2HYPE Plays Mafia w/ 100T Nadeshot - FUNNIEST GAME EVER! 

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This week we played our most hilarious game of Mafia yet! A lot of twists and turns in these games.
Big thanks to Avalanche and Nadeshot for coming by the Cash App Compound, check out their channels below!
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Apr 3, 2021




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Kristopher London
Kristopher London 16 days ago
Erick Riley
Erick Riley 10 days ago
@Yug Patel v
Jy'Mir Smith
Jy'Mir Smith 12 days ago
Happy Birthday
Jehiah Pace
Jehiah Pace 12 days ago
happy bday kris
Keonxnoah 13 days ago
Happy birthday 🎉 Kris
SOB. Apd
SOB. Apd 13 days ago
Happy birthday kris
Darian Brown
Darian Brown 6 hours ago
Kris and Cash look high AF 🤣
Maribel Hernandez Jimenez
Cash is the best detective
Cm07 19 hours ago
ava is so bad at this game literally finds out jesse is safe then votes him out
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 19 hours ago
Its always funny the black people got their own lingo against the white ppl in 2hype 😂😂😂 thats funny asl
Kekoa Peko
Kekoa Peko Day ago
Bru listen to cash bru he know what he doin love yall peace
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing Day ago
Cash sells so bad
JaHeard Day ago
i love the video, but I don't like how all the videos are cinematic.
Nassau Made JJP
why cash look a lil yeh.....like he been smoking that yehhh
ZayFC 4 days ago
Do another 2hype goes to school
amadou sarr
amadou sarr 4 days ago
hmmhhmhhmmhmh mafia
jimmy blackman
jimmy blackman 4 days ago
Zack: exists 2hype: so you have chosen death
The Matrix7
The Matrix7 5 days ago
Do another Mafia
Carlos Davila
Carlos Davila 5 days ago
Why can’t they not just be this smart on among us
ANTHONY FILS 5 days ago
53:58 - 54:08 funniest part
ThaKid Shmeaty
ThaKid Shmeaty 5 days ago
BROO wtf why did cash cheat this
Vmrlock 5 days ago
My man said and it was dark outside😂
Deonte Hicks
Deonte Hicks 5 days ago
Calabe with Chris staples
Chris Lin
Chris Lin 6 days ago
Mitchell is the best
1v1HOOPS 6 days ago
I love these vids 🤣🤣😭🔥
Jonathxnn 6 days ago
cash be peeking no way he just randomly guesses the perfect person each time
K_SWEATY 7 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how it switched from day to night in this vid
Khaidagreat 7 days ago
Jiedel is the worst mafia ong 😭
Gcj gocrazy
Gcj gocrazy 8 days ago
We need more
Sneakz 9 days ago
Yo 48:50 was crazy
Adam Yeager
Adam Yeager 9 days ago
Jesse: James: I feel like its jesse Jesse: wHaT dAfUq
Ben Tice
Ben Tice 9 days ago
Cash detective game is just like that shot at the top of the key
Ben Schroeder
Ben Schroeder 9 days ago
So like the detective role is pretty useless then?
Amare Haynes
Amare Haynes 9 days ago
jesse shoes is making me mad by how he is wearing them 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Beast Bray
Beast Bray 9 days ago
Don’t watch this with earphones when kris got shot I got scared
Username 9 days ago
1:29 bruh why did this music give me scary flashbacks and it wasn’t even real life 😂
Johnathan Viera
Johnathan Viera 10 days ago
Y'all should invite faze rug to yalls court to make a video called make the shot win the prize
Xx Ghost
Xx Ghost 10 days ago
makes me sick
dwarf. cerxs
dwarf. cerxs 10 days ago
Why my boi mooch is look sad
YoJamez 10 days ago
Bruh cash is pokenasty and mafianasty
Austin Simmons
Austin Simmons 10 days ago
The funny part of this video is I’ve lived by both shadow creek and troon north golf club
Son 10 days ago
i didnt know these guys still made videos
cvilarcookingYT 10 days ago
at 45:53 what were they saying? plz help
Replace 11 days ago
Cash cheater but he’s using his ears to play
ツImpactXx 11 days ago
“Why has Zach not been killed yet”😂😂🤣🤣
EvDell 11 days ago
Cash has that dababy energy.
Trey Carmony
Trey Carmony 11 days ago
Is 2hype quitting YouTub soon because they haven’t been uploading a lot when I’m commenting this it’s been 5 days no vid since this
Trey Carmony
Trey Carmony 11 days ago
I hope not
Johnathon Norman
Johnathon Norman 11 days ago
2hype way more hype without mopee
Christian Douglass
Christian Douglass 11 days ago
These 2HYPE videos getting way too long
Will Stephens
Will Stephens 11 days ago
2hype should do a mock draft
Erick Ortega
Erick Ortega 11 days ago
Kris should walk around with a fragile sign on him mans is always hurt
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 11 days ago
The cute rectangle concordingly enjoy because breakfast acutely obey to a yielding environment. obscene, empty brochure
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 11 days ago
The walking dead references tho
ThxtboyRam 11 days ago
“Yo deafen”😂
Ricardoman the God
Ricardoman the God 11 days ago
what does the detective do
Robby RTG
Robby RTG 11 days ago
(No one denied not caring about him💀)
Tj Baker
Tj Baker 11 days ago
I im a big fan
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 11 days ago
This so funny
Teanna Trump
Teanna Trump 11 days ago
Manz getting bodied by cash😭😂
Teanna Trump
Teanna Trump 11 days ago
“I got payed” I respect that
Kentayvon Coppage 30
Cash is smart 👏
SamuelSmartKid Worrell
Cash man so inspirational bro.
Hubba Mann
Hubba Mann 11 days ago
Cash intro was LEGENDARY
SteadyCapalot 11 days ago
Zack ur 30 years old go start a family or something
EnzoMania Gaming
EnzoMania Gaming 11 days ago
You have to make this at least a monthly series all these videos slap
남김용권 11 days ago
The erect tooth concomitantly pause because archaeology systemically reply despite a lumpy dancer. spurious, different tv
Mike Kubachka
Mike Kubachka 11 days ago
Cash literally ruins this channel lol
Mike Kubachka
Mike Kubachka 11 days ago
Cash ruined the game
seahawks on top
seahawks on top 11 days ago
Flight should join 2 hype that would be so dope
Christo Koukounas
Christo Koukounas 12 days ago
Best video I’ve see in a minute. Nade was the best narrator we’ve ever seen.
Thomas Mcliskey
Thomas Mcliskey 12 days ago
2hype should do a 5v5 2hype game as 2hype vs youtuber ballers as 6 players on a team unless each team will have one sub and the winner of the game can pay to a charity. Just giving 2hype a idea for the next video?
Zeproh 12 days ago
Why don’t Jesse Snitch he’s detective
Popscom 12 days ago
Chris got a jack sparrow mustache
Eat Bricks
Eat Bricks 12 days ago
Ya should do another try to float
Bruinsbeast7 12 days ago
I like 2hype but everyone thinks there so cool today except Jesse and cash
ThePurpleSkittles 12 days ago
29:43 James literally sighs so that everyone knows he is the doctor that’s cheap
@ThaKid Shmeaty fr
ThaKid Shmeaty
ThaKid Shmeaty 5 days ago
And cash stares people down when he’s detective he’s cheap
Kenyon Temple
Kenyon Temple 12 days ago
To make it easier u guys should put paper on the ground and put the names and a number and when U wanna kill/detect/heal u put the number of fingers up
Lenny Pena
Lenny Pena 12 days ago
10:09 I found it, wheres my prize EDITOR?!?!?!
JustJiffy 12 days ago
When cash looked at Mitchell had me dying lmaoo 😂
KingDiddy18 !
KingDiddy18 ! 12 days ago
I thought Cash was peaking when the Mafia rises
itzz_hyp3r 12 days ago
Cash as detective is the best thing ever
Ryan Ashby
Ryan Ashby 12 days ago
Zack hasn’t taken off those prestos since he got them 😂😂
DigitalHM 12 days ago
See the first round I thought they were being dumb by accusing Zack the mafia may want Zack to stay alive so he will be accused for staying alive And don’t smile while someone is being accused
Darkclouds_XE XE
Darkclouds_XE XE 12 days ago
Am I the only night who thinks they’re cringe asf watch all the little fan boys reply mad asf 😂
Flammable 12 days ago
Ooga booga zack
Carson Ackley
Carson Ackley 12 days ago
Cash be flexing the SB’s today
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 12 days ago
Has me cringe how Jezzer Didnt call out Cash Mafia when he detected him!!
Big Noob
Big Noob 12 days ago
Avalanche looks like Dwayne Bacon.
Stone Ferguson
Stone Ferguson 12 days ago
We need drinking mafia game
Ivan pang
Ivan pang 12 days ago
make a 2hype shorts channel to have all the moments in this channel
Quan Quan
Quan Quan 12 days ago
Bro, I was on the toilet taking a shi and I saw that 2hype uploaded and watched this whole video without knowing that I was sitting on a toilet for an hour. I couldn’t walk for 7 min 😭😭
Gcj gocrazy
Gcj gocrazy 12 days ago
Yo we need another one of these
Joshua Aredes
Joshua Aredes 12 days ago
Who else was freakin annoyed AF cuz Cash had ONE SHINY LEG DAT WHOLE TIME, PISSES ME OFF
Blake Pico
Blake Pico 12 days ago
Anyone know where I can get the hoodie that zack has on,tried finding it but couldn’t tell if the websites were a scam or not
Demi 12 days ago
They shouldn’t have the narrator tell give them a thumbs up when they guess the right person
Aiden Hefferon
Aiden Hefferon 13 days ago
Bro if Mitchell looked at cash the way cash looked at him the round before when he was detective that woulda been so funny after Mitchell guessed him😂
Talmyloco 13 days ago
Can we get a mafia vid?
Cole Aspect
Cole Aspect 13 days ago
Mafia is the best series and should be mandatory since thats what viewers want to see
1p parallel
1p parallel 13 days ago
TheUnrealKa m
TheUnrealKa m 13 days ago
I loved it when cash was detective and he guessed avalanche and mitchele
Keonxnoah 13 days ago
Why is Zack always the mafia and jesser is always getting played
Random Person
Random Person 13 days ago
The whole hype was like: I CUT OFF MY DAY ONE FOR THE WIN! if you listen to nba you get it.
Wyatt Gibbs
Wyatt Gibbs 13 days ago
The black guys always die first
Gamingballer 13 days ago