is a wonderful team, finish it guys, do NOT take your foot off the gas and celebration will be yours! RT
Rob Fields
Rob Fields Month ago
Philip Doyle was the best kickers for the Crimson Tide
Live Free
Live Free Month ago
This just in: CBS announcers still terrible.
Angela Simpson
Angela Simpson Month ago
I play," return of the Mack" everytime we score. 😂 I never thought I would see anybody good as tua
Chad Bruce
Chad Bruce Month ago
Georgia looked like Tennessee in the second half against Georgia lol
Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper Month ago
Kirby needs to play his best talent. He likes the feel good story too much. Fields way more talented than Fromm.
DELTA DJ Month ago
u know kids.........back in my day I could run to the bathroom and grab a cold beer during commercial, Ohhhh kids...... Nowadays I have to use Pause.......just saying
DELTA DJ Month ago
Ash Doodge
Ash Doodge Month ago
Georgia should have tried to score more points in the second half.
elevateSOLO Month ago
I'm sure they tried...
Rock-n-Roll Month ago
Go dawgs, lol 🤣🤣. Dream on Dawg fans. Be 40 more years before you win another Championship!!
Michael Gatliff
Michael Gatliff Month ago
Number 6 scores bamas last touchdown from the 13 yard line to make bamas total 41 points. Tua who wore 13 threw a 41 yard pass to the same number 6 to beat georgia in the national championship. 41 is the 13th prime number. Assign values 1-9 to the first nine letters of the alphabet. Then repeat for the next nine letters. Then 1-8 for the last 8 letters. A=1, L=3, A=1, B=2, A=1, M=4, A=1 for a total of 13. This game was on 10/17/2020. Add the digits in this date for a total of 13.
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker Month ago
Dylan Moses isn’t good at all in my opinion
marktastic86 Month ago
He just needs to get his confidence back. Injury is probably still scaring him. He's a very talented dude, so hopefully he gets it together.
Goku Majin boo
Goku Majin boo Month ago
I'm down for canceling the season and just let Alabama play Clemson 3 times in a row I'll watch every game.
andrew Month ago
I swear Georgia always gets fucked by actual competent teams. I mean how many years and games have they choked now? What's even more funny is every year all preseason and the first couple games until Georgia gets tested you here all over how they're shaping up to win the Natty and then they just shoot themselves in the foot or are just highly overrated. That's coming from a WVU fan also btw.
David Davis
David Davis Month ago
Saban could careless about ranking by writers ;its the end results.
Douglas Vines
Douglas Vines Month ago
Sark has really stepped his play calling abilities up roll. Tide
Joel Coley
Joel Coley Month ago
I didn't think I'd like his play calls when he was put in, but he is actually aware of the fact that Bama has running backs.
siccs7 Month ago
SEC welcome to the Big 12, the so called "best" defense in the SEC and they get 41 pts and 565 yards smashed on them.
slim61884 Month ago
Georgia fans talk all that💩💩💩 all because they beat auburn and Tennessee but 💩💩💩 on the sidewalk when they played against a real ass team Roll Tide! 🐘🐘🐘🐘
Jobber !
Jobber ! Month ago
Mac Jones......who??? Mac Jones
Bryan Wiley
Bryan Wiley Month ago
Wow! Alabama beat down Georgia, and Georgia is #4 in polls, they only drop 1 spot. Georgia a loss by 2 touchdowns and a field goal, and ranked #4.
marktastic86 Month ago
They barely dropped at all last year after losing to unranked SC at home and getting absolutely blown out by LSU. Not sure what that's about.
KC Month ago
No fake debates, no politics. I’m subscribed.
Angela Simpson
Angela Simpson Month ago
For all the Georgia fans that are mad at the officials on certain calls I also saw calls but it was Georgia that was holding our wide receivers past the 5-yard limit the whole freaking game
Paul Catallo
Paul Catallo Month ago
UGA trying to be AlabamaLite, when theyre still GeorgiaSAWFT
Paul Catallo
Paul Catallo Month ago
@George Mollohan Exactly Right, RTR
George Mollohan
George Mollohan Month ago
@Paul Catallo Where do you see me doing those things? IDK why you think you can throw these ideas out there and hope they stick. Although it shouldn't surprise me, given your allegiances. LOL.
Paul Catallo
Paul Catallo Month ago
@George Mollohan prove me wrong: 41 pts, 33 first downs, 600 yds of offense, completely shut down in 2nd half, and crying fans making excuses while throwing the players and coaches under the bus. Ha RTR
George Mollohan
George Mollohan Month ago
No. Wrong^
John Cagle
John Cagle Month ago
Defense looked much better. They will need to improve, play with an attitude. Odds are they will play each other again. And then there is Clemson.
YoBoy Dee
YoBoy Dee Month ago
I’m not a fan of football but that damn QB from Georgia real life pissed me off
Paidinfull• Month ago
Gary, shut up. What’s 35 points gunna do when bama has 41? Georgia was ready to play us, and they did, our defense just came up big in second half against a QB that’s not suppose to be there, Georgia played hard with what they had. They can’t help their QB chose to sit out, I think Stetson played pretty damn good though given the circumstances. ROLL TIDE!
Alexis Rhodes
Alexis Rhodes Month ago
Rock n Roll Tide.
Kevin Worley
Kevin Worley Month ago
Waddle & Smith has to be two of the best receivers in the country.🐘🐘
STLDawg Fan
STLDawg Fan Month ago
Bama's offensive line impressed me the most
John Dyer
John Dyer Month ago
Turnovers will kill you in football. Georgia had turnovers. As a result they lost. Game over.
Calvester Marks
Calvester Marks Month ago
That's was a good game and i wasn't feeling well doing i watch the game but i glad Alabama won and i was ok Roll tide Roll 🐘🐘🐘
Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley Month ago
Our defensive coordinator needs to be fired
Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley Month ago
Clemson whooped surtains ass last year jobe is a good freaking target
Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley Month ago
Offense playin two ways
Cameron Presley
Cameron Presley Month ago
Take jobe out he’s trash gd
elevateSOLO Month ago
Hey clown...Jobe has been outstanding this year. Surtain and Jobe have been the best CB tandem in the country you trash bag.
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw Month ago
Bull dog fans Georgia will not make the playoffs this year you all will lose another game before the SEC championship game you will lose to either South Carolina or Florida
DaizIsHere Month ago
You know this year is funky when Alabama makes a Field Goal, damn that surprised me lmao
Stedman Stevenson
Mac Jones my favorite Alabama QB reminds me of Brady