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Dec 21, 2019




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Comments 100   
A&B Bass fishing
I just felt watching them
Silas Ellis
Silas Ellis 6 days ago
Who Is Watching This In 2021👍😀
Cheese Fries
Cheese Fries 7 days ago
16:58 True rapper
Bryce Dahl
Bryce Dahl 13 days ago
Miniman 14 days ago
Jesse gave kris an entire Jersey collection
Riley Koenig
Riley Koenig 17 days ago
Jesser had the best gifts
Dakota Wiley
Dakota Wiley 20 days ago
irishchikn Month ago
36:42 Jeidel really said r2d2
Kieran McGuire
Kieran McGuire Month ago
37:37 This didn't age well...
Robbie Dippolito
James has no flex!
Teykaith -3
Teykaith -3 Month ago
Don’t delete this video plz
Bellinger Payton
He got the worst presents for everybody
Bellinger Payton
Zach sucks
KAICeption 2021
KAICeption 2021 2 months ago
This video did not age well...
AshTTV 2 months ago
How did this vid get 1.5 dislikes
Cedric Asdfghjkl
I can say you, it deserves way more dislikes and it will get them.
KH4N 2 months ago
i was kinda feelin for cash in the begin
Blackout 2 months ago
37:37 ... yes but no ...
Bartolo Colon
Bartolo Colon 2 months ago
Gwen Tran
Gwen Tran 2 months ago
Came here after part 2 Oml
AcePrayz 2 months ago
Who else here the next Christmas after
slizzleasdf 2 months ago
The careful linen logistically kill because vessel seasonally follow like a chubby machine. odd, impossible bobcat
Tanner Fitton
Tanner Fitton 2 months ago
37:37 - who’s gonna tell em
Joseph Williamson
Joseph Williamson 2 months ago
Anyone else think zacks eyes are huge like if so
Jaliahhh 2 months ago
“2020’s gonna get even better” well that didn’t age well...
Kene Bene
Kene Bene 2 months ago
So lucky😮😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭
Ayesha Oaks
Ayesha Oaks 2 months ago
Trel 2x Kix
Trel 2x Kix 2 months ago
This video tells it all ... smiled in this dude face like he was really apart of the fam , then look at the gifts y’all got him . Feel bad for him
Lily Lang
Lily Lang 2 months ago
It’s awful.
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 2 months ago
Who else here exactly a year later
Masen Butler
Masen Butler 2 months ago
its been a year dangggggggg
Tyler Dapiran
Tyler Dapiran 2 months ago
Imagine deleting hate comments,#wewantrevenbeformopi
TAWP EffEcTZ 2 months ago
I’ll just watch old videos and the whole group is alright
Shamein Briscoe
Shamein Briscoe 2 months ago
Moip is back yes 👍🏾😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😅😅
Max Morario
Max Morario 2 months ago
Clipz _
Clipz _ 2 months ago
I live in Lafayette
Omega lol
Omega lol 2 months ago
This video is a year old tommorow that’s crazy
Omega lol
Omega lol 2 months ago
Why does it look weird that they don’t have mask
Jaclyn Gooch
Jaclyn Gooch 2 months ago
Sup kris
Masen Butler
Masen Butler 2 months ago
when cash said that Steve Nash did not respond to him I said man Zack still waiting on Kobe
Nicholas Alkis
Nicholas Alkis 2 months ago
I love this video it is a banger and the gifts are absolute heattt
Hunter Gillman
Hunter Gillman 2 months ago
This is 10x better than the second one the guys look so much more appreciative and genuine here
Savage Sawyer
Savage Sawyer 2 months ago
This was basically exactly a year ago
Pink Blumingdale
Pink Blumingdale 2 months ago
37:37 Cap
Max Abrams
Max Abrams 2 months ago
Who’s here after all the drama
Riley Walker
Riley Walker 2 months ago
"That hoodie was only 600"
Drexel. 2 months ago
Who’s here after 2hype turned into Snakehype
mDizzle The 2nd
mDizzle The 2nd 2 months ago
Xavier Gresham
Xavier Gresham 2 months ago
Cash and moochie cool tho 🤣🤣
Drew 05
Drew 05 2 months ago
i’m coming back to watch this bc everyone is fighting now 😂
Patpat _1k
Patpat _1k 2 months ago
Cash is a older version of me Steve Nash is my favorite PG and LBJ my favorite player plus we both like Retro 1’s
Mike Hupp
Mike Hupp 2 months ago
How can u not smile
Jayden Hodge élève
james really thougt 2020 was gonna be good thats tuff
Kozie 18
Kozie 18 2 months ago
I Like ya chain g (cash)
M P 2 months ago
The gaping fork certainly rejoice because downtown historically suspend outside a glamorous bus. macho, milky dew
beterrson 2 months ago
Idk why I don’t like Zach
Aaron lol
Aaron lol 2 months ago
i though this was a new video but i realized when i head the story about to kobe shoes lol
It's not nurto
GTgamer 2 months ago
If you were to pay attention he said nuruto! Not nurto LMAO cmon CUH
Rbxe 2 months ago
I know
Alan Rodriguez
Alan Rodriguez 2 months ago
Damn I was like why they not wearing no masks
Arvin Kler
Arvin Kler 2 months ago
whos here after seeing mopis tweet :(
Trelio 2 months ago
Man..this sucks
Funny Chris
Funny Chris 2 months ago
Damn part 2 and next time think about cash
jayce mezher
jayce mezher 2 months ago
Jeidel is so dope
Hphones 64
Hphones 64 2 months ago
Who Else Is Looking Back On This To See 2Hype "Moochie and Cash are Chill Tho"
Brendan Jedlicka
Brendan Jedlicka 2 months ago
when james said 2020 is going to be a banger but then and now like for covid to go
Will Deeny
Will Deeny 2 months ago
this was great
Jimmy Jam
Jimmy Jam 2 months ago
we need this for christmas 2020 plz
Ventura 2 months ago
Zack was like 😳😳😳 every time it went to his vlog
Datkideli 2 months ago
These type of videos just makes me smile
Emerald Craft
Emerald Craft 2 months ago
Its funny how they say 2020 gonna be better then covid comes aong
L 3 G I O N
L 3 G I O N 2 months ago
Who’s here after Mopi’s tweet :(
Noah Fanucci
Noah Fanucci 2 months ago
@Drew Valencia wharf whatd he say?
Drew Valencia
Drew Valencia 2 months ago
Me 🥲
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 months ago
James : “And 2020 is going to be even better.” Your prediction was wrong
ZHA MIL GRAY 2 months ago
10 days until Christmas babyyyy
Vx Le1gon
Vx Le1gon 2 months ago
Me looking through the comment that had them Kobe’s
Noah Leija
Noah Leija 2 months ago
any one hear after mopis tweet
Ethan Smith - DCMS 2026
jesse gets deoderant uncle zack immediately sniffs
iz Lopez
iz Lopez 2 months ago
The luxuriant crab morally drip because parrot longitudinally injure up a dynamic vacation. nostalgic, empty waiter
Bodean Pirini
Bodean Pirini 2 months ago
sdffd sdfdfs
sdffd sdfdfs 2 months ago
The ceaseless blouse bodily damage because ear taxonomically comb inside a impartial aluminium. weary, thick author
HTC Zecx
HTC Zecx 2 months ago
Josh Benoliel
Josh Benoliel 2 months ago
@Dylan rite like this kids special
Dylan 2 months ago
This was last year dummy
ItsLilKodak11 -YT
ItsLilKodak11 -YT 2 months ago
Who else watching Bc mochie ain’t there🤧
James Breeden
James Breeden 2 months ago
when my boi James said 2020 was going to be even better
sam roscher
sam roscher 2 months ago
"2020 is going to be even better" little did they know
jay o
jay o 2 months ago
james always has a story for every game lmaooo
Marshall Nuzum
Marshall Nuzum 2 months ago
37:37 that didn’t age well
Jayden D
Jayden D 2 months ago
Kris is emotional
Trippy Kangaroo
Trippy Kangaroo 2 months ago
These videos are so wholesome ngl
greg bob
greg bob 2 months ago
Robert Dell'Aria
Robert Dell'Aria 2 months ago
You got all the expensive gifts then you got the cheap tree lmao
Trippy Kangaroo
Trippy Kangaroo 2 months ago
Its lululemon actually lol, my mom loves that brand
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart 2 months ago
Do this again
BabyyCarrot 2 months ago
Rewatching pls do another one pleassssseeee
Mr. Blaze1422
Mr. Blaze1422 2 months ago
Next one wit @Moochie finna hit🔥no🧢
XF_ TEARZ 2 months ago
i didnt cry... you cried
_._ certified _._
_._ certified _._ 2 months ago
Now....... I feel broke
Ysn_ str1ke0ut
Ysn_ str1ke0ut 2 months ago
Who is watching this bc ur waiting for the part 2
Sloth boy got Ya
Sloth boy got Ya 2 months ago
anyone rewatching before 2020 Christmas
Ky’hari Rufus
Ky’hari Rufus 2 months ago
Johnny Beats
Johnny Beats 2 months ago
Binyamin Levy
Binyamin Levy 2 months ago
The chubby italian predictably stroke because waiter joly dislike minus a needless glass. tiresome, tranquil back
Fat Duck
Fat Duck 2 months ago
Did you just click the suggested words
Sqonix 2 months ago
37:37 YIKES😬
JOEL MP 2 months ago
Vxporz 2 months ago
I can’t wait for this years secret Santa, hopefully🤗
206issiac ¿
206issiac ¿ 2 months ago
I was watching this and was like why aren’t they wearing mask then realizes it’s 2019😂😂
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 2 months ago
fun fact: this vid was posted on my bday.
TheReal king
TheReal king 2 months ago
Fun facts: nobody cares